She Didn’t Betray Antifa

This is an account I came across which helps explain my respect for Police Lieutenant Jeff Niiya. I split it off from the previous post for brevity’s sake. Also, because this is more an illustration of how damaged Antifa types are as human beings than a conspiracy to get a good white cop fired.

What It’s Like to Betray Antifa to the Cops—and Get Caught

Tan became an informant for the Portland police, then was completely ostracized by a community.

By Katie Shepherd, 26 December 2017

In 24 hours, Tan lost every friend made during 11 months of protesting on Portland’s streets.

An exuberant 20-year-old with short, dyed-blue hair, Tan, whose legal name is June Davies…

Daddy issues detected.

…and who identifies as gender non-binary, felt a magnetic pull to the left-wing protests in Portland that followed Donald Trump’s election.

A sexually damaged fugly sought her own level, like water. But y’know, she’s actually rocking the Biker Chick look. Maybe it’s her puppy.

Two days after the 2016 election, Tan, a manager at Baja Fresh in Lake Oswego, marched in the head-to-toe black uniform of antifascist protesters, better known as Antifa. It was Tan’s first protest.

“When I saw that Trump just got elected,” Tan recalls, “I was saying this is going to be a police state, there’s going to be violence against people of color, there are going to be mass deportations.”

Tan soon started working in the medic tents at Portland protests, bandaging cuts, washing pepper spray from protesters’ eyes and treating minor burns from fireworks thrown at police.

Tan also became a police informant.

In June, Tan met Portland police Sgt. Jeff Niiya at a small protest. Niiya frequently patrols protests. They started chatting, and Niiya gave Tan his business card.

Niiya was a police sergeant who didn’t hide behind a desk.

He seems camera-shy and I can respect that. No pic.

It took only a day for Tan to become an informant. Tan texted Niiya—and began sharing details of Antifa’s marching routes during protests. For Tan, it made sense to work with police, to make sure Antifa medics weren’t arrested, swept up in kettles or moved by officers. At the same time, Tan never told other protesters about the conversations with Niiya.

On Oct. 18, Tan’s double identity was exposed.

One of Tan’s friends found four months of texts between Tan and the cops. The friend took screen shots—which were plastered across Facebook alongside warnings to stay away from the police informant.

Friends don’t denounce friends for the sake of the Narrative. I’ve read many accounts of Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and such attacking you but not one account of them attacking their own.

It became, within the Antifa community in Portland, a scandal. And while the contents of the text messages didn’t reveal any closely held secrets of Antifa, the act of reaching out to police was viewed by many as traitorous to the cause. Tan watched onetime leftist comrades close ranks. Rose City Antifa called Tan an “infiltrator.” No one would return Tan’s calls or texts. Tan received death threats on social media and was frightened enough to stay at home for weeks.

This time, I believe the female.

While Tan endured criticism, many Antifa organizers claimed Tan’s mental health made Tan vulnerable to manipulation by the police, and implied Niiya had flirted with Tan to entice the would-be informant to share information.

Tan says those allegations are false—and insulting.

“I knew what I was doing,” Tan says, expressing some bitterness at fellow protesters. “It was probably naive of me to think that I could change people’s mindsets. I saw the Portland police actually try. I never saw Antifa try.”

Tan broke the first rule of activism and street life: Don’t snitch.

No, she didn’t. She coordinated with police so they’d know she was medical services not a rioter. And this is the thanks she gets? Kewl. I hope Antifa chases away ALL their medical support staff in paranoia that they’re snitches.

Snitching about… what? The locations of their public demonstrations? Or the identities of who they heal?

Tan talked with WW about what it’s like to be completely ostracized by a community.

WW: Why did you join antifascist protesters?

Tan: Election night happened, and then that next night [protesters] started going out. They claimed the highway. I saw it on the news and thought, “That’s pretty intense.” I went out the second night, Nov. 9, by myself.

There were so many people there. I think they said 5,000 people were there, but it felt like so many more. I was exhilarated—and then the police showed up.

I realized that people were willing to get hurt because this was something they never wanted to happen and they were willing to risk their lives to have it end. I was there until [tear] gas was flowing. I knew the next day I was going to go back.

Why did you start talking with a police officer?

I saw what everybody else was doing, basically being enemies with the Portland police. And I thought, “This isn’t working at all.”

