Might Be Going Dark

California governments are locking down We the People Neither Chinese Nor Boomer and I don’t have Internet at home, so there’s a chance my blog will go dark for a couple weeks at no notice. Nothing to worry about; I went to the grocery yesterday hoping to watch a couple fights and they didn’t even have lines at checkout; but FYI.

Not looking forward to a month locked in my room. At least my wargame miniatures will get painted. Might have to break technically-not-a-quarantine a few times just to show how little I care about the governments that never cared about me. But sanity still might prevail.


7 thoughts on “Might Be Going Dark

  1. Stay safe, brother! The biggest danger isn’t this stupid virus, but the nonsense and hysteria that it’s engendering among the marching morons.

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  2. I am armed, armored and supplied well enough that they could shut off my water & power and I’d still last two weeks in total seclusion without even skipping coffee or clean socks. I prepped for the Big One Earthquake end of the world, baby. I almost had to make a bed of my supplies to fit it all in my limited living space but it’s paying off now.

    BTW, everybody might go dark because the Bay Area, epicenter of the lockdowns also hosts a lot of the Internet. Silicon Valley, y’know.

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  3. FUUUCK it just got official. Midnight quarantine until the 8th. If I hurry, I can push one last load through the laundromat… suckers are all standing in line to buy guns right now.

    Moderation is on. I’ll be in touch… gotta purge the breakroom fridge while I’m thinking about it.


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