John MacArthur Kicks A Red-Pill Field Goal!

I once attended MacArthur’s Grace Community Church until the Sisterhood ran me out for trying to date them. Never thought the day would come, when he’d face off against them! This past weekend was a conference honoring his 50th anniversary of pastoring, at which he launched a broadside against feminism.

First, enjoy the video:

Accusing SBC of ‘caving,’ John MacArthur says of Beth Moore: ‘Go home’

Accusing SBC of ‘caving,’ John MacArthur says of Beth Moore: ‘Go home’

By Bob Smietana, 19 October 2019

(RNS) — Evangelical pastor John MacArthur, speaking at a celebration of his 50th year in pulpit ministry this week, weighed in on an ongoing debate in the Southern Baptist Convention over women preachers, claiming the nation’s largest Protestant denomination has lost faith in the authority of the Bible.

He claimed the SBC had taken a “headlong plunge” toward allowing women preachers at its annual meeting this summer.

That, he said, was a sign the denomination no longer believed in biblical authority.

“When you literally overturn the teaching of Scripture to empower people who want power, you have given up biblical authority,” said MacArthur.

During the “Truth Matters Conference,” held Oct. 16-18 at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, where he is pastor, MacArthur and other panelists were asked to give their gut reactions to one- or two-word phrases.

Asked to respond to the phrase “Beth Moore,” the name of a well-known Southern Baptist Bible teacher, MacArthur replied, “Go home.”

Sounds of laughter and applause could be heard in response during a recording of the session, which was posted online.

MacArthur — a leading proponent of Reformed theology and of complementarianism, the idea that women and men have different roles to play in the church and in society — was apparently responding to a controversy this past summer when Moore noted on Twitter that she spoke at a megachurch on a Sunday morning.

Her tweet led to accusations that Moore was undermining Southern Baptist teaching, which bars women from holding the office of pastor in churches.

MacArthur went on to criticize Paula White, a prosperity gospel preacher known as a spiritual advisor to President Trump, saying that he found these women preachers troubling because, “I think the church is caving in to women preachers.”

For those curious about Paula White, aka the Bride of Cain:

But continuing with the article,

The pastor went on to say that the #MeToo movement was a sign the culture was taking over the church and accused feminists of wanting power rather than equality. He also seemed to compare women preachers to salespeople who hawk jewelry on TV.

When asked if the Southern Baptists were now moving toward “soft complementarianism,” MacArthur replied, “I don’t know about terms. I just know women are not allowed to preach.”

MacArthur also criticized the Southern Baptist Convention for passing a resolution that was supportive of critical race theory and intersectionality, seeing it as a sign that “liberalism” was taking over.

He also dismissed calls for more ethnic diversity on Bible translation committees.

Hmm, does John MacArthur read my blog?

His comments provoked a spirited response on social media.

Stephanie Tait, a Christian author and speaker, said on Twitter that she was “heartbroken, angry, and honestly just exhausted.

“I’ll keep preaching, but this still hurts,” she added.

That’s your conscience, Stephanie. Feel the burn of guilt!

An image posted by the author.

Her Amazon pic. From her bio there: “As an adoptee from the foster system, and as both daughter and wife to non-citizen immigrants, she developed a passion for social justice and political advocacy.”

Micah Fries, a Southern Baptist megachurch pastor in Chattanooga, Tennessee, objected in his Twitter response to MacArthur’s “derisive, divisive manner” and called his comments “devastatingly dismissive of the inherent dignity, value and self-worth of women.”

This is Micah Fries. Physiognomy is real:

Once again, we see that unity is a globalist priority. “You might be right, but how dare you be derisive and divisive! Truth excuses nothing!”

J.D. Greear, president of the SBC, responded good-naturedly on Twitter, saying that Moore was “welcome in our home any time,” adding a hashtag referring to the Baptist Faith & Message, a statement of SBC beliefs.

SJWs always double down. Somebody should write a book on that.

Beth Moore has not posted a comment on her Twitter feed in response. Instead, she continued tweeting her thoughts on reading through the book of Job.

Article ends here. I read Greear’s response on his Twitter feed. He got roasted! Let’s meet some new allies:

htt ps:// 

J.D. Greear @jdgreear
Dear @BethMooreLPM, you’re welcome in our home any time.
12:51PM 19 Oct 2019

Josh Buice
Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
Which is precisely why many are looking for a new home outside the SBC.

Josh Buice
‏Oct 20
Reading through this thread makes me chuckle! People criticize John MacArthur for not being nice to Beth Moore and turn right around and say far worse than he did to others. How dare John MacArthur speak like that…but I can do it….but not him.

Well said, Josh. He’s a Georgia pastor and writer.

G3 Speakers | The G3 Conference | Gospel – Grace – Glory

Top third of his face is dominant for intellectual motivation. Definitely no frizzy hair, which is impressive when rocking the Santa Claus beard, so his thoughts are orderly and he’s probably generally disciplined in his personal life. Said beard is favored by men who don’t want to be perceived dominating with a clear jaw & chin line.

The drooping eye canthus indicates patience and mild temper; in extreme cases, indecision.

