Student Terrorism at Syracuse U

Terrorism, back before it meant white men voting for Trump, was defined as the use of violence or intimidation to advance a political agenda. It almost goes without saying that the Left relies heavily upon terrorism, from Students For A Democratic Society to today’s BernieBros, but a drama unfolding at Syracuse University provides an excellent object lesson in why you should never, ever, negotiate with terrorists.

Beginning around Nov. 4, 2019, there were a series of hate crimes beginning with “Nigger” graffiti’d in one of the dormitories and culminating with a swastika that was accidentally spray-painted outside the school grounds (thereby falling under city police jurisdiction rather than school police jurisdiction). No arrests have been made but blacks African-Americans, yellows Asians (curiously not hyphenated as Americans) and Jews (curiously NEVER hyphenated as Americans) have suffered greatly under this monstrous barrage of torture and cruelty.

What was NOT reported as a hate crime at Syracuse University:

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Moore’s ‘Kill Whitey’ book chapter is required reading for Syracuse course

By Justine Murray, 23 September 2019

Six weeks prior to the “beginning” of the hate crime wave.

Syracuse University is requiring students enrolled in one course to buy a book by leftist filmmaker Michael Moore called “Stupid White Men” and read the chapter, titled, “Kill Whitey.”

Syracuse Professor S.N. Sangmpam teaches the “African American Politics” course requiring the book. Moore calls black conservatives “Uncle Toms” and “sellouts” in the book chapter, a copy of which Campus Reform obtained.

“Are white people’s brains hardwired to see one thing but believe the opposite because of race?” Moore asks in the chapter. “Do all white people suffer from some shared low-grade of mental illness?”

Yes, actually. Our mental illness is called altruism.

The filmmaker lists stats comparing white and black childbirth deaths, unemployment, and more before asking why white people have “been able to get away with this without all ending up like Reginald Denny,” a white truck driver who was almost beaten to death by black men.

Context for that was the Rodney King riots. The “innocent” black man got millions of dollars to spend on hookers and crack while the innocent white man was mutilated by the 83 Gangster Crips.

Thank you, Latinos, for ethnically cleansing that neighborhood after the blacks themselves burned & looted it down. Doing the jobs that white Americans won’t!

Syracuse Professor S.N. Sangmpam, who teaches the course that requires “Stupid White Men,” told Campus Reform that he does not know what is controversial about the book or the chapter: “Ask those who object to read[ing] the chapter,” he said, “and evaluate it in light of one of the class topics in the syllabus, ‘Politics and the Socioeconomic Status of African Americans.’”

Campus Reform spoke with #BLEXIT Activist Chandler Crump, a young conservative who does not see how the contents of the required chapter relate to the class topic being evaluated.

“I believe having a chapter titled ‘Kill Whitey’ in a course for African American Politics isn’t exactly wrong,” he states. “Throughout the history of African American Politics, there have been many movements that have had the idea to ‘Kill Whitey.’ However, the contents of the chapter do not discuss actual political movements and instead displays the author’s disdain for black conservatives.”

The lesson here is that scrawling a crude swastika on the ground is a hate crime against Jews but forcing them to purchase Mein Kampf if they want to graduate is not.

Anyway, the Students of Color complained that the administration took a full week before releasing culturally appropriate statements. They began staging protests.

Syracuse students walk out in protest as chancellor vows action after racist incidents

By Doha Madani and Erik Ortiz, 20 November 2019

Dozens of Syracuse University students walked out of a forum attended by the school’s chancellor on Wednesday night, demanding he endorse all of their requests after a series of racist incidents on campus or resign.

They demanded requests, heh.

The students held fists in the air and shouted “sign or resign!” as they filed out of a campus auditorium before Chancellor Kent Syverud spoke. Syverud said he would be unable to commit to all of the demands on the spot, then briefly met with some of the student protesters saying he hoped to come to an agreement by Thursday, reported NBC affiliate WSTM.

