SF Port Commissioners Betray the People

Plans for a new homeless shelter on the San Francisco Embarcadero, one of the most valuable properties on the SF bay, have been finalized despite near-total opposition from residents. The American Thinker believes it’s a land grab, an intentional effort to depress land values for the superwealthy to snap up at a bargain price. What can physiognomy tell us?

In poop-covered San Francisco, the super-rich prey on the Left’s merely wealthy


By Monica Showalter, 25 April 2019

San Francisco is a city covered in excrement, and now even the wealthy inhabitants of its Embarcadero are going to experience more of it, up close to home and quite personal.

Here’s the news from the Guardian:

“Authorities in San Francisco have approved plans for a homeless shelter that had faced fierce protests from wealthy local residents.

Tuesday’s unanimous vote by San Francisco’s port commissioners was the culmination of weeks of contention that began with residents of one of the city’s most desirable waterfront neighborhoods raising more than $101,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to pay for an attorney to fight the construction of the Navigation Center.”

They got steamrolled. This comes despite what locals say was “nearly 100% opposition,” along with a swift raising of more than $100,000 from a GoFundMe campaign to legally fight the coming nightmare. They’re about to learn they’ve become the latest sacrificial lambs, because they’re now the low men on the San Francisco totem pole. They’ve become the new peasants, and they probably don’t even know it.

But they do know that something has gone wrong. The Guardian continues:

“We believe that in the mayor’s haste to meet her campaign promises, she has failed to follow the law,” he said. “It’s pretty disrespectful to the people who live there to shove it down their throats like this. I have been practicing law in this city for almost 30 years and I have never seen so much disregard for the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of thousands of people.”

This is classic Leftoidism. I’ve said it before, most Californians are disgusted by what’s going on but we’re completely frozen out of the halls of power. Yes, elections are still being held. No, they don’t matter worth a dime.

Maybe they should have thought of that before they elected an incompetent weakling like Mayor London Breed based on color considerations, or passed Proposition C in that same election, taxing big businesses to pay for More Homeless programs. The residents aren’t the most sympathetic people out there, given their voting patterns. All the same, this could be some kind of watershed, widening a new fault line on the left, given that tech billionaires were the ones behind this, making a sort of warfare on the merely wealthy. After all, in San Francisco, there’s no one else left.

I also confess to little sympathy but only because most of them are not long-term residents. You come here to knowingly take advantage of the systematic looting and corruption, don’t cry when your turn comes. And it will.

The city already spends $77,000 per homeless person (the money going to activists and nonprofits), which is higher than the mean average income of the average U.S. resident, wrote Rich Cibotti in a data-filled 2017 piece for the Daily Wire.

You get more of what you subsidize. One should not apply the presumption of innocence to these Elites who could give the homeless a middle-class salary for nothing and still save money.

The Embarcadero people, who likely have extended themselves financially to live there…

“Buy a house as quickly as you can!” they said. “Why pay rent when you can build equity by paying off a mortgage instead?” Reason one, paying off interest isn’t equity. Reason two, you’re committed to living in a society whose government doesn’t care about you.

…aren’t going to be happy about going underwater on their mortgages as the homeless move in. But on the left, money talks, and these poor souls just don’t have the political clout it takes in San Francisco to keep the homeless off their doorsteps the way the super-rich do. They are, after all, merely wealthy, not tech billionaires.

Now, the measure was opposed by residents, but it was loudly supported by the super-rich, such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (formerly an Oracle biggie), who are fully sheltered from any ‘interaction’ with the city’s abundant homeless or their “byproducts.”

Benioff loudly supported Proposition C, which is likely to drive businesses and tax revenue from the city, but apparently not his company, which will have to shell out only $10 million in new taxes. The company itself paid $7 million to get the measure passed. (Dorsey opposed it.) …

Does it sound as though someone wanted to lower property values, chasing the local residents out, and then cleaning up later? The homeless center is, supposedly, “temporary,” with a lease to be renewed or not in two years. It almost sounds as though the super-rich are seeking to drive enough residents out by ruining the quality of their lives as they pay high costs, driving their mortgages under water, and getting the market low enough to make a killing. The super-rich can do that; the merely wealthy cannot. Makes you wonder why Benioff and Dorsey were just so enthusiastic as advocates for the homeless industrial complex. They seem to be using the homeless as guided weapons targeting the merely wealthy hoi polloi.

This is the Bank of Land that I’ve mentioned before. Property ownership is a good hedge against inflation but its value, like everything, is subject to change… and by extension, market manipulation & collusion.

