The Christian Problem with Christian Women in STEM

In the wake of its departing editor’s screed against Trump supporters, the magazine continues going down the Convergence path. This is an old question but now that it’s being asked in a specifically Christian context, we can take the gloves off.

Why Do Fewer Christian Women Work in Science?

By Elaine Howard Ecklund and Robert A. Thomson Jr., 17 February 2020

In March of last year, NASA canceled a would-be all-woman spacewalk because it didn’t have enough suits to fit the female astronauts. (By October, it rectified the situation and completed the walk.)

Correction: It didn’t have enough suits THAT fit the female astronauts. Six suits and none of them fit! Even in the Space Age, nothing is different about women!

For many, the incident highlighted how women are often marginalized in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and are underrepresented in science careers.

Be sure you don’t miss the OTHER reason highlighting why women are often marginalized in science:

Not even freefall at geosynchronous altitude can stop their catty dramas.

National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins—an outspoken Christian—has also spoken out about science’s glaring need to be more inclusive, especially among leadership. He wrote an open letter stating, “It is time to end the tradition in science of all-male speaking panels, sometimes wryly referred to as ‘manels.’ ” He now plans to turn down speaking engagements that do not seriously consider other scientists of various backgrounds for the same opportunities.

Francis Collins is pure evil, not because he’s violent; because he’s sick with Original Sin. God made woman to serve her man, not to be a peer/competitor with her man. That was how Eve fell from grace. Adam, and Dr. Collins here, fell from grace by enabling her rebellion.

God made women inferior to men physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That’s not because He wanted women to suffer. That’s because women, in their God-defined roles of wives and mothers, didn’t need those qualities. But Francis, instead of accepting this decision by the very God he claims to follow, wants more female peers… and he’s willing to deny biology and theology both to have a pretty girl to talk to.

Collins is not a creep. Every man has the sinful desire to give women what they want in defiance of all reason, history and prudence. Every guy who ever tried to talk a buddy away from a toxic girlfriend knows exactly what I’m talking about. Adam related to Almighty God as a personal friend and still turned his back on God rather than lose Eve.

His concern is backed by data.

Yes, yes, we can agree that Theoretical Physicist Barbie does not exist apart from show business and a couple circus freaks who are genuinely happy being unloved & childless.

We studied academic biologists and physicists in eight international contexts, conducted through Rice University’s Religion and Public Life Program, and found that women accounted for only 17 percent of US physicists. Biology tends to have better gender parity, and yet only 39 percent of US biologists in our sample were women, with most of these concentrated in lower ranks rather than full professorships. Christian women were particularly underrepresented, accounting for only 7 percent of scientists participating in our study, a finding discussed more in our book, Secularity and Science: What Scientists Around the World Really Think about Religion.

Were I speaking to a secular audience, I would point out that the careers women favor–nursing, food/agriculture, janitorial, retail– are the same skillsets they’d be using as homemakers. I would point out that they regularly drop out of the hard sciences to stay home and have kids. But speaking to a specifically Christian audience, I can point out that God designed women to be those homemakers; therefore, “freeing” women from the home to act like the men that God did not create them to be, is open rebellion against God’s will for humanity.

Francis Collins, who do you really worship? You claim to follow God then repeat the crime of Adam. Link here if you want to read all of what he wrote:

But continuing with the original article,

And when we look at other social groups that are deeply marginalized in science, the picture becomes even starker. Only 12 percent of US biologists and physicists in our sample were nonwhite women, and of them, only 14 percent were Christian. To make the point even sharper, in our pool of 1,989 US biologists and physicists, there were only 7 black Christian women.

Bringing ethnic minorities into the picture exposes this piece for what it is: yet another White Man Bad diatribe. If Dr. Collins had any integrity, he would resign in disgrace for being white & male like God intended him to be.

Christian women in science work in a multifaceted context, facing a world not only where they publish less and make less money than their male counterparts but also where religion and science exist in a complicated relationship. Yet their contributions are deeply needed: Solutions to problems we face today might not be solved if they don’t come from all sectors of society.

Yes, and the cure for cancer might never be discovered if I wash my underpants after a wet fart.

Contrary to the popular stereotype, not all scientists are atheists.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Not all scientists are atheists but ALL atheists are scientists. Science, specifically evolution, is their excuse to not see God. Which explains a lot about why science now has so many reproduction difficulties. The job of modern science is no longer to explore reality. It’s to keep us ignorant of reality’s Creator.

Thus, getting better results from science doesn’t depend upon having more women. It depends upon fewer atheists using science as their security blanket for unbelief.

In fact, we found that nearly a quarter of our US scientists identified as Christian. But in contrast with other sectors of society where sociologists have found atheists to be marginalized, academic science seemingly privileges non-religion. Christians in science are substantially underrepresented in a nation where more than 70 percent of people identify as Christian, and they are particularly underrepresented in the most elite US research universities.

That’s partly the natural result of atheists needing science more than Christians need science, and partly atheists persecuting Christian scientists. See, the idea that science might confirm theology is an existential threat to atheism so they arrange the scientific world to be as hostile to Christ as possible. Other religions, too, but Christianity is particularly threatening to them because we’re the ones who invented modern science in the first place.

