Physiognomy: Prosecutor Save-A-Ho

Why did Placer County prosecutor Timothy Delgado commit suicide after murdering his wife of four months? Answer: *pic*

Ouch. OUCH! Duuude, she got da crazy eyes! You know the frivorce court is out of control when even a Federal prosecutor chooses murder/suicide over wife-buyer’s remorse.

Some facts per

Who is Timothy Delgado? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Cause of Death, Investigation Report

Timothy Delgado, age 43; wife Tamara Zars Delgado, age 45. An older woman.

Children: Tamara had an adult daughter and young son at time of marriage. So, a divorced single mom who wasn’t careful with birth control. (I don’t have an age for the son but doubt Tim was the father. Men don’t orphan their own kids.)

Tim was an ass’t U.S. attorney working narcotics & guns. He married her in November and four months later, capped both their asses.

The Red Pill is not a joke. The Red Pill can save your life. Women who choose careers over husbands end up in a very bad way. To say nothing of marrying a crazy-eyed, menopausal single mom who probably took delivery on more crazy pills than the gangs he prosecuted.


9 thoughts on “Physiognomy: Prosecutor Save-A-Ho

  1. When someone smiles hard enough to bare the upper gum, it signals very high ego. (The muscles of the mouth & cheeks need a lot of stretching before such a high smile comes naturally.)

    By contrast, it’s a good bet that Tim’s mouth didn’t smile much… and by extension, he didn’t take a huge number of selfies for a hobby.

    There’s also some mouth asymmetry but I can’t tell what it might mean.

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  2. Found that information about the mouth…
    The smirky asymmetrical fake smile is an expression of concealed hatred and contempt. Combine that with the sanpaku eyes, which indicate psychotic imbalance in a habitually rageful person. Put them together, and what we have is an evil witch who is so obsessed with anger that she’s out of control. It’s no surprise that she would attract acts of violence from anyone close to her. Given the intensity of her anger, I could even believe that she would incite others to commit acts of violence *involuntarily!*

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  3. Duh, he was a Federal Prosecutor who was tasked to investigate the death of Philip Haney, who was killed a month earlier (shot in chest after getting out of his car). Haney was a famous whistleblower who worked for Dept of Homeland Security and had filed complaints that Obama was covering up activities that suggested that Islamic terror cells that were getting set up inside CONUS for future operations. Haney apparently had a contact from his past work, a women from Ukraine or Russia, who he had reached out to about the origins of the COVID virus shortly before he was killed. She was then arrested on Madeira (Canary Islands) by Spanish authorities, and the US filed for extradition. All this cutesy crap about micro expressions and crazy eyes are just lazy excuses for not grasping that Timothy Delgado and his wife were killed by a private contractor (merc) team, the kind who are paid the big bucks (like $500K/op) for their skills at making it look like a suicide. WTFU you sheeple useful idiots.


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