Livin’ That Irrelevant Life!

A couple priests of the Cult of Nice tried very hard to find out why the laity act as though God is irrelevant, and embarrass themselves in a most spectacular fashion! Practical Atheists: Living as if God Is Irrelevant John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris John Stonestreet. More guarded on the left side than … Continue reading Livin’ That Irrelevant Life!

Turning Point: the Iowa Hog Farm Murder

A comment on Dalrock's by Warthog turned me on to the in-progress Iowa Hog Farm Murder Trial. Men are finally beginning to respond rationally, if not morally, to the atrocities of the frivorce-industrial complex. An Affair, Then Murder on an Iowa Hog Farm By Kate Seamons, 19 September 2019 On Nov. 10 of … Continue reading Turning Point: the Iowa Hog Farm Murder

The 1619 Project Says Yo Mama To Phillip Magness

A historian raising questions about the New York Times' 1619 Project got his answers in the form of a Yo Mama joke from a lead researcher. How Twitter is Corrupting the History Profession By Phillip W. Magness, 29 August 2019 He blamed Twitter instead of the researcher, NY Times or other guilty party, so … Continue reading The 1619 Project Says Yo Mama To Phillip Magness

Abolish God By Abolishing Prison

The California government is getting scary. They're outlawing entire industries and all forms of punishment. This coming Op-Ed I found is a fascinating, hamster-based insight into the connections between care-based morality, totalitarian socialism, hatred of God and Daddy Issues. Op-Ed: A Christian Case for Prison Abolition By Catharine Grainge, 5 September 2019 Editor’s Note: … Continue reading Abolish God By Abolishing Prison

Tom Giovanetti: The Would-Be Italian Job

Building on a previous post comment that teaching women to wield weapons is a Cuckservative behavior, I found this Op-Ed that explains how "that's ironic" became a Generation X neologism: because all of our leaders kept doubling down on the very behaviors that were causing social collapse, in the name of preventing social collapse. Then … Continue reading Tom Giovanetti: The Would-Be Italian Job