Let’s bring in physiognomy by looking at the Port Commissioners. I’m expecting pedos, feministas, banksters and a First Black Female Whatever. *pulls out bingo card*


Kimberly Brandon, President

Commissioner Kimberly BrandonCommissioner Kimberly Brandon was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. in August 1997. She was first elected president of the Commission in 2000…

Ms. Brandon is the first African-American woman to serve on the Commission.

First Black Female Whatever! I was a bit worried about that one. She might have been a worthless Second.

She recently retired as senior vice president at Morgan Stanley. She previously provided strategic investment management advice at Bank of America Private Bank and worked with high net-worth clients at Wells Fargo.


She also spends numerous hours serving the community on various boards and is immediate past chair of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of African Diaspora and an active board member of PACT, Inc, Metta Fund, Vice Chair, San Francisco State University’s Board of Trustees, The San Francisco Foundation’s Koshland Committee and Professional Advisor’s Committee, The Bethel Heritage Foundation and a member of the San Francisco Chapter of The Links, Inc, where she serves on the Finance and Investment Committee of the Links Foundation, Inc.

She’s quite the influence peddler.

Ms. Brandon is a graduate of San Francisco State University. She has completed Cannon Financials Certified Wealth Strategist Mastery Program and holds the National Association of Securities Dealers Series 7 and 66 licenses. She is a native to San Francisco.

So Kimberly has skin in the game but being a senior investment manager and deal-maker for the superwealthy is quite the conflict of interest.

San Francisco Port Commission Elects New Officers

Kimberly is on the left. Cutting pupils and “new moon” eyes mark her as exceptionally untrustworthy.

On the right is the next guy, Willie Adams. His physiognomy is unremarkable, actually. Gab lines about the corners of his mouth (those are the second parallel lines, not the first) suggest he’s a talker. Nose tip is bulbous so some financial interest/experience. None of that’s a hard guess since I already know his background.

Willie Adams, Vice President

WillieAdams2014Commissioner Willie Adams was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Edwin M. Lee in July 2012. …

Mr. Adams was named the President of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) in 2018. Mr. Adams’s long history with ILWU started in Tacoma, Washington in 1978, where he worked on the docks as a longshoreman for 24 years. In 1998, he was elected by co-workers to serve on their local union Executive Board and chosen in 2000 to serve on the union’s International Executive Board. Mr. Adams was also elected to serve as one of three Trustees who oversee the ILWU’s finances. Mr. Adams has represented the ILWU during visits with workers in South Africa, Australia, Spain, Cuba, Vietnam and China.

A union boss, which is synonymous for political corruption, but he earned some calluses doing actual port work so I can’t be too hard on him. He probably does the real work of the Commission while President First Negress handles the photo-ops.

Mr. Adams also serves on the Board of TransAfrica, where he works closely with Board Chairman Danny Glover and Board member Harry Belafonte. He is a passionate cultural advocate. He produced “Celebrations of Black History and Labor” programs in Tacoma, which featured cultural and political figures including Danny Glover, Paul Robeson, Jr., Yolanda King (Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter), hip-hop icon Chuck D, and Betty Shabazz (daughter of Malcolm X). He is also executive producer of several documentary films, including one exploring the life of African American writer Langston Hughes, “Hughes’ Dream Harlem,” and “The Black Composers,” which tells the story of African American film score composers. Mr. Adams is currently involved with a full-length dramatic film exploring the life of labor leader Harry Bridges. Mr. Adams has resided in San Francisco since 2003.

A blacktivist.

Doreen Woo Ho, Commissioner

Commissioner Doreen Woo Ho was appointed to the San Francisco Port Commission by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors in May 2011 and was elected President of the Port Commission in 2012 and 2013. She currently serves as a member of the U.S. Bancorp Board of Directors. … She is a retired seasoned executive with over 35 years of commercial and consumer banking experience. She is the former President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of United Commercial Bank and President of Community Banking.

Serious bankster.

Prior to UCB she was engaged by Wells Fargo & Company (1998-2008) as the President of the Consumer Credit Group and also was an EVP responsible for Enterprise Marketing, Student Loans and Corporate Trust. She was also a member of the Wells Fargo Management Committee. Ms. Ho managed a portfolio of over $100 Billion in assets with nationwide distribution in multiple channels. Prior to Wells Fargo, she was a Senior Vice President with Citibank, holding multiple management positions in corporate banking, marketing, retail banking, consumer & mortgage lending, and small business banking. Before joining Citibank, Ms. Woo Ho was a correspondent for Time magazine and CBS Radio News based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Ms. Ho is a graduate of Smith College and Columbia University.

