Judaizing San Diego

In the wake of the John Earnest shooting in San Diego, I learned that Jews were originally banned from the San Diego region but forced their way in with assistance from Roger Revelle. Who? The guy who invented the global warming hoax.

My journey down the rabbit hole began with a vague memory of the Mount Soledad Cross. I visited Mount Soledad Presbyterian (PCUSA) with friends for something or other and learned about the nearby cross, which was facing heavy litigation for being (oh, the horror!) a symbol of Christianity on gov’t land. From Wikipedia:

Three differently shaped Christian crosses have been constructed since 1913 on city government property at the apex of Mt. Soledad (Mt. Soledad Natural Park) in the community of La Jolla. The original wooden cross on Mt. Soledad was erected in 1913 by private citizens living in La Jolla and Pacific Beach, but was stolen in 1923; later that year it was affixed back in the ground in Mt. Soledad Natural Park and later burned. The second cross was erected in 1934 by a private group of Protestant Christians from La Jolla and Pacific Beach. This sturdier, stucco-over-wood frame cross was blown down by blustery winds in 1952. A windstorm damaged one of the side bars in 1955 and the concrete structure had to be repaired.

The present cross, 29 feet (9 m) tall on top of a 14-foot (4 m)-tall stepped platform, was installed in 1954. It was initially called the “Mount Soledad Easter Cross” and Easter services were held there every Sunday for 40 years. The word “Easter” was dropped in the 1980s. It is now known as the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial.

For many years, Jews were denied opportunity to purchase a home in La Jolla. This was enforced by “The La Jolla Covenant” among all local realtors. However, the arrival of the University of California’s campus in the early 1960s helped to gradually put an end to this residential discrimination.

What an interesting non sequitur! I left nothing out of this three-paragraph history. It jumped directly from describing the Mt. Soledad cross to “Jews weren’t welcome in the area until the University of California arrived”. An interesting topic in itself.

For reference, La Jolla is an expensive beachfront residential area and the location of UC San Diego. The Ernest shooting happened in Poway twenty miles inland from La Jolla.

I followed the links:


The End of Covenant, by Sue Garson

For years, La Jolla was infamous for its genteel anti-Semitism: Jews could visit but they couldn’t buy homes here. But the combined efforts of UCSD and determined Jewish buyers eventually broke the “The Covenant.” Now La Jolla is the center of San Diego’s Jewish community.

Sounds like… colonization? Cultural appropriation? ‘Dis gonna be good.

Nowhere does modern Jewish life thrive locally today as it does in La Jolla, which has become San Diego’s largest Jewish enclave with around 12,000 members of the tribe (according to the United Jewish Federation). Even though most of La Jolla’s Jews are unaffiliated, evidence of Jewish religious and cultural activities dot La Jolla’s luscious landscape. There are New York style delis, bagel shops and a large Kosher Food Section at Ralphs. In addition to a lavish Jewish Community Center, there are two Chabad centers, three large synagogues, the annual Jewish Film Festival, and an annual Jewish Book Fair where comedian/raconteur Alan King appeared last November. Menorahs are displayed on public land during Chanukah. On Shabbat it is common to see families walking rather than driving, their payis and tzit-tzit blowing in La Jolla’s gentle breezes; covered-up women wear wigs or headscarves even on the hottest summer days. No, this is not Crown Heights with palm trees – but the recent addition of a mikvah on La Jolla Scenic Drive certainly lays claim to La Jolla as the Jewish center of San Diego.

Emphasis mine, as usual. That hypocrisy pissed me off. From Wikipedia on Mt. Soledad:

On August 21, 2006, the American Civil Liberties Union representing the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America filed a separate lawsuit against the U.S. government and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, charging that the continued display of the Mt. Soledad Latin cross on federally owned land unlawfully entangles government with religion…

The original complaint from socialist Philip K. Paulson was separate from this. His complaint was merged with the Jewish War Vets a month later.

