Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: The Bride Of Cain

I didn’t even know President Trump had a spiritual advisor. I never thought the Don was a Christian–why would a billionaire celebrity and top-level politician need a Savior? What does he need saving from?–and were he anything else, I would surely have seen the headline.

Well… this might explain a lot about how Trump turned out to be little different than the usual Elites. Note that Paula White is now Paula White-Cain as of 2015. She’s wife #4 to Hubby #3. Already you know that this Pastorette should not be teaching Christianity to ANYBODY.

Paula White: the pastor who helps Trump hear ‘what God has to say’

By Jessica Glenza, 27 March 2019

Paula White, Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser and personal pastor, re-enacted a moment at a private White House dinner last month which would eventually make headlines for showing the president’s hardline stance on abortion.

The evening before the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump approached the US senator Chris Coons, a Democrat and Presbyterian, about an expansion of abortion rights in New York state. The law is reviled by evangelicals like White.

Trump thrust his face over the Democrat’s shoulder, so they were nearly cheek to cheek, and said in his ear: “So, you can do that to a baby … And that’s not a human, is it? And you have no problem?” He followed up: “Isn’t it called murder?”

Trump was “just right in his face, and I was like, ‘Whoa,’” said White, leaning over the ornate dining room table in her nearly 6,000-sq-ft home in Florida.

That story doesn’t sound right. Yes, abortion is murder; yes, Coons is a hypocrite for being both pro-abortion and Christian; but no, Trump has never acted like a significant threat to abortion. For example, at any time in his Presidency, he could have cut off funding to Planned Parenthood by executive order on grounds it subsidized infanticide. That would have been much more effective than singling out a politician who obviously has no use for Christ beyond shilling for low-information votes.

Like Coons, Trump identifies as Presbyterian. Segue:

Donald Trump & Catholicism: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

One major part of the Catholic faith is the idea that we are all sinners and must ask for God’s forgiveness. Trump does not feel this way, and he says that he does not feel like he must be forgiven by God for anything.

“I am not sure I have [asked God for forgiveness],” Trump said in 2015, according to CNN. ” I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so. I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.” …

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said that the Bible is his favorite book of all time, with the second favorite being his own The Art of the Deal, according to Real Clear Politics.

A good measure of his oversized ego. End segue.

White runs a megachurch in Florida, and is a link between the evangelical community, which she has navigated for decades, and a president whom she describes as not speaking “Christian-ese”. Although she has evaded the constant scrutiny of some in Trump’s circle, she is nevertheless a controversial figure, who said she has regular calls with the president and ministers to his family.

This makes her the only female leader of a megachurch that I’ve heard of. Plenty of them allow women in positions of leadership but here, she’s the top dog. I wish this was as controversial in Christian circles as the Guardian claimed it to be.

That White chose to tell this story underscores why she might be useful for Trump, whose past as a Manhattan playboy with multiple marriages might not have obvious appeal to the Christian right.

Yes, thank you. That’s another reason the opening story didn’t sound right. Trump is nobody’s idea of a moralizing zealot.

Like many people Trump surrounds himself with, White is a controversial figure. She is alternately described as the woman who “led Trump to Christ” and a “charlatan”. Her Florida ministry and televangelism made her a millionaire, and attracted scrutiny from congressional investigators. Some political observers see the alliance between Trump and the evangelical community as a marriage of convenience: he needs their votes, they need someone to carry out their agenda.

I like to think that after protecting his personal empire, which is the likely real reason he ran for office, Trump is inclined to listen to Ordinary Americans instead of parasitic squatters on what else needs doing. After all, Ordinary Americans don’t want to tax the wealthy into oblivion.

But White does not see it that way.

“He genuinely cared about the [evangelical] community,” she said. She recounted a 2011 meeting when Trump asked her to “bring a group of pastors to pray” about whether he should run for president.

“We had about 25, 30 pastors come up, and we prayed for six hours” in Trump Tower, she said. Trump, she said, prayed for about half that time. “He genuinely wanted to hear – what does God have to say? … To really make America great is real to him, that’s not a slogan, [it’s] genuinely so.”

