Gay Chickens Coming Home

A brief post on how the Christian Church is a full participant in modern corruption. Brian Sims is the first openly homosexual state representative in Pennsylvania.

Brian Sims: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sims put up a Periscope of himself talking to a protester at the Planned Parenthood in his district in southeastern Pennsylvania. Sims walked up to the woman, telling his viewers that she was “an old white lady” who was afraid to show her face on camera, even though, he said, she had been talking to every woman who walked into the abortion clinic.

“Shame on you,” Sims told the woman. He added, “what you’re doing is disgusting” and he reproached her for protesting outside the clinic instead of praying for children at home. He asked her how many children she’d clothed and fed that day, implying that, if she really cared about children, she’d be caring for them in that way. Sims repeatedly tried to get her to talk to him, but she kept her head bowed and did not address the camera.

What a lovely personality.

The anti-abortion group Live Action reported on Sims’ video on Sunday, May 5. After Live Action tweeted about Sims, the Pennsylvania state representative tweeted back at the group, calling them “Bible bullies” and urging them to “bring it.” Sims wrote, Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values. #BeReal

Sims later put up a video in which he didn’t exactly apologize, but he did imply that he had done something wrong. Sims said that that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that he could do better. He also vowed to keep fighting for the rights of women. He said, “I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to make the best choices for her health & her body, unimpeded. I also know that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially on the front lines of a civil rights battle. I can do better, and I will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania.”

Hardcore feminist and anti-Christian. Although it’s interesting that he backed down a little.

Back in April, Sims took to social media to talk about his use of Truvada, which is a drug used to avoid contracting HIV. Sims, who is openly gay, put up a Facebook post about his use of the drug, writing, “Starting this day off smart, proactive, and in control! How about you? #PrEPsavesLIVES.”

Openly self-destructive.

Sims got some push-back from critics after he put up the post, with some people apparently saying hat he was “flaunting” his sexual orientation. He responded on Facebook by writing “Think this is an invite to talk about my sex life? It’s not,” he wrote. “Think it’s an invite to shame me or anyone else? Grow up. ‘Stigma’ is the thing our enemies want us to be stunted by. It literally kills us. It’s stupid and we control our own fate. No shame in this game. Just Pride.”

Yep, really doesn’t like Christians.

Sims is often photographed with his long-term partner, Brandon. He has described McMullin as a “Disney prince of a boyfriend” and says that he loves exploring Philadelphia with him.

Eww. Flagrant homo.

Brandon on the right is an obvious pedoface but interestingly, Brian on the left is not. Triangular nostrils is a sign of distrust and ill temper. Full beard is often to conceal weakness, particularly the chin. But neither is a red flag. Hair seems orderly enough that I wouldn’t expect a self-destructive streak. Pragmatic face shape. Neck is thick enough to indicate healthy testosterone and fitness levels.

Back in June of 2018, Sims put up a tweet in which he gave the vice president the finger, urging him to “get bent and get out” of Philadelphia. Sims wrote, “OFFICIAL WELCOME: @MikePenceVP let me be the first to officially welcome you to the City of Brotherly Love and to my District! We’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, & Immigrant. So…get bent, then get out!”

The tweet, along with Sims’ more recent posts outside the Planned Parenthood clinic, have some conservatives asking why Sims hasn’t been banned from social media. The Washington Examiner ran a piece asking why many on the right — like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos — have been banned from Twitter and from Facebook, while Sims hasn’t faced any such ban.

The question is trivial but the picture is not. Yes, that’s a very rude gesture towards a sitting Vice President but when was the last time you saw a man in a business suit make that gesture? Also, the previous picture was inconclusive but here, the left side of his face is much more guarded than the right. He took Pence’s Christian reputation extremely personally, when most feministas would have the right side guarded, Pence obviously being an external enemy. This mismatch between his physiognomy and his behavior intrigued me to look deeper.

From Wikipedia,

Sims was born in Washington, D.C., the son of two Army Lieutenant Colonels of Irish descent. Sims was raised in the Roman Catholic Church but stopped attending church at the age of 16.


Sims lived in seventeen states before settling in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s. He later completed his undergraduate studies at Bloomsburg University, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania in 2001. In 2000, Sims was the co-captain of the Bloomsburg University football team, and was recognized as a scholar athlete. During the 2000 season, the longest season in the Division II school’s history, Sims came out as gay to his teammates.

Per the link, he actually didn’t. A jilted lover informed on Sims to get him in trouble. Sims didn’t deny it and the team decided to be supportive of him.

Not hard to read between those lines. In my experience, the truly unreachable, the people with real, vile hatred of Christ are the people who were wronged in His Church. Sims was surely raped by pedo priests. He quit Christianity in self-defense then without a moral compass, partly a result of his rootless military childhood, he gave in to the sexual damage.

Then, when his secret sin came to life, instead of getting condemnation he was rewarded and accepted. Rewarded for his deviancy and violated for his devotion, he ended up a Christ-hating LGBT battleaxe with not a kind word to say about healthy sexuality. The people espousing it are, to his perspective, loathsome hypocrites.

