Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived

My 500th post! For something special, there’s a police lieutenant in Portland who is not only doing his thankless job of policing protests, he’s sicced the police union on the mayor and his castrati Narrative chorus for slandering him for doing his job well. Give ’em Hell, Jeff!

Here’s an archive of the texts for the interested.

Click to access text-messages-released-part-1.pdf

Click to access text-messages-released-part-2.pdf

Texts Between Portland Police and Patriot Prayer Ringleader Joey Gibson Show Warm Exchange


By Katie Shepherd, 14 February 2019

The texts show that Lt. Jeff Niiya had a friendly rapport with far-right organizer Joey Gibson.

This subtitle warns us right away that this is a hard-left newsrag. Not that Portland has a hard-right newsrag to offer, and not that hard-lefties aren’t incredibly entertaining once you put The Glasses on.

Hundreds of texts between Portland police and right-wing organizer Joey Gibson reveal the extent to which law enforcement officers talked to and even coordinated with right-wing activists in order to police protests in 2017 and 2018.

The texts, obtained by WW through a public records request, show that Portland Police Lt. Jeff Niiya had a friendly rapport with Gibson, frequently discussing Gibson’s plans to demonstrate in Portland and even joking at times.

Gibson’s events, occurring regularly in the Pacific Northwest since President Donald Trump’s election…

Trump Derangement Syndrome. Maybe it really is in the groundwater.

…have alarmed and enraged Portlanders—even prompting the mayor to propose new rules restricting protests. That’s because the rallies have attracted white supremacists and other extremists, and are often thinly veiled pretexts for Gibson’s group, the Vancouver-Wash-based Patriot Prayer, to wage violent street fights with masked antifascists.

These rallies attract white supremacists, white nationalists, white extremists, white race-baiters, white fascists, white men, white gourmet chefs and white spaces. If you sense a trend then you’re RAYYCISS! Unless you don’t like whites, of course.

I’m undecided whether Patriot Prayer is a legit organization, controlled opposition or Joey’s Fan Club. My normal standard, check if my enemies hate them, has been mooted by the fact that my enemies are no longer tethered to reality. I increasingly sense they’re trying to silence us only as a proxy for silencing the voices in their echoing skulls.

Niiya is the commanding officer for the Portland Police Bureau rapid response team that patrols protests. That makes him one of the primary officers collecting intelligence about protest groups in Portland.

He’s the top riot cop for Portland! A thankless job if there ever was one.

Niiya and the Portland Police Bureau have good reason to collect intelligence from right-wing organizers. Yet some of Niiya’s texts raise questions about whether Portland Police help Patriot Prayer supporters to evade arrest during events.

Several texts involve Gibson’s longtime adjunct, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, who often brawls with antifascist protesters, has allegedly assaulted people who were not protesting, and has been arrested multiple times in Portland.

I’m not sure about the”multiple times”. Arrested isn’t charged, you see. Per

htt ps://heavy.com/news/2018/08/tusitala-tiny-toese/

…the only filed charge I know of is fourth degree assault against Portland native Tim Ledwith, who “was not protesting” yet cursed Tiny while the latter was cheering while driving past… affiliated at the time with Proud Boys not Patriot Prayer. His fellow passenger, Donovon Flippo, already pled guilty to 4th assault and got eight days, adequate punishment methinks. A brief segue on accuser Mr. Ledwith is worth our time:


Every now and then, Tim Ledwith gets what he calls “the skitch.”

“It’s like a sketchy itch,” says the 34-year-old comic. “I would go down 82nd, I’d pick up some crack, or let somebody get into my car.”

Even dressed in a simple sweatshirt and jeans, the Boston-area native is the kind of guy strangers on the street are convinced they recognize from prison.

Stereotypes exist for a reason.

He seems to wear chaos like an undershirt. Though he’s physically small—a stocky 5-foot-6 Irish Italian with soft features and innocent eyes—Ledwith’s presence onstage is near-intimidating in its unpredictability.

