This Is Your Restaurant On Social Justice

There’s a landmark civil case building in New Jersey: can a transsexual employee be punished for tone-policing the customers?

Amanda Breaud: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

By Erin Laviola, 24 January 2020

Amanda Breaud is the former Applebee’s supervisor who is suing the restaurant chain on accusations of discrimination and retaliation. Breaud says that she was fired after asking a customer, who witnesses said had been making Islamophobic remarks at the bar, to leave the restaurant. The incident happened on May 13, 2019.

Breaud alleges in the lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey in January 2020, that the franchise location where the incident took place was a “hostile work environment where racism and bigotry were commonplace.” She claims that although other customers had reported feeling upset by the man’s comments, Breaud was still “berated” later by the store manager, who told her she had “no authority to tell customers at the bar to refrain from ‘discussing religion.’”

That’s the discrimination and retaliation bit. Breaud “discriminated and retaliated” against the customer, then was fired for chasing off a paying customer.

Applebee’s, meanwhile, insists that Breaud was fired for failing to show up for a scheduled shift. The franchise owner claims that Breaud’s termination was not connected to the confrontation at the bar.


[Breaud] told the chain’s area director that she “could no longer work” at the Middletown restaurant because of the hostile atmosphere there and asked to be transferred back to the Tinton Falls location, where she previously worked before being temporarily moved to Middletown, according to the suit.

That explains a lot.

End Segue

The other defendants named in the lawsuit include the Applebee’s franchisee, the general manager, a senior manager, and the bartender who was involved in the May 2019 incident.

This tells you her lawsuit isn’t about her getting fired. It’s revenge, pure and simple. Looks like Breaud’s brain is still wired for female.

Here’s what you need to know.

You need to know that she is a transsexual and therefore sexually perverted, if not full-blown headsick. If that is her best attempt at a smile then it’s no wonder her coworkers hated her.

1. Lawsuit: An Applebee’s Patron Was Describing Muslims As ‘Disgusting;’ Other Customers Complained to Amanda Breaud & Asked Her to Intervene

Ahh, the tide be turning.

Amanda Breaud explained in her lawsuit that on May 13, 2019, a customer sitting at the bar was attracting negative attention because of his comments. He was referred to in the filing as “Alex.”

“Alex” was reportedly heard saying that “Muslim people are disgusting,” that “most of them are terrorists,” and “if it were up to me, none of those motherf*ckers would be allowed in this country.” According to the Asbury Park Press, a news story about refugees was playing on television at the bar at the time.

She could probably have defused the situation simply by changing the channel on the TV.

Breaud said that another customer had complained to her about the man’s remarks, arguing that “such language and racist comments should not be tolerated” in a family restaurant. According to the lawsuit, the woman threatened to call the police on “Alex” if something was not done to make him stop. The woman added that the bartender was participating in the conversation and vocally agreeing with “Alex’s” statements.

It’s probable that a customer did complain about Alex because Breaud has a receipt with a thank-you scribbled on it. There’s no evidence presented for the existence of the other customers besides Breaud’s “the world agreed with me and declared me a hero” lawsuit allegations.

Breaud said that on her way over to confront “Alex,” families at two other tables “directly complained to Plaintiff about the offensive conversation and pleaded with her to do something to end it.”

Breaud says she quietly asked the man to leave.

Taking her actions at face value, that’s still not the way to handle this kind of situation. Why not simply state that other patrons have been complaining? If he persists in annoying other customers, THAT’s when you throw him out. Not for his beliefs; for being bad for your business.

The lawsuit alleges that “Alex became irate and yelled” but ultimately left the restaurant. Other customers praised Breaud for stepping in.

One customer left a note on a receipt that read, “To the Manager – Thank you for standing up to hate + Rascism. Thank you for your service.” The receipt was included in the lawsuit.

