San Bernadino Deputy Is Strong & Independent

A Friday night quickie on San Bernadino County Deputy Meagan Forsberg, who is alive today thanks to moxie and bad aim… mostly bad aim… after losing a fight to a Dindu. Behold how effective our police forces are now that they’re diverse enough to not all be hulking white male knuckle-draggers!

Donut Operator’s analysis is spot on; I can only add that she “assumed the position” as the Dindu overpowered her. But you know me, I like to dig a little deeper.

Victorville deputy uses her social media influence to surprise boy with autism

Victorville deputy uses her social media influence to surprise boy with autism

11 April 2019

Deputy Forsberg from the Victorville Station went above her call of duty for a young boy with autism. (Victorville PD)

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( — When Victorville Deputy Meagan Forsberg received a request for a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s patch, she happily obliged and then some.

14-year old Kenny, who lives in New Jersey, has a love for Law Enforcement and Military.

“Although his Autism may keep him from pursuing them as a career, it doesn’t keep him from volunteering at his local Police Department and collecting memorabilia,” stated Victorville sheriff’s spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez.

Now, thanks to Deputy Forsberg and hundreds of others, Kenny will soon have over 275 new patches to add to his collection.

In an email, Kenneth’s father told Forsberg his son loves sharing his collection and enjoys telling the story behind each patch, Letter from a Chief and ball cap that is sent.

“When he receives a letter or a package Kenny lights up with joy and excitement, the emotional expression he has is incredible,” stated Kenneth Laufer Sr.

Forsberg put out a call or an “all points bulletin” on her Instagram account and before she knew it she was receiving multiple patches and collectibles from all over the world for Kenny.

“Well I decided since I have a large following on social media I would reach out to my followers. Long story short, I’ve received hundreds of matches from federal, state and local agencies from overseas and west to east coast!,” Forsberg told Victor Valley News.

Who sent Deputy Charity on a domestic disturbance call? That’s REAL police work, not running a photo op for an autistic collector in New Jersey.

Five months after that photo op, she got her ass kicked by a midget.

Deputy Sheriff Meagan Forsberg and the suspect Ari Young, age 21,. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, Victor Valley News Group)

I couldn’t find a mugshot but yep, full Dindu there. He’ll live, sadly. reports he’s age 21, 5’3″ and 90 pounds. My punching bag is bigger!

Wimmin gonna wammin.



3 thoughts on “San Bernadino Deputy Is Strong & Independent

  1. She’s very fortunate.

    Most disarms end badly .. I hope she gets some training on weapon retention before she returns to duty. If she returns to duty ..

    Frankly, a review board should find her incompetent and remove her from duty.


  2. A woman who likes protective and helpful institutions, cares about the disabled, is pretty with big fun bags, and has wide birthing hips. Gosh, too bad there isn’t a safer more effective outlet for her abilities and body, one that would be lauded by an institution. The church is so busy applauding her, thinking themselves more relevant by giving her encouragement, that they don’t recognize that they are becoming saltless, impotent and less relevant.
    What you posted should be posted by pastors and part of a few sermons this weekend but pastors are unable to get to step 1 and don’t think anything is wrong with career women, let alone a woman cop.
    Maybe a pastor will see this blog and have his eyes opened.

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  3. I’ll bet her feeeeeeeeeeeeeewings got sewiouswy hurt in that encounter, too.

    Next up will probably be some kind of public speaking tour –on department time and at taxpayer expense, of course– in which she expounds on the fact that what happened to her constitutes Violence Against Women[TM], even though she’s supposed to be a SIW who needs no such protection. I guess this incident represents another example of “look how fast she became a just a defenseless little girl again.”


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