Epstein Files: Maren Costa, The Amazonian Climate Changer

Climate change is a globalist Trojan Horse. You knew that, but you didn’t know it’s being pushed by a second Epstein: Greg, Harvard’s chaplain of humanism.

Amazon employees who spoke out about climate change could be fired


By Justine Calma, 3 January 2020

At least two Amazon employees pushing for the company to take stronger action on climate change received notices from their employer warning that they could be fired for speaking to the press. The workers are part of the group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, which published a letter last April calling on the e-commerce giant to adopt a company-wide plan to address climate change. The letter was signed by more than 8,700 employees.

The Washington Post reported on January 2nd that at least two employees who made comments to media criticizing Amazon’s environmental impact in October were told that they violated the company’s communications policy. One of those employees, Maren Costa, a user experience principal designer at Amazon, was active in Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and had spoken to the media before.

Thus far, I felt indifferent. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is timeless advice. But then I looked up Maren Costa’s face.

Frizzy piebald NYC haircut, severe sampan eyes, jutting chin and the last time I saw those lips, they were on Jeffrey Epstein when he thought he was untouchable.

Things heated up in September when Amazon Employees for Climate Justice organized a walkout to pressure Amazon to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, among other demands. One day before the walkout, Amazon announced a “Climate Pledge” to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. However, the company explicitly disagreed with another demand made by employees who wanted Amazon Web Services to end its contracts with fossil fuel companies. “We are going to work very hard to make sure that, as they transition, they have the best tools possible,” CEO Jeff Bezos said at the time. “To ask oil and energy companies to do this transition with bad tools is not a good idea.”

I still feel indifferent, albeit amused, because Bezos brought this on himself by pretending to embrace Leftoid beliefs.

That’s what Costa commented on in The Washington Post in October, telling the newspaper that “Amazon’s position is based on false premises and distracts from the fact that Amazon wants to profit in businesses that are directly contributing to climate catastrophe.”

Y’know, she’s right.

SJWs: “Promise to kill your company for us!”

Bezos: “Of course! I nobly announce that Amazon will be fully Climate-Change compliant the year after I cash out and retire!”

SJWs: “That’s not good enough! Shut down NOW, you electron addict!”

Bezos: *shrugs* Well, I tried to be nice. *Terminates all SJWs in the company.*

Whoa, he DIDN’T!

Soon after she was quoted by the Post, Costa was called into a meeting with human resources. She later received a letter and email from an attorney in the company’s employee relations group warning that breaking the communications policy again could result in her losing her job.

This when a white man can’t use the word nigger without getting blacklisted across the continent, pun intended. Jeff… hey, Jeff, a friendly word from the peanut gallery? SHE DEMANDED THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR COMPANY AND YOU LET HER OFF WITH A WARNING. Watch her not learn her lesson:

“It was scary to be called into a meeting like that, and then to be given a follow-up email saying that if I continued to speak up, I could be fired,” Costa told the Post in an email. “But I spoke up because I’m terrified by the harm the climate crisis is already causing, and I fear for my children’s future,” she said.

That highlighted bit means she immediately talked to the press again. Now I’m interested: how did her ass not get insta-canned?

A spokesperson for Amazon told The Verge in an email, “As with any company policy, employees may receive a notification from our HR team if we learn of an instance where a policy is not being followed.”

The mind boggles at the double standard here. What’s going on? This was linked to the above article:

Climate change, AI and ethical leadership in ‘big tech’, with Amazon principal UX design lead Maren Costa

Climate change, AI and ethical leadership in ‘big tech’, with Amazon principal UX design lead Maren Costa

By Greg Epstein, 24 June 2019

Yes, the post author is a relative of Jeffrey Epstein. For a guy talking about tech and ethical leadership, he’s… well, here’s wikipedia:

Epstein grew up in Flushing, Queens, New York as an assimilated and disinterested Reform Jew. He studied Buddhism and Taoism while at Stuyvesant High School in New York City and in college went to Taiwan for a semester aiming to study Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism in its original language and context. Finding that Eastern religions do not necessarily have greater access to truth than Western ones, he returned to the US and shifted his focus to rock music, recording and singing professionally for a year after college. Soon thereafter, he learned of the movement of Humanism and the possibility of a career as a Humanist rabbi and chaplain.