Christians, particularly Protestants, don’t do that. If we want God’s guidance then we ask God directly. Maybe ask a couple friends to weigh in also. But God is not impressed by the worldly credentials of who’s asking. “Behold, mortal, thou shalt not get thine answer because thine search committee came to Me with but 30 pastors instead of 35.”

White has come a long way from her first church, a storefront ministry in Tampa, Florida.

White’s home now is in Bluegrass Estates in Apopka, Florida, near her Pentecostal ministry, New Destiny Christian Center. The loop of million-dollar homes with private stables is in a gated community across a highway from algae-covered trailers. Security is tight. When I first entered Bluegrass Estates, I was followed by a Cadillac Escalade outfitted with flashing blue lights.

“Who are you?” a man rolled down a tinted window and demanded. “I’m asking you a question,” he said, and threatened to call the police. When I mentioned White’s name, he called her a “nice lady”.

This is an extreme example of being out-of-touch with the lives of ordinary congregants even by the standards of professional clergy.

White has no formal religious training, but said she had a vision from God when she was 18 years old that told her to go preach the gospel. She had her son, Brad Knight, the same year. She was divorced soon after. For two years she “did nothing” but study the Bible, and soon began a ministry with her second husband, Randy White.

Eat, Pray, Preach, Love?

In the early 2000s, as the church gained prominence, Randy told the Tampa Bay Times that churches needed to “believe in their product”. He said: “My product is Jesus.”

That’s either too much honesty or too little.

By then, White was broadcasting across regional Christian television – which also broadcast to Mar-a-Lago – and on BET. Her church had grown to nearly 20,000 members, making it one of the largest in the country. She said Trump called her out of the blue one day, repeated three of her televised sermons “verbatim”, and said she had the “it factor”.

Harvey Weinstein wants his casting couch back.

Part of the controversy surrounding White, and perhaps why she appealed to Trump, is because she teaches “prosperity gospel”, which holds that faith and donations to religious causes will boost adherents’ financial wellbeing as well as their spiritual health. As recently as last year, White encouraged members of her congregation to send their first month’s salary to her ministry to enjoy God’s blessings.

Fraud! That money belongs to a government!

White is now married to Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist from the rock band Journey, and the two often travel together, including to DC to see the president. Two congressional investigations, one in 2004 and another in 2007, ended without findings of wrongdoing.

Sweet Manosphere tropes!

Elvis? Is that you?

Those Congressional investigations were by Senator Grassley. We might as well end this article here, she goes on only to offer her services “across the aisle”, and discuss them.

Chuck Grassley official photo 2017.jpg

That’s a pedoface but interestingly, Senator Chuck Grassley has worked against sex trafficking using the Al Capone tactic of charging the traffickers with tax dodging and openly criticized the FBI for sexual misconducts over a 16-year period. He also expressed frustration with Reagan for botching Robert Bork’s confirmation to the Supreme Court and other actions that mark him as one of the best the Senate has to offer. His use of Congressional authority to investigate several megachurches for fraud came on the heels of successfully using his authority to investigate the United Way for the 9/11 fraud. He even supports Trump today despite having investigated his now-spiritual advisor for tax evasion.

I didn’t know the U.S. Senate had any decent people left. For a fact, he was right to investigate a Prosperity Gospel megachurch’s finances. We don’t need another Jonestown.

Paula is a train wreck of a “Pastor”. Let’s hear more! *popcorn*

Paula White Breaks Silence on Probes, Divorce, Benny Hinn

By Lillian Kwon, 1 April 2011

Pastor Paula White broke her silence Thursday night, addressing all the scandals that she has been associated with since her [second] divorce in 2007.

It all began in 2004 when the IRS launched a nine-year investigation into the personal and organizational finances of White and her then husband, Randy.

Separate from Grassley’s probe.

Just two years earlier in 2002, White had written in her journal: “I’m living heaven on earth. Life cannot get any better.”

“I’m above the struggle and beneath the radar. I love my husband and my husband loves me. And we do. The kids are doing good. And millions of dollars in the bank. Not sick,” she recalled feeling at the time.

And every dollar had “In God We Trust” on it. The irony!

