False Pastor John Pavlovich

The Bride of Cain is back in the news, this time praying for Satan to have a miscarriage. (Stuff that male pastors never say.) Here’s the link…

Paula White Cain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

[Paula Knight-White-Cain] made headlines in January of 2020 after a portion of a sermon she gave went viral. In the clip, which is embedded below, White calls for “all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now. We declare that anything that’s been conceived in Satanic wombs, that it’ll miscarry, it will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm.”

Trump-bashers have been having a lot of fun with it and I admit to a chuckle, too. While following the story, however, I came across a new false priest that the Left is trying to establish as a Christian authority. Fresh meat!

Lessons Trump Supporters Are Teaching Their Children


By John Pavlovich, 21 September 2019

A gentle reminder that SJWs Always Project. Both for that headline and… dayumn, this whole article is projection! Maybe I’ll just fix a sandwich while you read.

One thing you learn as you raise children is that they’re always watching, always listening, always learning—that you are always teaching them something: about what you value, about how to treat people, about how to be a human being.

I wonder if people supporting this President and this Administration realize what they’re teaching their children; what boosting his tweets and applauding his rally rants and celebrating his legislative assaults on vulnerable people is telling them.

Whether they realize it or not, they’re teaching them…

People don’t matter. Human beings are things, wielded in battles you manufacture in order to win. The actual flesh and blood lives on the other side of your stereotypes and slurs and caricatures have no intrinsic value.The moment you can dehumanize a person you’ve never met, is the moment you free yourself from any responsibility for the damage you do to them or applaud someone else doing.

Stay tuned for my next post which will include, in no particular order: female leadership, female baggage, female luggage and dehumanizing treatment like Trump never did.

Never apologize. When you are found to be wrong or speak in error—never admit it. No matter how far afield of facts you find yourself or how grievous the mistake or how divorced of reality your initial statements may have been, simply double down, gaslight people, and attack your critic’s credibility and integrity—but never admit the error and never, under any circumstance, apologize. That is failure.

This… is CNN.

Diversity is dangerous. The more differences around you, the more there is to fear. Threats always come from those who aren’t like you. If someone’s pigmentation or orientation or nation of origin don’t match your own, they’re probably someone you want to avoid or be wary of. Never seek-out difference. Exclusion and self-preservation are the best defenses against the evils in the world.

Peach, brother! To the Hindus, the Jews, the Muslims and the Chinese.

It’s all about you. Forget the advice of your teachers and pastors and story books, and discard all that nonsense about loving your neighbor as yourself or doing unto others and you’d have done to you. Other people’s experiences are unimportant. In this Universe you are the solitary sun around which every other body revolves. The more you allow other people to be seen and heard, the less you will be able to thrive. This is a zero-sum game and there is only one winner.


Compassion is a flaw. To feel empathy is to show weakness. Sitting with people long enough to see them and understand their story and to feel a bit of their pain will only slow you down. The more callous you can become, the less vulnerable you are. The greatest virtue in this life is to simply not give a damn about other people. A dead heart is much better than a bleeding one.

More atheism.

America is the world. Some people will tell you that all human beings on the planet have value, that humanity is one interdependent community sharing the same home, that a child five thousand miles away is as important as one down the street or the one in your nursery. Don’t buy it.The place where you live and the people who live there are better than everyone else.

Wow, he demanded that you should consider total strangers on distant continents as important as your own infant! Such incoherent rage against family and community! It must hurt that the “we’re a nation of totalitarian Socialist parasites immigrants” narrative is failing.

Women are less valuable than men. Consent is irrelevant. Autonomy is a myth. A woman’s body does not belong to her. She exists solely for the pleasure and purpose of men, and this is true of wives and partners and blind dates and people you pass on the street. Whatever you do to women, no matter how vile, you will never be made accountable for.

Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. You left out making babies. No, there is a God in heaven and cops on the street. Oops! No more cops, because they arrested too many black criminals. Non-taxpaying voters living five thousand miles away complained!

Cheat to win. The desired ends justifies any possible means, no matter how vile or despicable. Rig every system, fix every game, stack every deck—and justify it all because the victory is all that matters. Fair play and honesty and being a person of honor are all of little value. What really matters is the prize, so be sure and get it. Winning is worth both someone else’s pain and your soul.

Cheating to win is, almost by definition, what the atheists do. People who believe God exists, believe they’re unable to get away with cheating.

Whiteness is better. You’ll hear a lot about equality and you’ll even pretend it matters to you, but don’t believe it for a second. God may have made all people in his image, but Caucasians bear far more resemblance. Never mind that if Adam and Eve existed, they came from a place without a Cracker Barrel—just know that your pigmentation makes you superior to the “bad people” and “shithole countries.”

This is a lie. I don’t pretend that equality matters to me EVEN IN REAL LIFE. It’ll be the death of me but I just can’t fake it… and if you ever see Antifa soyboys trying to find their martial arts microdicks with both hands, you won’t be able to pretend equality, either. Here, have a clip. Just the first three minutes.