Jeffrey Epstein also grew up in New York. I’m not sure of the exact relationship between them because such family links are ghosted off the Net so far as I can tell, but growing up in the same city with the same name is good enough for me. Age suggests he’s either a son or nephew. Also, his face:

And Jeffrey for comparison:

In 2005, Epstein received ordination as a Humanist Rabbi from the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, where he studied in Jerusalem and Michigan for five years. He holds a BA (Religion and Chinese) and an MA (Judaic Studies) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Masters of Theological Studies from the Harvard Divinity School.

Atheist Jews’ attempt to colonize China probably had this guy at the speartip.

Epstein began serving as Humanist Chaplain at Harvard in fall 2005, when the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard’s total annual budget was $28,000. In the years since then, he has raised nearly three million in gifts and pledges to the organization, while organizing and launching a range of new programs and initiatives, including opening the Humanist Hub, a 3200 square foot “Center for Humanist Life” in Harvard Square, where members are encouraged to “connect with other people, act to make the world better, and evolve as human beings.”

It doesn’t need to be said, but Harvard is spiritual cancer. Especially under militant anti-priests like Greg Epstein.

While at Harvard, Epstein has blogged for CNN, Newsweek and The Washington Post; and his work as a Humanist rabbi and chaplain has been featured by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. ABC News Network, Al Jazeera and others. He is an adviser to two student groups at Harvard College, the Secular Society and the Interfaith Council, and to the Harvard Humanist Graduate Community. From 2007-2010 he chaired the Advisory Board of the national umbrella organization the Secular Student Alliance, joining such renowned nonbelievers as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. In 2011 he lectured at the inaugural event of the group Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists, & Secularists in Santa Monica, California.

I’ve heard of Dawkins and Hitchens, but until this obscure article I’ve never heard of the head priest of Harvard.

In an interview, Epsteins says that being a Humanist Rabbi “means I combine Jewish culture with the belief that this world is all we have.” He is not anti-religious and “he is happy to work with the religious left (as he calls it) to help beat off the fundamentalist religious right.” The Guardian compares his influence in American humanism to Richard Dawkins influence in the UK.

God help us all, there’s still an Epstein highly placed in the American government!

So, what does a humanist-Jew chaplain have to say about climate change, artificial intelligence and an Amazon.com employee who loves to run her mouth?

Like many of her peers at Amazon, Costa has been experiencing a tension between work she loves and a company culture and community she in many ways admires deeply, and what she sees as the company’s dangerous failings, or “blind spots,” regarding critical ethical issues such as climate change and AI.

Another pic of Costa. This time, here’s Maxwell for comparison:

Hmm, chins, cheeks and eyebrows are similar. Not noses. Eyes almost are, except Costa’s are less hooded/defensive… her upper eyelids are visible, a generally good sign in women. Interesting that Maxwell didn’t rock the NYC haircut, come to think of it.

Indeed, [Costa’s] concerns are increasingly typical of employees not only at Amazon, but throughout big tech and beyond, which seems worth noting particularly because hers is not the typical image many call to mind when thinking of giant tech companies.

A Gen-X poet and former Women’s Studies major, Costa drops casual references to neoliberal capitalism running amok into discussions of multiple topics. She has a self-deprecating sense of humor and worries about the impact of her work on women, people of color, and the Earth.

A textbook education for the modern witch.

If such sentiments strike you as too idealistic to take seriously, it seems Glass Lewis and ISS, two of the world’s largest and most influential firms advising investors in such companies, would disagree. Both firms recently advised Amazon shareholders to vote in support of a resolution put forward by Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and its supporters, calling on Amazon to dramatically change its approach to climate issues.

I looked up Glass Lewis’ website and all I can tell you is they brag about something called Proxy Research and being transparent. ISS is ISS World Serviced A/S headquartered in the European Union, which is either Internet security or facilities management…not sure.

So, AECJ isn’t your typical group of Twitter activists. They’re partnered with mysterious front companies holding at least several of Jeff Bezos’ leashes.

That explains how Costa is still employed. She’s threatpointing Jeff with serious backing… just like a different Jeff we used to know did.

