British Bingo

None of us heritage nationalists have been able to come up with a good name for our movement/ideology/philosophy/hobby. The British Pozz have trouble, too. XRW is the best they can do, which doesn't roll off the tongue unless you pronounce it "Nissan XRW", like a car. Weird how that works. I'll give you a moment … Continue reading British Bingo

MGTOW Life: Inevitability

For the holiday weekend, a relaxing screed from a wimminz upset that over half of male managers have, shall we say, bought into the myth of toxic feminism. Sad survey: 60% of male managers are “uncomfortable” working around women By Melissa Locker, 17 May 2019 and SurveyMonkey just released the results of a … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Inevitability

This Is Your Public Defender On Drugs

Journalists and even Presidential hopefuls are rushing to the defense of Brian Carmody. Who? The freelance journalist who leaked the truth about San Francisco's Vibrant Public Defender dying of a drug overdose with a prostitute. Oops. Public Defender Jeff Adachi dies By Tim Redmond, 23 February 2019 Jeff Adachi, who built the San Francisco … Continue reading This Is Your Public Defender On Drugs