After jostling against the bar stool on the stage at a recent Helium open mic, Ledwith touched it gently. “I’m not going to fuck this stool!” he yelled suddenly, scaring a woman into moving her seat away from the stage. He then confessed to the audience that his idea of sex was formed by the 3D Pipes screen saver on Windows 95. He moved his arm, snakelike, to demonstrate.

Ledwith moved to Portland in 2009, happy to escape the violence of his hometown. “No one in Portland ever stabbed me for having eyes,” he says. “That’s how Boston is. You’re scared people are out to harm you. You don’t look in their eyes.”

He came to humor, he says, almost as a reflex—forced to come to grips far too early with the darkness in the world as a survivor of childhood sexual trauma.

“I make people laugh in jail. I make people laugh in shitty jobs, in drug deals—but that’s a necessity,” he says, not only as a means of warding off violence but of dealing with trauma. “I was trying to make sense of it all by the time I was 10.”

Ledwith describes the life that followed his abuse as “criminal,” saying he did so many drugs they “damaged my brain.” He was sent to juvenile hall at the age of 13 for the premeditated attempted murder of a bully.

“I was having problems with this kid. He was like 6 feet tall, I was tiny,” he says. “Yeah, I brought a ratchet to school and split his head open. I guess it was premeditated, but I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

Lack of remorse.

In juvie, he was constantly terrified, carrying a tattered Howard Zinn book around as a totem—and when he returned to the outside world, he fell into a life as a teenage sex worker. Once, he says, he unsuccessfully tried to extort money from a Plymouth city official who’d found him in an AOL chatroom.

The town I grew up in is so fucked,” he says. “They probably had the same number of child molesters as any town. But they all happened to be in the leadership of the town.

Laughter was a survival mechanism, enough of a constant that his friends pushed him toward comedy for years before he finally took the stage six years ago in Portland. In the beginning, his material dove headlong into the darkest parts of his past.

Ledwith is neither emotionally stable nor a nonparticipant in Leftoid politics. He is also a textbook example of why child molesters must be put to death swiftly, violently and publicly.

Like I mentioned above, his lashing out at “Tiny” Toese sound more like an attack on his personal demons than self-defense against a provoked aggressor. Too bad for Tiny that he was the recipient of that projection. Too bad for Ledwith that Tiny has the typical physique of an American Samoan.

End segue.

On Dec. 8, 2017, Niiya asks Gibson if Toese had “his court stuff taken care of,” referring to an active warrant for Toese’s arrest. Niiya goes on to say officers ignored the warrant at a past protest and tells Gibson that he doesn’t see a need to arrest Toese even if he has a warrant, unless Toese commits a new crime.

Oh noes! “Bring your violent friend, we promise we won’t arrest him.” That’s serious misconduct coming from a cop!

“Just make sure he doesn’t do anything which may draw our attention,” Niiya texted on Dec. 9. “If he still has the warrant in the system (I don’t run you guys so I don’t personally know) the officers could arrest him. I don’t see a need to arrest on the warrant unless there is a reason.”

Wait, that’s not at all the same thing. “If we find him and he’s wanted, then we can arrest him… if we aren’t too busy suppressing a riot.”

A spokeswoman for the Police Bureau says it is not unusual for officers to suggest people turn themselves in to avoid being arrested on a warrant.

“It is not uncommon for officers to provide guidance for someone to turn themselves in on a warrant if the subject is not present,” says Lt. Tina Jones. “In crowd management situations, it may not be safe or prudent to arrest a person right at that time, so the arrest may be delayed or followed up on later. There is no way of knowing how often this happens, as it is not something we track.”

WW asked Gibson for comment on his relationship with Niiya and the texts. His response was brief: “Sweet,” he texted.

He did not apologize. Sweet! I still don’t know if Joey’s on my team but I like his style.