White had risen to prominence as a preacher, motivational speaker, author and TV personality after co-founding what is now Without Walls International Church with her husband and starting her own ministry.

She was living her dream life, as she described to pastors at the Orlando conference.

But after the IRS investigation began, she began to face challenge after challenge to the point where she wanted to and even tried to quit. …

Listing the numerous trials she went through, White said she experienced a midlife meltdown, compassion fatigue, her friend being falsely accused and sent to prison, a stroke, addiction to the prescription medication she was given following her stroke, and problems in her marriage.

Her husband had similar problems after the divorce, getting addicted to Xanax.

Continuing, she added that her church staff split in the middle with some turning on the Whites and going to the media.

She maintained that the articles written based on allegations from former church staff were “mostly, totally unfounded” and “lies.” The Whites were accused of being all about money and fame.

“Mostly”. Yes. Truth is good.

She also indicated that the staff turned on the church because they couldn’t “supply the staff with the lifestyle that they were used to.”

Family problems were added when White found out that her son had a drug addiction and was sexually abused by another male at a staff member’s house. She then had to experience the pain of her non-biological daughter battling brain cancer. Kristen, Randy’s oldest daughter, died in 2008 at age 30.

Dammit, another child harmed inside the Church. They will pay. Dearly.

In the midst of all this, White said she was being pressured to preach and prophesy and fulfill her role in the church.

“[Bishop] Randy, Pastor Paula, give me a word, marry me, bury me, pay these bills, prophesy. Why aren’t you doing this? Why isn’t it like it used to be? We don’t like the music. We leaving the church because you didn’t know our names and you didn’t come have lasagna with us,” she said, mimicking the demands and criticisms she was met with.

They’re called paying customers, sweetie. It’s only what you were preaching to them.

White noted that it was under “that kind of pressure” and “in a really weak moment” that she and her husband made the decision to divorce in 2007. The split was amicable.

According to White, her husband closed up to her. While she traveled the world preaching, she pondered, “Why can I win the world and not go home and win the one that I love?”

It’s called eternal damnation, sweetie.

She recounted a time when Randy took her into a dark room, placed a mask on her, spun her around and told her to find her way out. With tears, White said she sat there for half an hour, scared and calling out to him. He took off her mask and informed her that that is what he felt like he was going through.

When the two announced their split, Randy had agreed to take the responsibility. And “God told me to keep my mouth shut,” she said.

God, or your lawyer. The confusion is understandable.

Randy, who no longer co-pastors Without Walls, is now writing a book, she noted.

But she added, “I’m proud of him. He never quit …. God or anything else.”

The trials continued even after the divorce when White and televangelist Benny Hinn were pictured last summer in The National Enquirer leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. They were accused of having an affair and being engaged.

On Thursday, White flatly denied that she ever had an affair.

“They’re going to talk about you and write … because it sells ragtag magazines,” she said. “They’re going to lie on you but God’s going to tell you to keep your mouth shut.”

One of my red-pill awakenings was that God reads the National Enquirer. They’re better than most so-called reputable news sources.

Paula: I didn’t have an affair!

NE: *shows picture*

The Dunamis Word: Paula White ~ "You betta recognize!"

Paula: It’s not what it looks like! I would never be unfaithful to my second ex-husband!

NE: *smirks*

Benny Hinn was one of the other megachurches investigated by the good Senator Grassley. He went after half a dozen of them bad apples.

There was also the so-called Grassley investigation. Sen. Charles Grassley launched a Senate probe in 2007 into six influential ministries, including White’s, following complaints of opulent spending and possible abuse of nonprofit status.

The probe came to a close in January of this year. With little cooperation from most of the ministries, which called the investigation an attack on their religious freedom and privacy rights, Grassley’s office was unable to make any conclusion about the spending of the ministries and handed out no penalties.

White interpreted that to mean her ministry was cleared.

My interpretation: “choir practice” has two meanings.

“The church better recognize, it should be thanking six ministries for fighting for the body of Christ for saying ‘we are not going to let you dictate to us how we interpret Scripture’ and you can’t tell us ‘because Jesus rode in on a donkey’ because if you start telling us how to interpret Scripture in one way, you’ll tell us how to interpret it in every way,” White said in frustration. Grassley had referred to Jesus’ humble entrance into Jerusalem to make the point that ministers today don’t really need Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to spread the Gospel.