Wow. I can’t believe she wouldn’t manipulate a housing market for personal gain given the chance. It’s only been her life’s work.

A resident of San Francisco since 1974, she is married to James K. Ho, Board President of Chinese Hospital and former Deputy Mayor of San Francisco.

On one hand, she’s a resident. On the other hand, mondo conflicts of interest. Can the superwealthy truly be residents of any particular place?

Board of Directors - U.S. Bank Annual Report 2014

Keeping exclusively to the Chinese school here, long, high, rounded eyebrows indicate a pleasant attitude and friendliness. “Slightly squished from round” eyes indicate cunning and shrewdness. A big-tipped nose indicates a big ego. Invisible, large nostrils indicates great courage in making money with a possible streak of selfishness.

The raised cheekbone is considered stubborn, tenacious or even treasonous. The Western system is more charitable, regarding raised cheeks as an indicator of general dominance. Because her eyebrows don’t fit with the rest of her face, I wonder if they’re fake.

Gail Gilman, Commissioner

Commissioner Gail Gilman was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Mark Farrell in April 2018. She has previously served on numerous housing and homeless tasks forces and was appointed in 2017 by Governor Brown to California’s Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. She previously served on the commission for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.

Ms. Gilman has over 25 years of non-profit experience and extensive experience in real estate development of residential housing, land-use policy, activation of commercial spaces in supportive housing, social enterprise, economic development, homelessness, social services, public policy and community organizing. She has been chief executive officer at the Community Housing Partnership since 2010. She is extensively involved in regional and national public policy efforts related to housing and homelessness. Ms. Gilman received a Master of Non-Profit Administration from University of San Francisco and lives in the North Beach neighborhood along the waterfront.

A homeless advocate, of course she supported a new homeless shelter. More money for her the poor!

The “Mommy Frog-Lips” face of women who breed kids then are too busy with a career to raise them. (I couldn’t confirm or deny this for Gail.) Thousand-cock stare doesn’t raise my opinion of her personality. One eye larger than the other can indicate estrangement from parents. Regardless, she’s a feminista!

Victor G. Makras, Commissioner

Commissioner Victor Makras was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Mark Farrell in April 2018. Mr. Makras previously served on the boards for Permit Appeals, Public Utilities Commission, Police Commission, Fire Department, and the San Francisco Employees Retirement Board. He also volunteers his time with additional organizations including City College of San Francisco Mission Advisory Board, Willie J. Brown Institute and the California International Relations Foundation.

Another associate of Willie Brown. Willie’s burning ass is probably the first thing you’ll smell in Hell, for those who end up in the Other Land Down Under. Among other accomplishments, he supported Jim Jones of Jonestown Massacre infamy, was one of the first State leaders to give preferential hiring to Sodomites and his protege was now-governor Gavin Newsom.

An established Real Estate Broker in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Mr. Makras previously was president of the San Francisco Association of Realtors. He spearheads Makras Real Estate Group, a leading San Francisco real estate group specializing in buying and selling residential properties and property management. Mr. Makras is a benefactor of several charitable organizations, including On Your Feet Foundation, the Aids Emergency Fund, and the Mission Housing Development Corporation. He received training in real estate from College of San Mateo and is a member of the National Association of Realtors.


Port Commission | Port of San Francisco

Problem glasses! Pedoface! And confirmed by his support for the AIDS Emergency Fund.


Three Port Commissioners are high-level Wall Street types, one is a homeless advocate and one is the token cis-male who works for a living. If a super-Elite actually was trying to manipulate property values to build himself a new kingdom, he would assemble exactly this kind of team. Three to work the system, one to manage the homeless being used as foils and one to oversee day-to-day port operations.


3 thoughts on “SF Port Commissioners Betray the People

  1. It’s probably a land grab. Think of Governor Patrick Bateman suing the city of Huntington Beach for failing to put in enough “affordable housing.” All this is an effort to drive out middle and upper middle class people. We should’ve taken voting a lot more seriously and voted for order and honesty over “progress,” shouldn’t we?

    The local cops here have increasingly taken to telling people that this is what they voted for when they complain of vagrants and crime. It’s true.


  2. Increasingly, I can’t support the “you voted for this” argument. It’s what the women vote for, not the men, and the games Democrats play to rig the ballot box make it all a moot point.

    On the bright side, sounds like the cops are really pissed off about what’s going on. Most of us “law and order” types are… at least, I like to think that.


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