Brazilian Dumpster Fires Unite Prots and Cats

Brazil has been enjoying a respite from the globalist agenda in the person of President Jair Bolsonaro. They wasted no time drowning him in accusations that improving the welfare of ordinary Brazilians is a crime against humanity. Or as the gobalists say, “he’s making climate change”!

Heck, the climate is changing right now in Commiefornia. I can feel it in my sinuses. That means Gavin Newsom needs to leave, right?

Anyway, you gotta like Jair. A quick excerpt from his Wikipedia page:

Bolsonaro provoked controversy for a series of remarks made to and about Federal Deputy and former Human Rights Minister Maria do Rosário. During a Congressional debate, Bolsonaro said that minors should be treated as adults if they commit heinous crimes such as murder or rape, to which Maria do Rosário responded by calling him a “rapist”. Bolsonaro then stated that Congresswoman Rosário was “not worth raping; she is very ugly”. The remarks drew considerable condemnation throughout Brazil.

It eventually got Jair convicted of inciting rape and defaming a wimminz. He beat the rap by getting elected President; apparently, the position comes with official legal immunity for hurting the feelings of Social Justice Warriors.

We've got 99 problems and a witch aint one - Misc - quickmeme

And so the holy war began, to remove Jair from office by changing the political climate.

For Catholics and Protestants, Amazon Fires Fan Partisan Flames

Fires in the Amazon come every year during dry season, but reports indicated that this year’s were particularly severe, some saying the worst in a decade.

“This is the hottest day we’ve ever had this year!”

While international attention turned toward the burning rainforest in August, the Christian community in Brazil was divided in its reaction.

The Catholics will hold a high-level conference this weekend to blame Jair for scorching the planet while the Protestants already released a manifesto of grievances against the bourgeoisie.

Now, the Catholic Church will revisit its environmental concerns in the region as 100 bishops meet at the Vatican’s Synod for the Amazon, starting Sunday.

Amid rising global climate concerns, the fires have drawn scrutiny toward Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, whose pro-business policies were said to be responsible for spurring an uptick in farmers’ and loggers’ slash-and-burn efforts across the world’s largest rainforest.

The economy is improving! What a horrible fate! We Americans will probably hear that one the moment the last Baby Boomer dies.

The conservative, populist politician initially dismissed the outcry before political pressure led him to declare a 60-day ban on land-clearing fires in late August—but not before Catholic authorities in Brazil criticized Bolsonaro’s leadership on the issue, and the Ecumenical Forum ACT Brazil, a blend of Protestant and Catholic leaders, blamed the administration’s policies for “a surge in devastation of the environment.”

Yet many evangelicals, who make up about a quarter of the country’s population, have come to the president’s defense, dismissing the fires as normal rather than the crisis international officials and media have made them out to be. (Bolsonaro, a Catholic, is married to an evangelical and attended a Baptist church for a decade.)

That must be why the Vatican chose the more ad hominem strategy. They don’t like non-Cat leaders of predominately Cat countries.

While Catholic leaders assert pressure on Bolsonaro’s regime to bolster protections of the Amazon jungle—one archbishop called the scorching a “true apocalypse”—and the papal synod is expected to denounce the situation, many evangelicals and Pentecostals said the fires had been hyped to target the president. …

The evangelical outcry has not come from church leaders in the Amazon or among indigenous pastors. Instead, they say the fires in their area are no larger than before. Speaking with the Religion News Service, Leonardo Cortez, an Assemblies of God pastor in Cacoal, a city in the Amazon state of Rondônia, attributed the blazes to natural causes and the crises to political clashes.

“The environmental activists don’t understand that we take from the Earth a great part of our livelihood and of the commodities Brazil exports,” he said. “So it’s necessary for us to achieve a balance.”

The upcoming Vatican synod approaches the environmental concerns around the fires as a major part of the sustainability of the Catholic Church in the Amazon and among indigenous communities, as the National Catholic Reporter noted. The gathering will focus “first on lifting up the voices of the people of the Amazon, then on the need for a new, integral ecology in the face of so much environmental destruction, and finally on the challenges the church in the region faces in being more prophetic.” Meanwhile, Bolsonaro reportedly dismissed the synod’s “leftist agenda.”

A vocal minority of Brazilian evangelicals have joined Catholic leaders who have spoken up in favor of stricter environment protections and in opposition to some of the president’s policies.

The Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance released a manifesto in defense of the environment and affirming a rooted creation theology, expressing hope that the government would listen.

That dumpster fire of a manifesto will be fisked at the end.

Perhaps the most prominent evangelical voice speaking for the protection of the Amazon and condemning the policies of the Bolsonaro administration is that of former Brazilian environment minister and one-time presidential hopeful Marina Silva.

“The fires in the Amazon are a crime against humanity,” said Silva, a member of the Assemblies of God. “The Brazilian government is undoing all the environmental policies that previously existed.”

Silva has called Bolsonaro’s environment minister, Ricardo Salles, “an anti-environment minister.”

“We’ve had fires and deforestation under every government, but with the difference that [before] you had environment ministers… who were genuinely committed to protecting the forests, biodiversity, and our water resources,” she stated.

Here’s the meat behind Marina Silva’s bitching. Two Presidents back, Dilma Rousseff, a feminist and the only female to hold the position, created a Ministry of women, racial equality and human rights. This included indigenous people, which in turn included the rainforest conservation efforts, which meant the Amazon basin was completely in control of the globalists.

When Rousseff was impeached and convicted for corruption during her time as chairwoman of Petrobas, the state-run oil company, her successor Michael Temer downgraded the Ministry to a secretariat under the Justice Ministry. (Dilma’s creation of it had been unpopular.)