Fists in the air is a Black Power salute and thus, a hate crime against the Chancellor. He took it well, perhaps because he identifies as a Jesuit rather than a cracker.

“I do not agree with everything I’ve heard,” Syverud said in response. “I do not agree with all the facts said.”

The forum capped a tumultuous day at the private university in Syracuse, New York, which has been roiled by a string of recent incidents on the campus that have targeted marginalized groups, including Jewish, Asian and black community members. There have been at least 12 episodes since Nov. 6, including anti-Asian and anti-black slurs graffitied in residence halls and a swastika drawn in a snowbank near an apartment complex where students live.

Sounds to me like Chinamen vs Negroes. Isn’t it interesting how, when White Man disappears, all the races left behind go for each other’s throats? They should be thanking us for existing in positions of power, not resenting our existence.

But if they don’t want us around acting altruistic than that’s less work for us. I got fifty bucks says the Chinaman wins this race war. *GQ sits poolside*

Angered over the perceived inaction by university officials to protect students and get a handle on the hate speech, which included the alleged sharing of a white supremacist manifesto, members of the student movement Not Again SU said in a social media post that they wanted the resignation of Syverud as well as the campus chief of police and others if their full demands aren’t met.

That’s Brenton Tarrant’s Manifesto, which was shared online at the university. I wondered why my blog traffic was up. Kidding, but…

Click to access brenton-tarrant.-2019.-_the-great-replacement_.pdf

Anyway, the students staged a sit-in then fell asleep when the coffee ran out. That was enough to force Chancellor Syverud’s surrender:

Early Thursday, the chancellor said he signed on to nearly all of the 19 recommendations made by students; 16 were approved as written, and Syverud suggested minor revisions for three others that he said were necessary to comply with the law or because they need the Board of Trustees’ approval.

The school on Tuesday had released a summary for a proposed action plan based on the student’s demands, including that any student involved with the recent hate crimes be expelled, the school’s current anti-harassment policy be revised, new staff and faculty undergo mandatory diversity training, and newly hired counselors should better represent “all marginalized identities on campus.”

Stop the presses.

If Severud gave in that easily to demands that the entire university leadership be indoctrinated into weaponized racism, it might be because he’s driving this whole incident. It’s time for a bio.


Nice brainpan for intelligence. Eyebrows are thickest at the outside, so managerial not visionary. The lower eyelids are raised, an indicator of deception, but otherwise he doesn’t have as forceful a personality as one might expect for an executive officer. My read is he’s a middleman and low-level deceiver.

Syverud earned a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1977…

Deep State, right there. Jesuit faction.

a law degree magna cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981, and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan in 1983.

Zero private-sector experience.

After graduating from law school, Syverud clerked for U.S. District Judge Louis F. Oberdorfer. Syverud counts among his closest mentors retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, for whom he clerked shortly after she became the first woman named to the Supreme Court bench.

I can’t usually puzzle out the maze of judicial clerkships that serve as the recruiting grounds for the Deep State. Here, however, Oberdorfer was a Yale Jew who was an ally, family friend and the only law clerk of the notorious Judge Hugo Black. Black was a New Dealer and Franklin Roosevelt ally who was anti-Catholic and KKK until he decided to become a U.S. Senator. His most infamous achievement as a judge was writing the majority opinion upholding the WW2 Japanese internment.

Thus, Kent Syverud is at least third-generation Deep State.

End segue.

In the wake of some of the incidents, the school has taken action, including suspending fraternity social activities after one chapter’s members and their guests allegedly subjected a black student to a “verbal racial epithet” on Saturday night.

Oh my gawd, somebody claimed they were subjected to a deplorable word! Notify the State governor! (Which Syverud did, and Gov. Cuomo responded to.)

Getting rid of fraternities has become a very common theme in the Convergence of higher education. Partly inevitable due to feminism but when the administration goes after frats, it’s because they represent a threat to consolidation of power.

Let’s hear more about this.