Ironically, those embarrassments to fitness do prove that the Master Race isn’t always.

Your convictions are for sale.

Laws don’t apply to you.

Religion is a prop.

When in doubt, lie.

A generation of children is learning these things from the people most entrusted to show them how to be human. They are forming the lenses they see the world through from birth. It will be almost impossible for them to discern reality.

The rest of us will have to do all we can to remind them that this simply isn’t good or right or decent, and help them transcend their parent’s prejudices and preferences—and to embrace interdependence and equality and compassion.

The world we become depends on it.

Children belong to their parents, to be raised as their parents wish, Youth Pastor John Pavlovich. To Eternal Hell with your “village raising child” abuse.

Aw man, I forgot my sandwich.

Speaking of his actual job title, this article gives a good introduction to this child of Lies.

How Raleigh’s John Pavlovitz Went from Fired Megachurch Pastor to Rising Star of the Religious Left


By Amanda Abrams, 22 November 2017

Little by little, John Pavlovitz is becoming a familiar name among progressives, particularly progressive Christians. And he has Donald Trump to thank for it.

Translation, the atheist Left is trying to break Christians away from Trump with all the subtlety and effectiveness of an Establishment Republican purchasing the black vote.

Pavlovitz, forty-eight, is a Wake Forest resident, minister at North Raleigh Community Church, and father of two young kids. He’s also the writer behind Stuff that Needs to be Said, a blog that calls out hypocrisy in plain language, with the president and his ardent followers within the religious right earning particular scorn.

Here’s the TL;DR on his Stuff that Needs to be Said: God didn’t write the Bible, which is full of mistakes anyway and morally irrelevant because we’re so damn smart now. Link but I won’t get into it:

htt ps://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/01/18/1o-things-this-christian-doesnt-believe-about-the-bible/

His style—compassion paired with a no-bullshit, emperor-wears-no-clothes attitude, all informed by an inclusive brand of Christianity—has endeared him to millions of readers. This year alone, twenty-three million people have viewed his blog, and he has over sixty thousand Twitter followers. His words have been featured in Slate, Cosmopolitan, and Quartz.

He’s not building his own brand, as a marketer would say. Controlled opposition at best, Judas Goat at worst.

But as his recently released book, A Bigger Table, explains, finding that voice was the result of a years-long process of soul searching. A former megachurch pastor, Pavlovitz didn’t fully arrive at his new, progressive mind-set until a few years ago.

“It was a gradual deconstruction of my faith,” he says. “You look at one isolated area of the Bible, for example, then realize, Well, if that doesn’t mean what I was taught it meant, what other areas of my spiritual journey was I taking for granted? So you start digging into it, and you find yourself exploring all areas of your belief system.”

Born in Syracuse to a middle-class Italian family, Pavlovitz grew up Catholic.

Huh. By his name, I would have guessed him Jewish.

By his own description, his was a mainstream suburban childhood, and he was raised with a sense of “in groups” and “out groups”—those who were blessed by the Almighty, and those who were not. People of color, gay people, poor people, addicts, atheists—”All were to be avoided or feared, or at least approached with great skepticism,” he remembers.

You know what’s missing in that list? Protestants. This isn’t Cat-bashing, this is noticing that all the groups John was “raised to hate” just happen to ALL have blue check marks. A Catholic schoolteacher is going to warn kids about those rival Bible-thumpers much more quickly than he would slander the poor or the brown people living in heavily-Catholic Latin and South Americas.

I call bullshit. He’s lying about his childhood Catholic experience.

Then he went to college, at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he’d arrived with a scholarship to study graphic design.

The City, and College, of Literal Brotherly Love. Hmm.

“It’s difficult to comprehend how my head didn’t simply explode upon arrival,” he writes in A Bigger Table. With no idea of what to expect, he was suddenly exposed to a wide-ranging, colorful diversity beyond anything he could have imagined: artists, dancers, musicians, gay, straight—people he came to know and care about.

And it came as a total surprise, yes sir!

Then his brother came out as gay. Pavlovitz had grown up with a vague discomfort about gay people, yet his first reaction at hearing the news about his brother was relief. He finally understood why his sibling had been so depressed, and he was happy that his parents embraced his brother’s identity.

The likely reason his brother was depressed, statistically, was he’d been raped by a homosexual. Encouraging that perversion was the worst way Pavlovich could have helped his brother.

Those two events were pivotal, says Pavlovitz: they opened his mind about who was worthy of compassion and love.

Around the same time, he was finding his way back to Christianity, thanks to his impending marriage. Late in the game, he and his fiancée realized they wanted to have a church wedding, and the only institution that welcomed them was a small Methodist church in suburban Pennsylvania.

Why would no church want to marry them? *checks* It wasn’t a homosexual marriage so I dunno.

They liked its coziness, so the Pavlovitzes continued there as congregants after they were married. One day, a church leader asked if he would serve as the church’s youth pastor. The fit was perfect. He had found his calling.

It’s a colossal red flag for a pro-sodomy “Christian” who doesn’t believe that Biblical standards of morality are binding, to be in authority over children.

