New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

As if my last post on the topic wasn’t damning enough!

5 members of Chilean theft crew charged in North Shore burglaries, DA says

By Robert Brodsky, 6 March 2020

Five members of a Chilean theft crew, sent to Long Island by an organized crime syndicate, have been charged with burglarizing four homes on Nassau’s affluent North Shore — the third such crew busted since December, prosecutors said Friday.

The five men, who were arrested Thursday, targeted high-end homes in Glen Cove, Sands Point, Locust Valley and Great Neck Estates, stealing cash, watches and a safe, records show.

The suspects, who were arraigned in District Court in Hempstead, were in possession of fake Argentine visas at the time of their arrests, said Anne Donnelly, deputy bureau chief of the Nassau District Attorney’s Rackets Bureau.

The men, Donnelly said, brazenly told arresting officers that their handler recruited them to burglarize New York homes and that the risk of jail was low because of the state’s new bail reform laws, which requires no bail for misdemeanors and many nonviolent crimes.

Whoa! New York’s no-bail laws are attracting criminals from different continents!

“All of the defendants pose an especially strong risk of flight,” Donnelly said.

James Clark, the defendant’s court-appointed defense attorney, asked for the men to be released on their own recognizance. But District Court Judge Martin Massell ordered all five held without bail, even though only two were charged with bail-qualifying offenses.

That’s a second judge to openly defy the no-bail law! Well done, Judge Massell!

Juan Antonio Hernandez Rosas, 25; Bayron Felipe Cruz Palta, 26; Fabian Lopez Catalan, 20; William Jesus Mendel-Perez, 23; and Amaro Valentino Rosas, 23, were each charged with second-degree burglary and pleaded not guilty. Rosas and Perez were additionally charged with the attempted burglary of a home on Southfield Road in Glen Cove.

The crew is part of a cell that sends Chilean nationals to New York, California and other parts of the country on 90-day tourist visas to commit the burglaries, Donnelly said. The proceeds are then sent back to the group’s ringleader in Chile.

Hmm, California also has no-bail laws. Does “other parts of the country” mean similar Leftoid bastions with similar laws?

And this isn’t even immigration. It’s being done on tourist visas! Is this the beginning of… crime tourism???

Airport customs: “What brings you to America, sir, with all these burglar tools we found in your luggage?”

“I’m gonna rob your rich tyrants living fat off you in their fancy gated communities.”

*Low-level TSA officer thinks about it.* “Enjoy your stay, sir.” *stamps passport*


7 thoughts on “New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

  1. Hey Gunner, I’m not good at copy/ paste on my phone, but look up “Investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick part 1” read all 7 parts, it’s an outstanding takedown of a scuzzy SJW grifter wimminz from Napa. Been a ‘spere lurker for sometime and really enjoy your blog, I’m a former Californian from a rather rough part of LA originally, myself.


  2. Well, something seems amiss here.
    Usually, or should I say, almost always, when a judge is ignoring a properly passed law, it is to work for leftist ideals, such is letting the criminal go free, or go free sooner than lawful.
    This is twice now however, where the judge is defying a properly passed law for the ideals of sanity and a little bit of justice.
    What is going on? Are these Trump-appointed judges? Were they elected in ultra-conservative jurisdictions?


  3. @JPF

    This is a problem with your assumptions and Gunner’s distortions. Members of both the left and right have been “tough-on-crime” for decades. Yes there are pockets of the left that have promoted decriminalization, but this is generally not the judiciary. “Soft-on-crime” judges don’t get elected.

    For about 5 decades, NY law stipulated that bail could only consider the likelihood that a person would appear at court. It was only for assessing flight risk, and setting bail must be minimally restrictive. The reality is that judges have ignored the law for decades and set bail however they see fit for any reason they see fit, including how dangerous the subject is perceived to be. The consequence of the abuse—and bureaucracy—of the judiciary has led to the situation where 2 out of 3 prisoners in NY jails are awaiting trial, rather than serving sentences. Since a ‘speedy trial’ is a constitutionally mandated joke, the result is crowded jails and a “guilty until proven innocent” system: injustice.

    NY overreacted by coming up with a bad law to solve this problem. However, given their history with ignoring the old law, it is unsurprising that judges are ignoring the new law.

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