Syracuse University suspends fraternity activities after latest racist incident

By Doha Madani, 18 November 2019

Syracuse University has suspended all fraternity social activities Sunday after members of one chapter were connected to an alleged racial epithet, only the latest incident in a string of racist episodes at the New York state college.

A group of fraternity members and their guests allegedly subjected a black student to a “verbal racial epithet” Saturday night, according to a statement from Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud. The incident is among several attacks on marginalized communities at the school, including other racial slurs spoken and in graffiti around campus.

“You stand accused of somebody at Saturday’s party, who may or may not actually be affiliated with your fraternity, saying an unidentified word to an unidentified victim. How do you plead?”

“To what, your honor?”


Syverud said that while it was only one fraternity connected to the incident Saturday, he ordered all fraternity social activities to be suspended for the rest of the semester.

While only one fraternity may have been involved in this particular incident, given recent history, all fraternities must come together with the University community to reflect upon how to prevent recurrence of such seriously troubling behavior,” the chancellor said in his statement.

Whoa. Power tripping much, Chancellor? Put down that match before you start a Reichstag Fire.

A Chinese student filed a report saying he’d been called a racial slur as he exited a residence hall on Friday night. And an anti-Asian slur and a swastika were found in separate occurrences at a different campus residence, Haven Hall, according to the Daily Orange.

That explains a lot. And to think, I was being tongue-in-chink when I used the term Chinaman.

And now, his response to the first wave of demands, archived here:

Click to access summary_university_response1.pdf

I will paraphrase for brevity. The Chancellor agreed to everything except as noted.

1. Zero tolerance for hate crimes as defined by the code of conduct but with differing punishments for different levels of involvement.

2. Mandatory racial grievances class for all students.

3. Mandatory staff & faculty diversity training, to include non-tenured positions.

4. More diverse foods in the student dining hall.

No food for you, white boy!

5. No punishment for students engaging in anti-racism crimes.

Textbook anarcho-tyranny. It’s a crime for them to hit you but not for you to hit them.

6. Criminalize the “targeted use” of hate speech.

I think that means jokes?

7. Increase site security in the dorms.

8. More ethnic minorities in dorm hall authority.

In keeping with #1, whoever proposed #8 should be expelled.

9. Allow voluntary race segregation in the dorm halls.

ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?!? You blacks owe us whites an apology for all that grief you gave us over segregation in the South. Reparation$ could start the healing.

Although it IS a good idea for reducing ethnic tensions. Ask a jailer. Hell, ask a Southerner.

10. Minority scholarships for international students.

That locks in the Chinese vote.

11. Another official forum for grievances.

12. More money for multicultural affairs.

13a. Hire more staff Persons of Color.

It’s okay to discriminate against white men because they’re racist and we aren’t!

13b. More mental health counselors counselors to help students overcome the trauma of somebody spraypainting the N-word somewhere on the planet.

I was this close to supporting 13b. And to think, they call themselves niggas with nary a vapor.

14. A new building to serve as the headquarters for a new Ministry Of Multicultural Affairs.

Is it true that all electricity in England comes from George Orwell spinning in his grave?

15. Fuck it, just gibmedat.

16. Student admission should be based primarily on diversity.

This is the only one the Chancellor was vague about accepting.


18. Public, monthly updates of cooperation with these demands. Er, concerns.

19. Mandatory diversity training material shall be made public for review.

20. Force fraternities to become multicultural.

Methinks the Chancellor himself wrote that one.

21. All hate incidents must be reported and denounced within 48 hours.

22. Provide an online, ANONYMOUS reporting system for hate crimes.

You stupid, stupid Syracuse blacks. You make all these demands in order to easily accuse/get rid of the white men that you’ve been taught to believe are the single cause of all your primarily self-inflicted problems. But it takes only one single redefinition of “rayciss” to legalize anything and everything the Chinese care to do to your ungrateful Punk-American asses. And the Latinos, and the Rooftop Koreans, and the Armenians, and you really haven’t made any friends for yourselves at all in your 250-year-long stay in North America, have you?