After a stint in seminary and more time at the Pennsylvania church, the couple moved to Charlotte, where Pavlovitz got a job as youth pastor at a megachurch, the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church; he spent nearly a decade there. To be an integral member of a church family, Pavlovitz found, was to be part of something greater than oneself, something warm and welcoming. The sense of belonging was powerful.

Again, a youth pastor.

But it was also, he learned, stifling. The pressure to conform, to agree with derisive comments about Democrats or the “gay agenda,” to prioritize boosting attendance over addressing genuine laspes in faith, was intense, he says.

Yah, dey be called Christians, mon. They ain’t down wit da kiddie diddle, all thinkin’ that dicks should go inna chicks.

Instead of being a balm for congregants’ dark nights of the soul, church felt like an event where participants presented highly edited versions of themselves. And that old sense of in-groups and out-groups was still there, an invisble line between a certain kind of Christian and everyone else.

Was everyone struggling with doubt? Pavlovitz didn’t know, but he sure was. Given his experiences in Philadelphia and in his own family, he’d accepted that gay people were his equals in dignity and worth. What else that the church was promoting was untrue—about Muslims, or women, or poor people?

Pavlovitz knew he was a heretic and fancied himself the Secret King, resenting every moment his beliefs were overshadowed by Christ’s.

It was a terrifying realization. At that point, Pavlovitz was a respected pastor, someone who was supposed to have all the answers.

“There’s a conspiracy of silence in churches,” he explains. The ministers are seen as being so certain of their beliefs that their congregation doesn’t feel comfortable coming to them with doubts.

That’s a black lie. People having doubts need someone who can reassure them, not push them over the edge into apostasy.

Meanwhile, clergymen (and they’re usually men)…

Duh. Christianity.

...aren’t able to confess the questions they themselves have. Were they really acting like Jesus would? That was the big question. Wasn’t the goal to love everyone, unreservedly?

But instead of speaking his doubts, Pavlovitz hid his misgivings and got a job at a Raleigh megachurch. (He asked that the INDY not give the church’s name.)

And then, one day in 2013, he was fired.

“You don’t fit here. You’ve never fit here,” the head pastor told him.

In fact, Pavlovitz says, he did fit—very well—when he ministered to young people and families looking for comfort and connection. But he couldn’t find a place for himself in the fabric of a church that, like many in the U.S., had become increasingly corporate. It was skilled at creating “really well-produced, age-specific Sunday experiences” and “great faith-based entertainment,” Pavlovitz says, but it never attempted to pull together people from all corners of humanity for the common purpose of glorifying God.

And that, Pavlovitz realized, was what his soul was yearning for.

Whoa, hoss. “One day, he was fired”? That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. From what I can piece together, Pavlovich started his blog while at the megachurch in order to vent his beliefs, was revealed to be an LGBT activist and quietly dismissed before a child molestation happened:

Being fired was a shock at first. But within twenty-four hours, he came to view it as a blessing, one that would allow him to finally speak his mind. He’d already begun the blog by then, but it had mostly been reserved for the church community. Now he began to write more freely.

In 2014, his writing project went viral. It started with a personal post in the form of a letter to his kids. “If I Have Gay Children” outlined the ways he would continue to love and support his son and daughter if they came out—that he would not keep their sexual orientation a secret and not quietly hope that they would eventually change. Almost overnight, millions of people read it.

Pastor Daddy planted the idea in his kids’ heads… publicly… that he’d love to see them embrace sexual perversion.

“One day you’re unemployed; the next day CNN calls,” Pavlovitz says. The shift was incredible. Suddenly he had an audience, and he was going to use it.

In 2016, another of his posts caught the internet’s eye. “To Brock Turner’s Father, from Another Father” addressed the dad of the Stanford University swimming star who’d been accused of rape; the father had asked the judge for leniency.

“Brock is not the victim here. His victim is the victim,” the post begins, then systematically knocks down the father’s excuses for his son’s actions.

Recap, Turner and Barbie got drunk at a frat party and left together. Two grad students noticed him having sex with unconscious her behind a dumpster. He was convicted on five counts of sexual assault but received a infamously light sentence from the judge, who then had to defend his job from a recall effort.

But the site’s greatest one-day readership occurred on November 9, 2016, the day after Trump’s election.

“That day, a lot of people were searching on Google, and they found me,” he says. It helped that pop singer Katy Perry shared his post, “This Is Why We Grieve Today,” on Twitter. The essay explained to a hypothetical clueless reader why Trump’s election felt so profoundly painful to many Americans. It resonated.

A lot of journalists pulled out their backup plans to discredit Trump, which apparently called for a Judas Goat to divide his support.

Many of the readers who found him that day have stayed. Pavlovitz says his readers come from all over the political and religious spectrum—and that’s apparent in the dozens or sometimes hundreds of comments on his posts.

“But I think we all have the same pull toward protecting humanity,” he says. “If you’re a person who believes in equality that transcends gender or faith traditions, you’ll find something that appeals to you.”

