This Is Your Public Defender On Drugs

Journalists and even Presidential hopefuls are rushing to the defense of Brian Carmody. Who? The freelance journalist who leaked the truth about San Francisco's Vibrant Public Defender dying of a drug overdose with a prostitute. Oops. Public Defender Jeff Adachi dies By Tim Redmond, 23 February 2019 Jeff Adachi, who built the San Francisco … Continue reading This Is Your Public Defender On Drugs

Vatican Trains Protestant Exorcists

On the one hand, this is an encouraging example of inter-Christian cooperation. On the other hand, it's the wrong problem for organized Christianity to address. Rome opens up exorcism course to all major Christian faiths to fight rising demonic forces By Leonardo Blair, 9 May 2019 For the first time in 14 years, the … Continue reading Vatican Trains Protestant Exorcists