The Gebert Brothers, A Study In Realpolitik

America has already fallen to Socialism but the question remains open which flavor of Socialism it will be. This seems to be a pattern first established by the Trotskyites of Russia, repeated with France’s Reign of Terror and today, with the alt-Right. I’ve been hopeful but suspicious about them, the Church having burned me too badly with good words and evil actions to take them at face value, and suspicion is winning out. The white nationalists, still for want of a better term, are not anti-Communist anymore than the fascists were in the interwar years. Communists freak out about them not because WNs are their enemy, but because WNs are their rival. And possibly a natural consequence of their group identity politics and quasi-religious need for a scapegoat.

We Christians, their true enemy, are no longer a threat. Hell, we aren’t even players anymore.

Which brings me to a recently unmasked leader (or at least, member of significance) of the alt-Right and a Charlottesville participant, Matt Gebert, whose rise and fall perfectly captures the times we are living in.

White Nationalist State Department Official Surfaces in Photographs | Southern Poverty Law Center

A color-altered pic of Charlottesville. This is long so I broke it up. Act I is who Matt is, Act II is how he was betrayed and Act III is why he’s not the good guy, either.


The State Department Just Suspended an Alleged White Nationalist Who Attended Charlottesville

By Tess Owen, 8 August 2019

A U.S. State Department official was moonlighting as a white nationalist leader in Washington, D.C. As part of that role, he hosted prominent racists and Holocaust deniers at his home in Virginia, attended the violent Charlottesville rally, and spread Nazi propaganda online, according to a new report by Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch.

Matthew Q. Gebert joined the State Department in 2013 and currently works as a foreign affairs officer in the department’s Bureau of Energy Resources, a State Department spokesperson confirmed to VICE News. In that position, Gebert is considered a civil servant rather than a political appointee.

Hatewatch found that Gebert had been operating in his role as a white nationalist under the pseudonym “Coach Finstock” and helped lead the D.C. Helicopter Pilots, the organizing chapter of Mike Peinovich’s white nationalist organization “The Right Stuff.” Peinovich, also known as Mike Enoch, is best known for his role organizing the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one dead, and his blog and podcast, which he uses to peddle anti-Semitism and racist pseudo-science.

Charlottesville was the first public showing of the alt-Right, and its coming out of mostly nowhere… and enduring significance… suggests the alt-Right is far better organized than most suspect. It was definitely a show of force, although the Left has successfully maintained control of the Narrative.

…Until the 2018 election? I wonder if Trump actually is one of the alt-Right’s leaders. It would explain much about his consistently and inexplicably Deep State-friendly staff selections.

Gebert reportedly discussed attending the Charlottesville rally himself during an appearance on “Fatherland,” a neo-Nazi podcast, according to Hatewatch. He said he disguised himself wearing a hat and sunglasses and boasted about returning in “one piece.” Twitter accounts that Hatewatch linked to Gebert shared anti-Semitic memes about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well as swastikas and other Nazi imagery.

When it comes to RBG, I prefer necromancy memes.

So Ruth Bader Ginsburg Walked Into a Bar With Abraham Lincoln… - RightWisconsin

Later on Wednesday, leftist media collective Union Riot revealed that Gebert was a member of two far-right Discord servers: “Vibrant Diversity,” which has been described as the most elite discord server in the alt-right, and “Charlottesville 2.0,” which was used to organize Unite the Right. Prominent members of Vibrant Diversity include neo-Nazi fugitive Andrew Anglin, Peinovich, and former Identity Evropa leader Elliot Kline (also known as Eli Moseley).

No wonder the leaderless Gamergate movement drove the Left nuts.

Gebert and his wife hosted Peinovich and other white nationalists numerous times at their home in [censored], Virginia, according to the report. Hatewatch estimated that Gebert’s official involvement in white nationalism started around 2015. His most recent involvement in white nationalism was this past spring.

Gebert’s alleged participation in white nationalist activities could be a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in outside political activity while on duty. Penalties for violating the Hatch Act range from removal or suspension from federal service, to official reprimand, to a fine of up to $1,000.

Ooh, what an interesting-sounding law! Segue:

The Hatch Act was passed in 1939 to ensure that federal programs “are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation,” according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

Sounds like a leftover law from the salad days of Big Labor Unions, before the globalists shoved then under a Chinese bus. The relevant bit:

These employees may not engage in political activity while: on duty, in a government office, wearing an official uniform, [or] using a government vehicle.