Pavlovitz has always featured Christianity-specific posts, like “Why You May Want to Try Church Again” or “With the Time You Have Left Here.” But most of his writings focus on current events: gun control, kneeling NFL players, sexual harassment and assault, and, in the last week, Roy Moore.

Unabashedly liberal, Pavlovitz has come a long way from his roots as an acquiescent megachurch pastor. One could imagine posts like “Rescuing Jesus from American Evangelicals” or “In Gun We Trust: God Bless the NRA” being written to some of his conservative former congregants.

Obviously not, if he’s still pushing the Sodomite agenda that got him fired in the first place.

But Trump’s election in particular has provided him with fuel; he’s covered immigration, white supremacy, and health care, and often directly addresses Trump supporters in posts like “If You Voted for Trump, You Owe My Children an Apology.” He is unremitting in his derision for voters who he believes must take responsibility for the chaos and violence that’s occurred since the election.

Pretty sure it’s Antifa, BLM, BAMN and the Clinton Machine who should be taking responsibility. To their credit, the first three often do.

Pavlovitz says his comfort with questioning established dogma makes him a rarity in mainstream Christianity and has turned him into something of a beacon for others with doubts—a surprisingly large group of people.

“People say to me, ‘I’ve been in the church my whole life, but you’re finally giving me permission to wrestle with things,'” he says. “Right now, there’s a voice of Christianity that seems loud because it has the White House behind it. But there’s a large population in America that thinks, This is nothing like the faith I entered into.”

Some simply know in their gut, he says, that a religion of in-groups and out-groups isn’t what Jesus was preaching.

Dude, Heaven or Hell. It doesn’t get more in-group than that.

“I believe he’s absolutely on to something,” says Molly Worthen, a UNC history professor who focuses on religion and ideology. “There are changes in the way younger evangelicals think about things like sexuality and gender roles. But they’re also exhausted by the aggressive confrontational style and old Moral Majority approach to politics.”

The Cult of Nice has not begun to be confrontational. Atheists are trying very hard to guess at why Christians support an obvious non-Christian like Trump. They’re so incapable of handling the truth that I’ll show it to them right now: for the first time in a long time, we have a political leader who doesn’t betray our trust and doesn’t hate our existence. It’s that simple.

Indeed, a number of polls have shown a decline in Christian beliefs among young Americans over the past decade.

Pavlovitz—now a youth minister at North Raleigh Community Church…

He really, really, likes working with kids. While praising homosexual behavior.

… a congregation that welcomes people who are questioning the Christianity they grew up with—is part of a movement of progressive Christians, people like North Carolina’s Reverend William Barber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, whose agendas have become more pointed as a result of Trump’s presidency. But the movement has been slow to coalesce in recent years, Pavlovitz acknowledges. He thinks it’s partly because liberal Christians view political power with disdain; after all, their Jesus was a homeless preacher, an underdog who was executed for butting up against an established government.

But Nancy Petty, pastor of Raleigh’s liberal Pullen Baptist Church, thinks progressives often struggle with how to articulate their faith, since much of the vocabulary of Christianity has been co-opted by the far right. But that hasn’t been the case with Pavlovitz, she says.

“One of the things with John is he’s articulating the message of progressives,” she says. “He’s found his own language.”

Pavlovitz isn’t a radical. The topics he emphasizes, like gay rights and women’s rights, were resolved by liberal Christians years ago.


And unlike Barber and Wilson-Hartgrove, he doesn’t frequently talk about the tougher, more structural issues of poverty and racism that could require a radical reordering of society to remedy.

Yes, in fact, all Socialists would be less popular if people knew their true intentions. Tip: they are not trying to help you.

But that’s probably part of why Pavlovitz is so popular. His is a manageable liberalism, one that makes logical sense but isn’t too taxing. And yet, at a time when America seems to have taken a giant step backward in how it views minorities and other vulnerable populations, he might be exactly what the country—and the church—needs.

Pavlovich is a two-faced traitor against Christ, claiming the Name while destroying everything that Name ever taught.


49 thoughts on “False Pastor John Pavlovich

  1. Keep in mind I have no qualms about the Bible’s morality. You just shouldn’t be putting Trump on a pedestal. He’s dangerous for Christianity. He’s right now trying to start World War Three by baiting Israel into making concessions with the Palestinians. That will only agitate the Middle East, especially Palestinians.

    He’ll deceive even the elect. Look at your thumbnail.


  2. My policy with Iran was to ally with the Arabs when Iran attacked their oil freighter, back China and Russia off of Iran, bomb every major city in Iran with Moabs, no Nuclear Weapons, ground sweep em, and then take every civilian out, down to the women and children,—then let the Sunnis come in and kill what’s left, then give Iran as a piecemeal to the Russians and Chinese for their oil. Russia wouldn’t attack Saudi Arabia because they’re everyone’s oil supply. That would have been my example to the rest of the world of what happens when you try to start World War III.

    Instead, five months later, Trump bombs an Iranian General for Iran shooting a missile at an embassy. Then he puts Israel in a hugely vulnerable spot with this Two States bullcrap.