One of Jair’s first acts as President was transferring the secretariat again, this time to the Agriculture Ministry, which means all the Woke LGBT feminazis now answer to ministers primarily concerned with business and profit. And then, Jair appointed a pro-life zealot to run the secretariat just to twist the knife.

Abortion was shadowbanned! The rainforests are now being used for the good of humanity! The Vatican is deploying 100 high-level white knights just to BEGIN to control the Narrative damage! Jair Bolsonaro is my hero!!!

But I can’t dump too hard on the Catholics. The local Prots may be fighting the good fight (“We didn’t notice that we all burned to death last month”) but their leadership is every bit as Converged as in the States.

Manifesto in defense of the Environment

[Translated from original Spanish]

By Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance, 28 August 2019

Due to severe climate and environmental events unequivocally caused by burning and deforestation. We reiterate our commitment to responsible Christian participation in the care of our home.

There is no such consensus. Nothing in Christianity make caring for the environment a moral priority except to the degree it affects humans. Christ did not die to protect Amazonian mosquitoes from pesticide.

We affirm that:

In the original plan of creation, God instructed humanity to exploit natural resources in order to conserve and care for them.

The original plan was tending a garden. We are now banned from that garden on pain of death. It is not relevant to our current situation.

Furthermore, the nation God created ex nihilo, Israel, was not given any orders concerning the environment… except, again, as is relevant to humanity. Bury your shit. Kill your food animals a certain way. Here’s a procedure for mildew.

Furthermore, Christ cursed a fig tree. Remember that? He did it for an object lesson but that doesn’t change the fact that God, on a whim, murdered a helpless, innocent plant that didn’t do nuthin’ and surely would have gone to college.

The fall brings with it the conflicts between alterities: the Creator and the creation, being humanity part and responsible of the latter. Nature becomes “hostile” because of human sin (thorns and thistles) and challenging for human sustenance (struggling bread). Human sin becomes indirectly responsible for cataclysms and direct for environmental depredation.

It’s better fiction than most of what the bookstore offers but I must ask, did these chuckleheads EVER read the Bible? Because they’re so far away from the concept of Original Sin that criticism is meaningless.

Look at that last sentence, blaming all humanity for… for what? Animals eaten to extinction by other animals? Is Donald Trump responsible for the Dodo going extinct? And what “cataclysm” is not a natural event? Hurricanes? Volcanoes? Some trees can’t even reproduce without brush fires!

Nature awaits her release and groans as parturient for the manifestation of God’s children. There is a promise of a new heaven and a new earth where communion between God and His creation, man and a new restored nature will reign.
But between now and not yet, it remains for the Christian (saved and redeemed by Jesus Christ) to live the values ​​of the Kingdom of God in the present, including the manifestation of God’s love for the essential goodness of His creation.

But… look… you even CITED the fact that God is going to nuke and replace reality! This world is the diaper of our spiritual infancy. It’s all going to burn except for human souls. ALL of it. Yo, Eco-Nazis, you’re trying to conserve tinder in a firepit.

Citation needed for caring about the environment AT ALL. Another citation needed for caring about the environment more than our fellow man.

Love is the strongest characteristic of God-reborn man and woman. Love to God, love to neighbor, love to creation. By the cross we are reconciled, we and the creation, with Christ, and thus with each other. Our relationship with God drives us to care for others through caring for the environment.

Love for God is the first commandment. Love for one’s fellow man as much as your love yourself is the second commandment.

…There is no third commandment. I shall cease asking for a citation that I know does not exist. They’re lying, skin-suited traitors against Christ, it’s that simple.

But if these traitors keep this up, I’m sure an atheist will happily cap a few to feed the maggots and fertilize the lawn.

Therefore, as Christians responsible for “caring for the garden,” we expect from our rulers a consistent environmental policy.

Christianity is not a religion for RULERS to obey. It’s for THE CHRISTIAN to obey. If you truly believe that stopping brush fires in the Amazon Basin is God’s work then it’s YOUR duty, on pain of damnation, to quit your job and become a swamp firefighter.

Don’t just make payments to the right organization. Don’t pat yourself on the back after voting a party ticket. YOU do the job with your own two hands or by your own argument, you’re an enemy of God.

Without going into the similar behaviors of previous governments, because none of them were threats to our hidden Satanic agenda, Jair Bolnsonaro delenda est!

Okay, I made that up.

Without going into the merits of the debatable actions of previous governments, which did not prioritize the protection of the environment in their public policies, with regret we are currently witnessing governmental demonstrations that minimize the destruction of our ecosystem with visible consequences for the climate and survival of the planet.

Probably a translation error and they meant ‘maximize’.

We also warn that science should not be viewed as an enemy in the process of protecting the environment.

Nobody views science as an enemy. But Satanists love to wear lab coats for their infomercials and public service announcements.

There is almost worldwide unanimity…


…about the importance of preserving the Amazon for the balance of the world’s climate.


And Brazilian scientists have already highlighted the richness of biodiversity…


…and “flying rivers” coming from the rainforest.

Huh? *checks* A fancy name for fog.

Making the forest unfeasible by deforestation and burning…

That’s not what is happening.

…is decreeing the death penalty for various ecosystems of our country and the planet.


It is time for unity.


More than political ideologies and economic interests, we need to defend life.

Stupid peasants want a comfortable life with plentiful food. Smart peasants understand they deserve to starve under the boot heels of fat tyrants. And dangerous peasants think Christ died to redeem humanity from a fallen reality instead of damning humanity to preserve it forever.


One thought on “Brazilian Dumpster Fires Unite Prots and Cats

  1. People saying incredibly stupid things, in the name of “science”, is an old trick. It is almost as annoying as when it is done in the name of “religion”.

    Love to God, love to neighbor, love to creation.
    And some people, not content with one of the above forms of stupidity, insist on indulging in both.


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