Even apart from this specific case, people today (especially high-level politicians) fear to offend Jews yet think nothing of defying and outlawing Christian beliefs.

The longest hatred

“The greatest danger of Jewish Power lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.”
-Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., cherished American Aviation Hero for whom San Diego’s International Airport is named.

Lindbergh was an American hero for both aviation and fascism. Despite his support for the Third Reich, when USA entered WW2 Lindbergh served as a pilot in the Pacific Theater with honor.

La Jolla wasn’t always Jewish turf. Less than 50 years ago, Jews were unwelcome, barred from buying homes by a large-scale conspiracy among realtors and homeowners, the shadowy and infamous “La Jolla covenant.” But the systemic anti-Semitism in La Jolla was only the genteel side of an uglier, more threatening force that has plagued Jews for centuries.

A long list of anti-Semitic incidents dating back to Caesar Caligula omitted. John Earnest isn’t the only guy walking around with a head full of indexed racial grievances.

La Jolla’s version

In the late 1950s, local realtors told plasma physicist Marshall Rosenbluth (who went on to receive the National Medal of Science in 1997) they would lose their jobs if they sold him a piece of La Jolla real estate. This was part of the well-known covenant, or “Gentlemen’s Agreement” among realtors and La Jolla residents who attempted to keep their exclusive community free from undesirable elements. Jews were considered a threat to La Jolla’s status quo of genteel W.A.S.P. tranquility. Although discrimination was unenforceable, those La Jolla real estate brokers who belonged to the REBA (Real Estate Brokers Association) developed methods of thwarting purchases by potential homebuyers they considered undesirable.

Unenforceability came from the 1948 Supreme Court case Shelley v. Kraemer. Such restrictions were not actually outlawed until 1968.

The 1947 film Gentlemen’s Agreement tackled this thorny issue. It (ironically) starred La Jolla native, actor Gregory Peck, one of the founders of the La Jolla Playhouse. Peck portrayed a Gentile posing as a Jew who tried to get jobs and accommodations and was met with constant rejection.

Using cinema for propaganda, are we? Maybe Charles Lindbergh had a valid point. And this was a big issue in 1947? Why were Jews trying for decades to live in a place that didn’t want them? I can’t answer but this seems relevant:


In 2008 & 2009, La Jolla had the most expensive housing in America. Land speculation might have driven the behavior. However, the migration attempts in the ’40s & ’50s significantly predate the UCSD campus which is surely a major factor in property values.

But the primary tactic to keep Jews out was an agreement among realtors not to sell to Jews. In addition to using coded language in brochures that described certain La Jolla communities as “exclusive” and “discriminating,” no “For Sale” signs were put on La Jolla properties, which made it impossible for Jewish clients to know which properties were actually on the market.

This sounds like a defensive action, not an act of aggression. If they don’t want you there, and you have no roots there, then you shouldn’t go there.

Scripps Institute of Oceanography circumvented the problem by creating Scripps Estate. In 1951, Roger Revelle, then director of Scripps, and a group of associates bought land on the hillside above Scripps Institute of Oceanography and created the Estates on beautiful ocean view lots so that its faculty – many of whom were Jewish – would have affordable housing near Scripps. Scientists Ed Goldberg and Leonard Liebermann were among the first homeowners at Scripps Estates.

Revelle used the company he directed to stealthily create a Jewish enclave. Convergence! “Many of whom were Jewish”? Jews are almost nothing of the US population. If we’re talking on the order of 30+% of new hires being Jews then Revelle was a straight-up race traitor, sabotaging his fellow people’s efforts to keep out the unwanted. But I don’t have actual hiring numbers.

By the early 1960s, the situation had eased a bit but buying real estate in La Jolla was still difficult for Jews, according to Ralph’s wife, Johnnie Stahl. By 1962, though, there was a growing Jewish community in and around La Jolla as a result of talk of establishing UCSD and a loosening of the real estate restrictions that had been rigidly observed for the past half century. Many of the new families lived in La Jolla Scenic Heights, a defiantly non-restricted development of 80 homes built by Leonard Drogin and financed by Harry Sugarman. This became La Jolla’s “ghetto.”