I admired [Sgt. Niiya] because he was another person like myself who was doing a job that isn’t super-common—there’s not a lot of Asian cops. I admired him for it.

But the thing is, [the cops] are so unapproachable. For whatever reason, [Portland Mayor] Ted Wheeler doesn’t get that if you show up with a bunch of riot cops at these events that you’re going to expect people to get violent. They look like soldiers or weird robots only meant to follow orders, because they don’t really talk.

Yep, nothing makes people violent as much as the certainty of harsh punishment for violence. Every time I got to this one bar and encounter this huge, nasty bouncer with an attitude, I’m forced to punch him in the face because I feel scared, like a victim. That wouldn’t happen if the bar got rid of him. /sarc

Seriously, these losers have a psychic compulsion to get beaten. It’s a cry for help. They can’t stop themselves from doing evil so they seek out people who CAN stop them. No joke, this is something predicted by Christianity. We have consciences and when we flagrantly disobey them, that inner voice… if it isn’t dead… tells us that justice demands we get spanked.

While gratitude for hippie-beatings is typically lacking, I wonder if these riot cops ever get anonymous thank-you notes from Antifa types whose consciences feel better after a well-deserved caning. Eh, probably not. But it’s why they repeatedly fling themselves at visibly armed authority figures.

You knew Antifa was against talking to the cops. Why betray the rules?

I watched my friends do May Day, and I thought what they were doing wasn’t 100 percent acceptable. They were just doing stuff to break stuff and wreck stuff.
It’s only certain people, hardcore anarchists, who have totally negative opinions toward the police and government. I’m more willing to try to find a way that’s not always so aggressive.

There’s no peace between police and protesters. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a peace. But I was trying to make it just a little bit easier so that the police would ease up on their tactics and then also see Antifa ease up on their tactics as well.

Fence-sitting is never a comfortable position.

If you thought you were doing a good thing, why keep it a secret from your fellow activists?

I knew they had their superstitions about the cops. I knew if they found out, it would end up exactly how it did.

No, Tan. They had reasons for hating cops… and thus, reasons to fear you talking to the cops.

What do you think about the reaction your talking to police evoked in Antifa?

Let’s play devil’s advocate: Maybe I did deserve not to be part of activism anymore because I did talk to police officers.


But I thought I was doing something that could benefit everybody. I never had any thought that I was doing this just because I want to be chummy with the police. I was naive, which is hard to admit because it’s really hard to admit when you’re wrong about something.

You say the allegations that Sgt. Niiya took advantage of you because of your youth and mental health are simply false.

This sounds like a fairy tale. They think I was taken advantage of for my disability. But he didn’t even know!

I’ve had depression since I was a kid. I’ve had anxiety since I was in seventh grade. [But] I think those allegations victimize me. I’m not a victim.

Always claiming victimho… WTF?

It sounds exactly like the slander that they’ve done over and over and over again. An accusation comes out of nowhere and picks up steam and takes everybody on this whirlwind around town. It makes everybody more paranoid and more anxious. I mean, activists are anxious, paranoid people.

Alcoholics call that a moment of clarity. Sadly, it didn’t last.

What was it like for you to be exposed?

It was awful. I woke up and half of my friends were just gone. Everybody was talking about me. I got threats, I got told that I had to leave the city. It wasn’t exactly explicit, but it was implied that bad things would happen to me if I showed up at certain places.

I didn’t leave my house for like a month. I was afraid. The night that everything happened and the next morning, I was suicidal. I’ve had mental problems for a while, but I haven’t had suicidal thoughts that strong since I was 16.

Daddy issues confirmed.

How did your banishment change your views on Antifa?

I still have the same views as them. I hate the government. I hate how our society is run. It’s not that I don’t have the same views as them. It’s just that I’m not as aggressive. I’m an anarcho-pacifist. I’m like a diplomat.

Is Antifa a force for good?

They like to think so. And honestly, I’m not sure.

I would say they’re more leaning toward the interests of themselves rather than the interests of the whole Portland community. I only see in-fighting and negativity and trying to tear people down that they don’t like.

Tan, you aren’t sure if the people who, by your own admission, drove you to the brink of suicide with slanderous accusations and repeatedly threatened to murder you, are Evil? You must be female. And no, that was NOT assuming your gender. That was deducing your gender. Because men aren’t women.

What will you do now that you can’t go back to the Portland protest scene?

