White Knight Murderer Michael D’Biagio

Modern fathers, the ones still left in their daughters’ lives, have a Manosphere-documented tendency to blame everybody and everything except their feral daughters for her poor behavior. An extreme example occurs in Pennsylvania. Can physiognomy tell us if his victim deserved to die?

htt ps://heavy.com/news/2019/07/michael-dbiagio/

A 41-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing murder charges for killing his daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend, after suspecting the boy was supplying his daughter with drugs. Beaver Falls resident Michael D’Biagio, 41, was arrested immediately after the July 19 shooting that left 17-year-old Darren “Scotty” Jevcak dead. D’Biagio suspected Jevcak was supplying drugs to his daughter.

D’Biagio admitted to firing at Jevcak “five or six times,” as the teen walked out of Scustsie’s Super Pizza, in New Castle, where he worked.

D’Biagio was arraigned on July 20 and has been charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault. He is currently being housed in the Lawrence County Prison.

It’s an open-and-shut case. D’Biagio argued with his feral snowflake over the phone, then called Jevcak, asked where he was (at his job delivering pizzas), locked & loaded, went to the pizzeria, waited for Jevcak, gunned him down, performed a killshot in front of witnesses, told them Jevcak was a druggie, walked off a little steam and waited for the cops to arrive.

Joseph Camerot, owner of Scustie’s Super Pizza, said he looked out the window of his restaurant and saw D’Biagio shooting at the teen. Camerot ran out of the restaurant and saw D’Biagio still shooting. When Camerot asked why he had shot Jevcak, D’Biagio replied that the boy had gotten his daughter “hooked on cocaine” and “so this was what drug dealers get.”

“[D’Biagio] was protecting his daughter,” [Police Chief] Salem said, adding, “Now he’s not going to be with his daughter anymore. He tore up two families, for nothing. It’s senseless.”

He was clearly NOT protecting his daughter. He blamed her boyfriend for her disobedience. Before the Red Pill, I would never have thought that a major duty of the Church was encouraging fathers to punish their daughters instead of everybody else.

But if the Church doesn’t teach it then apparently, nobody does.

If Barbie was using drugs then D’Biagio should have gone to the police. Maybe even given them permission to wiretap & track her, to catch the suppliers. Or put her in rehab/with distant family. Or here’s a thought: confiscate her slutphone and take her car keys away.

Another thought: wait one year then marry her off to Jevcak. They were in love and Jevcak was reportedly working two jobs while keeping his grades up. Daddy could do much worse.

There were lots of steps to be taken before capital murder.

Beaver Falls man charged with criminal homicide after killing daughter's boyfriend | Local News ...

He’s very close to white all around the iris, which is a strong indicator of derangement/drug abuse, but one should take into account that this was the mug shot for his capital murder arrest. Angled eyebrows indicate desire for conflict and it’s enhanced by the beard putting an angle on his chin/jaw. A thin nose indicates a lack of energy for social behavior. Mouth corners are turned down to indicate pessimism but again, not surprising for the context.

His hair is orderly so his mind is also orderly. Flat cheeks suggests a lack of natural dominance; he may not have had the social skills to handle this situation well. Although one doesn’t need social skills for “hello police, my daughter is dating a drug dealer, could you help me out”.

Michael D'Biagio Allegedly Kills Darren Jevcak For Kid's Drugs Use | Crime Time

I don’t like his daughter’s eyes. White below the iris indicates a frequent state of fear. Horizontal eyebrows, generally flat eyelids, her thoughts are rational, but thick lips and rounded face shape mean she’s emotional underneath it. A pairing I see in Borderline women. The round-tipped nose with visible nostrils is a specific kind of nose that seem correlated to high-ego, but I could be wrong on that one. Visible nostrils like that indicate a open personality; noses that hide the nostrils entirely indicate a reserved/shrewd personality. Again, pessimistic mouth corners.