It’s one thing to be forced into a ghetto when your neighbors’ attitude changes. It’s another to build a ghetto in a place where you were never welcomed in the first place and had to endure years of organized opposition just to establish a foothold.

The Stahls were one of the “ghetto” families. When the Stahl’s 6-year-old son Daniel began asking about his identity, rudimentary Jewish education in La Jolla was born. At first Daniel was sent to the home of Professor Jason Saunders, of Sugarman Drive, who was teaching his two young children Jewish observances and traditions. “After a few weeks, Saunders complained that he was putting too many hours of preparation into this small class,” recalls Jonnie Stahl. Within two weeks Jonnie provided more than 20 young recruits and classes moved to the Stahl residence, in four different rooms. “Jason was supplemented with student volunteers from UCSD. After classes there was a sumptuous lunch – deli mostly – at the house. That seemed to make their work worthwhile,” she explains. This grass roots informal arrangement became known as the “Sabbath School.”

Using student volunteers from the new university to provide private education for one’s kids? That sounds like a bad idea, not to mention Saunders possibly exceeding his authority as a college professor.

“One of our special treats was a visit from Isaac Bashevis Singer,” Jonnie Stahl continues, “Our students gathered at my home where he told us some of his stories. He said he was a vegetarian and that when he died, there would be all the chickens he didn’t eat to greet him in Heaven and that they would lay him the biggest omelet he had ever eaten.”

Yep. Bad idea to use student volunteers.

The first Jewish doctor on staff at Scripps Clinic was Joseph Feldman who came to La Jolla with his family in 1961. The Feldmans were courted by Scripps and managed to rent a house in La Jolla, knowing that because of the restrictions, they couldn’t own property there. Like other Jewish families, they didn’t even try to buy a house because so many others had met with failure. “Within a year, we fled,” recalls Feldman’s widow, Nomi. “As adults, we were better able to handle the slurs,” she remembers, “but it was very hard on the children to come home from a school where ‘Dirty Jew!’ and other familiar epithets were used.” The social climate was very uncomfortable. “We especially didn’t like it when our daughter took art lessons at the secular La Jolla Community Center and came home singing Christmas hymns,” Feldman continues. The Feldmans moved back to La Jolla in the late ’60s after the covenant was broken. “UCSD brought Jews to La Jolla and that changed everything,” she says.

The racial slurs were bad but her daughter praising Christ was worse.

UCSD changes everything

Although Jonas Salk and the Salk Institute For Biological Studies brought many Jewish scientists and their families to La Jolla, most agree that the agent of change was UCSD. Spearheading the effort was one of the twentieth century’s most eminent scientists and recipient of the National Medical of Science, Roger Revelle. (He is often referred to as the “Father of UCSD.”)

Although REBA (established in 1925) facilitated La Jolla’s early anti-Semitic housing restrictions, through Revelle’s forcefully charismatic persuasion, brokers began to realize that they had a lot to lose financially if they continued discriminating against Jews. Revelle ultimately forced a choice among REBA members between maintaining the covenant and having a university. You can’t have both, explained Revelle in a fiery speech at a La Jolla Town Council meeting. He made sure they understood that a university couldn’t exist without having a significant number of Jewish professors whose children would be attending La Jolla’s schools.

Although realtors eventually saw the light and welcomed the economic expansion that a new university would bring, many settled homeowners wanted to preserve the status quo. Some of them left La Jolla and moved to Rancho Santa Fe, which today has a notable, although less visible, Jewish population.

Colonization. Cultural appropriation. Roger Revelle continued using the institutions he controlled as Trojan horses to expand the Jewish presence in La Jolla until the article date of 2008, at which time Judaism is ascendant in the area per the Jews.