I don’t see any way that Matt violated the Hatch Act. But wow, Russiagate violated the stinkin’ beans out of it!… uh-oh:

In 1993, a Republican Congress substantially relaxed the Hatch Act to permit most federal employees to take an active part in partisan management and partisan political campaigns in their own free time. The ban on political activity remains in effect when those employees are on duty.

Are you fricking oh come on cotton-pickin’ DERP!!!! Republicans relaxed the “no political activity with government resources” just in time for Slick Willie Clinton’s midterm election cycle. That and the FBI leak began the Clinton Machine.

Meanwhile, no, Matt didn’t violate the Hatch Act by talking smack about Jooz in his spare time. But he posted under pseudonyms on anonymous/secure servers. How did the Left manage to doxx him? The old-school way: Judas.


The brother of white nationalist U.S. State Department Official Matthew Q. Gebert reported him to the FBI in July over concerns about his radicalization, he told Hatewatch.

ht tps://

15 August 2019

The SPLC curiously repeats “Matthew Q. Gebert” like a mantra. Does he like to have his full name spelled like that? A search ranking trick? Do they think he’s the alt-Right mastermind?

Michael Gebert, 30, told Hatewatch that he reported his older brother through the electronic tip form on the FBI’s website on July 2, 2019, over concerns about his role in the State Department – relative to what he believes to be his brother’s white nationalist ideology.

“I saw so much evil in my brother, I could not fucking deal with it,” Michael Gebert told Hatewatch. Michael Gebert detailed, from his apartment, what led him to contact authorities.

Hatewatch reported on Aug. 7, 2019, that Matthew Q. Gebert, 38, a foreign affairs officer in the U.S. State Department, first radicalized to white nationalism in 2015, according to his own words on a white nationalist forum. He led the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization called “The Right Stuff,” according to sources who spoke to Hatewatch and archived posts from a white nationalist forum. He hosted other white nationalists at his home and produced racist and antisemitic propaganda on social media and podcasts through the pseudonym “Coach Finstock.”

One month after he told the FBI, the SPLC was all over him. I assume the FBI tried to find dirt on Matt for a month, failed and passed the football to the irregular forces of SocJus.

The State Department suspended Gebert on Aug. 7, in the immediate aftermath of the publication of Hatewatch’s investigation. The State Department confirmed to Hatewatch that he is under investigation.

He was suspended within eight hours of Hatewatch denouncing his politics. NOW can we talk about Hatch Act violations?

Michael Gebert said the depths of Matthew Q. Gebert’s radicalization became apparent in a confrontation they had in the summer of 2018 at a family gathering hosted in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There, the two brothers consumed alcohol, he said, and Matthew Q. Gebert spoke about Jews, immigrants and other minorities in terms that frightened him.

“I ran crying into the darkness,” Michael Gebert said of the 2018 confrontation.

Matt got drunk and bared his soul to such a pussy of a kid brother that he surely would never have done it while sober. But wait! This was summer 2018 and Mikey ratted his brother out in July 2019. This article doesn’t explain the discrepancy.

Michael Gebert told Hatewatch that he drank “20 ounces of St. Ides” malt liquor to find the courage to submit the tip to the FBI.

One beer. One single fricking beer before he was ‘drunk’ enough to betray a brother. You must be so proud of yourself, Mikey, courageously stabbing family in the back for hating on immigration like that.

“I love my brother,” Michael Gebert told Hatewatch, underscoring his internal conflict in reporting him to the FBI. “My brother will make it through this.”

“Hello, World, I’m live with the SPLC today to tell you how I’m so internally conflicted about reporting my bro to the Commissariat. Power to the People!”

Hatewatch reached out to Matthew Q. Gebert by email for a comment on this story, and he did not immediately reply.

Oh, I bet a little birdie replied.

Michael Gebert confirmed the photo of a man participating at a white nationalist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May of 2017 published by Hatewatch on Aug. 9, 2019, was of his brother. He also listened to “Coach Finstock” talking about his views on a podcast recorded with “alt-right” internet personality “Ricky Vaughn” in February 2018 and provided additional verification of his voice.

The opening pic of this post.