Glass Lewis’s statement urged Amazon to “provide reassurance” about its climate policies to employees like Ms. Costa, as “the Company’s apparent inaction on issues of climate change can present human capital risks, which have the potential to lead to the Company having problems attracting and retaining talented employees.” And in its similar report, ISS highlighted research reporting that 64 percent of millennials would be reluctant to work for a company “whose corporate social responsibility record does not align with their values.”

That would be the disposable 64%.

Amazon’s top leadership and shareholders ultimately voted down the measure, but the work of the Climate Justice Employees group continues unabated. And if you read the interview below, you might well join me in believing we’ll see many similar groups crop up at peer companies in the coming years, on a variety of issues. All of those groups will require many leaders — perhaps including you. After all, as Costa said, “leadership comes from everywhere.”

Maren Costa: (Apologizes for coughing as interview was about to start)

Greg Epstein: … Well, you could say the Earth is choking too.

Costa: Segue.

Epstein: Exactly. Thank you so much for taking the time, Maren. You are something of an insider at your company.

Costa: Yeah, I took two years off, so I’ve actually worked here for 15 years but started 17 years ago. I actually came back to Amazon, which is surprising to me.

Epstein: You’ve really seen the company evolve.

Costa: Yes.

Epstein: And, in fact, you’ve helped it to evolve — I wouldn’t call myself a big Amazon customer, but based on your online portfolio, you’ve even worked on projects I personally have used. Though find it hard to believe anyone can find jeans that actually fit them on Amazon, I must say.

Costa: [My work is actually] on every page. You can’t use Amazon without using the global navigation, and that was my main project for years, in addition to a lot of the apparel and sort of the softer side of Amazon. Because when I started, it was very super male-dominated.

I mean, still is, but much more so. Jeff literally thought by putting a search box that you could type in Boolean queries was a great homepage, you know? He didn’t have any need for sort of pictures and colors.

Epstein: My previous interview [for this TechCrunch series on tech ethics] was with Jessica Powell, who used to be PR director of Google and has written a satirical novel about Google . One of the huge themes in her work is the culture at these companies that are heavily male-dominated and engineer-dominated, where maybe there are blind spots or things that the-

Costa: Totally.

This is Jessica Powell on her personal web page.

This is Jessica Powell at a recent interview about quitting Google. I try to not cherry-pic but the temptation is certainly there… and women aren’t honest about their appearances anyway.

So, Epstein & Humanist Friends have much responsibility for pushing “men are evil”. That makes sense. Women are made by God to be servants, and I believe that holds true for even high-level female executives. Such feral women won’t serve God or husbands, which means companies led by them are de facto controlled by humanist monsters.

Eve likes listening to serpents.

A paywall stops further dissemination. The other links are paywalled, too, but we’ve gotten a glimpse behind why so many tech giants who have already adopted self-destructive levels of Climate Change compliance “still haven’t done enough”… because the Epsteins are using it to Converge male leadership into extinction.


3 thoughts on “Epstein Files: Maren Costa, The Amazonian Climate Changer

  1. That highlighted bit means she immediately talked to the press again. Now I’m interested: how did her ass not get insta-canned?

    Amazon is playing the long game here. The practice in most of corporate Amerika when it comes to dealing with “problem” employees like Costa (and anyone else they have no real justification for firing, but dislike so intensely that they are determined to can them) is to set up a “constructive discharge” scenario. That is, set the employee up to fail spectacularly, thus providing more than enough justification for termination. Although technically illegal, it is damned difficult to prove, which is why it’s so widespread.

    This will be Costa’s fate at Amazon, especially if she fails at pushing her ultimate goal through and makes more enemies than friends in the process.


  2. Hmm, that explains Jessica Powell. She was a VP at Google until she published “The Big Disruption”, described by her as “a totally fictional but essentially true Silicon Valley story”. She dumped hard on totally-not-Google for its arrogant male privilege and didn’t even use the fig leaf of publishing anonymously. She was fired.

    Her next job was working at a London dating website, where she triggered again at management using whores and pole-dancers as part of their advertising. Also, at the lack of women and minorities they employed for their work of getting Englishmen laid.

    I like your theory!


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