Where Are Nigel Shelby’s Bullies?

Parents shouldn’t raise their boys to be suicides by sexually confusing them.

Jeff Graves: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nigel Shelby was a 15-year-old Huntsville High School student who committed suicide on the afternoon of April 19. Nigel, who had been battling depression and struggled with his sexuality, also endured constant bullying at school. “Nigel was the sweetest child. He was so outgoing. He was always so full of joy full of life,” Nigel’s mother Camika Quintay recalled.

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Nigel. He never had the chance for a healthy, normal life because his mother raised him to be a sex toy for older men.

Quintay isn’t sure if any acts of bullying occurred at school on the day that Nigel took his own life but acknowledged that bullying had been an ongoing issue for her son. “Depression is really a disease and when you are to have a kid is really depressed and going through a lot emotionally, free to call him names that you shouldn’t call him you know or say stuff to them it sometimes has a worse effect then it would on a child who is not struggling with depression,” Quintay shared with WZDX. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Nigel’s family.

On April 20, Principal Aaron King wrote on the Huntsville High School PTSA Facebook page, “We were saddened to learn this morning of the death of Nigel Shelby, one of our 9th grade students. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.” He said that counselors would be on hand to help Shelby’s grieving classmates. The school’s Facebook also posted resources for students and their families.

On April 22, Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Christie Finley spoke at a school board meeting and implored listeners to “treat one another as you want to be treated.” She asked the community to embrace “values of acceptance, kindness, generosity, helpfulness and basically, just being a human.” She said that adults should not just teach these values, but model them as well.

You know what’s missing from this story? Besides the father?

The bullies are missing.

I looked through a lot of news stories on Nigel’s suicide and not a single one had a single example of the bullying that supposedly drove Nigel to suicide. Schools are practically prisons today, guards and cameras everywhere, with Social Justice drones on hyper-trigger for the slightest badthink. In fact, I’ll give an example of that at the end to finish on a high note.

But no bullies. Not one account of bullying in school records, not one anti-Nigel statement in social media. I trust that the NPC crowd have scoured those records more thoroughly than I ever could have. In fact, I even swam into the sewer of LGBT activists in search of the REAL story… and found this. No link, I don’t associate with this kind of site… the Faustian things that I do, sigh… but the mainstream media don’t like to give the full picture of an unwilling child’s prematurely forced sexual experiences. The Sodomites are always more honest among their own kind:

Nigel Shelby ‘struggled with his identity’, mother says

Shelby’s mother explained: “I knew he was struggling. I knew he was depressed. We were going to see doctors on a regular basis. He was going to see a psychiatrist. I’m still shocked that my baby’s not here anymore.

“With Nigel’s situation he was already struggling with his identity, so he was going through some stressful times. And depression is real. A lot of people don’t understand that depression is a disease.

“And when you have a kid who is already depressed and going through a lot emotionally, for you to call him names that you shouldn’t call him or say stuff to them, it sometimes has a worse effect than it would on a child who is not struggling with depression.”

She added: “Coming out at such a young age, it can be hard. You don’t know if you are going to be accepted. He didn’t know if I was going to accept him. He’s my child. I love him. I know him. I already knew.”

She admits that Nigel’s real problem was struggling with the sexual perversions his mother was forcing upon him. Which leads us to the truth:

Nigel suicided because his mother used him as an unwilling subject for transsexual experimentation. At age 15, Nigel should be just beginning to be sexually aware, at odds with his “coming out at such a young age”. Camika Quintay is a child abuser who drove her son to suicide and then invented “school bullying” so people wouldn’t get the wrong idea about sexual predators… or her.

The principal? Superintendent? They’re helping with the coverup even though doing so opens them up to a wrongful death lawsuit. If schoolyard bullies really did drive him to suicide on their watch then they’ll lose their jobs at best. Come on, a high schooler wearing a MAGA hat is national news these days, let alone a team of LGBT persecutors. But that was apparently the easier way out than telling a ghetto rat baby momma that she done wrong.

The LGBT community? They know the score yet they’re milking the case for publicity and money. At age 15, Nigel had almost certainly begun to be raped by homosexuals.

Nigel Shelby’s suicide is a total lie. No school bullies, all sexual violations, yet the world celebrates him as a martyr for the very perversions that made suicide the easy way out.