Justin Peters
‏Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
You are right, JD. She definitely has a home in the SBC. That fact is a sad commentary on how undiscerning the majority in the SBC are. Her false claims of visions, God speaking to her, twisting of scripture, preaching to men & endorsements of known false teachers mean nothing.

An evangelist with his own organization, Justin Peters Ministries.

Justin Peters — Kootenai Church

Lower third is the smallest so he’s not the most pragmatic of men. His eyes are puffy & hooded, which indicates long-term stress of some kind, although I think some sub-ethnicities of white have that naturally. Large ears suggest he’s a good listener. His facial hair was chosen to accentuate his jaw so unlike Josh the academic above, this guy is more willing to engage people directly and even confrontationally.

Not a lot of social energy indicated by his nose, however. He probably does his work in spurts with plenty of rest periods.

jack pickel
‏Oct 19
I love Justin Peters… just saying.

Nathaniel Jolly
Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
And that’s why I left the SBC as pastor. The SBC no longer cares about what is in Scripture.

Now a missionary in Uganda. I can’t read his face but his body says he worked on construction sites so forklifts wouldn’t have to. Either he has a tall wife or he might have some Napoleon complex.

Patrick Martin
That’s a mighty broad brush you’ve used to paint 46.5k churches into one light, my man. Lots of good churches and pastors in the SBC.

Pastor Patrick Martin

A career student. Uh… he’s too fat to be sure, but men with a wider lower face than upper face tend to give affirmation easily and demand it in return. I’ve read that a “W” hairline shape indicates spiritual interests but haven’t confirmed it to my satisfaction.

Robin S.
Oct 19
But the ones in leadership are writing all the Sunday School material to include social justice. Lifeway holds women’s conferences full of false teachers. What can the little guys like us do to change it? The uninformed members are the ones electing these clowns @ convention.

Lisa Saunders
Oct 19
You could not attend and have a man of your choosing write your Sunday school book. Meanwhile many grateful/excited women will look forward to learning from @BethMooreLPM and others. Thanking the Lord for her calling & gifting her to rightly divide the Word.

Robin S. 
Oct 19
“Grateful/excited women” does not equal biblically literate/discerning. I used to be a huge fan of hers til thankfully my eyes were opened to her egregious errors & foolishness. Sadly not many are willing to look at what she says with an open mind, willing to admit she’s wrong.‏

Robin is a female who groks Christianity. That’s a rare find.

Oct 19
Replying to @jdgreear @BethMooreLPM
A big difference between @jdgreear and @johnmacarthur. MacArthur is concerned with being Biblically clear, while Greear is concerned with being politically savvy

No good pic, but he has wide/nonconformist ears and a nose for conflict.

Alex Hannis
Oct 19
Saying true things in slanderous ways doesn’t make you concerned about being “biblically clear.” It means you are in sin.

As I just snarked, “You might be right, but how dare you be derisive and divisive! Truth excuses nothing!”

Hell yeah, baby, American Protestantism ain’t finished. This party’s just getting started! It’s a great time to be alive, when God sends His children forth with sarcasm and weaponized autism to prick the consciences of anklebiters!


16 thoughts on “John MacArthur Kicks A Red-Pill Field Goal!

  1. GQ, I’d be curious to learn your take on Pastor John. I believed he preached extremely calmly, clearly and concisely, but could never get over his views of predestination (God elects those He will save, everyone else is just born to live this life and go to Hell). I get that no human outside of the apostles has perfect theology, but I turned off his radio ministry in my home eventually.


  2. He’s not a pastor at all, he’s a theologian. Nothing wrong with that except he was surely too busy with writing books & speaking commitments to meaningfully lead his megachurch-sized Grace Community Church and its resident seminary. You probably had the same reaction I did, that while he never taught anything very objectionable, what he did teach was consistently irrelevant to our daily life.

    I don’t even see a conflict between predestination and free will. God knows what we will eventually choose and treats us accordingly.

    I started going to GCC for a 20s-30s singles ministry that no longer exists. The smaller churches in my area had nobody for me to make friends with post-college and GCC wasn’t too bad a drive. I did make some friends, settled in for a couple months. There were several attractive women there also and one day, I made the inevitable mistake of asking one if she’d like to do lunch with me.

    She flinched so hard, the room went silent as she backed away from me. I still remember the feeling of instant shame.

    Confused, I talked about it to the group leadership, which was my second mistake. I had no idea what I’d done wrong. Didn’t figure it out until years later, when Vox Day red-pilled me on his old Alpha Game Plan website. As I mentioned, the church had an on-campus seminary and the grad students there were exactly my age. All the women in that 20s-30s ministry were competing for the “crown princes”, men destined to lead a good-sized church at some point in the near future, which would make their wife the Queen Bee of local society. No wonder they tried hard to be pretty and available.

    So when a nerdy, awkward beanpole asked Barbie for a date, she was horrified at the suggestion of being at MY level of attractiveness.

    Afterwards, I became aware of a whispering campaign against me; group leaders asking me strange questions about whether I was a genuine Christian. That hurt and I soon left in rejection and uncertainty. Again, I didn’t make the connection between that and my social awkwardness with women until taking the Red Pill. Stupid white knights.