    My way would have prevented this entire mess we have today. His way is just stupid. I read my Bible. Especially where it says not to go to war with Babylon.


  3. It’s too late now. All we can do is let Iran saber rattle. There’s not solution, and trying to broker peace in the Middle East is only going to make the tensions worse. Trump should have stayed out of Israeli policy, and he definitely shouldn’t have started stuff with Iran.


  4. Two of the questions I ask supporters are? You are in a room with your wife. Trump is in the room. He walks over and manhandles your wife. What would you do? Your 13 year old daughter is in a beauty pagent dressing room and is totally naked when the owner walks in and starts glooming on her naked body and starts making disgusting comments about her. What do you do?

    Never get an answer from them except for insults against me.

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  5. I am hoping you are being satirical. If not? How are you any different than the Muslim extremists holding this area hostage?

    The bible says? Jesus Christ second greatest commandment was you were to love all your neighbors, as you do your god, with all of your heart, soul, mind and body and as you love yourself. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, not once, not twice but each and every time. Jesus said to actually love your enemy and to pray for them.

    Do you think Jesus would want someone out there murdering women and children and civilians who are basically under terroristic control of these radical extremists in Iran, or Iraq, or Somolia, or other countries? No, they are in essence? Mostly innocent victims, caught in another psychotic religious belief that is dangerous and deadly to them if they were to stand up to it. They do not know how to fight dangerous, trained terrorists like these. These are women and children who are constantly under the threat of death themselves by these psychos. What do you want them to do?

    Most of the children caught up in this evil? The ones who are “soldiers”? DID NOT ENLIST, they were basically kidnapped from their families and forced into doing this. If they refuse? They die. And when you got psycho Muslims killing a school friend in front of you if you do not do as they tell you to do? YOU do what they tell you to do to survive. They are then put through extensive brainwashing. Their lives? Are a literal hell on earth and here you are saying your solution is to slaughter them?

    The ONLY stories I can remember in the bible like this? Is when the Tribe of Benjamin, that had no virgin girls to take as wives? Went to Gabesh and slaughtered the whole town and kidnapped and raped their virgin daughters and forced them into marrying them. And when the men of Benjamin only got 400 virgin girls, after slaughtering all their families, their loved ones, even their livestock? They did not get enough so they went out and kidnapped the virgin dancing women of Shiloh and did the same to them. Raped them and forced them into marriage.

    This is in essence? What happens to a lot of these kids in that area. They are kidnapped and forced through terror to do things they would not be doing if they were not forced to do so under the direction of psychotic believers in god.

    And how the heck are YOU any different from these Muslim psychos when YOU say your solution? Is to violate the rules of war, to violate even the rules taught in the bible and by Jesus, and to commit war crimes and take out civilian populations including women and children.

    Is it not against the rules of war to murder civilians? Is it not a war crime to kill women and children in a war?

    How the hell can YOU call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ when YOU state your solution is to murder innocent women and children who are held hostages themselves by those psycho Muslim religion freakshows?

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  6. You were to be in the military and offer your policy to the leaders? You would more than likely be immediately arrested for violating the Military Code of Conduct. If you had done things like this in the military, go after and take out civilians? Women and children? You would be charged with war crimes and end up in a prison cell where you would belong.

    Maybe you ought to study the My Lai massacre and see why Calley went to prison.

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  7. Matthew 22:36-40: 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Matthew 7: 21-23: 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

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  9. With Iran, there should be no war. That’s what I said. If you would have read a little further. You’d see I actually just said let Iran saber rattle.

    But, what happens when they get a Nuclear Bomb? And then they use it? Then they start a Nuclear war? Then there’s a nuclear holocaust? Then you and BILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE end up living in bomb shelters or have strange diseases for the better part of three years?

    War sucks. You just have to get over it that the crueler side wins. It’s why it shouldn’t even be a factor in today’s world. But I was simply saying if you want to win a war against them, you can’t use codes of ethics in wartime. And especially, Trump had his opportunity when the Arabs were attacked. Now all we can do is wait, and hope and pray that neither Iran nor Trump starts World War III.

    Do understand I’m apolitical. When you fight a war, you don’t fight it with kids gloves. That’s the only ethical way to do it, because then people suffer for years on end, and the conflict never resolves.

    Put, they said, “Peace Peace,” When there was no peace. Better hope Trump doesn’t implement that Two State Solution in Israel, otherwise you’d have wished my strategy was implemented. I wanted to prevent world wide war. And it would have been ugly. But, war’s not supposed to be pretty.


  10. And so you know, I worry about the billions of Chinese, the billions of Indians, the billions of Muslims, and the Billions of Christians on the planet, and the millions of Atheists. If a rogue regime wants to start a World War, they needed to be dealt with in the most careful manner. Frankly, my opinion is worth squat at is it, so while I offended you, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m right.

    You might try me for war crimes, but I hadn’t done any war crimes. I simply stated a fact. I love Jesus’ words as much as you do. But, the fact remains that there are other words.

