Thank You, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

I read with discouragement that Trump signed the $2,200,000,000,000 "Your Politician CARES About You Reelecting Him In Six Months" Act. It's loaded with so much pork that Trump and Pelosi cooperated on it! But then I saw a little side comment... about a no-name Representative from Kentucky who nearly derailed the bill single-handedly, and possibly … Continue reading Thank You, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

The Nuclear Family’s Replacement

While I doubt the Chinavirus will fully convince Normals of globalism's evil, the sight of families spending time together has triggered at least one globalist pundit into honesty. The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake By David Brooks, March 2020 issue The scene is one many of us have somewhere in our family history: Dozens … Continue reading The Nuclear Family’s Replacement

No-Bail Release for Medical Supplies Grand Theft

Forcing medical personnel to go without safety masks during a national crisis is a non-violent crime! Meet Vladislav Drozdek. That's not frizzy hair, that's untrimmed hair. He lacks social skills & awareness. He's not antisocial nor a loner, necessarily, but a guy who simply doesn't care about others' perception of him. That's commonly associated with … Continue reading No-Bail Release for Medical Supplies Grand Theft

Blasphemy: the Darius Tarver Shooting

Clergy have a real hard time being loyal to Truth over Lies. Sometimes, that's important. And sometimes, that's VERY important. This story begins very man-bites-dog. RIP Darius Tarver: Bodycam Of Police Shooting ‘Sharply Contradicts’ Cops’ Account htt ps:// By Adrian Moore, 11 February 2020 According to CBSDFW.COM, Tarver was shot and killed by Denton, Texas, … Continue reading Blasphemy: the Darius Tarver Shooting

Nachos, Rifles, Alcohol!

Homer Simpson's spoof on the National Rifle Association's acronym just became real per Breitbart. Gun Sales Surging as Citizens React to Possibility of Civil Unrest over Coronavirus The Los Angeles Times reports that gun stores are one aspect of the economy seeing a surge in business as Californians react to coronavirus news. I'm shocked... … Continue reading Nachos, Rifles, Alcohol!

The Endgame of Christian Convergence

The Upper Class wants expensive land and cheap labor. The Middle Class wants expensive labor and cheap land. Nobody cares what the Lower Class wants. Reason Magazine reports on an effort by California's most hardline atheists to transform churches into low-income housing. That's probably how the organized Church in California is going to end... toxic … Continue reading The Endgame of Christian Convergence