Judgment Day For Virginia Is Monday

Virginia's Cuckservatives have not learned the lessons of Charlottesville. Thus, they will be holding a PRE-PLANNED gun rights rally in a DEMOCRAT STRONGHOLD on Monday Jan. 20 to protest firearm restrictions... and in doing so, are poised to give the gun-banners every excuse they could possibly hope for. Virginia: Important Statement about VCDL Capital Lobby … Continue reading Judgment Day For Virginia Is Monday

THIS Is How You Divorce A Wife

And her little dog of a divorce attorney, too! We warned you wamminz of what would come after the collapse of lawful society. The next victim of a 'Ho might skip the asking of permission. Kansas man requests 'trial by combat' with swords to settle custody battle with ex-wife http://www.kake.com/story/41562982/kansas-man-requests-trial-by-combat-with-swords-to-settle-custody-battle-with-ex-wife By Associated Press, 14 January … Continue reading THIS Is How You Divorce A Wife

The Effect Of Having Too Much Money

Stuart Schneiderman raises a fascinating and incredibly relevant question on his blog, the answer to which is found in Christian theology. Why are the people who have the most money in society increasingly hostile to the concept of economic growth? The War Against Economic Growth https://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-war-against-economic-growth.html 13 January 2020 Here in the Western world, an … Continue reading The Effect Of Having Too Much Money

North Carolina’s Domestic Skank Protection Orders

To the surprise of everybody but the Red-Pilled, Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) have failed to be magical force fields guaranteeing the safety of women who just can't stay away from the thugboys. North Carolina reflects on its lack of success with a grim determination to avoid the obvious. When domestic violence protective orders don’t … Continue reading North Carolina’s Domestic Skank Protection Orders

THIS Is How You Handle A Disaster

In addition to being a fun-sounding story, this is excellent logistics for emergency services. Australian Navy Delivers 800 Gallons of Emergency Beer to Bushfire-Hit Town https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2020/01/10/australian-navy-delivers-800-gallons-of-emergency-beer-to-bushfire-hit-town/ By Simon Kent, 10 January 2020 The Royal Australian Navy was applauded Friday after one of its ships completed an emergency beer run to help resupply a pub besieged … Continue reading THIS Is How You Handle A Disaster

Hanoi Jane Is Still…Sexy???

I thought the treasonous bitch was dead, or at least senile. But no, she's now the high priestess of Original Sin! I Got Arrested With Jane Fonda While Protesting Climate Change. Here’s What It Taught Me. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/arrested-jane-fonda-fire-drill-fridays_n_5e14b58ac5b687c7eb5c3fca By Sohil Malik, 8 January 2020 Sohil, if getting arrested taught you anything other than 'hanging out with … Continue reading Hanoi Jane Is Still…Sexy???

Paul Krugman’s Turn Comes

This is my shocked face, that child pornography was found on a computer belonging to a high-ranking Democrat celebrity. New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman Says Hacker Used His IP Address to Download Child Porn https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/08/new-york-times-columnist-paul-krugman-says-hacker-used-his-ip-address-to-download-child-porn/ By John Carney, 8 January 2020 Paul Krugman said Wednesday that his IP address had been “compromised” and used … Continue reading Paul Krugman’s Turn Comes

The Purity Movement In Review

One benefit to being a Christian in Current Year is easy access to what your enemies think of you. Here, a couple survivors of the Purity Movement weigh in. Female survivors, of course. Living in NYC. How the ‘extreme abstinence’ of the purity movement created a sense of shame in evangelical women https://theconversation.com/how-the-extreme-abstinence-of-the-purity-movement-created-a-sense-of-shame-in-evangelical-women-127589 10 December … Continue reading The Purity Movement In Review