Uniform Skirts Now Illegal

I bet the Founders of America had no idea the Constitution they’d just drafted had a clause liberating women from wearing skirts. Sounds like a Ben Franklin prank…. Fisking Working Mother Magazine is like getting dinner by shooting fish in a supermarket but this one is special, because it affects a charter school instead of the public schools. And involves the use of small children as puppets for litigation.

Judge Rules That It’s Unconstitutional to Make Girls Wear Skirts as Part of School Uniform


By Maricar Santos, 1 April 2019

He explained skirts pose a burden to girls, but not to boys.

Skirts are suddenly revealed to be oppressive and unfair after 6,000+ years of recorded history! What progress! What a marvelous judge, discovering what nobody else was able to notice!

Anyone who ever had to wear skirts as part of their school uniform, or has a child who had to, knows how much of a pain it can be. Not only does the wearer have to be mindful, at all times, that her butt isn’t hanging out while sitting down and walking up the stairs, but she also might have to figure out some type of shorts to wear underneath the skirt, in case there’s a breeze, and in the winter, possibly some leggings—or in my case, SWEATPANTS—so she doesn’t freeze to death on the way to and from school.

It’s a horrible fate for girls to be forced by patriarchal privilege to spend one more moment on clothing than they need to for survival. Never mind the five hours per day they voluntarily obsess over clothing regardless.

Even though it’s old-fashioned, unfair, and downright uncomfortable…

Since when does old-fashioned mean EVIL?

..there are still thousands of girls who are subjected to such a dress code. Rather than put up with it, three North Carolina students decided to take action, asking their school to end its policy of requiring girls to wear skirts or risk punishment. Their petition had garnered over 100 signatures when a teacher confiscated it—and never returned it.

Why would the girls have thought to complain at the age when boys are icky?

The students sought the help of the ACLU, who filed a lawsuit against the on their behalf back in 2016, when the girls were just 5, 10 and 14.

Bullshit. Five year-olds don’t seek the help of militant lawyers to litigate on their behalf just so they can dress like boys.

They sued K-8 Charter Day School in Leland which, according to CBS News, is a public school funded by state taxpayers, but is allowed to do things differently than a traditional public school. Even though Charter Day School is tuition-free, it “contracts with a for-profit company to run business and academic operations.”

I told you so, school voucher advocates. If you use taxpayer money in any form then the gov’t will still be able to put its hooks in, and your “charter school” will end up no better than the public school. But no, forcing us bachelors to underwrite your kids’ tuition is too important.

Now, three years later, a judge has ruled the school’s skirt requirement for girls to be unconstitutional, Buzzfeed reports.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Malcolm J. Howard wrote that making girls wear skirts as part of the uniform gives them a burden that their male counterparts do not have.

He also shot down an illegal gun ban in North Carolina, so he’s probably a guy who just enforces the rules without regard to why the rules exist.

Or worse, he can’t tell a little girl No even when she’s obviously being used as a cat’s-paw by Leftoid social engineers.

The girls’ lawsuit argued that the dress code for girls “forces them to wear clothing that is less warm and comfortable than the pants their male classmates are permitted to wear” and restricts girls’ physical activity. It also argued that the skirt requirement “distracts from their learning, and limits their educational opportunities,” and they claim the the uniform policy violates federal and state law, specifically protection against sex-based discrimination under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Can we drop the pretenses? The Fourteenth Amendment is “Penis Envy”.

As Keely Burks, the oldest student in the lawsuit, wrote on the ACLU website three years ago, she found wearing skirts to school was “distracting and uncomfortable,” and revealed that on the last day of school, she had to be sent home because she was wearing shorts, not a skirt. According to the lawsuit, the charter school requires boys to wear pants or knee-length shorts, but requires girls to wear only knee-length or longer jumpers, skirts or skorts, except on gym days. If the dress code isn’t followed, the school may call their parents, take them out of class or expel them.

I found it and will fisk her after this article. Never fisked an 8th-grader before but this one has it coming.

Meanwhile, the school claimed its uniform is meant “to instill discipline and keep order” so that “student learning is not impeded.” They also argued their uniform policy promoted “traditional values” and chivalry, saying that the skirts requirement helps students “act more appropriately” toward the opposite sex.

Yes. Men and women are different and should behave differently, even if only for the sake of being different. Unisex uniforms would send the wrong message, especially in Current Year.

However, in his ruling, Judge Howard did not find any connection between the school’s goals and the current dress code.

No connection between traditional values and traditional styles of clothing? You’re lying, Judge.

He wrote: “The girls are subject to a specific clothing requirement that renders them unable to play as freely during recess…


“…requires them to sit in an uncomfortable manner in the classroom…”

More shit.