“I take these risks [with my life] because I have a grave sense of foreboding that this country and all the white countries on earth are on a collision course with perdition,” Matthew Q. Gebert said as “Coach Finstock” on that show. “The only reason I am taking this risk is so that my kids can grow up in a whiter country if not an actual explicit white exclusionary country at some point in their lives.”

My sympathies, Matt. Although I care less about the racial makeup of my country than limited gov’t and private property because, as you’ve just noticed yourself, we whites were betrayed first by our own people.

Gebert went on to say that the options to achieve that goal were to enact what he called a “slow cleanse” or wait for social collapse.

Michael Gebert described these views as being “stupid,” as he listened to his brother’s voice. …

Michael Gebert described his brother as a liberal-minded student with one of the most promising minds at [censored] High School in New Jersey. The account of his brother’s intelligence, open-mindedness and aptitude for accumulating knowledge about world affairs is backed up by at least one other graduate of Sterling High School, who spoke to Hatewatch but asked not to be named.

Michael Gebert said his brother listened to hip-hop in high school. Most notably, Matthew Gebert enjoyed the music of the New York-based rap group Wu-Tang Clan, he said. His taste in music at that time is notable in part because all the members of Wu-Tang Clan are black.

“Matt turned me on to so many good musicians,” Michael Gebert told Hatewatch.

Less than two decades later, Matthew Q. Gebert said through his “Coach Finstock” persona on a May 2018 white nationalist podcast called “The Fatherland” that black people “do not belong around [white people] for an ocean at least.”

In college, Matt traveled repeatedly to Russia and Serbia, where he began associating with the alt-Right per this article. (Omitted for brevity.)

A neighbor contacted Hatewatch to say they saw Matthew Q. Gebert in his driveway with a gun on his waist on Aug. 7, 2019, immediately following the publication of the Hatewatch investigation. The neighbor provided a photograph to Hatewatch of a man carrying what looks like a gun on his waist at the house Hatewatch visited in June for this investigation. Gebert is entitled to carry a legally purchased gun openly in [censored] where he lives, according to Virginia state laws, but the neighbor told Hatewatch that the neighborhood is concerned about an armed white nationalist living nearby.

Sounds like the Second Amendment prevented yet another act of domestic terrorism.

Another neighbor of Matthew Q. Gebert said that the State Department official served as vice president of his local homeowners’ association. The neighbor said the homeowners’ association asked him to step down, and he refused. The website for the homeowners’ group states that as of Aug. 12, Gebert has resigned from the HOA board.

The neighbor sent a screenshot of a notice from the homeowners’ association calling for a meeting on Aug. 27, 2019. The notice lists “Removal of Matthew Gebert” as the purpose for the meeting.

So, Matt’s career is punked and his reputation is punked and he’ll probably be forced out of his own home, which is just as well because the neighbors now hate and spy on him, and the Senate Armed Forces Committee has been briefed on the threat he poses to the USA (seriously) and the SPLC complains that Matt legally carries a gun when they monitor him in public, all within five days of being outed despite no documented criminal activity after a month of investigation by the FBI, but his brother has every confidence that Matt will be fine.

Mikey, I shit more honor after a Taco Bell lunch than you will ever know in your entire life. Do yourself a favor: never sober up. You might realize what you did.

This is an ugly, despicable, cruel, evil and TYPICAL example of Social Justice in modern America. That being said, as much as I want to like and defend Matt… I read what he wrote.


By Robert Finstock, [and per] Greg Johnson, John Morgan, Michael Polignano

I looked for something more current and other than “recommended by the SPLC”, but everything’s been memoryholed. This seems adequate for our purposes.

Since it burst onto the scene, most of the Alternative Right’s energies have rightfully focused on metapolitics, networking, and domestic agitation. So far as international politics is concerned, there is a broad Alt Right consensus that globalism is the enemy, rapprochement with Russia is critical, and we must end and reverse the dark invasion of our countries. Yet these are easy calls; if our success continues and we eventually see white governments proliferate across North America and Europe, how would we achieve our objectives, consolidate our gains, and increase our strength? To ensure the long-term flourishing of our race, we should ultimately pursue an explicitly pro-white Northern Alliance of North America, Europe, and Russia, acting in strictly enforced cohesion on matters of immigration, defense, and foreign policy. Absent this, our prospects in this century are almost certainly doomed.

That’s extremely hypocritical. Globalism is the problem; the solution is a pan-continental alliance of nations? But it makes sense if “globalism” indicates Communists specifically.

