How “The Hunt” Went Wrong

You’ve probably heard that Hollyweird had a movie “The Hunt” in the works about Democrats murdering Trump supporters. It got canceled and it’s just as well, to judge from the leaked script. The only conservatives who would have been attracted to yet another Captain Marvel Mary Sue Jedi protagonist would have been put off by the gore.

Report: ‘The Hunt’ Script Targets ‘Social Justice Warriors, Trump Supporters, Outrage Culture’

16 August 2019

A script, believed to be for canceled Universal Pictures movie The Hunt has reportedly leaked and appears to show that outrage over the film and its politically charged plot was misplaced.

This was their first mistake. “Dude, imagine how much free publicity we’ll get if we piss off everybody during an election year! There’s no such thing as bad publicity!” Thanks for settling the science on that perspective.

Act one of the film depicts liberal elites using social media posts by Trump supporters as a means to target them for kidnapping. The pro-Trump people are taken away to an enclosed preserve where elites begin to systematically murdering the Trump people in a human hunting campaign. But act two reportedly features one of the Trumpers (actress Betty Gilpin) turning the tables on the liberals and hunting and killing them, instead.

Act one was completely implausible. Since when do the likes of banksters, media executives and college administrators go hunting? Sniping victims chained in a dungeon, sure, but exercise and fresh air aren’t gloating and humiliation. We know from Antifa incidents that the Left prefer sucker punches to sporting chances.

Essentially the trailer released by the studio seemed to show that the film turned into a revenge film where the pro-Trump people became the heroes.

The film quickly sparked controversy, and some of its ads were pulled. ESPN, for instance, rushed to cancel all the TV spots it had planned for the film. President Trump even appeared to slam the movie.

“The movie coming out is made in order to inflame and cause chaos,” Trump said. “They create their own violence, and then try to blame others.” An administration aide confirmed to Breitbart News that the president was likely referring to The Hunt.

In fact, the film even had a hard time getting produced in the first place, as several studios reportedly turned it down as being far too radical. But it was eventually picked up by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Films to be distributed by Universal. Blumhouse is also responsible for other recent lurid fare such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and Get Out.

A brief review of Blumhouse Films productions confirms that Jason is heavy into horror and occult. Sponsoring this movie must have elevated his fetish giggles above his atheist-Jewish loyalties, which itself would make a terrifying movie plot. You COULD cure him… but then he wouldn’t toy with you anymore….

With all the controversy, Universal ultimately decided to pull The Hunt from distribution.

Now, a leaked script for the film, originally entitled Red State Vs. Blue State, seems to confirm that the assessment of the movie as an attack solely on conservatives is a bit shy of the mark.

According to District Herald, the purported script slams everyone and “mocks political violence, social justice warriors, Trump supporters, vegans, and just about everyone and everything else.” The film is also apparently very gory.

“There is a lot of gore. Seriously,” the report notes. “Think of a really gory film and then imagine even more blood and guts — then double it. This film pretty much sounds like Hostel on steroids. People are impaled, have their heads run over and “flattened like pancakes,” get blown up like “gut-filled piñatas” and worse — and that is only in the first 20 pages.”

Probably unnecessarily gory, seeing as it was being produced by a horror specialist. Which is always a downer. I recently re-watched Aliens and outside of about two scenes–the colonist and Bishop’s death–it was surprisingly not-gory.

“While some shocking violence ensues, it’s not glorifying political violence, it’s very clearly mocking it,” the District Herald adds.

That would be what the trailer didn’t convey: the fact of its being satire. It should have included some funny scenes.

Another scene of the film depicts a leftist who is more dedicated to political correctness than to her own survival as she gets killed by the film’s pro-Trump hero.

Monty Python could have saved this movie.

“This film mocks everyone and doesn’t hold back,” the Herald concludes. “It’s certainly not made for those with queasy stomachs or who are easily offended, but what fun movies are?”

Pixar answered THAT question for many years, until the Devil Mouse got its hooks in. Hollyweird just doesn’t comprehend fun anymore; a curse from God, in my opinion.

But… I’m still curious, so I found a little more.

The Hunt Script Has Leaked and the Right Was Wrong (WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Yay spoilers! Do they count as spoilers when the movie was cancelled?

The script starts us off with a text exchange in which a group of friends are trying to decide on a restaurant. Soon, a character named Martin asks if anyone saw what the “ratf*cker-in-chief just did.”

A character named Richard responds saying it was “infuriating” and another named Athena chimes in to say “at least the hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to The Manor and slaughtering a dozen inbred rednecks.”

