Eustachio Gallese Got His Needs Met

Women don’t want men to use porn? Okay, the Canadian prison system said. We’ll go old-fashioned and let the inmates use whores.

Canada grants day pass to convicted murderer to visit brothel where he kills prostitute

By Anthony Murdoch, 24 February 2020

Porn doesn’t kill people. Convicted murderers kill people!

February 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The recent murder of a Quebec prostitute by a convicted murderer who was allowed day parole to satisfy his “sexual needs” is an example of the consequences of disregarding the law when it comes to dangerous convicted murderers in Canada, says Canada’s largest Evangelical Christian organization.

No, it’s evidence that our society’s leaders are demon-worshiping morons.

Earlier this year, 22-year-old Marylène Lévesque was found dead in a Quebec City hotel room with stab wounds and signs of injuries caused by fighting back. A convicted murderer on day parole, Eustachio Gallese, turned himself into Quebec City police later in the day, telling them where to find the body.

He was then charged with the second-degree murder of Lévesque. He is due to make a court appearance on February 26.

A flat, straight nose in line with the forehead suggests a forceful personality. Not the best picture, though.

Gallese was allowed to meet with women while on day parole, “only for the purpose of responding to [his] sexual needs,” said parole board documents. A federal investigation being conducted by Corrections Canada and the parole board was ordered by Public Safety Minister Bill Blair in late January as a result of the murder.

At least he didn’t use porn, which can lead to violence!

While I am pleased to see a Western government seriously consider the sexual needs of its male citizens, I did not realize at the time of my demand that it was necessary to specify “law-abiding” male citizens.

In 1997, according to the Daily Mail, Gallese was found guilty of domestic violence against the woman he was seeing at the time and also “assaulted his ex-wife.” In 2004, reports the Vancouver Sun, he was convicted of murdering his wife, Chantale Deschênes, in a brutal assault that involved a hammer and knife.

He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 15 years. He was also deemed to be a high-risk offender who would be likely to commit violence again.

He did the fifteen and then was transferred to a halfway house. Smells like the brain fart of a bean counter.

At the September meeting, the parole board noted that they were alarmed that he was allowed to have interactions with women since being placed in the halfway house. Despite this, they allowed his day parole to be increased so long as he reported any relationships (sexual ones included) with women and did not use drugs or alcohol.

It’d be difficult to reintegrate into modern society, which is the purpose of a halfway house, without being allowed relationships with women.

The board also asked for his term to be re-evaluated in six months, which would have been this March.

They will ask him one question: did she formally give consent?

Gallese: “Uh… sure. Yeah.”

Parole Board: “To be stabbed repeatedly with a knife?”

Gallese: “She charged extra for kinky.”

Julia Beazley, the director of public policy for Canada’s largest group of Evangelical Christians, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), said Lévesque “was killed because a parole officer tacitly condoned Gallese breaking Canada’s prostitution laws,” Beazley said.

Now that’s an interesting statement that I’ll come back to. One might say the parole system shouldn’t allow its convicted murderers parole… okay. One might say that the parole system aided & abetted this murder… okay. But a specific parole officer condoned Gallese breaking… prostitution law??? By savagely murdering the whore?

What are we not being told?

Gwen Landolt, national vice president of Real Women of Canada…

Is that like Real Women of Walmart?

Yep. That’s Gwen.

…Condemned the parole board’s decision. “It is unforgivable that the parole board let this man out, this man who had murdered his own wife, and saying that he was not a threat to national security and then incredibly going onto say, however, his sexual needs can be satisfied with prostitutes,” said Landolt to LifeSiteNews.

I failed to source the parole board actually making those statements.

The horrendous crime committed against Lévesque shows a complete lack of regard for public safety from government officials, added Landolt.

Some in the mainstream media have spoken out about the case. Vancouver Sun columnist Daphne Bramham (linked above) concluded: “Why this tragedy happened is simple: The people responsible for keeping the public safe failed.”

And public safety begins with… YOU, the victim! That is what we aren’t being told.

Daphne Bramham: Allowing paroled murderers to visit brothels isn't just stupid, it's illegal and deadly

It is unbelievable that men who have killed their intimate partners would not only be allowed, but encouraged, to go to brothels while they are on parole and out on day passes.

But that’s exactly what Canada’s parole board agreed to last September for Eustachio Gallese, 51, who had brutally murdered his wife in 2004.

He had sexual needs, his caseworker told the board. But because Gallese wasn’t deemed ready to have relationships with a woman, buying sexual services was the solution to satisfying his “sexual needs.”

It’s a solution that blatantly disregards the fact that buying sexual services is a criminal offence, as is operating a brothel.

But, more tragically, the order was approved with cruel disregard for the unsuspecting women on whom Gallese was set loose.

Unsuspecting women? I think not…

Lévesque had defensive wounds and had been stabbed, according to Le Journal de Quebec. The newspaper also reported that Lévesque had worked in a massage parlour and that Gallese was a regular customer, and had bought her gifts including a television for Christmas.

But both the Montreal Gazette and Le Soleil reported that Gallese had been banned from the brothel because he had been violent with several others who worked there.

Lévesque made the mistake of meeting him at a hotel.

HER mistake, not his. She knew he was violent and chose to go freelance after he got banned from visiting her at the brothel.

So, the parole board sanctioned a regulated form of prostitution… making it comparable to America’s conjugal visits, I suppose… and it worked, as Gallese was kicked out after getting violent with no blood spilled. At which time, the victim knowingly endangered her life to continue fucking him.

In 1997, Gallese was convicted for conjugal violence. Seven years later, Gallese murdered his 32-year-old partner, Chantal Deschênes, beating her first with a hammer and then repeatedly stabbing her.

We need to lock up murderers just to prevent attractive women from trying to have their babies. “Judge, I request that you deny parole for my client, “Iron Maiden” Manson, on the grounds that he is sexually irresistible to young women. Specifically, my legal-age daughter.”

And now you, “Evangelical” Julia Beazley! I return to your interesting comment: “Lévesque “was killed because a parole officer tacitly condoned Gallese breaking Canada’s prostitution laws,” Beazley said.”

Hmm, how many virgins… or happily married Christian wives… have nose rings? At least that suggests she’s an expert on her chosen specialties:


Julia Beazley has been with the EFC since 1999, working mainly on issues of domestic and global poverty, homelessness, prostitution, pornography and human trafficking. She moved from her previous position as policy analyst to director of public policy in January 2016.

That reads like a globalist infiltrator, not a Christian. Which is it, Julia? Are you against prostitution or porn? Ignoring how men should behave for the moment, we’re going to get our itch scratched somehow. You Churchian wimminz don’t want to be frisky wives so pick your poison.

I would think the better fate is pin-ups of you being used by Gallese for prison currency than letting him sheath ALL his blades into your corpse but hey, I’m not female. Your body, your choice.

Julia Beazley: Don’t ignore the real issue on prostitution

htt ps://

17 June 2013

Last week, an article in these pages (Legalize the Sex Trade, Kate Shannon and Sandra Ka Hon Chu, June 11), saw the authors declare that “the science is unequivocal: criminalization of sex work in Canada, and globally, has been an abject failure in protecting sex workers from violence, predation and murder.” While I might question which particular scientific studies the authors were referring to, I don’t disagree that the laws have failed to protect. The criminalization of sex work — more specifically, of people who are being prostituted — has indeed failed.

Again, Julia is the director of public policy for Canada’s largest group of Evangelical Christians, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). And here, she complains that prostitution is a crime.

The case, brought forward by three sex workers — Terry-Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch, and Valerie Scott — is a direct result of the refusal of consecutive federal governments to respond to enormous volumes of evidence that these laws do more harm than they prevent.

The science is unequivocal: criminalization of sex work in Canada, and globally, has been an abject failure in protecting sex workers from violence, predation and murder, and has exacerbated vulnerability to HIV and other health inequities among sex workers.

While the buying and selling of sex between consensual adults has never been illegal in Canada, criminal laws prohibit working together indoors, owning or renting an indoor place for sex work, living off the avails of prostitution, or communicating in public spaces for the purposes of sex work by sex workers, clients or third parties. Together, these laws make it virtually impossible for a sex worker to work legally, even though the act itself is not forbidden.

Canada’s existing laws have proven ineffective at discouraging prostitution and protecting women. But the evidence is unequivocal that decriminalization or legalization of prostitution has been a greater failure. Countries that have legalized prostitution have found it neither provides more control over criminal behaviour nor offers greater protection for women from violence. It has also led to increased rates of sex trafficking.

In this case, it *did* offer control over Gallese. All the brothel workers who didn’t “fly solo” are alive today.