You know what makes #22 even more stupid? That “hate crime” of Tarrant’s manifesto being anonymously uploaded to the university file-sharing app! I bet that one really was an alt-Righter and he was simply trolling you with your own infrastructure.

Now, it goes without saying that if Chancellor Syverud has the slightest bit of interest in preserving Syracuse University as any kind of higher learning facility, he would have publicly spat on these demands and personally unleashed the first fire hose on the protesting squatters.

Whether the Chancellor orchestrated the spike in hate crimes or it came as a total surprise, his giving in to every demand of the student terrorists had the inevitable consequence of MORE demands! MORE civil unrest!

#NotAgainSU prepares to negotiate, occupy building until demands are met

By Julie McMahon, 26 February 2020

Syracuse University students protesting racism and prejudice on campus continue to occupy an administrative building for the 11th day in a row.

Organizers say they are ready to negotiate, but prepared to remain at Crouse-Hinds Hall, [administration headquarters] including sleeping overnight, until their demands are met by administrators.

#NotAgainSU, which formed after a rash of racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on campus last semester, set up camp in the building Feb. 17. Administrators and campus police initially attempted to shut down the protest, suspending around 30 students. Officials for two days locked the building to outsiders and refused to let food or other items in, encouraging the protesters to leave.

That’s the gentle way to handle such protests. As mentioned above, I’m more of a fire hose kind of man. Which is why I won’t be hired to run campus security anytime soon… I only care for results.

Since then, the university has hired former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to review the campus police department.

This entire, extended protest has Deep State fingerprints everywhere. Not sure what their agenda is, except maybe to incorporate Syracuse into their Ivy League system. Maybe they’re losing control of Harvard to the Asians?

#NotAgainSU has had visits from legal counsel, concerned parents and students from other colleges including SUNY Binghamton who have expressed solidarity.

Chancellor Kent Syverud, urged by faculty, lifted protesters’ suspensions and directed staff to stand down in efforts to stop the protest.

That was either cowardice or collusion. He publicly undermined the efforts of school police to maintain order… unforgivable during a crisis.

Now campus officials are treating the protest like the eight-day sit-in at the Barnes Center in November. Supporters drop off food, between 30 and 50 protesters freely move in and out of the building, and the schedule includes events like open mic nights and teach-ins about institutional racism with professors.

Those demands include resignations from top campus officials including Syverud and two leaders of the Department of Public Safety, which administrators have previously signaled are not negotiable.

I predict Syverud will survive this.

A list of 18 demands, originally formed during last semester’s protests, has grown to 34.

Boom, there it is. How is appeasement working for you college officials? About as well as appeasement worked on YOU when you were students in the Seventies! How do you not know how this game is played?

Organizers say that’s partly because administrators have not genuinely delivered on promises they’ve made. For example, protesters say the hiring of four new mental health counselors is not adequate, when they demanded the school bring its ratio of counselors to students in line with the national average of one per 500. Organizers say administrator’s declaration that this demand has been “met” is a “blatant lie.”

Never give in to student terrorists. The only message it sends is that terrorism works.

Because of examples like this, #NotAgainSU organizers say they amended demands to include deadlines, specific requests for money to be allocated to various causes, and the formation of paid student oversight committees.

At least six new demands are directly in response to the university’s handling of this round of protests, organizers say in documents spelling out their concerns.

Chancellor Syverud appeared to acknowledge the university flubbed its initial response to protests this semester. He reversed suspensions and apologized for the way some students were treated.

“I am not proud of how last week’s events involving student protesters in Crouse-Hinds Hall were handled,” Syverud said in a message to the campus community.

Like the Republican Party, Syverud is fake opposition.

#NotAgainSU in its communications on social media and online has said that lackluster responses are a big part of why they have continued to protest.

That is correct. Forcefully shutting down their protests and expelling them would have prevented this second incident. But because leadership refused to condemn their discivic actions and the Chancellor himself undermined the ability of campus police to do their job, to say nothing of giving in to their demands against the threat of a sleepover, the Vibrants Of Color have literally no reason not to escalate.