BURN, BITCH! Thumbs up, Senator Grassley!

“I preach in countries if I say ‘Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life,’ they’ll arrest me.”

They didn’t arrest you. Hmm.

“And don’t think America’s that far away.”

You’re right one way or the other, Pastorette.

“Unless the people of righteousness stand up and say ‘we’re not going to allow for this because you cannot take what is our First Amendment rights. You can’t do that!” White asserted. “We pay taxes. We work hard. We do it by the books. We have integrity. But you’re going to make a public misery and mess out of it like something’s wrong!”

If taking the Rolls-Royce on a spin through Mar-A-Lago didn’t comfort you in your Congressional investigation then maybe you SHOULD re-think your life’s priorities.

Stressing that her church gave $9 million to mission in January 2007, built education centers in Pakistan, put students through college, fed and continue to feed thousands every week, and helped transform countless lives, White said, “Are you serious? You want to fight over a $50,000 what? Excuse me?!”

$9m in virtue signaling, WTF was she doing in Pakistan, she put wimminz though college so they wouldn’t ever need a husband, fed the illegal immigrants and transformed countless suckers into paupers. Then “lost” as much money as I make in a year, repeatedly. That about the size of it?

Her long, emotional testimony was met with applause and support from the thousands of pastors in the conference room in Orlando.

Burn it down, God. Burn it with fire. It’s the only way to be sure.

Though at the time, she wondered whether she would be able to overcome the trials, she now says what the devil meant for bad, God has turned around to work for the good.

“God uses every enemy, every lawsuit, every lie, every betrayal, all the brokenness,” she stressed.

“It’s not over. I got my bounce back. That’s my message.”

Trump got you your bounce back.

Pastor Paula White | Powerful women who inspire me | Pinterest

That was then. This is now:

You can see the damage female empowerment has left on her face. Thicker nose, thinner cheeks, but NYC haircut forever.

I close with this:

Paula White Cain Announces Her Son Will Pastor Her Church

By Jessilyn Lancaster, 6 May 2019

Speaking about authors with funny-spelled names, Paula’s megachurch is reportedly majority black. Paula White has no White Privilege, really?

Paula White Cain is now the oversight pastor at City of Destiny and her son, Brad Knight, is the senior pastor along with his wife, Rachel. The church, New Destiny Christian Center, is now legally known as City of Destiny.

“So today, I am officially installing Pastor Brad and Pastor Rachel as the senior pastors of over City of Destiny,” Cain says.

Her son and his wife. Pastor Brad Knight, from her first marriage.

“Everybody stand up on your feet, because this is God’s plan. I am moving to what I call oversight pastor, but let me explain that. That is apostolic, but I just haven’t embraced the title, though. … But as apostolic overseer of City of Destiny, today officially, it’s all been done legally, officially, we are City of Destiny. Welcome to your new beginning.”

Oversight pastor? Did she or did she not pass on the leadership of the megachurch? *checks* She founded Paula White Ministries to advise Congress and other world leaders on ethics without the interference of ordinary people asking for spiritual leadership.

Cain says she received a prophetic word in 2005 about the pastoral transition that didn’t make sense until 2019.

She thought about putting her son in charge one year into a multi-year tax fraud investigation so she could duck out to enjoy the millionaire life? That’s a cold heart.

Mister President, you can do so, so much better for a spiritual advisor than Paula Knight White Cain. She never knew Christ.


3 thoughts on “Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: The Bride Of Cain

  1. White has no formal religious training, but said she had a vision from God when she was 18 years old that told her to go preach the gospel. She had her son, Brad Knight, the same year. She was divorced soon after. For two years she “did nothing” but study the Bible, and soon began a ministry with her second husband, Randy White.

    She must have overlooked the adultery part of the Gospel.

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  2. She must have overlooked the adultery part of the Gospel.

    She clearly is also ignorant of (or just ignores) Paul’s epistles as well, specifically the content about women being silent in church.


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