Most scientists do not believe science and religion are inherently in conflict. 

Oh, she think so?

That said, scientists identifying as Christian report more discrimination than those with no religious affiliation. About 72 percent of Christians in our sample reported experiencing some form of discrimination, including 28 percent who have perceived the discrimination to be because of their religion, compared to 62 percent of unaffiliated scientists reporting some form of discrimination. A strong majority (65 %) of Christians report that their colleagues have negative attitudes about religion, and unaffiliated scientists don’t necessarily disagree—54 percent of them also say their scientist colleagues have negative attitudes about religion, often (as our research shows) for political rather than religious reasons.

QED. Q E Fricking D.

American Clergy have failed so badly that that cannot even recognize Christian persecution in their own society. They’ll sound the alarm over some Congolese believer getting whacked by bandits but not a peep about disgraced Dr. Larry who sits fifty feet away from the pulpit every Sunday.

But it’s not all their fault; the Christian scientists writing this article for a Christian publication prefaced this report on Christian persecution in our own backyard with “It doesn’t really mean what it says”!

Furthermore, Christian women face barriers in the workplace because of both gender and religion. While our data suggest that Christians actually tend to earn slightly more than non-Christians in science, the Christian advantage in pay for women is nullified by a gender penalty. Our data also reveal that women publish significantly less.

Christian women obey Titus 2 and Ephesians 5. They are not in graduate school. The Christian women are in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and HAPPY. God smiles upon her because she keeps her home in order and reveres her husband, as He requested.

Christian women don’t get advanced degrees because they don’t need advanced degrees to do the Will of God. Christian Men don’t need to, either, come to think of it.

When talking about gender in the workplace, notions that women choose occupations that pay less or have lower status are popular. But that logic does not seem to apply in science. For one thing, according to 2018 data from the National Science Foundation, girls of a very young age tend to express interest in science at levels equal to those of boys, despite lingering social norms that may still reward boys for “science-mindedness” more than girls.

Daddy: “Snowflake, you should be a scientist when you grow up.”

Girl playing with dolls: “Okay, Daddy!”

Researcher: “She has demonstrated interest in science at a level equal to the boy over here… uh-oh… DO NOT MICROWAVE THAT COCKROACH!”


Boy: “Cool! So that’s what microwave radiation does to bugs!”

Once in school, however, women seem to drop out of science careers at higher rates than men—a phenomenon some refer to as the “leaky pipeline.” According to our data, women account for 20 percent of physicists and 47 percent of biologists in graduate school, but these figures drop to 10 percent and 27 percent, respectively, among scientists with tenure.

A phenomenon others refer to as pregnancy. What, did you think male scientists were going to have the babies? And you call yourself a biologist!

(The authors are actually sociologists, which is the scientific equivalent of gossiping over the backyard fence. NASA didn’t change female behavior and neither did the university.)

Indeed, we found that women in science are less likely than male scientists to be married with kids. Simply put, it is easier for men than for women to have a family and meet the career demands of an academic scientist. We also found that 47 percent of Christian women in science say they have had fewer children than they would have liked because of their career, compared to 37 percent of Christian men. And women who do marry and have children are at a disadvantage in elite science.

This is why Christian women, in devotion to God, don’t do science: because their husband and children need them. No scientific discovery they might make will be as important as the souls of their kids… which, if she behaves like a man… will be stunted from a latchkey childhood. Cruelly. Unnecessarily.

Healthy families are far, far more important to society than science ever will be. It doesn’t take a Christian to understand that. But it does, apparently, take Christ wagging his finger for humanity to recognize than abandoning one’s own children in the name of Progress is EVIL.

Animals behave better than modern women. Inanimate SEX DOLLS behave better than modern women. Seriously, they won’t bitch at you a single time. Manufacturer’s guarantee!

Nevertheless, many Christian women pursue careers in science motivated at least in part by their faith. One biologist told us, “My religion pushes me towards research of medical value because helping other people is important to me.”

So is there a way forward to greater inclusion of Christian women in science? Perhaps.

No, there isn’t. Her husband needs sex, her home needs maintenance and her children need their mother. That’s a full-time job and it’s the job God created her for. There is eternal glory in that which the scientific community cannot begin to offer.

But it may require substantial investment. The larger cultural issues related to how boys and girls are raised, what they grow up aspiring to do, how they are treated in the workplace, and how we divide household labor are daunting and will require awareness, motivation, and concerted efforts across society, including among Christians. But it doesn’t have to be a leap. For example, Christians have historically supported education around the world, including among girls, as CT reported in 2014.

The belief that “man is infinitely malleable” is pure humanism. It is also blasphemy against God who created us “male and female”.

Christians have not historically supported education for everybody. That was Protestants specifically, for the specific reason that Sola Scriptura doesn’t work if you’re illiterate. Education does not create faith. It can be one of many ways to worship God, yes, but one cannot worship God by disobeying Him first.