Taken together, she’s upset at Daddy, rational about expressing her upset attitude and lacking internal brakes against acting out. Did she choose her boyfriend to push Daddy’s buttons? Was he a likely druggie?

According to Salem, Javcek had no prior police record. “He was actually working two different jobs. By all accounts, he was a good kid.” New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem told there was no record of him having any run-ins with the police.

Family and friends are left to mourn Javcek’s untimely death. “The last couple years, we may not have spent as much time together as before, but that will never change the love and bond we had,” Jevcak’s uncle, Josh Altemus, said.

I’m undecided whether the druggie accusation was true. Working two jobs suggests a great need of money for a high school junior living with his family, but Occam’s Razor says it was simply to make payments on his car, which he presumably used to deliver those pizzas. And he’s attractive enough to interest a chick without needing to supply dope.

Darren (Scotty) Jevcak, 17, – Ellwood City, PA news

CHAD! It’s Incel Chad!

Chad - Incel Wiki

Okay, Javcek isn’t Chad but he didn’t die a virgin, either. He didn’t get that tattoo to honor his Amerind totem spirit. Large and multiple colors? That cost a lot of tips. Tattooing is illegal under age 18 without parental consent in PA so again, not a strong indicator of lawbreaking.

Judging from the deltoids being proportionate with the rest of his arms, he isn’t using steroids, so that’s another strike against being a druggie along with no criminal record.

His ears are remarkably low; also small and wide. That indicates he’s a slow learner, including slow to heed advice, and nonconformist. Slow learner doesn’t mean low intelligence, it means they’re more likely to pursue skillsets than general knowledge or creativity. I can see this guy doing very well in the trades/manual arts.

I associate small mouth with people who don’t talk much. The mouth/lips are pure muscle, no bone, thus are reliable indicators, but I wonder if smartphone technology allows people to be really social without talking as much as they normally would for their level of extraversion.

His eyebrows are also angled for conflict. Also low for impulsivity but this is contraindicated by the placement of his tattoo. It’s high enough on the shoulder to be easily hid by a shirt sleeve. A really impulsive guy would place that elaborate tattoo in a more visible location and be surprised when getting hired becomes more difficult. So, he might be a little headstrong but not to the point of a character flaw.

Being a gym rat is also a good indicator of discipline. That’s a good physique. He’s not eating free pizza for every meal, either, so food discipline too.

I can’t decide if his eyes are hooded or cutting-pupils. Image quality just isn’t good enough. The former would be consistent with everything else covered so I’ll go with that and say he’s emotionally reserved. Along with listening to himself more than others, acting aloof probably comes easily to him. That, a gym body and careful attention to his appearance, he could easily be a chick magnet.

Final conclusion, he might have been experimenting with drugs but his lifestyle–holding down two jobs plus school, good reputation & clean background, working out regularly, acting like a teenager but not to an irresponsible degree–is not consistent with a drug habit.

Daddy murdered Javcek because he wanted his daughter to stop self-destructing. That was never going to scare her straight (‘whipping boy’ is a completely failed concept) and now that Daddy’s in the pen for 25 to life, he won’t have the opportunity to do anything at all for her.

Don’t punish Romeo for Juliet’s behavior. She is responsible for herself and can easily find another lover.


5 thoughts on “White Knight Murderer Michael D’Biagio

  1. Sounds like the father was a nutcase (first time in a long time I’ve seen ‘crazy eyes’ in a photo of a man…kind of a Charles Manson vibe) and perhaps his daughter was following in those footsteps.


  2. Or rebelling against his footsteps. Yeah, he don’t look too stable, and maybe Javcek actually was the emotional rock his daughter was looking for. That would be consistent with a false accusation of being a drug dealer.

    In fact, that accusation of drugs could easily be projection if mental illness is a factor. But I didn’t have a second picture of the father to work with.