May God damn the wicked in Nigel’s name.

Ending on a higher note, you probably wonder why the above article’s title was a guy named Jeff Graves. That’s Deputy Graves and a flippant comment from him gave the predators trying to hush up Nigel’s death an excellent distraction.

Cop Posted Homophobic Comments About Nigel Shelby, Who Killed Himself After Allegedly Being Bullied In School

Cop Posted Homophobic Comments About Nigel Shelby, Who Killed Himself After Allegedly Being Bullied In School

A police officer in Alabama was not fired after he posted a homophobic Facebook comment about a 15-year-old boy who had recently committed suicide after being bullied in school for being gay. Instead, he was only put on administrative leave for his despicably vile social media activity that falls well outside the scope of protecting and serving a community.

“Liberty Guns Bible Trump BBQ That’s my kind of LGBTQ movement. I’m seriously offended there is such a thing such as the movement. Society cannot and should not accept this behavior,” Madison County Deputy Jeff Graves wrote in the comments section of a Facebook post by a Huntsville TV station about Nigel Shelby to raise awareness about bullying of LGBTQ people.

Heh, and Jeff didn’t just make that up, either. It was a briefly lived clothing line from Kentucky.

A food truck owner faced backlash after advertising a T-Shirt that said, "I support LGBTQ. Liberty, guns, bible, Trump, BBQ." (Photo: Facebook)

Segue to


A food truck owner in Williamstown, Kentucky faced backlash for selling a T-shirt advertising his business on social media; however, the additional attention has caused the controversial swag to sell out.

Bell’s Smokin’ BBQ owner, Jamie Smith, shared a photo of the shirt on the business’s Facebook page on Thursday, and the message quickly went viral. The shirts in question read, “I support LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ,” and people weren’t just offended because ‘BBQ’ does not start with the letter ‘Q’ and that’s not how acronyms work.

Can you spot the Gamma tell in that last paragraph?

“The first thing I thought when I saw it was what a bad idea,” Chris Hartman, the Louisville Fairness Campaign director, said. “What a bad business model, to automatically isolate not just a segment of your potential customer base, but all of their family and friends.”

SJWs love to advocate on behalf of people who aren’t present. It gives them authority without responsibility. But don’t whip out your credit card. Bell’s BBQ did the one thing you never, ever do. NEVER APOLOGIZE TO SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS! NEVER!

“Belles Smoking BBQ apologizes if we have offended and groups, organization or individuals with our shirts. We respect all beliefs and lifestyles and want no ill will towards anyone.

And if you do make the mistake of apologizing, don’t talk like you’ve lawyered up in fear.

We know each person has their own thoughts and beliefs but we are hurt that the people who are saying ‘stop the hate’ are the ones coming at us with the harassing messages and threatening phone calls.

And if you do lawyer up and grovel, don’t beg for mercy like that. The position of victim doesn’t come cheap with this crowd. You gotta fight for it, and that’s hard when you’ve already grabbed your ankles.

Again we apologize for any hurt feelings and thank our supporters who truly know us.

End segue.

A sheriff’s office spokesman vowed a full investigation would be taking place.

“The Sheriff’s Office holds all its employees to high standard, and the public can be assured that a thorough and complete audit will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken,” Madison County Lt. Donny Shaw said in a statement. “The involved employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the audit.”

A paid vacation for the heat to die down. Jeff is probably on a beach in the Gulf, beer in one hand, phone spewing death threats in the other hand, with a shit-eating grin in between. That’s how you handle the easily triggered.

The fact that anyone who is supposed to protect and serve would say this under a post about a child is disgusting. Chances are this deputy is not the only one in his department who feels that way.

WITCH HUNT! Because we don’t want people to notice that nobody can find the schoolyard bullies.

Jeff Graves

Here’s Graves. A stereotypical “cop” face, squarish with thin lips and a solid jaw. Not a donut hound, that’s good. Sources say he has a background as a school cop, K9…

Deputy placed on leave after homophobic comments has worked as school resource officer, mental ...

and something called a Crisis Intervention Trainer, so he knows about dealing with the mentally ill. The “investigation” hasn’t finished yet but he should be okay, being experienced with handling psychos.

Deputy Graves, could you do me a favor and start asking where those schoolyard bullies are?


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