    But the truth is, we need to stay as far away from Iran as possible. If we send a force down there, it’s going to get defeated by China. As China will most certainly enter any war we start with Iran now, because we hadn’t used diplomacy, but went in there and started stuff.

    You have no idea how bad a World War is. And certainly, we have no bargaining chips. We need now to stay away from Iran, and stop trying to negotiate peace deals in the Middle East. There will be no peace in the Middle East.

    On that day Jesus will say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Yes… do you know why? Because I loved Him, and I spoke for Him, but more than that He healed people through me, He prophesied through me, and the verse you quoted is about self righteousness. I don’t think I’m righteous at all. I know I’m a sinner, but Jesus loved me anyway.


  11. You don’t understand war. That’s been the West’s problem for centuries. What happens is that they wage them with kid’s gloves, and then what happens is something really ugly wells up, like the French Revolution, or World War I or II.

    War is not a game. You don’t just go starting small conflicts around the world for nothing. Those people—the combatants—lose family members, and all of their property. What ends up happening is that they suffer for decades. The most humane solution when invading is to just take out the populations quick, unless there’s reasons not to like in World War II. Because if you don’t, it makes people suffer for years on end, never able to fully recover because of the traumas they’ve experienced.

    The West has waged countless needless wars. It’s a fact as old as our policies, and it’s something we all know. So, what we’re doing is waging another small conflict, thinking it will be another Iraq. Well, China is allied with Iran, stubbornly I might add now that Trump has done something unspeakable. They see no difference between us and them.

    So, we need to just stay out of the Middle East, and mind our peas and carrots. Because America is no longer the greatest country in the world. It’s being overcome by countries, even like Iran which has magnificent cities. And my strategy was to use diplomacy, to pressure Iran into a severe consequence, and to also bide time so the situation wouldn’t escalate. It was meant to scare Iran into submission, which it would have when China and Russia were on board with America. But now they can’t be. They see we’re just like them, and they are setting and baiting a trap for the United States. I just hope Trump doesn’t fall for it. We need to just stay and mind our own.


  12. Dayum. Modern Israel is an atheistic anti-Christian state and it not the resurrected Israel of Scripture. Anyone who tries to turn your loyalty to the earthly Jerusalem would put you under a yoke of slavery.

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  13. Not sure if atheistmilitantsrising is trying to be an ironic troll or if they genuinely do not understand what they read. In case they are trying, but just did not understand:

    The bible says? Jesus Christ second greatest commandment was you were to love all your neighbors, as you do your god, with all of your heart, soul, mind and body and as you love yourself. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, not once, not twice but each and every time.

    No. We are to love God as first priority. And only to love our neighbour as we love ourself. Which I hope you understand, as you quoted the Matthew 22 passage. Loving others as we love God would be blasphemy, and is what SJW would have us do. God is higher than any charity to the poor. This also means that adherence to God’s commands is higher than any feelings we have about what would be fair or just. God’s morality is perfect; mine and yours are flawed.

    Tribe of Benjamin, that had no virgin girls to take as wives? Went to Gabesh and slaughtered the whole town and kidnapped and raped their virgin daughters and forced them into marrying them.

    Judges 21:8-12 shows that the tribes of Isreal who fought against Benjamin attacked Jabesh-gilead. That was not done by the Benjamites.
    A second mistake with your characterization is that it is not rape to have sex with your husband. You appear to misunderstand what marriage is; perhaps you take the definition of marriage from our progressive (warped) culture.
    As demonstrated in the Bible, a father giving his daughter in marriage to a man of the father’s choosing is marriage, not rape. The woman’s consent is not a requirement. This is contrary to progressive laws, so it will seem strange.
    Just as it is strange to admit that women, when allowed to make decisions with large consequences, regularly cause large problems. Like our experiment with permitting women to divorce without cause. Or to vote for a government that then destroys the nation through robbing the productive class to subsidize the leech class, importing unemployable immigrants, destroying our their own military’s ability to protect their nation.

    Whether Israel should have vowed to kill whoever did not join in the attack against the immoral Benjamites is a separate issue. But what should have been done with the orphaned young women who now had no fathers and brothers to provide for them? Giving them as wives to the Benjamites, who had now been severely chastised, is perhaps not ideal, but is not the worst situation either. And since those women came from either lazy, selfish, immoral or cowardly families, perhaps it was a good idea to put them with the immoral Benjamites. Better to infect one family than two.

    Just because I support Trump, does not mean I think he is a sinless angel. I just think he is vastly superior to the other choices. Gunner already addressed that, with his comment that we like not being hated by the one in authority.


  14. Northern and European peoples wherever they happen to be (hint, look to the ends of the earth), are the nation(s), gentiles, of Israel. One is free to pray for whom or for what one will, and if that’s the earthly Jerusalem, knock thyself out. Modern Jerusalem is the mother of slavery, literal and metaphorical. The true Jerusalem is above.


  15. B. K. Neifert:
    “Keep in mind I have no qualms about the Bible’s morality. You just shouldn’t be putting Trump on a pedestal. He’s dangerous for Christianity.”