The texts also show that Niiya at times told Gibson where leftist protests were taking place, including unrelated protests as well as antifascist marches with people in black bloc intent on protesting Patriot Prayer. At least once, Niiya told Gibson that Portland police were not monitoring a protest hosted by the Queer Liberation Front in an attempt to dissuade Gibson’s right-wing group from showing up.

Which possibility is more likely?

1. “We can’t guarantee your safety if you go to this because we won’t have any officers there. Maybe you should stay away.”

2. “Psst, if you really wanna jack up some fags then be at the intersection of Main and Elm Street on Saturday for the secret QLF pride protest that they’ve been advertising.”

SJWs always project. If they’re this paranoid about the police colluding with anti-anti-fascists then it’s because of jealousy. “Our turf is assholes in uniforms and assholes in bath houses. Stay off our turf!”

Portland police officers attempt to reach out to all groups the bureau knows plan to demonstrate in Portland.

It’s unclear whether Niiya and PPB were also communicating with antifascist organizers, though Portland Police officials have said the bureau struggles to get information from some leftist protest groups. A story by WW in 2017 showed Niiya had texted extensively with at least one antifa protester.

Antifa doesn’t volunteer information to authority figures?

Portland Police have taken criticism from left-leaning activists for appearing to favor right-wing protesters in the past. Drafts of an Independent Police Review analysis of police actions at a June 4, 2017 protest noted that at least one officer viewed the right-wing protesters affiliated with Gibson’s Vancouver, Wash. group, Patriot Prayer, as “much more mainstream” than left-wing antifascist groups.

Thus proving that in Commieland, the only crime is truth.

Gibson and Niiya discussed those Antifa activists in their written exchanges.

In one exchange, it appears that Niiya and Gibson were discussing reporting by The Oregonian. They both mention organizer Luis Enrique Marquez, who has been a target of the far-right activists and has been arrested several times in Portland at protests.

“Wow, when will others realize Luis is […] involved in so much,” Niiya texted on Jan. 2, 2018, in response to Gibson complaining about the activist.

“I am going to screen shot our conversations and send it to Oregonian now,” Gibson replies.

Niiya texts back: “Wonder if they will pick it up. They didn’t even mention Luis in the story about June (Gia) and I even though he again was the one putting it out on FB.”

“He’s a bad dude,” Gibson texts. “He threw Gia under the bus while at the same time claiming PPD is taking advantage of minorities. Every single problem we run into it goes back to him.”

(June Davies, who has also gone by the names Gia and Tan, is a former antifascist protester and street medic who was run out of leftist organizing groups after their texts with Niiya became public. Both The Oregonian and WW covered the fallout from the leaked messages.)

“Covered the fallout?” More like “pointed and shrieked”. In my next post!

Gibson also told Niiya over text that he was planning to run for U.S. Congress in January 2018, before he formally announced his campaign. He said he would intentionally “use” protesters in Portland and Seattle to promote his run for office. From the outset, Gibson doubted his chances to win the election.

“The hate against me will multiply because I am running for office, so when I come into Portland and Seattle the energy will be high,” Gibson wrote. “I know it’s a pain in the ass for you guys, but I will do the best I can to work with you.”

Niiya responded: “Your [sic] running for office?!! Good for you. County level?”

“Running for US senate,” Gibson said. “Will take a miracle for me to win but people are backing me so we will see what happens. I will be using Portland and Seattle protesters as a part of the campaign so it will impact you guys unfortunately, so I appologize [sic] now ahead of time.”

If this is Joey’s idea of an election campaign then I approve. I’m sick of the current crop of Made-In-China plastic politicians that melt or break whenever they’re exposed to a little heat & pressure. Perhaps my dead grandfather will vote for him. Repeatedly.

So, a cop is outed for doing his job. What’s the big deal?

