Principal Thomas Hoffman Bans Merit-Based Pizza

Ever notice that American life is beginning to resemble the movie "Red Dawn", except backwards? With the Russians flying in to save us from our Commie leadership? Middle school teacher is 'left in tears' after principal CONFISCATED pizzas she'd bought as a reward for her hard-working students because it 'wasn't fair to other classes' reading Principal Thomas Hoffman Bans Merit-Based Pizza

Lipstick On A Church Pig

Have you ever wanted to hear a "Christian feminist" confront Ephesians 5 head-on? Then you're in for a treat! What If I’m Not the ‘Submissive’ Type? By Rebecca McLaighlin, 10 December 2019 Holy manjaw, Batman! She's got you beat! I was an undergraduate at Cambridge when I first wrestled with Paul’s instruction, in Ephesians, … Continue reading Lipstick On A Church Pig

All Your Sidewalk Are Belong To Us

If your women vote then you're next. Or even worse, if your women are your judges. Today's example: Homeless’ right to sleep on sidewalk remains, Supreme Court won’t hear case By Marisa Kendall, 16 December 2019 In a move that could impact how Bay Area cities can respond to their homelessness crises, the U.S. … Continue reading All Your Sidewalk Are Belong To Us

Red Flags Cut Both Ways

A bipatrisan consensus among America's legislators has been reached that Red Flag legislation has gone too far. Your cranky correspondent is here to provide helpful examples! Several guns seized from Redmond man after 'concerning Twitter posts' for 'Joker' movie By Staff, 8 October 2019 REDMOND, Wash. -- A 23-year-old Redmond man who police say … Continue reading Red Flags Cut Both Ways

Teach the Children… Espionage? WebCamGate

I recommend the movie "Minority Report" because its plot is relevant and prescient to modern life, even to the extent of the system being driven by witches in an age of technology. In the movie, pre-crime was limited to murder; in real life, pre-crime is used by bureaucrats to thwart the consequence of soul-crushing bureaucracy. … Continue reading Teach the Children… Espionage? WebCamGate

The Devilmouse’s Man On the Inside

You know what the problem is with the movie industry these days? It's hamstrung by obsolete anti-monopoly legislation. DoJ Moves to End Antitrust Rules Regulating How Movie Studios Distribute Films to Theaters The US Justice Department signaled Monday that it plans to end a 71-year-old antitrust enforcement program on movie distribution, saying it is … Continue reading The Devilmouse’s Man On the Inside

Calvinist Wayne Grudem Listens And Believes!

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has begun to offer its Satanic, family-killing fruit. As Pastor Grudem recently explained, the trick to learning that Scripture permits frivorce is hearing wives complain about their husbands instead of just reading Scripture. I archived his explanation and will fisk it at the end: But first, a … Continue reading Calvinist Wayne Grudem Listens And Believes!