Chancellor and Friends have no excuse to not know that… and when they give in so easily, one must wonder to what extent they are accomplices of the protesters.

I can answer that, in part, because Syverud pre-hated on Syracuse fraternities.

Syracuse law prof helping Theta Tau: ‘I don’t think these kids have a real chance’

By Julie McMahon, 8 May 2018 (Updated 30 January 2019)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse University chancellor’s blistering remarks about the Theta Tau fraternity videos have made it nearly impossible for its members to get a fair shake at a hearing that will decide their academic futures.

Theta Tau is primarily engineering students, I’m led to understand.

That’s the belief of a law professor who is assisting three of the 18 accused students fighting against possible expulsions.

This is a political case,” said Gregory Germain. “The university has taken a position on the outcome. The penalty was meted out before the process began.

Since mid-April when the videos first surfaced, Chancellor Kent Syverud has repeatedly called them “disgusting” and “unacceptable.”

The videos show pledges acting out a racist, anti-Semitic “parody” oath: “I solemnly swear to have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the f*ckin’ k*kes.” A second video shows fraternity pledges miming the sexual assault of a person with disabilities.

Syverud chastised the students’ behavior in written and video messages, a press conference and at forums.

So, Syverud is every bit as anti-white racist as those Vibrant sit-ins. Despite his being white himself.

“There is absolutely no place at Syracuse University for behavior or language that degrades any individual or group’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, disability or religious beliefs,” Syverud said in the university’s first public statement. “What happened at Theta Tau serves as a reminder that violations of codes of honor, behavior and values will be met with swift and appropriate consequences.”

Goodbye, Departments of History and Social Studies. Hello, Ministry of Truth.

On one side, protesters have criticized the chancellor for not speaking out enough, and for not expelling the students immediately.

But Germain, who is urging the administration to value due process and the fraternity pledges’ free speech, said remarks by the chancellor and other officials “made it clear” that the university intends to expel the students.

That’s why Germain proposed an “independent” hearing panel made up of tenured professors, whose jobs wouldn’t be at stake for rendering a decision that isn’t favorable to the administration. The university said no, according to Germain.

Germain, who has taught at SU since 2002, said he believes administrators, nontenured professors and anyone who reports to Syverud could feel pressured to reach a verdict of expulsion or suspension, or face repercussions.

“I don’t think these kids have a real chance,” he said.

Germain is serving as a “procedural advisor” to three of the 18 students who were charged as a result of the Theta Tau videos.

He discussed his role and his proposals for a fairer process during a wide-ranging interview with Here’s what he said about the upcoming disciplinary hearings.

I must admit, that’s not a face I would initially think well of. But Germain’s conduct as described in this article is admirable and faultless. Physiognomy must always take a backseat to observed behavior. Anybody can be a saint or a devil no matter their personality or history.

Germain said he is concerned the fraternity brothers are being “railroaded” and used as “scapegoats” for the school’s historical problems with fraternities and its poor track record of welcoming minorities on campus.

The students who do not accept punishments proposed by the university will face a disciplinary panel on Wednesday, according to Germain.

Germain echoes many of the criticisms in the lawsuit filed by a handful of the accused students last week. He shares their concerns about the process being rushed, and about the university being quick to “brand them” as racists and bigots, without viewing the videos in context — as a parody that was never intended for public viewing.

According to Germain, most of the 18 students are freshmen. The three he is working with are either 18 or 19 years old. He and the lawsuit both note it’s a diverse group of young men, who represent many of the minority groups lampooned in the videos.

So, Syverud’s hatred of the fraternity had nothing to do with their being actually racist, and he intentionally mischaracterized a video of their private LARPing. Dishonest from start to finish.

If Chancellor Syverud wanted to Converge Syracuse University from an institution of higher learning into a finishing school for Socialism’s useful idiots, he would do exactly what he’s doing. But I’m not accusing him of it. Stupidity is hard to rule out, especially for somebody who has never worked one day outside the Education-Industrial Complex.


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