Sovereign Ethnostates vs. Pan-Europeanism

If we succeed beyond our wildest dreams and achieve the proliferation of white ethnostates across the northern hemisphere, the choice between preserving sovereign nations versus building a pan-European superstate will seem like a luxury after all we have accomplished. This need not be an either/or question, however.

It’s absolutely an either/or dilemma. Weak, distributed gov’t or strong, centralized gov’t. What’s your endgame? Assigning me to the Tribe of Americanized Scotsmen whether I want to live there or not? Sounds like the latter.

Creating exclusionary white countries is our Herculean task; how we choose to associate after that will be comparatively easy. The Northern Alliance could be a type of aggrandized and rational NATO – or an uncucked EU – in that member states would retain sovereignty, yet commit to collective immigration, defense, and foreign policy administrations. Member states would preserve domestic imperatives and cultural identities while being bound by oath to support their blood allies in the most critical issues facing the Alliance.

*Gunner Q looks at the history of Scotland* No, that is not how things will play out. When my people had Scotland all to themselves, their clannishness and identity politics merely turned inward. As always happens. The Scots didn’t like the Irish, united they opposed the American colonies, together we opposed Italy and Germany in the World Wars.

It is a hopeless utopia, that a race-pure nation would be automatically unified in purpose. Even Israel couldn’t manage that with a gov’t designed, implemented, managed and pedigreed by God Himself.

If such an arrangement proves its merits, the “ever-closer union” of deracinated EU bureaucrat fantasy will develop naturally: liberal migration within the Alliance, free trade across it, and a common currency could be considered. If such increased cohesion proves impossible, a loose confederation would be maintained to avoid the pitfalls of the European Union. We are prickly, individualistic peoples with proud histories, but the tribal instinct that saved us at Tours and Vienna is being awakened, and can guide our cooperation for survival again.

But only while Eurasia is at war with Eastasia will that tribal instinct unite us. He claims to be on the Right but talks a lot like a Socialist. Especially the talk about unity.

You know why I hate the concept of political or religious unity? Because the definition of unity is “you don’t have an alternative”.

The Russian Question

The Alternative Right takes a generally positive view toward Russia, if for no other reason than that it is the most powerful European country on Earth, and Jews are hell-bent on breaking it to their will.

Russia isn’t that powerful of a nation these days. It’s doing fine, all things considered, but I heard a lot of wishful thinking in Matt’s sentiment.

Regardless of whether Vladimir Putin is foremost Russian Orthodox, Russian nationalist, or neo-imperialist, the fact remains that he nearly single-handedly saved his people from post-Yeltsin perdition, and persists as the single greatest impediment to what the geopolitical analyst known as The Saker calls the “Anglo-Zionist Empire.” Put simply, the white race will be dealt a death-blow if the Jews puppeteering U.S. foreign policy succeed in provoking NATO and Russia into all-out war. Yes, Russians seem alien to most Westerners, as if they are long-lost cousins exiled from our tribe to survive in frozen wastelands. But their conquest of the northern Asian land mass is one of the great achievements of European man, and Russian ferocity, intellect, and loyalty will be invaluable in the new order, to say nothing of their increasingly formidable nuclear and conventional forces.

A LOT of wishful thinking.

Crucially, Russia’s influential Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin provided remarks to Russia Today in 2008 which indicate that Russia comprehends the stakes at the highest levels of its government:

“There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, northern hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. This is very serious. If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union, and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one.”

Putin has also consistently offered conciliatory remarks toward the West, despite the constant, unhinged invective lobbed at him from Western politicians and the Lügenpresse. Western Europeans and Russians share the same enemies and a close racial heritage. The Russians are open to rapprochement, and Western leaders liberated from the Jewish yoke can bury the hatchet with Russia in the coming years.

Russia is in this for Russia. Any other belief is not merely delusional, it’s intentionally rebuilding the very empire that America got suckered (or blackmailed) into operating. We have common interests today, for example not allowing USA to wage war against Russia, but that is an alliance of convenience.

Stanch the Bleeding, Reverse the Rot: Common Immigration Policy

No reader of Counter-Currents will be unfamiliar with the demographic daggers already sunken into our national breasts, sinking deeper every year. Much of the Alt Right’s success, particularly in the past year, can be attributed to the shocking imagery of military-aged Muslim males pouring into Europe en masse and at the invitation of many of Europe’s leaders.