Breaud further explained in a letter to Applebee’s that an additional witness applauded and thanked her after “Alex” left and said, “I was just about to leave. I couldn’t listen to it anymore.”

Such tolerance in diversity! How fortunate Applebee’s is, to have Woke customers who are so accepting of other peoples’ ideas!

2. Amanda Breaud Says the General Manager Criticized Her Decision & That She Should Have Asked the Offended Customers to Move away From the Bar

Amanda Breaud says that she received hostile treatment from the rest of the Applebee’s team after asking “Alex” to leave the bar. She alleges in the civil lawsuit that the bartender continuously complained about her in front of customers and that Breaud’s actions “were costing her money in the form of lost tips from regular customers such as Alex.”

This wasn’t an isolated incident? For that matter, why was Breaud intruding on the bartender’s work area? Why didn’t she take the bartender aside for a work?

Breaud says that later that night, she received a phone call from the general manager of the restaurant. She says the manager “berated her” for asking the man to leave. According to the complaint, Breaud says the manager informed her that what she should have done instead was ask the other customers, who had complained that “Alex” was offensive, to move further away from him.

The manager’s solution is also legit. The other customers were at the same bar, watching the same network media? Modern politics is like that, ya diworse beaches. You don’t get the echo chamber that the Big Three enjoyed unchallenged for decades. We are here and we ain’t queer!

The manager allegedly told Breaud that she did not have the right to tell a customer that he could not talk about religion at Applebee’s. In the lawsuit, Breaud’s attorneys argued that this “was an obvious attempt to minimize and downplay Alex’s blatantly racist and openly discriminatory conduct and behavior.”

It was racist and discriminatory to be told NOT to tell customers to shut up about unapproved beliefs? And by the way, Islam-bashing isn’t a race issue, it’s a religion issue. Funny how the Elites don’t like the other R-word these days.

Breaud filed a report with Applebee’s Human Resources department that same day, describing what had happened and the reprimand she had received later that night from the manager. She claims that the company did not respond to her complaint and failed to investigate.

Appeal to amenable authority… FAILED? Interesting.

3. Breaud Says She Experienced Retaliation & Was Fired One Week After the Incident

Amanda Breaud alleges in her lawsuit that she faced severe retaliation from her coworkers following the incident with “Alex.” She says that she suffered from insomnia and anxiety attacks “due to the Defendants’ failure to protect her from retaliation or to maintain a safe, non-discriminatory work environment.”

Breaud requested a transfer. Before going to work at the Middletown location, she had worked at a franchise in Tinton Falls and requested that she be allowed to go back there. But her request was denied. Instead, a new schedule was submitted that would have required her to work three days a week at the Middletown restaurant.

According to the lawsuit, Breaud refused this arrangement. She says she was discussing other possible solutions with Applebee’s Area Director, Sam Halim, when she was suddenly fired from the franchise on May 20.

I’ve never understood suing over wrongful termination. “My boss hates my guts! My coworkers were toxic! Give me back my job with them!” They do it for settlement money, sure, but you can’t really put a cash value on work that you were going to do if life had happened differently. How many tips were you going to make four months from now? At which store location? Now subtract your estimated worker’s comp….

Breaud says her manager accused her of failing to show up for a scheduled shift. Breaud’s attorneys described this claim as a “false and retaliatory accusation.” She says that she had asked another coworker to cover the shift because she had to deal with a family issue.

Notifying the boss of that kind of thing prevents this kind of thing. She trusted the coworkers who hated her to go out of their way to accommodate her family issue? I just heard everybody reading this post roll their eyeballs at “she had to take time off for family issues”, plus several pillow-muffled screams of frustration from active-duty servicemen. And that’s just for cis-normative women.

In a letter to Applebee’s following her firing, Breaud explained again what had happened that day and about the general manager telling her she should have asked the other patrons to move.