Wheeler calls for investigation into texts between Portland police and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson


By KGW Staff, AP, 14 February 2019

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said a Willamette Week report detailing friendly text messages between the commander of the police rapid response team and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson is “disturbing.”

Wheeler said he has directed Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw to conduct a thorough investigation.

What the hell? Is that her porn name?

Awesome! The most visually unfit police chief EVER! An entitled black woman-turned-trannie with a nonregulation Skrillex-bun crossover hairdo and her radio stuffed into her cleavage, with a name tag proudly reading “Outlaw”. You go, girl! You go keep Portland weird.

Live Civil - by Karen Civil

This was Police Chief Outlaw–snicker, her name tag reads D. Outlaw–back in her Oakland, CA PD days. Why is that not a surprise? No wonder Lt. Niiya would rather pull riot duty than share an office building with her.

Willamette Week obtained the text messages between Lt. Jeff Niiya and Gibson, whose right-wing group has been involved in several violent clashes in Portland with left-wing anti-fascists since President Donald Trump was elected. The texts show Niiya had a friendly rapport with Gibson, frequently discussing Gibson’s plans to demonstrate.

“It is imperative for law enforcement to remain objective and professional, and in my opinion, these text messages appear to cross several boundaries,” Wheeler said in a statement on Thursday.

“Moreover, the texts appear to unnecessarily encourage Joey Gibson, the leader of a group that perpetrates hate speech and violence,” Wheeler said.

I interrupt for one quick quote of the released texts.

From: 9718063043 <Jeffrey.Niiya@portlandoregon.gov>
Sent: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 18:39:49 +0000
To: 3606353081 <3606353081@verizon>
Subject: ExA Message|Thread ID 2796558233
Joey it’s Jeff Niiya from PPB. I was just told by Brian from Oath Keepers you
are not going to march. Is this correct? If so, man I we really appreciate
June 01, 2017 06:39 PM (UTC)

Boldface mine. Such encouragement of hate speech and violence!

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said Willamette Week’s reporting confirms some Portland police work in collusion with right-wing extremists. Hardesty asked for an independent investigation led by an investigator chosen by community groups.

Why do only Marxist Leftoids get to have witch hunts? We’re the ones who have actual witches to hunt!

JoAnn Hardesty.jpg

Jo Ann is also black. I thought Portland was a white city? How is it that its leaders no longer resemble its people? Are the people that stupid… or the voting that rigged?

FWIW, she’s ex-Navy.

Portland police were accused at a protest last August of being heavy-handed against people, injuring some, who were protesting a rally of extreme-right demonstrators organized by Gibson.

Community members have long expressed concerns about police bias during demonstrations. Incidents like this contribute to the distrust that so many people have about the Portland Police Bureau,” Wheeler said of the text messages.

I twitch at any mention of community organizers. Every last one is a disciple of Saul Alinsky.

Late Thursday night, Portland police released the following statement:

“The Portland Police Bureau has strong organizational values that encompass integrity and accountability. We have also pledged transparency to our community,” said Chief Danielle Outlaw. “I have directed an internal investigation to review the context of these communications and determine if any Bureau directives were violated. If anything is identified that is deemed outside of our values and directives, it will be addressed.”

Cuck-mayor and his tame quislings want to ruin Niiya for coordinating between opposing protestors in order to maintain law & order. Fortunately, Niiya did not apologize and has allies of his own.

Portland Commanding Officers Union Files Complaint Against Mayor, Commissioners


The union representing commanding officers at the Portland Police Bureau has filed a complaint with the city’s human resources officer against city commissioners following public comments they’d made about Portland Police Bureau Lt. Jeff Niiya.

The Portland Police Commanding Officers Association (PPCOA) alleges Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Chloe Eudaly made public statements that violate a city administrative rule prohibiting workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

YES! YES! Swing for the fence, brother! Hoist the wicked upon their own petards! Although I’m worried that this didn’t turn into an actual lawsuit. He totally has a case.

Can Chloe Eudaly Sneak Into the Runoff Against Steve Novick? - Willamette Week

I expected Chloe to be a third negress but found a Trigglypuff instead. A full-size chain around her neck? Chloe must be kinky off duty. Goth, if I was a betting man. Nothing hides the fatness like wearing black in a dark room at 2am on a moonless night.

In an email to Serilda Summers-McGee, Lt. Craig Morgan with PPCOA said the union believes all three commissioners’ comments “were derogatory and hostile and damaged Lieutenant Niiya’s professional work environment.”

My faith in public service unions just went up a notch! That hasn’t happened since Charles Starks in Little Rock.

Last week, Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury broke news of text messages between Niiya and Joey Gibson, the leader of the group Patriot Prayer. The text messages added to an existing sense among some Portland activists that Portland police are more sympathetic to far-right groups such as Patriot Prayer than left-wing groups like Antifa.

Maybe the cops would like you more if you didn’t hate, fear and lie about them?

Gibson is the organizer of rallies that have brought white supremacists to Portland. Those rallies often end in violence between opposing groups.

Wheeler, Eudaly and Hardesty have all called for an independent investigation into the messages. Wheeler has said he is disturbed by the text messages which appear to “unnecessarily encourage” Gibson. The three have also said the bureau should implement training on identifying white supremacy.

“Mayor Ted Wheeler’s statement about our communications with Patriot Prayer organizers is either disingenuous or shows willful ignorance of the situation,” Lt. Craig Morgan said in a release about the filed complaint. “Either way it shows that during his two years as Portland Police Commissioner he has failed to develop an understanding of even basic police work.”

In a press conference, Wheeler defended his statements about Niiya as appropriate, given the content of the text messages published last week.

“On the whole, I’ve had — I believe — a very positive and a professional relationship with not only the leadership in the police bureau but the rank and file,” Wheeler said. “Are we going to disagree from time to time? Sure we are. This is obviously one of those times.”

Fucker, you didn’t DISAGREE with Niiya. You DEMANDED AN INVESTIGATION into Niiya in response to an SJW point-and-shriek. No way is your reputation among the rank and file as “very positive” as you believe.

PPCOA is also preparing to file a grievance against the city for allegedly violating the city’s labor agreement with the union, which says that if the city has reason to reprimand or discipline a commanding officer, “it shall be done in a manner that is least likely to embarrass the commanding officer before other employees or the public.”

Getting that in the union contract was a stroke of farsighted genius. No wonder Mayor “Wheeler” is already living up to his name.

The union previously said it was disappointed in what it called Wheeler and Hardesty’s rush to judgment against Niiya. PPCOA has said Niiya was acting under direction from his managers, who told him to establish relationships with people who regularly plan demonstrations in Portland.

The union said Niiya’s communications with Gibson were within the bureau’s policy.

A note on the timing. Portland’s current city commissioners were sworn in in January 2019. Wheeler’s call for persecution of Jeff Niiya was reported on 14 February 2019. Additionally, on 13 February 2019 Portland ended its participation in the Joint FBI Terrorism Task Force on grounds that Portland radicals were being unfairly represented in the anti-terrorist investigations:


And on 8 February 2019,


The Portland City Council passed a resolution Thursday that condemns white supremacists and alt-right hate groups.

The hearing started with testimony from a senior policy advisor to Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Nicole Grant spoke about how the resolution came to be and her own experiences with prejudice and hate as a black woman in Portland.

“Being pro-white is evil because I’m proud to be black and feel I have no place in this predominately white yet black-led city,” said the senior policy advisor to the mayor.

Grant said the resolution speaks to the need for a cultural shift in Portland so white supremacists will no longer view the city as their playground and hurl threats at its residents and mayor.

A declaration of war.

Bobbin Singh, director of the Oregon Justice Resource Center, presented a list of actions for the city to take. The most significant action was trainings on white supremacy for city employees, elected officials, law enforcement and mayors from across the Pacific Northwest.