That explains his behaviors above. Sneering at virtue, championing perversion, hating devout Christians even old women. Why he’s a raging homo yet with normal physiognomy. (Eye damage is beginning.) He’ll persecute us all given half a chance and be thinking of Priest Pedo while he does it. “I see right through your fake morals and your broken values.”

I can’t hate him for attacking us. Not until he comes full circle and begins violating children himself. A vicious cycle and it started in the Church.

For the record, Sims has said that he quit Church for no particular reason. But people don’t hate for “no particular reason”. Physiognomy and history both indicate against him being the SJW type.

I can’t wait until it’s time for some in-house cleaning. Stories like this should never happen.


6 thoughts on “Gay Chickens Coming Home

  1. I found out he was a former football player so perhaps that sport and the lifting helped out the more masculine features he has.


  2. Coming home to roost is right. Hospitality of the church to a fault. Like Dalrock pointed out, we better make sure to have no revulsion and let the Brian Sims of the world babysit our kids. How is that working out? Should I expect to soon see stats that more homosexuals are repenting and coming to the Lord as a result of the evangelical push for acceptance?

    I got no problem with him, the voters want him, so he is an accurate representation of their hearts. Long live Venezuela, they wanted Chavez, they got him. We want gay Chavez, we will get him. Check out Michigan’s Attorney General and her evil decisions. We voted for her. We wanted women in power because we are smarter than God, so we got what we wanted.


  3. I just read an article at Campus Reform about Texas Trinity university students voting to reject a Chick-Fil A store. The female student leader said the presence of such a store would make it hard for them to reach out to the LGBT crowd and that the university’s value of diversity is mutually exclusive of the chain’s values. So there you go, private Christian school in Texas is as much of the world as Brian Simms.
    I bet her Dad is proud of her daughter being a student leader.

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  4. I’m getting to the point where I can often intuitively identify the “pedoface”, but how would you describe it? Where does the idea of it come from?


  5. “how would you describe it?”

    Upper eyelids are visible or hooded, sometimes both, rarely flat. Lower eyes are fleshy/baggy. [Edit: heavy horizontal lines is a better description.] Lower eyelids are flat or curved upward. Together with the upper eyelids, it creates crescent-shaped or “New Moon” eyes as the Chinese call it. The canthus (outer corner of the eye) is either level or angled down. Significant crows-feet at the eyes. Eyebrows are often rounded or faint. The left side is more guarded. The nose is very thick to the point where nostril flanges aren’t even visible, and nose tip is either level or pointing downward. Frequently ending in a “plucked turkey tail” sort of shape.

    The mouth has a stretched-wide appearance, partly due to multiple nasolabial lines (the arcing lines from nose to chin around the mouth). Thin lips. Upper lip is flat while the lower lip is rounded. Ears often stand away from the skull.

    Loves Star Trek. *sigh*

    “Where does the idea of it come from?”

    Primarily correlation. Convicted pedophiles very often, but not always, had the features. Also, emotions have standard facial expressions. If you make a sneering face in the mirror then you’ll see the triangular nostrils I mentioned earlier. It’s reasonable that if a face always looks like it’s projecting a certain emotion then that emotion is a personality trait for the individual.

    “New Moon” eyes indicate deception. Imbalances of the lips give information on feminine vs masculine tendencies. Most of the other indicators are combinations of sensuality with introversion. I’ve often mentioned wide-angled ears as indicating an unconventional attitude. (There’s much more to ear interpretation but I rarely have the luxury of good side profiles. People don’t post selfies of their tragus gap.)

    None of these indicators by themselves is pedoface, only the collection of them. A template. Mixed indicators of sociability, aloofness, deception and so on. Someone might be prone to deception/suspicion because of experience in a low-trust society as easily as harboring a dark secret, for example. Physiognomy signals the emotion but not the events causing the emotion.

    Some other facial templates I’ve assembled are soyboy (indicators of low testosterone, passive-aggression, introversion), feminist (manjaw, flat chest, flat lower eyelids, thin lips, mutilated hair/NYC haircut) and The Thinker (face is nothing but straight lines and right angles).

    Remember as always, physiognomy isn’t destiny. A person could have serious pedoface yet be entirely innocent; conversely, this very post is about a Sodomite who doesn’t look the part. And real pedos are capable of repentance from their favorite sins just like everybody else. Use this as a red flag not a fast-track conviction.


  6. Not hard to read between those lines. In my experience, the truly unreachable, the people with real, vile hatred of Christ are the people who were wronged in His Church.


    Yes, we know that their anger and hatred are misdirected, but when it appears that EVERY body that claims to represent Christ on Earth is converged, corrupted, evil, and clearly hostage to the World, where else and to whom else does one go for refuge?

    The obvious (if doctrinaire) answer is “trust in Him alone,” yet if that is indeed the solution, then the equally obvious rejoinder question is “if no man within the Body can be trusted, then what, pray tell, is the point of a gathering of two or more believers ‘in His name?'”

    This case serves as an object lesson in how thoroughly and hideously destructive the corruption of the church has become, that it is creating toxic enemies of the Body rather than strengthening and unifying it. Satan couldn’t have chosen better instruments of the church’s destruction than those now in charge of it, who are busy eagerly creating whole armies of Brian Sims.


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