No-Bail Release for Medical Supplies Grand Theft

Forcing medical personnel to go without safety masks during a national crisis is a non-violent crime!

Vladislav Drozdek

Meet Vladislav Drozdek. That’s not frizzy hair, that’s untrimmed hair. He lacks social skills & awareness. He’s not antisocial nor a loner, necessarily, but a guy who simply doesn’t care about others’ perception of him. That’s commonly associated with high intelligence but his eyebrows are either rounded for social or angled for conflict. Eyes aren’t hooded, either.

Vladislav Drozdek: Oregon Man Stole Thousands of N95 Masks, Cops Say

On March 6, 2020, workers at The Rebuilding Center at 3625 North Mississippi Avenue noticed that about 25 cases of N95 respirator masks were missing and called the police. The Rebuilding Center is a non-profit organization that salvages reusable building materials for sale at massive discounts and teaches classes on carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

Each case contained about 400 N95 masks. The 25 cases were valued at about $2,500, the Portland Police Bureau explained in a news release. The day after reporting the theft to police, a worker at The Rebuilding Center spotted the stolen masks for sale on Craigslist. She arranged a meet-up with the seller in Beaverton, Oregon, and alerted the police. Officers with the Beaverton Police Department were the ones who arrived at the meet-up and arrested Vladislav V. Drozdek on March 7 without incident.

His victims found him in the first place they looked. Not smart is confirmed.

Drozek has been charged with one felony count of “Theft in the First Degree by receiving.” He was booked into the Washington County Jail, but released two days later on his own recognizance. Public records with the Oregon Judicial Department do not list an attorney for Drozdek.

He walked free after being charged with grand theft? Of medical supplies during a medical quarantine? At this rate, when the Left Coast goes full Venezuela the black market won’t even be a criminal operation.

I feel vaguely cheated, somehow.

Vladislav Drozdek has been accused of stealing medical supplies that were not meant for public use. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, surgical N95 respirators are meant for medical professionals in order to protect them from “high velocity splashes, sprays, or splatters of blood or body fluids.”

The N95 respirators have a much tighter fit than regular face masks and filter out at least 95 percent of particles in the air. By comparison, a face mask guards the wearer against “large droplets.” If the person wearing the face mask is sick, the mask protects others from the wearer’s “respiratory emissions.”

Huh, so that’s what the jargon means. One would think more journalists would care to explain the occasional buzzword. Nah, that would involve asking questions… and we all know what happens to Party Members who ask questions.

Vladislav Drozdek has been charged multiple times in Washington County for traffic violations dating back to 1996, according to the Oregon Judicial Department. His citations include instances of failing to wear a seat belt, failing to obey a traffic control device, and speeding. In a 1998 case, court records show Drozdek did not show up to a scheduled court hearing but ultimately paid a fine of just $150.

In 2007, Drozdek pleaded “not guilty” to charges of reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person. He was convicted and ordered to complete 40 hours of community service. He was also placed on probation for 18 months and his driver’s license was suspended.

Based on a search of online records, it is unclear whether Drozdek may have had a financial motive for selling the N95 respirator masks. There are no bankruptcy cases, evictions or liens against any properties he may own. Heavy has requested a copy of the arrest report, which may indicate whether Drozek is employed.

“He just doesn’t care about society” is confirmed.

Highway patrol: “Are those $70k in medical supplies in your backseat?”

Drozdek: “I got lucky at Costco. No receipt, sorry.”

Patrol: “Wow. Anyway, the reason I pulled you over is because your registration is expired, your license is suspended and you have multiple outstanding warrants for traffic offenses.”

Drozdek: “Yep. I’m guilty as sin. So, what’s my bail going to be set at?”

Patrol: “… … …Please slow down. Your driving is reckless.”


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