  3. I don’t buy the story- at least not as it’s laid out. Knowing the overwhelming narrative in all media consistent with the Kalergi Plan, I withhold judgement involving villainization or emasculation of any white, Christian, conservative male: it’s a tired trope. The burden of proof is higher: requires more than a teleprompter script on the 6pm news.

    “White male perp? Gun involved? Fkin run it, Billy- headlines! It’s just a shame no cop or pastor involved, but good enough.”
    Judging from your written assessment, the details don’t entirely line up with the physiology either.

    ‘If she’s old enough to date, she’s old enough to marry’ immediately comes to mind.
    I could be mistaken, but I believe throughout the US, children can be married with parental consent at 16. Some states it is as low as 14? (I am not read-up on the topic, these numbers could be off.) He could have married her off in this situation.

    In our Nation and in our era, fathers are absent in the lives of sons, and over-indulging in the lives of daughters. The rot perpetrates into both genders with passing generations. Solution? Firm discipline and accountability. As it pertains to specifically and solely to dating:
    * Daughter does not date. If she dates, is caught sneaking out, 1-night-stand etc she is married off to the man involved. If the man doesn’t want her, she is removed from the home regardless. If she wants to rebel, she will no longer enjoy the protection nor provision of her father- no having it both ways. (Fathers would do well to not finance any 4-year slutfest, and if she has moved out, living independently, participating in wanton behavior, the treatment is upheld just the same.)
    * Married woman is one flesh with her husband. Her status is no longer the ‘daughter’ of the father, she is the ‘wife’ to the husband. She will need to be selective about her choosing a mate, as the mate will replace her father’s role in life. No shopping sprees with mama (on her father’s dime), no cozy’ing up to daddy when she’s *unhappy* with her husband.
    * If the father enjoys the husband’s company, invitations to the young married couple may be extended at the father’s discretion, eg. random weekends, holidays. If she loves her mom and dad, she will choose a suitor of which the father approves so the mutual involvement in family lives perpetuates. (Fathers would do well to ensure mothers do not undermine social contact rules with young wives. No one likes a MIL involved in their relationship anyway.)
    * Daughter is more than welcome to ask father for his discerning eye on young suitors, up to and including asking him to scout for her future husband. (Fathers would do well in this situation to find a suitor, and train him in various tasks- all young men thrive with solid male leadership, even if the young man already has a firm foundation in his own family, 2 solid father figures can only further benefit him.)
    * All of the above concepts are communicated with her mother, her siblings, and her when she is young enough to not be concerned with boys, but old enough to understand the seriousness of what’s being said. Concepts reiterated periodically as refreshers.
    This is how Christian fathers can raise their daughters. No, she is not a Disney princess: she is a female- the weaker vessel in Creation. A father’s singular job here is to prepare her and affirm her for future marriage. Accountability, urgency, love.

    Pr 13:24, Pr 22:6, Pr 27:5.


  4. In fact, that accusation of drugs could easily be projection if mental illness is a factor. But I didn’t have a second picture of the father to work with.

    Yeah that’s the lane I was implying. Could have been drugs or something else…but in any case passions overtook reason in this guy.

    He has Godly authority over his daughter…hence that’s where the outlet should have been…not trying to play vigilante with her boyfriend on what appears to be no evidence whatsoever. He could have just as easily said…’you are not dating him anymore…I’m your father is the reason why.’ Now his ability to do that will be greatly hampered since he went murderer and is now behind bars.


  5. I can’t control my Sloot Princess here in beautiful Femistan, and so instead of growing a pair of balls and correcting my Perfect Sloot Princess, I will take out my personal failure of masculinity and courage, and kill the teenage kid who is banging her. Well the latest teenage kid who is banging her. I mean, viciously raping her against her will.

    Then I will pretend I did this in Righteousness, and not as a cowardly reaction to my own failure as a Daughter Daddy, and my daughter’s failure as a human being.

    Females are exempt from responsibility or correction, and therefore, some other male somewhere has gotta pay.

    Rot in jail, castrati. Then rot in hell afterwards, with Princess by your side.


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