Feminism Conquers Saudi Arabia

What the Crusades could not accomplish, the International Sisterhood just did.

Saudi Arabia Allows Women over 21 to Travel Without Male Permission


By Edwin Mora, 2 August 2019

Saudi Arabia passed a new law allowing women over the age of 21 to travel abroad without a male guardian’s permission, the Sunni kingdom announced this week.
The move ended a restriction that drew international ire and forced women to flee the country.

Travel restrictions forced women to flee the country? Hmm.

Constraints on Saudi women’s ability to travel had long been a symbol of the country’s fundamentalist Islamic rule and profoundly patriarchal society.

Yes, the Internet assured me that Islam is a badass Alpha religion! Are you saying they can’t control their wimminz, either?

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports:

“The new laws, published Friday by the kingdom’s official legal record, allow women over the age of 21 to obtain passports and leave the country without securing the consent of a guardian.

The Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle is now legal. Also, abortion on demand. It’s legal somewhere on the planet.

The amendments to travel rules, the labor law and civil-status law will come into effect by the end of this month, earlier than previously expected.

“The move to change guardianship follows international scrutiny after a series of young Saudi women fled the country and sought asylum, complaining that the kingdom’s laws and customs made them slaves to male relatives. …The custom of giving women a male guardian for life is a deeply held tradition in Saudi Arabia and is unlikely to change overnight for the large majority of the country despite the law.”

Oh, it’ll change FAST now that feminism is the law of the land. I would have gone straight to the WSJ for this post but paywall happened.

According to [Agence France-Presse], the changes “also grant Saudi women what has long been a male entitlement — the right to officially register childbirth, marriage or divorce and to be recognized as a guardian to children who are minors.”

This legalizes single motherhood.

Saudi Arabia’s recent changes are part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s (MBS) unprecedented effort to enhance women’s rights as part of sweeping reforms to modernize the country. The new laws, however, came after the MBS administration launched a crackdown last year on women activists fighting to end the country’s male guardianship system.

The crackdown was arresting a couple feminists. Looks like the American Empire won yet another war not worth winning.

Despite the new laws, women must still obtain permission from a guardian to get married, enroll in the army, exit a prison, or even leave a shelter for victims of abuse.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly gone farther than any other Muslim country in codifying the guardianship system into law.

Under MBS, however, the Saudi government granted women the right to drive last year…

Ah, so that’s how they were able to flee the country to enlist the International Sisterhood.

…enroll in the security forces with the consent of a male guardian, open their own business without male permission, and attend soccer games alongside men.

Financial independence from men. How long until the welfare office opens? Don’t say it won’t happen. The crazy train has no brakes.

MBS has also curbed the power of its feared religious police force known for harassing and even jailing women for how they dressed. …

Women activists in Saudi Arabia have reportedly faced sexual harassment, torture, and other abuses while imprisoned and during their interrogation.

You demand regime change in Muzzie Land, you go to a Muzzie prison. Stop crying and stop acting surprised that people who “abuuuse their wives!” also “abuuuse their prisoners!”

The Sunni kingdom has long used force to silence women who dare stand up to its unjust law and patriarchal gender customs.

Our women are much happier than their patriarchy-oppressed peers! Antidepressant sales receipts don’t lie.

U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed support for the Saudi crown prince’s unprecedented reform efforts.

Despite his entertainment value and negotiating skill, Trump is not our ally. Even putting aside the need for patriarchy as a social stabilizer, we got no business telling the Saudis how they should live.

I always got annoyed at those Internet voices who kept predicting Islam was our future. With Saudi Arabia in full retreat, however, we can now see the real future of the human race: mud huts and bastards.


7 thoughts on “Feminism Conquers Saudi Arabia

  1. One wonders how long MBS is for this world. This has most certainly enraged some very powerful, very conservative-reactionary players inside the Kingdom who are bound and determined not to let Western rot infect the “Cradle of Islam.” Based on my experiences in that part of the world and having observed events in the House of Saud for almost 40 years, I would easily wager that other members of MBS’s family are already planning a coup against him.


  2. Our women are much happier than their patriarchy-oppressed peers! Antidepressant sales receipts don’t lie.

    My cat food and wine investments keep going up as well. Things really did look up once they got rid of patriarchal oppression.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t worry. Every single effort in the last 100+ years to democratize and liberalize a middle eastern population meets a bloody revolt in about a decade. Turkey/Ottoman Empire; Iran; Afghanistan (pre soviet invasion and now); Iraq (50s and now); Egypt; Libya; Syria, etc.


  4. @Lexet Blog

    Yes, and it will happen even faster and more violently in Saudi Arabia than elsewhere in the Middle East, that country being, as I mentioned earlier, literally the Cradle of Islam. What we might very well witness in the wake of this is the overthrow of the House of Saud (despite the furious and desperate machinations of both the CIA and the Mossad to keep them in power) and their replacement by an Iranian-style Wahhabi theocracy that will make Iran’s revolutionary Khomeini regime seem prog-lib by comparison. The Saudi royal family is universally despised by the religiously faithful, who see them (coreectly) as corrupt, heretical puppets of the West.

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  5. I view Pres Trump as respite from the rapid decline in our country and the West at large. He is a populist, not a moral-ist. His work is not for the Kingdom.
    Now, if his 2nd administration repeals either the Fed or the NFA, I might recant a bit.


  6. One reason to support Iran over the Saudis is that Shia Islam is not orthodox by its very nature, meaning you can liberalize and moderate it with heresy. You can’t do that with Sunnis


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