Looking back before 1960, it was common for Jews to anglicize their names and describe anything Jewish in whispered tones. “Today when I look out my window I see Jewish institutions as prevalent as hospitals,” muses Jonnie Stahl. “Where you have science,” she concludes, “you have Jews!” 

And it only took half a century.

The current scandals on Ivy League universities bestowing shameless favoritism upon Jews suggests that their dominance in science is less achievement than gatekeeping.

For Revelle’s efforts he received an award from the American Jewish Committee. As punishment for his efforts, Al Hutler speculated that Revelle was denied the first chancellorship of UCSD, which went to Herbert York instead.

*checks* Both Revelle and York are Marxist graduates of UC Berkeley so I doubt it mattered. Let’s focus on Revelle.

From his Wikipedia entry:

Roger Revelle was born in Seattle … and grew up in southern California, graduating from Pomona College in 1929 with early studies in geology and then earning a Ph.D. in oceanography from the University of California, Berkeley in 1936. While at Cal, he studied under George Louderback and was initiated into Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity which started as a mining engineering fraternity and maintained a strong affinity for geology and geological engineering students. Much of his early work in oceanography took place at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) in San Diego. He was also Oceanographer for the Navy during WWII. He became director of SIO from 1950 to 1964. He stood against the UC faculty being required to take an anti-communist oath during the Joseph McCarthy period. He served as Science Advisor to Interior Secretary Stewart Udall during the Kennedy Administration in the early 1960s, and was President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1974).

I didn’t find anything on Louderback’s politics but his physiognomy is fascinating:

He’s got Soros-sized lower eyelids and heavy crows-feet denoting marital or sexual stress. A very sharp chin combined with a thick vertical line between his brows indicates a forceful personality, one that surely pursued a political agenda (he served in many high-level positions) that somehow didn’t become common knowledge. His ears are probably the result of wearing large-framed glasses for years.

Between his eyeborws, he also has the “visionary triangle” lines and interestingly, that horizontal line between the eyes & across the nose is the “burnout” line.

Look at his upper eyelids. Total mismatch! The left upper eyelid is normal enough but the massive hood on the right –practically obliterating the eyebrow–indicates exceptionally poor temper. A desire to not feel connected to his external environment.

Lastly, see how those nasolabial lines are heavy around flared nostrils? The guy is practically sneering at the camera. His mustache makes it hard to tell if his mouth is pessimistic but the mustache itself gives the perception that it is.

This is the face of a man who is exhausted from attacking his world.

Stewart Udall was a proponent of forced race integration, expanding government influence over culture and an early alarmist on environmentalism. Multiple members of his family are in high-level politics.

Nice mentors you had, Revelle.

Hans Suess was recruited by Revelle, and they co-authored a 1957 paper using Carbon-14 isotope levels to assess the rate at which carbon dioxide added by fossil fuel combustion since the start of the industrial revolution had accumulated in the atmosphere. They concluded that most of it had been absorbed by the Earth’s oceans, contrary to the assumption made by early geoscientists (Chamberlin, Arhenius and Callendar) that it would simply accumulate in the upper atmosphere to “lower the mean level of back radiation in the infrared and thereby increase the average temperature near the earth’s surface.” There had been little sign to date of this greenhouse effect causing the anticipated warming, but the Suess-Revelle paper suggested that increasing human gas emissions might change this. They said that “human beings are now carrying out a large scale geophysical experiment of a kind that could not have happened in the past nor be reproduced in the future.”

This is not true. Volcanic eruptions are chemically relevant.

Revelle told journalists about the issues, and testified to Congress that “The Earth itself is a space ship”, endangered by rising seas and desertification. A November 1957 report in The Hammond Times described his research as suggesting that “a large scale global warming, with radical climate changes may result” – the first use of the term global warming. A biographer of Suess later said that, although other articles in the same journal discussed carbon dioxide levels, the Suess-Revelle paper was “the only one of the three to stress the growing quantity of CO2 contributed by our burning of fossil fuel, and to call attention to the fact that it might cause global warming over time.”