Following the passage of the resolution, CAIR Oregon, Western States Center and Oregon Justice Resource held a press conference at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, affirming their commitment to work with the city to implement change.

The blacks, Muslims, Communists and Jews celebrated their declaration against white Americans. Could the optics possibly have been worse?

Commissioner Chole Eudaly addressed the elephant in the room, a controversial item commissioners passed the day before — against Hardesty’s objection — to approve a settlement with a police officer who made a racist remark about killing black people.

“I want to take a moment to talk about white silence,” Eudaly said. “I want to give a lot of white people the benefit of the doubt. They don’t want to misspeak, they don’t want to speak on behalf of community members they do not represent … But silence isn’t neutral. Silence makes us complicit,” Eudaly said before acknowledging the controversial settlement agreement.

The racist remarks made by the police officer were brought forth by four fellow white officers. Eudaly celebrated them for not staying silent about what she called “unforgivable racist remarks.”

The deplorable quote: “[During a morning briefing,] an Officer mentioned he had read an Oregonian article about the Andrew Hearst shooting. The Officer stated he had read the comments section of the article and was dismayed because a citizen had written, “PPB kills black people, but only injures white people.” Officers began talking amongst themselves about this statement and then I heard Sergeant Lewis state, “well, let’s just go out and kill all the black people”.”

An expression of frustration at endless false accusations, now turned into an attack on a police officer’s career. Lewis stuck to his guns–it’s reportedly very hard to fire Portland cops, which explains the existence of so many good apples still among them–to the extent that the City Commissioners were debating whether to offer him $100k to quietly go away.

Lewis punked them, then they turned around and declared war on law enforcement the moment elections were out of the way. Jeff Niiya was the first target of their anti-white pogrom. This is speculation on my part, but I think the reason they’re targeting Jeff first is because as the top riot cop, he’s ideally situated to impose martial law upon Portland.

Since February, there’s only one article from OregonLive dated 20 June 2019 that mentions the investigation is ongoing, so no closure. But I wanted to get this said because Jeff deserves respect.


4 thoughts on “Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived

  1. That police chief could not be a more bizarre meme if she were made in a lab. Every photo I’ve seen of her is a different weird hairdo that surely took longer to ‘create’ (it’s art?) than the hours she must spend in the precinct each day. Reality is stranger than fiction.

    ” The blacks, Muslims, Communists and Jews celebrated their declaration against white Americans. ”

    The soap box has failed. Media is controlled. The ballot box has failed. Fraud abounds.

    The halls of the local precinct, judiciary, town hall, public school are not your friend. Handle business accordingly. Even if the top dog (dawg?) in the PD is worthless, good to see the Lt. conducting himself with awareness.

    Congrats on 500, DQ.


  2. I’d love to hear what the cops think of their chief. I’m pretty sure they don’t see or notice what we do. It’s why I have a hard time giving them the respect you do.
    Why not have a mass resignation of police at such an unfit person. being put in charge of men? Because they accept it as normal, but if they won’t risk their jobs to get rid of such a beast as her, then why should I trust they’ll do anything for public safety?


  3. “I’m pretty sure they don’t see or notice what we do.”

    Very few people do. Most people, even the ones in gov’t, are apolitical. They’ll believe whatever they’re told, or at least play along for a time, and resent being forced to take a side. That’s why God values courage and conviction in humans: it’s such a rare trait.

    *remainder of post edited*

    What do you mean, resign en masse? That’s the worst thing the good cops could possibly do, pave the way for a total SJW takeover of the government. Is this one of those weird parliament thingies?

    America does business by kicking Evil’s ass, not by giving up on demand. God, we need the dueling code back.


  4. “Public safety” is a lie. SCOTUS has ruled twice that law enforcement is not bound legally to protect citizens. In the event of a riot or anarchy, trust that the police will revert to protecting 1. their own, 2. their own families.


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