“…causes them to be overly focused on how they are sitting…”

Skirts don’t have learning curves! They aren’t power tools!

“…distracts them from learning…”

Judge Howard is a shameless liar,

“…and subjects them to cold temperatures on their legs and/or uncomfortable layers of leggings under their knee-length skirts in order to stay warm, especially moving outside between classrooms at the School.”

Poor Olivia Twist, forced to suffer cruel hardships on her desolate journeys between heated classrooms.

Defendants have offered no evidence of any comparable burden on boys.”

Of course they didn’t. The judge had to lie the female “burdens” into existence in the first place!

In a statement posted to the ACLU North Carolina website, Bonnie Peltier, the mother of one of the daughters in the lawsuit, commented on the outcome: “All I wanted was for my daughter and every other girl at school to have the option to wear pants so she could play outside, sit comfortably and stay warm in the winter … We’re happy the court agrees, but it’s disappointing that it took a court order to force the school to accept the simple fact that, in 2019, girls should have the choice to wear pants.”

NYC haircut, jaw like a chisel, lips heavily unbalanced towards the masculine (fat lower, thin upper), disgustingly fat… Yes, I can imagine her using her own child as an involuntary proxy for an ACLU Convergence lawsuit.

Another litigant is named Erika Booth per popsugar.com.

Although there’s no word yet on when exactly the skirt requirement will be nixed, Baker Mitchell, founder of the Roger Bacon Academy, which runs Charter Day School had a fairly ominous response to the ruling. He told the Washington Post that “the Charter Day School Board is analyzing the opinion and will be meeting with counsel in the very near future to discuss their options moving forward.”

Exxxcellent. He’s a fighter! What’s the clock at, three years already against the AC-LULU’s? Most respectable.


Baker is an electrical engineer, former university assistant professor, and entrepreneur. He has a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications and chapters in engineering texts and is the holder of two US patents.

Coming out of retirement in 1999, he founded The Roger Bacon Academy which manages four public charter schools in North Carolina that have a combined diverse enrollment of over 2,200 students.

This Leland charter school is one of four schools administered by the Roger Bacon Academy.

RBA’s slander lawsuit against ex-Brunswick Supt. Pruden to proceed to trial « The Roger Bacon ...

That’s what I expected Linus Torvalds to look like back when I read his face. Huge brainpan for intellectual orientation and the smallest third of his face is the ambition/status middle… very promising. That’s a brick wall of a chin; no wonder he didn’t roll over for the civil liberty crybullies. I bet he played rugby or American football in his college days. Pessimistic to judge from mouth corners. Still has a 1950s mindset to judge from that suit.

They don’t make Americans like Mitchell anymore. A quickie insight:

Baker Mitchell: “The Smear Campaign Against Charters”

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Baker Mitchell, founder of the North Carolina-based Roger Bacon Academy charter schools, confronts charges that North Carolina charters are producing resegregation. Mitchell writes,

“Charges of racism are intended to divert attention from the failure of traditional public schools to educate minority children. According to the most recent Charter Schools Annual Report to the North Carolina General Assembly, published in February, charter-school students at virtually every grade level and in virtually all student subgroups—white, African-American, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and students with limited English proficiency—outperformed traditional public-school students in English, math and science at the end of the school year. The sole exception was high-school math scores, where results were mixed.”

Mitchell’s four charter schools are top performers, despite the fact that 40 percent or more of the students come from lower-income households. He attributes those results to a “classical curriculum, direct-instruction methods, additional instructional hours, and focus on orderliness.”

He’s got the Baby Boomer boner for diversity but is otherwise a staunch, results-oriented traditionalist. I got respect for people whose idea of retirement isn’t sitting down and waiting to die.

And now, let’s rip into the little girl who allegedly filed this lawsuit.

My School Requires All Girls to Wear Skirts. I’m Fighting for My Right to Wear Pants.

http://www.ac lu.org/blog/womens-rights/womens-rights-education/my-school-requires-all-girls-wear-skirts-im-fighting-my

By Keely Burks, 1 March 2016

I am like a lot of eighth grade students. I try to do my best in class. I like sports and playing outside, and I regularly go to Bible classes, and I file lawsuits against the patriarchy every year just like Jesus did. I also believe in standing up for myself and others. So last year, along with some friends, I created a petition to ask my school to change its policy that says girls have to wear skirts to school or risk being punished.

She didn’t actually write the sentence fragment after “Bible classes”. That’s my addition. But she didn’t create that petition either. That’s her Trigglypuff mother’s addition.

I go to Charter Day School, a K-8 public charter school in Leland, North Carolina. Like a lot of schools, Charter Day has a uniform policy. That policy says that all female students have to wear skirts that are “knee-length or longer”…

God assures us that there’s a special place in Eternal Hell for everybody who wants little girls to wear miniskirts. Something about millstones, I recall.