She wrote in part, “The ‘coaching’ was alarming to me. Asking guests who are offended (rightfully so) by derogatory remarks, to get up and move; does not WOW them. Imagine if the guests had pulled out their cell phones and recorded me telling them if they were ‘so offended’ they could move. That is not the message I want to send my guests. I want them to feel safe and leave WOWed.”

Wow. But the tale of her emotional stability is only beginning!

4. Amanda Breaud Says Bigotry Was ‘Commonplace’ at the Middletown Restaurant & That It’s Not In Her Character to Allow Derogatory Remarks

Who’s discriminating now, bitch?

Amanda Breaud explained in the lawsuit that the incident on May 13, 2019, was part of a pattern of behavior at that Applebee’s location. She alleges that the senior manager, Troy Montanez, created a hostile environment and that bigoted and racist comments were “commonplace.” …

Breaud explained to NJ Advance Media that in regards to “Alex’s” alleged inflammatory remarks about Muslims, staying silent would not have been in her nature. “I didn’t want anybody to think that is something our company stands for, or I’ll ever allow.”

She further explained to the Asbury Park Press that the issue is personal for her. “I’m a gay woman and I’ve been at the bar before or out in public and had people say things about me. A lot of my life I wish that someone would have stood up for me. Now that I’m able to stand up for myself, I want to stand up for other people.”

I don’t think waitressing is a good fit for her. Maybe there’s a social-justice-for-bath-houses think tank with an unpaid internship she could lateral to. Or maybe, a nice hospital with flowers and butterflies and locks on the doors and nice men in white lab coats.

Her attorneys explained in a statement on their website, “As alleged in the complaint, the actions taken by Ms. Breaud should be celebrated, not punished. The retaliation experienced by our client has no place in a civilized society and Applebee’s must be held to account for its failure to oppose racism in its restaurants and for violating our client’s rights.”

Oops! The mask slipped!

Breaud and her attorneys are asking Applebee’s to reinstate her and provide her with back pay and benefits.

Yeah, see, I just don’t get that. If “Jersey Troy” Montanez didn’t like you before your lawsuit, Breaud, then he sure as hell ain’t gonna kiss your strap-on after it. Just get another job! It’s not as if Breaud is a white male Christian, prohibited by state & Federal law from being “over-represented” in the workplace.

The lawsuit also lists demands including compensatory and punitive damages, a request for the defendants to undergo anti-retaliation and anti-harassment training, and for the company to identify an “an appropriate professional” to investigate any future claims of harassment or discrimination.

Convergence is well along its way to being publicly acknowledged as the anti-moral monstrosity that it is… thanks in no small part to this kind of “I demand with the power of the State that you accept my beliefs as your own” litigation.


14 thoughts on “This Is Your Restaurant On Social Justice

  1. Anyone ever explained that Applebee’s is a for profit company that wants to exchange “motif + food+service” for money/credits? It isnt their corporate mission statement to oppose racism.

    Also, the vast majority of people I have known that have worked in the service/hospitality industry understand that their job is customer service to include serving food+fielding complaints+exchange of money+and a few other things. Most ads fail to add serve social justice or fight racism. The coffee houses and restaraunts that have tried this all failed because it is a terrible business model, even for leftists.


  2. Hi guys. I have started a new blog to continue the conversation that is ending at Dalrock’s. My comment at Dalrock’s may stay stuck in moderation, so if any of you have previously commented there, can you post the below info on his site for his readers?

    A new blog to continue the discussion on similar topics can be found at See the initial post for a list of the topics to be covered.

    Thanks guys. Hope this does not give any offense GunnerQ.


  3. I posted a link to you on Dalrock’s Farewell post and it’s up. No offense taken at all. I’ve been debating a post on filling Dalrock’s shoes but realistically, I’m not the guy to be doing it. He attracts a mostly married commentariat whereas I’m quite obviously the MGTOW type.

    Here’s wishing you the best, JPF!