Dude, the rednecks themselves joke about getting dates at family reunions. Insult harder! Maybe avoid rednecks altogether, because rounding up a bunch, threatening to kill them and then setting them loose to be hunted in backwoods like what they probably grew up in is such a hilariously bad idea that it ruins my suspension of disbelief. Does Alvin York ring a bell?

The next scene takes us on a plane, presumably private, where we meet Richard. He’s described as a “middle-aged man in trendy glasses and a scarf he doesn’t need.” He’s annoyed, rude to the flight attendant, deeply unlikable and blatantly liberal. He’s also a vegan.

Make that an emaciated middle-aged man. “Your motivation is you’re angry at the world because your body needs animal protein to be healthy but consuming it would prove that those high school jocks who tormented you twenty years ago were right.”

It is also during this flight that we are introduced to some of the “deplorables” who are scheduled to be hunted, and the writers wasted no time before diving into the gore. Yes, a “deplorable” gets stabbed in the neck with a pen for waking up from being drugged before the hunt actually started — but you can already sense that the liberals are the bad guys in this dark satire and the “deplorables” are not.

The deplorable lives through the pen attack, but Athena, who is clearly in charge of the operation, ends up finishing him off with a stiletto in his eye.

This scene should have been played for laughs. Not gore.

There is a lot of gore. Seriously. Think of a really gory film and then imagine even more blood and guts — then double it. This film pretty much sounds like Hostel on steroids. People are impaled, have their heads run over and “flattened like pancakes,” get blown up like “gut-filled piñatas” and worse — and that is only in the first 20 pages.

Sounds like the one time I watched “Final Destination”, God only knows why. Maybe it was an in-flight movie. A bunch of teenagers get snuffed in increasingly inventive ways. Good if you’re inclined towards feeling emotions instead of RPG-gaming the Grim Reaper, I guess.

The script is deeply reminiscent of The Purge franchise, which was made by the same producers, but with some very b-movie style satire. The deplorables find weapons that were left for them, learn they’re in a hunting scenario and have to fight to stay alive.

“Aw shucks, ain’t no use for a dull dagger like this. Gimmie yer bra, little miss. You’ll get it back… I just need put this rock in to make a sling… now you see that crow flying 622 yards thataway, give or take a skosh? *WHIP WHIP WHIP FLING!* Just like Memaw taught me about Goliath.” *Sound of rock hitting bird echoes back to protagonists.*

“Shit, man, gimmie that knife. A little chest hair will sharpen it right up.”

Yeah, this movie should have been made by comedians.

As the group attempts to figure out what’s going on they refer to it as “Manorgate” and express shock that the conspiracy theory that they read about online was real. It’s a clear nod to “Pizzagate.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

For example, when one of the hunters began to express remorse after realizing a man he killed was married and might have had a family, his wife comforts him by asserting he was the enemy. “Honey. Twelve arrests for drunk and disorderly. Five for domestic abuse… and he uses the N-word on Twitter,” she says to calm him.

Thank God I only call them niggers on WordPress or that would’ve stung. Aren’t you Jews supposed to be good at making money? This was SUCH a wasted opportunity.

Sure, the film doesn’t just mock social justice warriors, it mocks Trump supporters too — at one point even landing Crystal and her sidekick in a train full of Arab refugees. To see if they’re real or actually secret liberal killers, Crystal tells the refugees that she has a photo of the prophet sucking himself off in her pocket. It’s ridiculous, but funny. Tweeting portions of this script would absolutely get you banned on social media.

Wouldn’t that have made then all murderous?

Ultimately the refugees die too, except a mother and baby that our MAGA babe Crystal saves. Would a liberal propaganda film have a scene like this?

Sounds like a “tear-jerker” scene. A clumsy ploy to invoke audience sympathy.

Okay, that is sincerely funny. But not if played for gore.

Like guns and ideas, movies don’t kill people. Crazy people kill people. Censoring art and media won’t change that — especially when you make assumptions and get it this wrong.

It is good this particular art was censored. A good idea in the hands of a man obsessed with blood, horror and the occult is not likely to survive the baggage. Much as a 300lb Trigglypuff would not have survived hunting a redneck who’s been killing his own food since age 8.

One thought on “How “The Hunt” Went Wrong

  1. It appears the only reason for Hollywood to exist is to influence the political landscape, unleash porn and other sexual immorality through cinema on the populace to weaken it, and as an excuse for pedos to get children.


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