Let Us Give Thanks For Enemies Of Such Quality

We have much to be thankful for. Christ is on the Throne, Trump is in the White House and our 21st-Century enemies resemble clowns more than genetically engineered supersoldiers. By way of example:

You’re doing open concept all wrong: ‘This is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares’

You’re doing open concept all wrong: ‘This is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares’

By Elizabeth Hames, 13 November 2019

A real estate ad is garnering negative attention online for its unusual take on open-concept design.

The Philadelphia master suite comes with a walk-in closet, space for a bed and sitting area, and a bathroom. The catch: There are no walls separating the toilet and shower from the rest of the suite.

So, anyone sitting next to the fireplace or on the bed would be in full view of someone using the toilet.

That’s raising eyebrows on Twitter… with users expressing discomfort at the thought of using the facilities in front of guests or a partner.

Image result for Kamara Abdur-Rahim

One reviewes, “the bat man”: Philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they’re calling it open concept… only the brave will poop while their friends are over and can see them.

melissa @ digitalemo: this is the type of toilet I see in my nightmares

Kamara Abdur-Rahim, the developer who posted the ad: “It’s not for everyone. It’s only for that person who feels comfortable with it.”

You now know way more than you want to about Kamara.

She added that it’s not for “the person who isn’t open to getting dressed and doing other stuff in front of their partner.”

WAAAY more. What do you think, African or Arab?

Abdur-Rahim says she likes to experiment with design and the open-concept bathroom gives the room “a bigger feel.”

It’s not the first time a bathroom-bedroom mashup has made headlines. … But Amanda Pendleton, lifestyle expert with Zillow, says she can’t see the trend catching on.

“While I could see this design in a modern loft-type space, it loses its appeal if you enjoy entertaining or value your privacy,” she says.

I could see this design in a modern RV-type space… with a curtain for privacy.

However, not everyone online hates the privacy-free bathroom… they take issue more with the shower than the toilet, fearing that pooling water could damage the floors.

Disgusting AND dysfunctional! She must be African. But no pic for confirmation. That’s okay, because we’ll get to her work history on Linkedin which must be nearly as entertaining.

But Abdur-Rahim says she has plans to add frosted glass around the shower.

“I’m pretty proud of how it came out,” she says.

Here’s how she came out. Misspellings will be in boldface.


Being a confident Gurl consists of being sure of oneself and it is revealing through one’s image, action, and Diet. Everything is taken into consideration, inside and out of the body. One can look glamorous on the outside but still not have confidence which would show through other significant aspect such as her actions or diet. Our company helps with these issues; we target the woman whose head is down and help to lift it up. In addition, we target the woman whose head is up and help her keep it up. …

Our oganization’s number one goal is to instill confidence in women and give an opportunity for all to come together as one and help the community. We know we will touch each woman in a different way, and every individual would gain or restore confidence in herself. We want every women to become a CONFIDENT GURL!

Co Owner/ Costruction Project Manager
Hewitt Realty LLC
Jan 2017 – Present 2 years 11 months

Her current job building bathrooms without doors or curtains.

Sales Manager/Event Coordinator
African Cultural Art Forum LLC
Jun 2015 – Jan 2017 1 year 8 months

Black Power! Not to be confused with Black Grammar!

City of Philadelphia
Health Inspector
City of Philadelphia
Feb 2014 – Jun 20151 year 5 months

● Responsible for performing routine inspections and enforcing health codes in various food establishments (i.e. restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, packing factories) and associated equipment used within assigned geographical area

None of her bullet points make reference to sanitation or water damage.

Quality Assurance Inspector/ Lab Technician
Westward Pharmaceutical
Jun 2013 – Feb 2014 9 months

United Way /Habitat for Humanity
United Way /Habitat for Humanity
Mar 2011 – Mar 2011 1 month

Helped build homes for low income families that were affected by Hurricane Katrina and also building literacy kits for low income daycare and schools. Duties included using scaffolding for support while adding additional material to homes to enhance the appearance and help avoid losing moisture.

She didn’t learn that doors on the bathrooms enhance the appearance? Or that shower curtains contain moisture?

Research Experience for Undergraduate
Jun 2010 – Aug 2010 3 months

Delaware State Univesity

Investigated the role of estrogen on Amypliod precursor protein levels followed by presentation to faculty and peers.

It’s a bad sign when your first job out of university is interning on the effects of estrogen.

You can put the savage in the college but you can’t put the college in the savage. More than anything, that unfortunate fact will guarantee the supremacy of White Men for generations to come.


10 thoughts on “Let Us Give Thanks For Enemies Of Such Quality

  1. This kind of open space design is popular in eastern Asia.
    Asians do not invite non-family members to their homes like Americans do. They do their socializing in public spaces. Also, more people are remaining single, and fewer people are having children, so younger people prefer the open design for single bedroom homes.
    It’s also a popular design for hotels, and BNB’s. It appeals to couples who want to get away from family and children and spend a romantic night alone. It also attracts those looking for a quiet place to have an affair. Owners can make over US$100 a night, which is a lot.

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  2. For reference, this was a master suite in a 3-bedroom house, intended for subletting as I understand.

    In USA, one’s home is the primary social gathering location. Hence this being seen by potential renters and many real estate people as scandalous.

    “Also, more people are remaining single, and fewer people are having children, so younger people prefer the open design for single bedroom homes.”

    You don’t close the bathroom door even when you’re alone?


  3. “You don’t close the bathroom door even when you’re alone?”

    There’s a huge cultural difference that is shown in this one architectural design feature.
    In America, it is common for friends to come visit your home without an invitation. Those people wear outdoor shoes on their carpeted floors, and Asians think this habit is filthy.
    In subtropical East Asia, it is common for people to wear minimal clothing while they’re at home. That’s why guests coming to the home uninvited is taboo, and why people prefer to socialize in public spaces. Young couples with their own house and no children will often lounge around the house in the nude. So walls and doors are not seen as necessary.
    The open design is an international trend that is creeping westward. But it may not be appropriate for renting to a family in the U.S.

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  4. Jack … that is really interesting. i’m always fascinated with the differences in cultures.

    iirc, you’re not from there … were these cultural transitions difficult for you?

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  5. “Those people wear outdoor shoes on their carpeted floors, and Asians think this habit is filthy.”

    We can agree on that. I take my shoes off just so I can vacuum less often… such a bachelor.

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  6. “Were these cultural transitions difficult for you?”

    In many ways, yes. I actually shook hands with women, and invited people to my home, and people thought I was “too open”. So I inadvertently reinforced the stereotype of westerners being promiscuous.


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