  4. Thanks GunnerQ.

    While it is difficult to “know” anyone solely over a virtual community, I feel that the history of your posts at Dalrock’s, plus your many posts here, allow me to confidently state that you are a long-term, committed follower of Christ, who shows enough morality and knowledge of the Bible to not merely be Christian-in-name-only.
    With that said, it is sad to me, to see such a committed Christian man be lost to the community, at least as far as the capacity to lead a Godly family.
    I have had too many male friends who gave at least a strong appearance of being willing to be obedient to Christ, who yet had severe difficulties obtaining a wife. Actually, it was the majority of them.


  5. Hi guys. I have started a new blog to continue the conversation that is ending at Dalrock’s. My comment at Dalrock’s may stay stuck in moderation, so if any of you have previously commented there, can you post the below info on his site for his readers?

    Good luck on your new blog JPF. It’s really too bad that Dalrock is closing up shop but it’s good someone’s willing to carry on the conversation.

    While it is difficult to “know” anyone solely over a virtual community, I feel that the history of your posts at Dalrock’s, plus your many posts here, allow me to confidently state that you are a long-term, committed follower of Christ, who shows enough morality and knowledge of the Bible to not merely be Christian-in-name-only.

    I’ll have to agree with that. He’s become one of my favorite bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “More importantly, who eats at crapplebees?”

    I do. It has one of the few kids’ menus where you can get mashed potatoes. When my wife was away for 4 months, it was one of the most relaxing places to take the kids when I needed stress relief. YMMV.


  7. “[Gunner Q has] become one of my favorite bloggers.

    Dalrock was the first blogger to write a post in response to one of my comments. There is a distinct difference between that post (see here) and the more recent one by Gunner (see here). The former was full of sarcasm and strawmen. The latter was harsh in its firmness and loving in its manner. I vastly prefer and respect the latter.


  8. @Derek
    Being able to respect a man who, in your words, harshly disagrees with you… That type of maturity is so lacking in my experience. Immature and spiteful arguments between politicians is bad enough. But when people claiming to be Christians cannot bear with one another in love, or take correction, or merely accept disagreement — this I find discouraging.

    For example, I disagree with GunnerQ’s views that he can assess portions of a person’s traits merely from seeing their face. (For the sake of full disclosure, my opinion is based on ignorance, as I have not read anything on Physiognomy except for here.) And yet, I have respect for him. We can disagree, and I still consider him reasonable, intelligent, and worthy of my time and attention. Yeah, we disagree on a few things. So what?


  9. @JPF

    “Being able to respect a man who, in your words, harshly disagrees with you… That type of maturity is so lacking in my experience.”

    This is more-or-less my problem with Dalrock’s comment section. I have no doubt that he greatly impacted the lives of many for good, but it took a lot of fortitude for anyone to object to the mob in the comment section. I did it for a while because I have thick skin, but Dalrock’s censorship made it not worth doing anymore.

    “But when people claiming to be Christians cannot bear with one another in love, or take correction, or merely accept disagreement — this I find discouraging.”

    I don’t think we’ve interacted before, but you seem reasonable. IMO, I’m not sure that it is possible to continue Dalrock’s work while also continuing the community. A free-for-all would lead to discouragement and it takes a skilled hand at moderation to change that.


  10. sometimes you do look at a person and get a gut feeling they are a weasel

    I just about spit my supper all over the computer monitor…

    I sometimes wish we could better perceive someone. Although, perhaps the problem is not that we do not perceive the problem, but rather do not want to accept the consequences of “realizing” that this person is not trustworthy. My wife was just telling me tonight about a friend who had misgivings about the woman he was about to marry. And with good reason… she left him about a year after the wedding.
    But what man wants to admit that he has gotten to the point of having a wedding planned, before realizing that the woman is unworthy of marriage? Might be easier to continue on and hope for the best.

    Regardless, God knows what is best. Since he decided to design us (or at least me) without the ability to (innately) read the character of another person, there must have been a good reason.


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