We already know from ‘scientific’ observation, what the proposed replacement for a mother and father will be for the average child. It will be the prison… carefully renamed “child care”, dispensing diapers and milk but no morality or father who might turn out to be a dissident. And then the State, with Lucifer at its helm, can twist those kids’ human nature into any and every shape except the single one that Father God decreed.

If you are Christian and you want more women in STEM then that is your crime: Original Sin, defiance of God, encouragement of female envy & rebellion against male authority, and ultimately, helping the devil himself poison marriage and the family away from God’s design.

The good news is that, in principle, diversity and inclusion are good for science and good for the church. For example, scholars have argued that diversity along race, gender, and ethnic lines increases creativity and problem-solving in science. …

There is a robust Christian theology arguing for the elevation of women’s voices in society, regardless of differing views on female ordination or women in church leadership.

The authors kept the skin suit of Convergence together almost to the end. But not quite. As God promises, your sins will find you out and your evil will be exposed.

Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Science is not.


14 thoughts on “The Christian Problem with Christian Women in STEM

  1. Wow, foolish of CT to take the time, space, and energy to promote that we need Christian women in STEM.

    “We also found that 47 percent of Christian women in science say they have had fewer children than they would have liked because of their career, compared to 37 percent of Christian men.”

    The Kingdom of God on earth only grows by two ways:
    1. New converts.
    2. Godly parents having large families and raising said children in the church.

    Encouraging Christian women to have less kids is a foolish mistake.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, foolish of CT to take the time, space, and energy to promote that we need Christian women in STEM.

    It’s what we’ve come to expect, though, CT being the converged rag that it is.


  3. If you are Christian and you want more women in STEM then that is your crime: Original Sin, defiance of God, encouragement of female envy & rebellion against male authority, and ultimately, helping the devil himself poison marriage and the family away from God’s design.

    That about sums it up.

    CT has been converged for quite a while now.

    Just another fake Christian organization.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so disgusted and sad to see something so sexist written by a fellow “Christian.” God created men and women equal. It says so right in Galatians 3:28, I Corinthians 11:12, Genesis 1:27, and Ephesians 5:31. Do women have roles different from men within the confines of marriage? Yes, BUT God does NOT say women are to be submissive outside of marriage and to ALL men. NOWHERE does God say that. There are so many women who are leaders in the Bible, some that Jesus even uses as an example! There is NOTHING wrong with women being in leadership positions. And women are NOT created only to be wives and mothers. This is truly, truly ignorant. And I can’t believe you would infer that women are inferior to men, when, like I said, God created us EQUALLY. We have different strengths and weaknesses, different roles, but we are NOT inferior to you. What an entitled mindset to have. I’m going to gladly take my advanced degrees and serve God and live out His will in the way He has called me to, married or not, a mother or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Quite the scree from this one. I did not know you were quietly developing a fan club GQ! You dashing charmer, you!


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  7. It’s sad that you’re proud of being both sexist and racist, as you’ve just proven. Really sad indeed. I would suggest digging into the Bible a lot more if you actually believe this is what it says.


  8. “That’s not because He wanted women to suffer.”
    God directly inflicted suffering on women mainly to punish Adam for listening to Eve. (Genesis 3:16) no “because of what you have done” like in vv 14&17. Indeed God loves to cause suffering (Psalm 137:9) and causes it as he pleases (Romans 9:22) with complete and total impunity (9:18-22) He creates people for the very purpose of making them suffer (Proverbs 16:4). God condemns rape only when it is on adultery or a dowry violation (Deut. 22:28&9). He made birthing painful because he likes seeing people suffer. Otherwise he would make annihilation the penalty for sin instead of eternal torture.


  9. Indeed, God enjoys human suffering so much that He did not exempt Himself.

    Speaking of the Crucifixion… you’re Christian, yes? If you know how much God enjoys inflicting pain upon people then you accepted Christ’s offer to avoid Hell, yeeees? Or is it your cunning plan to accuse Him of being cruel then act surprised when He proves you right?

    I’m curious to hear, after which I’ll ban you for lying about the Almighty.


  10. Am I lying? Prove the Bible is wrong. It’s abundantly clear that immortality is His alone (I Tim 6:16) meaning that it is not innate to us, but that he is sustaining the damned in their torment, after creating them so they might be damned (see above, Prov. 16:4, Romans 9:18 esp.). It’s also clear that God actively prevents some from understanding the Gospel (Matt. 11:25, Luke 10:21) so they might not believe, and that very thing caused Jesus himself to rejoice, thereby in their perdition as well.
    So where’s the lie? The Bible says what it says. Depicting God as a senile softy is a lie, not the plain scriptural truth.


  11. “Depicting God as a senile softy is a lie, not the plain scriptural truth.”

    We agree here. The question remains unanswered, however, why you simultaneously hate God for being cruel yet refuse to make peace with Him. How can that have a happy ending?

    “So where’s the lie?”

    The Cross, you fool, the Cross. All that God-smiting-the-wicked justice-fueled hatred was ended at the Cross, where Christ was accursed and punished so we wouldn’t be. You quote the Bible left and right yet never understood the simple Cross.

    Whatever. Not my problem. I just wanted a chance to uphold and defend Christ in order to get out of a funk. Thanks, tool. *ban*


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