Physiognomy: DeWayne Craddock

A quick post on the Virginia Beach shooter. I’ve only found one pic of the guy but he has an excellent case of cutting eyelids:

Image result for dewayne craddock

Cutting eyelids isn’t just the upper eyelid touching the iris, it’s touching the actual pupil as you see here. Authorities haven’t “determined a motive yet” but his face demonstrates a strong sociopath indicator.

The shooting itself is unremarkable. A guy possibly divorced in 2017, always had a misanthropic streak inside him, decided to end it all (politely giving notice to his boss) and then shrug, why not make the news at the same time? I don’t know what motive police expect to find; a manifesto, perhaps. Or maybe people need to know his “why” because they want reassurance it wasn’t a simple “why not?”


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