…and that we can’t wear pants or shorts, except on gym days.

WTF??? The plaintiffs complained that girls couldn’t do athletics easily while wearing skirts, yet school policy already allowed them to wear shorts/pants on gym day!

Boys are able to wear pants and shorts every day. My friends and I got more than 100 signatures on our petition, but it was taken from us by a teacher and we never got it back. Some parents asked about changing the policy, but the school said that making girls wear skirts is supposed to promote “chivalry” and “traditional values.”

No ten-year-old EVER talked like that.

Now we are turning to the ACLU for help. This week the ACLU of North Carolina and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project filed a lawsuit on behalf of me and two other students that says Charter Day’s uniform policy violates the law and discriminates against girls.

Those feminist bitch-lawyers were as heartless as pedophiles to these girls.

Personally, I hate wearing skirts.

Your personal whims are not grounds for a lawsuit.

Even with tights and leggings, skirts are cold to wear in the winter, and they’re not as comfortable as shorts in the summer.

I know from personal experience with kilts that the latter is a lie. If Commiefornia wasn’t the fag capital of the United States, I’d wear kilts for every day of the summer heat.

Do you know where Scotland is, Barbie? It’s the very northern tip of the United Kingdom. Very rainy, very cold. Kilts and skirts work just fine there.

I love playing outside, especially soccer and gymnastics. When we go outside for recess, the boys in my class will sometimes play soccer or do flips and cartwheels. But I feel like I can’t because I’m wearing a skirt.

I’ve seen cheerleaders do flips and cartwheels in skirts. You’re lying. And what’s this about not playing soccer because skirts?

guy wearing kilt playing soccer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Boo-ya, Barbie. He didn’t even put his water bottle down.

And it’s not just when I go outside. When I’m sitting in class, I have to pay attention to the position of my legs when I’m in a skirt, and it can be very distracting and uncomfortable.

I have a denim work kilt. It doubles as both clothing and a work apron for when I do precision molding at a workbench. Catches all the little pieces I drop like pants never will. Very handy and comfy.

When I was in first grade and we sat on the floor, my teacher told all the girls that we couldn’t sit “criss-cross applesauce” like the boys in class. Instead, the teacher said we had to sit on the floor with our legs curled to the side because we were in skirts. When I said I didn’t want to sit that way, my teacher took me aside and put me in time out.

Lucky! I got a bar of soap.

And I was even punished on the last day of school one year for wearing shorts when I mistakenly thought it was permitted. I had to sit in the office all day and wasn’t allowed to go back to class until my mom could come pick me up — all because I wasn’t wearing a skirt.

I was a kid, too, Barbie. Kids always try to bend the rules on the last day of class.

In the year 2016, I don’t think anyone should have a problem with young women wearing pants.

That’s not your decision to make for all humanity. Some of us want to have standards. That’s what this lawsuit is about: forcing people who DO have standards to give them up.

There are so many professional women — businesswomen, doctors, and world leaders — who wear pants every day. If I had the choice, I would wear pants or shorts to school every day. Some of my classmates would probably still want to wear skirts — but that should be their decision, not the school’s. Either way, we should have a choice.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. That’s the ACLU endgame.

I hope that by challenging my school’s policy, I can help other girls who want to go to school without being stereotyped or who just want to play outside or sit in class without feeling uncomfortable.

I’ve seen better tear-jerker scenes on the Syfy Channel, if that even still exists. This lawsuit has nothing to do with girls wanting to live free and everything to do with envy of men… even though the “plaintiffs” weren’t even old enough to be sexually aware.


7 thoughts on “Uniform Skirts Now Illegal

  1. Charter schools really are just “less awful” publik skoolz. They’re run by local governments, are funded with stolen taxpayer dollars, and are staffed and attended by an only slightly less brainless and collectivist drones than GenPop, er, public schools. If they aren’t doing so already, they’ll soon be belching out the same Marxist/SJW pap as the regular day prisons. Their sole purpose is to gull lazy, naive parents into thinking that they can actually educate their kids on a subsidized dime without sacrificing anything.


  2. Personally, I hate wearing skirts.

    I PERSONALLY hate paying for the education, abortions, health care, ebt, etc. of you wimminz.

    That’s more UN-CONSTITUTIONAL than a skirt ever was .. Show me the SOCIAL CONTRACT I didn’t sign!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. ‘Even though it’s old-fashioned, unfair, and downright uncomfortable…’

    Yeah until it’s like 90 degrees and for man your only option is pants but women can wear a dress and have it much cooler.


  4. ‘I PERSONALLY hate paying for the education, abortions, health care, ebt, etc. of you wimminz.’

    Hey don’t you know wimminz are strong and independent as long as men are paying the bill.


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