    None of that involved MacArthur directly. He may have a great grasp of Scripture but I never saw him act like a leader. Even now, correctly calling out Beth Moore as a false teacher, one wonders why he waited until his career was effectively over to start rocking the boat of Convergence.

    There was a nerdy kid twenty years ago who might have been helped by it.

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  3. GQ thank you for sharing this personal insight. I once was in the LA area and drove out to the site but the parking situation was so overloaded I never ventured inside. I once considered doing his book-by-book march through the Bible but the money always went to car repairs, insurance payments, bills..

    Hypergamy in females cannot be understated. Just because the setting is church, does not make those wimminz any less worldly. Gossip within the church a confirmation. My heart goes out to you after your experience, but from your own admission you grew out of what transpired. It’s all a learning lesson.

    Either we manufacture prudes within the church, or we abandon them to the world to become whores. The next revival will come from men who boldly preach the beauty of sexuality to teens directly from Song of Solomon. Would do wonders to clean up the filthy mindsets rampant in agnostic society.

    Back on-topic: good on John MacArthur for using his platform to speak against these false prophets. Despite age or having been able to do more, I’m glad at least the rebuke was made.

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  4. When asked if the Southern Baptists were now moving toward “soft complementarianism,” MacArthur replied, “I don’t know about terms. I just know women are not allowed to preach.”

    I know some men that see MacArthur as an authority figure in spiritual matters. Virtually a Protestant Bishop of some kind. They read his books and drop his name in conversation. They will be hurt and confused by this statement because they also have been taught to place women on a pedestal and to serve them.

    I don’t really know anything about MacArthur but he appears pretty old and thus probably low on testosterone to be suddenly standing in the gap. I see that he is a life long professional clergyman, which is also the type of man least likely to oppose what women want to do in a given moment. Who is this man really?

    In the end it won’t matter. He will be dismissed as an old white man with antiquated ideas whose time has come and gone.


  5. SBC have been bleeding (their youth) for 30 years.

    They published for years their declining numbers and how the youth brought up in the church don’t return as adults.

    I figure it’s mostly young men to whom they discuss not returning and don’t care. Thinking it’s th wimminz who drive that decision once married and they’ll be back. That’s a symptom not the cause. And the numbers say otherwise.

    Their decisions to go full-retard hasn’t gone un-noticed by their members and leadership. They just have different ideas how to resolve the issue.

    They’re a lost cause and a finger in a bursting dam won’t change anything.

    We have a few SBC life long (whole families) now in our lil’ sovereign grace baptist church.


  6. I’ve followed MacArthur for years. He’s stood in the gap for decades on a whole host of different topics. GQ, you are correct that he is more of a theologian than a pastor, but he’s fought the good fight for a long, long time. He’s stood against female ordination before, but I think this is the first time he’s named names & attacked the SBC. The rot has been there for a while, but the fruit of that rot has only become evident to most in the last few years. His church is not in the SBC itself, so he’s commenting as an outsider.


  7. Also, Justin Peters has MS & is wheelchair-bound. He normally critiques Charismatics & faith healers, but has always stood against women pastors as well.

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  8. Thanks GQ; good to know some religious professionals are willing to buck culture in this area.
    The worship instructor and one of the theology instructors at my seminary taught the opposite; one even brought a female “pastor” in to teach one of his classes. He did not seem to appreciate my choice to respond by quietly walking out of the class. In the next class, he went over 1 Tim 2, and his interpretation, showing why the Bible does not mean what it says. Oh, and he also said he did not want any discussion — so he was presenting his view, and not interested in having his (possible) errors corrected.


  9. About time, although the proper time to denounce Beth was over a decade ago. It’s been less than a year since Phil Johnson did an on air interview with wretched radio where he muddied the waters.

    The SBC apostatized a long time ago. How can a doctrinally sound church affiliate with female pastors, prosperity gospel teaching, etc.?

    MacArthur is usually far behind the trends. His performance at ShepCon this spring undermined his Dallas statement, or his authority on the subject.

    The truth is, John MacArthur says great things, without any practical follow through. He has allowed several false teachers to speak at his church.


  10. Yep. That’s the same with most churches man. Women want the status of pastor’s wife, or the husband of a guy from an influential family. What’s funny is that his affiliate churches tend to be heavily female. Yet they wait well into their late 20’s with 0 result.


  11. Dale: “Oh, and he also said he did not want any discussion”

    Heh, that’s exactly when you need to “have a discussion”.

    The Liberal before Convergence: “I just want my beliefs to be heard.”
    The Liberal after Convergence: “Only my beliefs are legal.”
    The Liberal after his turn getting Converged: “I’m a victim!”


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  13. If I was to tell Beth Moore one word, it would be “Repent”.

    The churches are full of idolatrous woman worship. And the panty wearing pastors of both sexes won’t stand up against it. Kudos to John MacArthur for having the testicular fortitude to tell her to “Go home”. Amen!

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  14. ‘Weaponized autism’

    That’s a winner. You don’t know how right you are. But one day you will and so will everyone else. For He brings down the mighty with those the world considers simpletons, outsiders and fools.


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