    In point of fact, I’m much less impressed with Trump than most people on the Right. Notice I opened this post with his spiritual adviser going off her Xanax.

    But Trump isn’t dangerous to Christians. Atheists are. Trump lets us practice Biblical marriage while every politician on the Left thinks the problem with kids these days is too many fathers and not enough Drag Queen Story Hours.

    “Never get an answer from them except for insults against me.”

    That’s because you’re an atheist wanting to teach Christianity to Christians. If I walked into a Buddhist temple and told them they were doing it wrong, they would insult me, too.

    If you don’t need a Savior then you don’t have jack to say about Christian morality.


  16. You are a moron.

    Iran was being set up. Shia Islam is also the only form that can be moderated to tolerate other cultures and liberal interpretations. Sunni is Arab centric and strict. Also the only form of Islam operating internationally and agains the US.

    Iran just wants a level playing field.

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  17. I have no problem taking the gloves off.

    The problem is you think Iran is the big bad wolf because the Israelis, saudis, and John Bolton said so.

    In the grand scheme of things, they aren’t a threat to anyone but Saudi Arabia.


  18. I don’t know anything about Shia Islam. I just know the Ayatollah wants to start World War Three in order to establish a Muslim World Theocracy; it’s been his view from day one. That was his own words, and it’s what got him into power.

    Frankly, I would not trust Iran with nuclear weapons. It’s why it’s US National Policy to prevent them from obtaining it. It’s why the Arabs—whose governments have never threatened the United States, ever—don’t want them getting a nuclear bomb.

    And frankly, I don’t know why you call me a moron when I said specifically attacking Iran would be a HUGE MISTAKE. Right now, anyway.

    You can’t win on facts, so you resorted to ad hominem. Every argument loses at an ad hominem. It means arguments aren’t working, so name calling needs to be employed.

    As for your other comments, this should suffice as an answer.


  19. You’re not a Christian. A christian wouldn’t call someone a “Cuck.” It’s a word as bad as “Cunt.” It’s the male equivalent. You need your mouth washed out, there mister. Everything you said has fallen apart the minute you opened your mouth with that nasty, bigoted word.


  20. Thanks for being cool. But, no. Trump is really dangerous, Gunner. Really dangerous. Trust me, I get visions all the time about him. It’s really bad, and I’d get in trouble if I told you why.


  21. P.S.

    Trusting Iran is a huge mistake. A huge mistake. But, we have no other choice but to let them be right now. We had our chance to go to war with them, and missed the opportunity. Now, it’s a matter of crisis that we do not go to war with them. America will slowly deteriorate, but it’s better for everyone else, now, that it does.


  22. God wants us to be charitable to the poor. Believe it or not, that is my vision. That we are not being charitable, that’s why The United States is in decline. We want to conquest, but what we need to do is help the poor. If we spent as much time on charitable programs for the poor that we do plotting the destruction of other nations, the country wouldn’t be in the pickle it’s in.

    The fact that I was talking about attacking Iran was a theoretical I proposed seven months ago when Iran attacked a Saudi Oil Freighter. It cannot work right now, and it won’t work, because the timing is bad. Timing is everything in waging wars. Then, the time was to use diplomacy to deescalate, but threaten harsh penalties if Iran furthered aggression. Now, the only thing we can really do is let The United States decline. It’s going to, anyway. The United States was a good country in principle. But, everything about it fell short of expectations. The reason why was because we didn’t hold to our values or traditions. Our traditions—oddly enough—were about breaking traditions, which destroyed the country’s ethos. From Modernism to Postmodernism, everyone scoffed the Hero, the Moral, even going so far as to deny language is comprehensible. America’s great poets, nobody even knows. Longfellow and Bulfinch among them, but Longfellow is soon going out of print. Bulfinch, everyone prefers Edith Hamilton. America scoffed its traditions. The Founders and their mythologies, which were important. We questioned the morals of our mythology or believed they literally existed. Both were reactive, and are our Democrat and Republican respectively. America was built out of mythology. It had a beautiful one, that I like to write about. But, we decided to ignore it, and create a new mythology of our own. One where petty fools were elevated above heroes, ones where Psychopaths were lauded and compassionate men were made into villains.

    You also are wrong. The two commandments are equally important. In fact, charity is the prime directive of the Gospel. Loving your neighbor is what Jesus taught. What He set an example for. Is not Christ to the least of them?


  23. I’m quite confident that you’re in your rebellion phase of Christianity. We all go through it as intellectuals. Lies seem more plausible than the truth. You’ll get over it.


  24. This is coming from a mentally sick individual who advocates the complete elimination of everyone in Iran. Wow. Not sure what cult you worship in but you are a sad person.


  25. FYI, I’ve banned atheistsmilitantrising for ad hominem and being somebody I simply don’t care to associate with. I’ll leave the comments as is instead of my usual shadowbanning because I can’t untangle who’s saying what to whom, but there’s no point in engaging him further.