Interesting that the creator of global warming hoaxes is the same guy who acted as a Trojan horse to give Jews the foothold in La Jolla they’d wanted for many years.

In the November 1982 Scientific American Letters to the Editors, Revelle stated: “We must conclude that until a warming trend that exceeds the noise level of natural climatic fluctuations becomes clearly evident, there will be considerable uncertainty and a diversity of opinions about the amplitude of the climatic effects of increased atmospheric CO2. If the modelers are correct, such a signal should be detectable within the next 10 or 15 years.”

Well, the signal wasn’t detected, no global warming happened and the human race didn’t go extinct as a direct result of the American bourgeois-industrial complex. This is good news, liberals! Aren’t you happy you were wrong about global warming? It’s the sort of dire prediction that one should be happy about getting wrong.

But no, you just moved on to “climate change”.

During the late 1950s, Revelle fought for the establishment of a University of California campus in San Diego. He had to contend with the UC University Board of Regents who would have preferred merely to expand the University of California, Los Angeles campus rather than create an entirely new campus in San Diego. He also conflicted with San Diego politicians and businessmen who believed the campus should be established in San Diego proper, such as near San Diego State University or in Balboa Park. The decision was made in 1959, with the first graduate students enrolled in 1960, and the first undergraduates in 1964. …

When at Scripps and while building UCSD, Revelle also had to deal with a La Jolla community that refused to rent or sell property to Jews. In addition to battling the anti-semitic restrictive covenant of La Jolla real estate, Revelle helped found a new housing subdivision for Scripps professors, partially because some of them would not have been allowed to live in La Jolla.

In light of the preceding paragraph, one wonders if Revelle didn’t choose the location of UCSD… even the very existence of UCSD… specifically to benefit Jewish colonization.

Revelle left Scripps in 1963 and founded the (now defunct) Center for Population Studies at Harvard University. In his over ten years there as its Director, he focused upon the application of science and technology to the problem of world hunger. In 1976 he returned to UC San Diego as Professor of Science, Technology and Public Affairs (STPA) in the school’s political science department.

Communist confirmed, as if refusing to take oaths of loyalty to America and authoring the global warming scare weren’t proof enough. Heck, let’s add one more layer of proof, just for humiliation… ex post facto:


Around the Pier: Gore: Roger Revelle Was My Inspiration

By Al Gore, 1 June 2007

Former Vice President Al Gore visited La Jolla May 21 to pay homage to the half-century of contributions Scripps Institution of Oceanography has made toward furthering the understanding of climate change for the world. Gore’s visit to Scripps and UC San Diego was especially significant because it connected his contemporary climate change platform to the original visionaries at Scripps who brought the issue to light more than 50 years ago.

He still calls himself “Former Vice President” because he’s done nothing with his life but politics. Which has left him so sheltered, he STILL doesn’t realize “former vice president” means “loser”.

The former vice president [snort] may be widely recognized as the spokesperson on this hot topic, but Gore credited Scripps repeatedly for its critical role in framing climate change as a modern societal issue. Gore made acknowledgement of his former teacher and legendary Scripps climate science leader Roger Revelle, whom he recognized as his inspiration for his global warming public awareness crusade.

While in town, Gore attended a special VIP reception at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps marking the opening of its new climate change exhibit, “Feeling the Heat: The Climate Challenge.” …

Gore joined Haymet, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Birch Aquarium Executive Director Nigella Hillgarth, and Ellen Revelle, widow of Roger Revelle, to cut the “Keeling Curve” ribbon to celebrate the opening of the exhibit.

Plus, it's easier than taking responsibility and actually doing something - Imgflip

Roger Revelle, you didn’t just invent global warming alarmism.

You didn’t just force San Diego to accept unwanted Jewish invaders who proceeded to tear down a famous cross (unsuccessfully) while placing their own icons on public land.

You didn’t just use the organizations you led as Converged tools for your socialist politics.

You inspired “Former Vice President” Al Gore to copycat you.



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