The only model of law that has proven effective is the so-called “Nordic” model, first enacted in Sweden more than a decade ago. This model recognizes the vast majority of prostituted persons are not for sale by choice. Sweden’s law focuses its punitive powers on the johns, the pimps and the traffickers.

The men.

Swedish legislators started from the premise that prostitution is only and ever a form of sexual violence and exploitation of vulnerable women, men and children. Rather than try to manage or control prostitution, they determined to abolish it, establishing legal and social measures that take aim at the roots of sexual exploitation. Under this model, prostituted persons are decriminalized and those who purchase sexual services are criminalized; with fines geared to income and possible imprisonment. It has proven to be the most successful prostitution policy developed in a democratic society; and has been replicated in Norway, Iceland and is in various stages of consideration in France, Israel and Ireland. Targeting the demand has been demonstrated to be the most effective means of reducing rates of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Translation, Barbie gets to rent her ass out and STILL cry rape against the man. What a great way to stop men from becoming violent: use their sex drives as bait for officially sanctioned entrapment!

Why is this? Because the violence experienced by women in prostitution is not rooted in the laws on paper, or in how they stand up to a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The violence directed at women in prostitution is rooted in the demand for paid access to women’s bodies — and the fundamental inequality that underlies this sense of entitlement.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms? What about God, Julia? Christ Jesus? Oh, that’s right… He’s a MAN intending to marriage-rape His followers from a position of authority! Eeevil patriarchy personified!

Why was this witch allowed one more day in a purportedly Christian organization? We’re now seven years after this article was published!

The reality too often ignored in debate over which laws are best is that prostitution itself is inherently dangerous. It’s not the laws that endanger women in prostitution. It’s not the street corners or the alleyways that prey on, rape, assault and murder women. It’s the pimps, traffickers and buyers [men] whose disrespect and devaluation of those women goes unchecked. To suggest that if prostituted women had time to make better choices about which customers to accept, or to negotiate the price and acts they will perform, they would be less subject to violence, is to put the responsibility for reducing violence squarely on the wrong shoulders.

In this case, she WOULD have been less subject to violence! The victim was dangerously, stupidly irresponsible.

The violence is rooted in the underlying view among the people, mostly men, that purchase them that women in prostitution are somehow fundamentally different from their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and daughters.

Here, Julia tries to invoke incest taboos to stop men for wanting sex. Yet another man-shaming tactic that isn’t going to have a happy ending.

This misperception justifies treatment of women as objects to be bought and sold. The very existence of prostitution requires a subclass of people who are available to be bought, sold and rented; people understood to be somehow just a little less equal than everyone else. The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia have discovered that legalizing prostitution does not change this.

You see that feminist over there, Julia? SHE said that sex work was empowering.

A key to the success experienced in Sweden is a public awareness campaign that accompanied the change in law. Children are taught in school from a young age that the purchase of sex is not just illegal, it’s unacceptable; it’s violence against women, and contrary to gender equality. This may be the most effective in the long run, because children are growing up with a different understanding of what respect between the sexes means.

That’s right, Sweden! What’s legal and acceptable for you is getting ass-raped by Muslim invaders, because they do it for FREE!!! Those white men keep trying to give you money and gifts in return for sex… that’s disgusting!

Gallese is going to be your future, Julia. If women can do no wrong and men can do no right, sexually speaking, then Gallese is going to be EXACTLY the result. A violent man who punctuates his prison sentences with dead lovers. Not dead whores… he murdered a wife and a girlfriend.

If we truly want to stop the violence experienced by women in prostitution — and I believe we all agree at least on that point — let’s do as Sweden did, and tackle the problem at its roots.

By criminalizing male sexuality. The mind boggles at how incredibly stupid wimminz can be. I’m not trying to defend porn or prostitution in this article… God hates both… but females, what’s it going to be? Healthy, frisky marriage? Legal prostitution? Let men do their porn in peace?

Or, are you not going to stop until all men are declared violent rapists by the State just because testosterone? You wimminz will deserve what (who) happens after that.

Julia Beazley is a Policy Analyst with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

In the time since Julia wrote this article, she has been promoted to Director of Public Policy with the EFC.


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  1. Jeeze, don’t even need to do a Phz reading on that one, the wanton SSRI stare and developing manjaw says it all…May God save us all from such as these.


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