    “Thanks for being cool. But, no. Trump is really dangerous, Gunner. Really dangerous. Trust me, I get visions all the time about him. It’s really bad, and I’d get in trouble if I told you why.”

    That attitude doesn’t fly here. I’m not going to change my political beliefs because a stranger on the Internet told me to for no given reason.

    On that note, BK, I’m curious why you believe I’m “so wrong that it’s not even funny” about Pavlovich. If you can make a case that he’s a devout Christian then please do so.


  26. Let me be 100% clear with you. I do not want to eliminate everyone in Iran. But war is hell. When you wage it, you wage it. Otherwise, people spend the better part of their lives living through battlezone after battlezone.

    You don’t know a thing about war, and you are arrogant for not understanding what war is. You might have even served in Iraq, that doesn’t mean a thing. Our soldiers get to come home. Theirs sit in battlefields, spending half their lives in fear because we hadn’t the decency to wage it justly.

    Why did God tell the Israelites to slaughter everyone? You’re a Christian, now be either hot or cold. If you wage a war, you wage it. Otherwise, there is no reason to wage it. If you followed my argument, I said we MUST NOT ATTACK IRAN. Because of the severe traumas inflicted on people when they go to war.

    I’ve met veterans from Iraq who did unspeakable things. I don’t judge them. Ask them sometime what they did. Because war sucks. We shouldn’t have been in Iraq. We shouldn’t be in Iran.


  27. “Why did God tell the Israelites to slaughter everyone?”

    Remember how all of Israel including its children were utterly destroyed in Egypt (as described on the Merneptah Stele: “Israel is laid waste and his seed is not”)? Neither do I. It was a figure of speech.

    Remember when the Caananites were utterly destroyed (in Joshua 10-11) and their descendants don’t still exist (see here)? Neither do I. It was a figure of speech.

    Remember how Saul completely and utterly destroyed the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 15 and then David attacked their zombie corpses in 1 Samuel 30, only to have 400 get away on their zombie camels? Neither do I. It was a figure of speech.


  28. Can I tell you what bugs me about people like you? Just a little hint into what’s going on in this “Sick Arrogant” person’s mind.

    I make a random comment on the internet. It was what I thought on a whim. And you took it, and ran with it, making all sorts of specious judgments about my character. You HAVE NO IDEA what I’m like. How do you know what I want to do?

    For all you know, I’m scared to death about having Chinese troops marching down my street tomorrow morning, and I see Iran is trying to start a Global war where that could be a possibility. Maybe I’m watching these impeachment hearings every day, compulsory, when I wake up and go to bed, because I live with someone who will not turn the stupid thing off.

    Maybe I know what it’s actually about, and I look at all you people, sitting comfortably, arguing with people on the internet about the stupidest things, knowing your little world could go up in flames tomorrow because of idiots in Washington making decisions that could affect every living human being on the planet. Maybe when I said that, there was a reason for it, and you just didn’t listen.

    Who’s the idiot? I’ve more than listened to you.


  29. Gunner, if you would read my blog, you’d see I’m a prophet. With that, it’s the only credibility I can give you.

    You are very wrong. You’re more polite than others I’ve encountered. Just trust me when I say that Trump is a big mistake for Christians. When the laundry gets aired out, at least I was on the right side. It might be the only way Christianity survives.

    There are powerful people trying to make our religion extinct. They’ll go to any length to do it.

    You also shouldn’t ban people from speaking. Speech is how we purge these problems, and he didn’t say anything that radical. When we censor one another, we’re not listening. He said nothing that should have gotten him banned.


  30. If you banned anyone it should be Lex Blog, who’s called people “Cuck”, which is the equivalent of calling them a Cunt. The Atheist was displaying a civilized discussion. That’s not right.


  31. I didn’t see him attack anyone. I saw him called a “Cuck”. That might have made him angry. It would make anyone angry. It’s a way of saying someone’s wife will cheat on them because they’re not manly enough. That’s a really pejorative term.


  32. “He says he gets visions about trump. The guy is a heretic influenced by demons.”


    B. K. Neifert:
    “Gunner, if you would read my blog, you’d see I’m a prophet. With that, it’s the only credibility I can give you.”

    That is not how Christian prophets operate. They don’t walk into a room and order people what to think.

    “You are very wrong. You’re more polite than others I’ve encountered. Just trust me when I say that Trump is a big mistake for Christians. When the laundry gets aired out, at least I was on the right side. It might be the only way Christianity survives.”

    You mistook politeness for weakness. I waned you already, that attitude doesn’t fly here.

    “There are powerful people trying to make our religion extinct. They’ll go to any length to do it.”


    “You also shouldn’t ban people from speaking. Speech is how we purge these problems, and he didn’t say anything that radical.”

    Hate is how we purge these problems. I hate the wicked, I hate crybullies, I hate militant atheists destroying my California and I hate false prophets like you. Go back to your Bride of Cain.



  33. I count 29 posts by Balaam’s ass (not the donkey). Pretty indulgent, Gunner. He does have blog. Writes much; says little.


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