If I ever do activism again, maybe I’ll go to Berkeley. I have been thinking about trying to go down there and see what the activism is like there, because that’s where all the activism started pretty much. Or even Seattle—and Seattle is not that far away from here.

Facepalm – Kill the Hydra

If we don’t find Tan’s corpse in a cheap motel in a couple years, it’ll only be because there aren’t any cheap motels left in Berkeley.

But Jeff tried to prevent that from happening, according to this (supposedly damning) communication:

In other emails, Niiya expressed concerns about the safety of a left-wing protester, June Davies, who was outed by other activists for sharing information with Niiya. Some accused Davies, known as “Gia,’’ of being an informant for the police.

Their text exchanges spanned months, often discussing police presence at protests, how activists might respond and Davies inquiring if certain people had been arrested during marches, with Niiya providing what information he could.

In October 2017, police received an email from “,’’ which said, “RCA and PNWAFWC are aware you have had conversations with Tan/June they are likely to socially, economically or physically hurt her in retaliation. Would Portland Police like to know who are the top people of Rose City Antifa and Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective? What could Portland Police do with that kind of information? It is the leadership that calls shots and often sits back from the frontlines making decisions and telling younger activists who you arrest what to do and getting them into trouble they might not have done on their own and without the peer pressure.’’

So that’s what Antifa was frightened about. They were frightened their upper leadership had been outed, as if Police Chief D. Outlaw coming in by way of Oakland isn’t sufficient proof that the leadership of Pozzed governments cooperate extensively and can’t meme. Evil is always terrified of entryism because that’s been their favorite technique since the snake walked into Eden. Hence the Left’s endless loyalty tests, conducted by people who gained power through malicious disloyalty. It would be funny if it wasn’t literally Hellish.

My analysis: some of the people that paramedic Tan treated were the professional organizers, dare I say conspirators, overseeing the criminal activities of Antifa’s disposable goons. They were afraid Tan had recognized them and given their names to non-Pozzed law enforcement. Specifically, Jeff Niiya.

And he was first on the attack list when, per my previous post, Portland City Council declared war against Antifa’s enemies.

In response, Niiya wrote:

From: Niiya, Jeffrey

Subject: RE: Tan/June


Sent: October 21, 2017 5:58 PM

I apologize for taking so long to respond back as I have been trying to process what has occurred. I am very concerned for June’s welfare after learning some in the community have taken offense to our communications. I hope people can see in the messages she tried helping those protesting be safe by making requests of us and gathering information from me as well.

My role as a liaison to multiple people and groups has the intentions to allow people to have their first amendment rights while be considerate of everyone’s safety.

In response to your questions, we are always interested if individuals are committing crimes, asking others to commit crimes, or placing people’s safety into question. In the case of June, if she is in danger because someone has asked others to harm her we would like to know this and understand why.

If you have any information on June’s well-being I would like to know she is ok. I would hate to see someone get hurt or self-harm over some protests or these political issues.

This clearly proved that Jeff was more interested in helping ultra-hardline-extremist-white organizations than in helping Antifa plug a leak.

The correspondences released [recently] also revealed that Niiya fielded emails from different interest groups, including a business owner getting harassed online because she asked for more police presence in Northwest Portland to a rabbi offering police ways to help “change the narrative of police collusion’’ with white nationalist groups.

He colluded with business owners and presumably rejected “advice” from an Elite Jew. Horrifying!

Shared among police working on crowd control was a redacted “ANTIFA Tactics’’ memo, from the San Francisco Fusion Center and sent to Portland police by the Oregon Department of Justice. Police also distributed an advisory bulletin from the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center titled “Violent Tactics Showcased at Berkeley Riots Likely To Be Used at Future Demonstrations.’’

How dare Niiya make preparations to fight Antifa!

There are two takeaways here. One, our mundane enemies are ruined, dangerously unstable people. We cannot coexist any more than a mugger can coexist with his victims. And two, this war isn’t one of geography or genetic identity. It’s one of beliefs. There are saints in the darkest holes and sinners in the fanciest cathedrals. Even in a place as sucky-Leftoid as Portland, PPB’s Jeff Niiya is trying to hold it together.

Don’t write off cities or regions to Evil in the mistaken belief that “it’s what the people there want” or “if we draw the line again then they won’t dare to cross it”. They cannot stop attacking you. They will only ever regroup and attack again, hoping endlessly to provoke from you the punishment their damaged consciences demand.


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