Translation, the alt-Right wants to recruit us before the Left destroys us. But both sides envision a unified global empire.

Americans watching their once-great national experiment run off the tracks is one thing; seeing their ancestral homelands being lost is entirely another.

It doesn’t matter what race our betrayers are. If you don’t want limited gov’t, private property and Christianity then you aren’t an American. If you do then you are. A sentiment the “race realist” alt-Right cannot accept.

The atrocities now regularly committed on both sides of the Atlantic by the imported pets of liberalism are finally jolting our people awake in ever-larger numbers. It is thus now possible to envision a transcontinental policy to ban Muslim immigration and gradually eradicate Islam from the entirety of North America, Europe, and Russia. Trump has already proposed an immigration hiatus, many European states are moving in that direction, and Russians will never forget the gruesome lessons of Chechnya, Nord-Ost, and Beslan. It only requires the right stuff.

Immediate bans on new Muslim immigration need not await any formal alliance; all Western countries already have the means, and many have the popular support, to implement policies to halt the invasion and stanch the bleeding. With nearly fifty majority-Muslim nations on Earth, many of them fabulously wealthy…


…and sparsely populated, a properly-resourced Northern Alliance Deportation Force could progressively and humanely relocate those Muslims who chose to remain in North America, Europe, and Russia despite exclusion from all rights of citizenship and public benefits. With at least fifty million Muslims residing in Europe and the Americas in 2010, immigration bans are simply inadequate; the rot must be reversed by mass physical removal.

Yep, they’ve got to go. Even Muslims can’t live in peace with Muslims.

Collective Defense: Make NATO Great Again

Skip fantasy of a world government ever being a good idea.

White Realpolitik: Northern Alliance Foreign Policy

The guiding principle of a common Northern Alliance foreign policy would borrow from the unabashed ethnic chauvinists of the National Council of La Raza: “For the race, everything, outside the race, nothing.”

I got a problem with that: Christ Jesus, who provided salvation to all non-Jews. I’m really, really glad He did that, so I’m really, really not going to blame ‘outsiders’ for crimes of birth.

You anti-Semites drive me crazy. First you convinced me that there really are Jewish conspiracies to kill Christianity and Western Civilization, then you convinced me (inadvertently) that you aren’t Jew-haters, you’re Jew-copycats.

Unbelievable. You really take the cake.

Matt, I want the Jews gone every bit as much as you do… because I want my country back. You, you want some White Israel with a divine mandate to maltreat Hasidic goyim while assigning power and land by genetic purity, or something. It didn’t work for ancient Israel and no alt-Righter has explained how it could work today, but they want it badly enough to shred the Constitution before the Commies can.

Please do not imitate the butchers of Christ. They are a stiff-necked people.

Finally, if there is one foreign aid program a Northern Alliance considers, it would be a continent-wide sterilization campaign in Africa, if only to make Mediterranean Sea interdictions less numerous.

Matt and I both hate people but only one of us WANTS to hate people. Leave Africa to the Africans? Sure, that’s even what the Africans want! Then cull them to ensure they never outbreed the superior races? That would be an abomination against Father God.

But the only reason one would want to do that is if there was no God. Only Evolution. The alt-Right talks a good game about restoring Christianity but then acts like God isn’t around and only a Nietzschean will to power can set the world right.


The creation of a white nationalist movement was an inevitable result of the Left using whites as scapegoats for its race identity politics. However, because “white people” is itself a race identity, it has organized along the same socialist principles to become a reflection of the very evil it claims to fight.

The alt-Right as represented by Matt is every bit as globalist and Utopian as the Left currently in power. On the one hand, the Left has proven itself far more cruel and sadistic. On the other hand, we have excellent reason to believe that’s only because the alt-Right is not in power, and would be equally cruel and sadistic given the chance.

Whichever side wins, we Christians lose.

I’ve said it before, white America was betrayed first by white Americans. As Matt has experienced for himself.


One thought on “The Gebert Brothers, A Study In Realpolitik

  1. I was an “It’s OK to be White” alternative right winger. It seemed to me that the cuckservatives don’t believe it’s OK to be white, so, I figured they could cuck off and go cuck themselves. It’s OK to be whatever God made you to be. What’s not OK to be is a megalomaniac who wants to deceive people and manipulate them and control them. God never made nobody to be that way.

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