I Wasn’t Born This Way

Medical DNA research has proven that homosexual activists are wrong. There Is No ‘Gay Gene,’ Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds https://pjmedia.com/trending/there-is-no-gay-gene-comprehensive-scientific-study-finds/ By Matt Margolis, 29 August 2019 Recent polls have shown that most Americans believe that homosexuals are “born that way” rather than become gay as the result of environmental factors. In fact, perpetuating the belief … Continue reading I Wasn’t Born This Way

Stick Your Adulting Up Your Trade School!

Shop class is dead because the Ivory Tower only wants to sell books. UC Berkeley Students Create Their Own ‘Adulting’ Course https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/08/28/uc-berkeley-students-create-their-own-adulting-course/ By Alana Mastrangelo, 28 Aug 2019 It's a good first step, making a class that teaches them what they want to learn. The second step will be asking why they pay tuition for … Continue reading Stick Your Adulting Up Your Trade School!

Epstein Files: Harry Reems’ Escape Story

I'm not forgetting Jeffrey Epstein. No wonder he's been surrounded by conspiracy theories for years! Enough blog material for eternity, so "Epstein Files" will hopefully become a semiregular feature as I process the released material (hello, Lolita Express flight logs!) and find related stories. Epstein's lawyer, Alan Dershowitz is a anti-American Jew if there ever … Continue reading Epstein Files: Harry Reems’ Escape Story

First Lesbian Divorce In SPAAAACE!

The Gorp (the technical term for trail mix, as in "mixed bag of fruits and nuts") aboard the International Space Station are acting up again. Here comes another milestone for the Progress of the Human Race! NASA astronaut accused of stealing identity, accessing bank account of estranged wife while in space https://www.foxnews.com/us/nasa-astronaut-identity-theft-bank-account-divorce-wife By Paulina Dedaj, … Continue reading First Lesbian Divorce In SPAAAACE!

Why Paul Harvey Was Anticommunist

Sigma Frame made an interesting post on the late, popular American commentator Paul Harvey. I didn't have anything to offer directly but this linked account of Paul Harvey's father piqued my fascination with true crime: https://sigmaframe.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/paul-harvey-if-i-were-the-devil/ http://www.odmp.org/officer/1347-officer-harry-h-aurandt HARRY H. AURANDT Officer Harry Aurandt died of wounds he sustained when he was shot while off duty … Continue reading Why Paul Harvey Was Anticommunist

Computer Game Professors Can’t Code

The ride never stops for GamerGaters. They've succeeded so well that only Trump Derangement Syndrome has a stronger hold upon the seared, tender amygdalas of Social Justice Warriors. Jeremy from the Quartering on YouTube turned me on to an astonishingly fiskable article from the Verge. Alrightie, let's do it! GAMERGATE COMES TO THE CLASSROOM https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/21/20812153/youtube-gamergate-education-classroom-teachers-misinformation-reddit-twitter-online-harassmentContinue reading Computer Game Professors Can’t Code

Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived

My 500th post! For something special, there's a police lieutenant in Portland who is not only doing his thankless job of policing protests, he's sicced the police union on the mayor and his castrati Narrative chorus for slandering him for doing his job well. Give 'em Hell, Jeff! Here's an archive of the texts for … Continue reading Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived