Adieu, California GOP!

I’ve ignored California’s branch of Useless White GOPes for so long, I didn’t notice they shut down permanently in February. No reason anybody should have noticed, of course, they’ve been irrelevant for a long time.

I noticed when I looked up Travis Allen, a politician so good that Governor Gavin Kitchen-Bitch singled him out for a lawsuit in his inaugural State of the State speech. How was Travis doing? Did he manage to recruit allies? Fighting the good fight? Was his district holding the line? There’s only a couple Cali politicians worth watching and he’s one of them, so…

He’d been shivved by his own party.


The following is an article by Republicuck shill Edward Ring, proud co-founder of the California Policy Center, a free-market think tank in 2013, thus a worthy subject for an autopsy of Cali-GOPe skinsuits. We begin with the perfect picture to express my hatred of Cucks… to express all that is wrong with the Republican Establishment:

Those are an assortment of past California Republican leaders… every one a Boomer Cuck… mooning over the newest Cal-GOP chairman chairperson, Jessica Patterson, a Latina and Ocasio-Cortes lookalike. How proud they are, to finally end all white male representation in California state politics.

Patterson, the new face of California’s “conservatives”. What is it they conserve, one wonders? Not even themselves per the Orange County Register: “With just 24 percent of voters in California now registering as Republicans, the party is No. 3 in the state, trailing Democrats and No Party Preference.”

California’s GOP Plays it Safe When Safe Equals Death

By Edward Ring, 25 February 2019

In September 2016, Michael Anton published an influential essay entitled “The Flight 93 Election.” It compared the 2016 election to the tragic Flight 93 of 9/11/2001. Anton’s essay opened with this: “2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees. Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain.”

Good Gawd, did he date himself. 2001 was eighteen years ago. Kids who were born after 9/11 are graduating high school now. But George Bush heroically retaliating for 9/11 by building Muslims a new caliphate is the only good PR Republicans have produced in two decades so he didn’t have much to work with.

And he didn’t get the analogy right. Flight 93’s lesson is if your enemies are going to kill you anyway then the best thing you can do is thwart their plans so they don’t win, either. Also, don’t hope that giving your enemies an easy win will ensure good treatment of you.

California’s GOP faced a similar existential choice this weekend at their semi-annual state convention, when they had to elect a new party chairman. California’s GOP, like Flight 93, faces certain death. Many would say it is dead already. A new term has been coined to describe the status of the GOP in California, a “mega minority.” Whereas a “super minority” means your party holds less than one out of every three offices, a “mega minority” means your party holds less than one out of every four offices. That would describe California’s GOP these days, where they control a mega minority in the State Assembly, the State Senate, California’s Congressional Caucus, and the higher state offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, etc., where they are not represented at all.

Three people rose to the challenge of flying California’s GOP into 2020, hopefully not crashing on the way. Firebrand populist and 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen, who is openly supportive of president Trump, the thoughtful veteran Steve Frank, who served as the party’s vice chair and is senior political editor of the California Political Review, and Jessica Patterson, who served as 2010 gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s statewide field director, and more recently as CEO of “Trailblazers,” an organization that trains GOP candidates.

Travis Allen was a fighter. Newsom chose him for his precedent-setting lawsuit forcing local governments to obey Moscow on pain of destruction. There’s no higher compliment for a good guy than to be hated by the devil himself.

Steve Frank was a guaranteed failure representing the Boomer Voting bloc.

And Jessica Patterson was the Entryist Woman of Color that will do to the Cal GOP what the Muslim terrorists did on Flight 93, grab the controls in order to kill you all. Does this mean that Ring is calling for Jessica’s ousting By Any Means Necessary? Of course not, as we’ll soon see.

As it turned out, on Sunday morning the establishment candidate, Patterson, received 651 delegate votes on the first ballot, which at 55 percent meant a second ballot was unnecessary. Allen got 366 votes, Frank got 175. It wasn’t close, but it wasn’t a blowout, either. If just 55 more delegates, out of 1,192 total, had gone with an insurgent, California’s GOP might have had a Trump supporter running the state party.

You GOPes installed female leadership in violation of God’s Will for human behavior. You instilled a nonwhite because they’re nonwhite. None of you, not even the political dynasties, raised a son of America to replace you. You have already entered Fatal Error 0E land. You’re done, you worthless, spineless, ball-less simps, and done by a very wide margin.

Travis Allen was your future. Steve Frank was your past. Jessica is your DEATH.

That’s the challenge that’s been handed to establishment favorite, Jessica Patterson, a thirty-something professional political operative whose first big job was working for Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman. Remember Meg Whitman? This is the business executive who ran for governor back in 2010, burning through $178 million – including well over $30 million from donors who were so embittered by her disastrous failure that they never came back.

Jessica isn’t going to lead. Women don’t lead, they follow. Who is Jessica going to follow? Not a Republican, now that she’s the top Republican.

You can go all the way back to the special election of 2005 to find examples of California’s GOP tepidity. It’s easy now to forget the excitement incoming Governor Schwarzenegger generated among the GOP faithful in California. Here was a candidate, as far removed from the establishment as Trump was a decade later, sitting in the guest’s chair, telling Jay Leno and half of America that “it’s the unions that are breaking California, and I’m going to terminate them.” And he tried for a full legislative season, during his first year as Governor, and he got nowhere. So in 2005 he took his case to the people, filing four initiatives – a balanced budget, redistricting reform, lengthened evaluation period for teacher tenure, and paycheck protection. The consultants, what a surprise, talked him out of a fifth – pension reform. And what happened?

There Schwarzenegger was, on television again, saying it was up to the people to save California. But he said it by himself. Alone. Where was California’s GOP during that entire election season? Instead of tapping into the populist momentum that had put Schwarzenegger into office, and giving it voice, most of them were running away from Schwarzenegger as fast as they could. Nobody who condemns Schwarzenegger for later pivoting left should forget that back in 2005, while the unions spent well over $100 million to defeat his initiatives, the GOP and its donors did not step up to match them in money or, more importantly, in their tone. They went to their safe spaces, protected their safe seats, and continued as the minority party, the dwindling opposition. Bleating haplessly. Losing.

His own party didn’t want him to succeed. Your party, Mr. Ring. Don’t blame the “donors”. I was here… I was watching.

These are the people who run California’s GOP. They’ve lost their mid level donors because mid-level donors can’t afford to support, over and over again, tepid, losing campaigns. They’ve lost most of their big donors because big donors would rather move their money into states where they can win.

Your big donors left because you were useless. Your middle donors left because you were useless. And your small donors…

And as of Sunday, February 24th, they’ve lost their grassroots support. That part is probably just fine; political consultants working for California’s GOP don’t care much for the grassroots.

The nice consultants – most of them – view grassroots activists with bemused tolerance. Others view them as an annoyance. On February 24th, they were more than a nuisance, they were a threat, crushed with moderate difficulty. Tragedy averted.

But the plane is still in a nosedive.

…can no longer pretend you give a care.

Do you think you’re any better than your peers, Mister Ring? Do you think you are not yourself seated in the cockpit, screaming praises to a false God as you betray the innocent? I will not allow you such blissful ignorance. The remainder of your article is advice to Jessica Patterson on how to “fix” California. It’s a joke but nobody is laughing:

All of [my coming suggestions] address the greatest inequity that Californians confront, but never solve – the criminally high, utterly contrived, scandalously avoidable, punitive cost-of-living in this state.



Enact school choice. Don’t just fight a rear guard action protecting the beleaguered charter schools. Approve school vouchers and allow competition between traditional public schools, charters, parochial schools, and private schools. Quit tiptoeing around this issue. California’s public schools are a ridiculous mess. Turn the state into a laboratory for education, and let parents choose which schools their children will attend. A lot of pedagogical debates would be settled pronto, if principals and teachers were able to run their schools any which way they wanted, yet were held absolutely accountable by the parents.

Ring wants to give Sacramento total control of ALL education in California because partial control hasn’t worked. “School vouchers” means “government funding”. So long as government is the middle man, they can easily attach all kinds of mandates and requirements to the money that vouchers would “force” them to provide. His advice is guaranteed to erase all differences between public, private and Christian schools through the magic of political centralization.

Instead, shut down public education entirely. It’s obviously not working and entrenched unionization means reform is practically impossible. Also, why should the childless be forced to pay for your children’s education? That is not their responsibility. Also also, the school are full of child molesting monstrosities. Drain the Swamp!

End all discrimination and base college admissions purely on merit. Expand STEM curricula so it represents 50 percent of college majors instead of the current 20 percent.

Insufficient. Ban all women from higher education so they focus on family instead. Men need young wives for sex and can’t have kids. This will also protect certain people… you Republicans, mainly… from the temptation to put your thumbs on the scales of ‘merit’.

Similarly, ban all Muslims and Subcontinental Indians from higher education. They are not the people of America. They do not belong in North America at all.

In all publicly funded institutions of higher education, fold all of ethnic and gender “studies” majors into the traditional fields of history and sociology.

Expel with prejudice all ethnic/gender students, faculty & administrators. For California’s sake, how can you be this stupid? The problem with Grievance Studies is NOT that it hasn’t been properly integrated with history!

Criminal Justice and Immigration

Restructure the penal system to make it easier for prisoners to perform useful public services. For example. along with working the fire lines during fire season, they could work all year clearing dead trees out of California’s forests. Use high-tech monitoring devices to reduce costs. Reserve current prisons only for the truly incorrigible.

The truth comes out. Switching the focus of criminal justice from “punishment” to “rehabilitation” was never about reducing crime. It was about fostering prison labor gangs. How can you look at our prison system and fantasize about all the work they could be doing for free? That is an abomination against Christ!

Punish crime such that the criminals don’t do it again. That is what the word “punishment” means. Don’t pretend that exploiting inmates is justifiable because they broke a law. One evil does not excuse another evil.

Support comprehensive federal immigration reform that includes merit based legal immigration, and attenuates chain migration.

That’s what the Democrats did when they declared California a sanctuary state. They legalized all immigration, documented or not. Good news, Mister Ring! You got your wish! This means California no longer has an immigration problem, right? Because it’s all government-sanctioned now? Just like you demanded?


Add at least one lane to every major interstate in California, and upgrade and resurface all state highways. Widen and upgrade roads up and down the state. Kill High Speed Rail.

Wow, such thinking outside the box! Try harder.

Begin investigating and facilitating private sector rollout of next generation transportation solutions, including coordinating development of aerial taxi corridors as well as high speed “hyperlanes” for next generation smart electric cars. Prepare for the advent of flying cars, self driving cars, share cars, ride hailing, micro-transit companies, and high speed cars.

What? | Reaction Images | Know Your Meme

Dammit, now *I* got my wish. He tried harder to think outside the box.


*Several ideas already shut down by environmentalists omitted.*

Work towards a grand bargain on water policy where environmentalists accept a few more reservoirs and desalination plants in exchange for plentiful water allocations to threatened ecosystems, farmers pay more for water in exchange for undiminished quantities, and taxpayers bear the burden of some new debt in exchange for permanent access to affordable, secure, and abundant water.

Better idea: get rid of the environmentalists. If you haven’t noticed yet, they are not pro-environment. They are anti-America. Notice how they haven’t been screaming about the ecological damage and spread of disease & parasites caused by our porous national border.

Don’t try to accommodate them. Don’t try to make peace with them. By your own analogy, they should be treated like Muslim terrorists who are happy to die if only they can kill us with the same effort.

Housing and the Homeless

Unlock open land for development. Quit acting like there’s not a single square mile of open space that isn’t sacred to the environment. California has over 25,000 square miles of cattle ranch land. If just 20% of that land were developed, California’s urban footprint would double. Enough already. Then subsidize practical new public infrastructure (i.e., roads, not “light rail”) throughout new regions opened up for land development.

Just like the Democrats, this guy is playing God with the power of gov’t. Sorry, cattle ranchers, I’ve decided that 20% of your land now belongs to developers serving the homeless. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. You’ll get what we think is fair compensation if you don’t force us to spend the money litigating you into oblivion instead.

Two words: South Africa. One word: Zimbabwe.

Allow police to enforce vagrancy laws, even if it means expensive corrective litigation going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Build inexpensive tent cities for the homeless. Some cities in California have already had success with this tactic. The corrupt and futile opposite extreme is to construct “permanent supportive housing” which in Los Angeles has cost over $400,000 per apartment unit.

Better idea: insane asylums. Many of the homeless need to be locked up & treated for severe psychological issues. Also, many of your political opponents. Also, the American Psychological Association. I’m not joking.

Pensions and Infrastructure

Require California’s public employee pension funds to invest a minimum of 10 percent of their assets in infrastructure projects as noted above. They could issue fixed rate bonds or take equity positions in the revenue-producing projects, or a combination of both. This would immediately unlock approximately $80 billion in construction financing to rebuild California’s infrastructure. At the same time, save the pension systems by striking down the “California Rule” that prevents meaningful pension reform.

Quit your whining over how YOU would appropriate the money. Those pensions are an act of theft. The government back then promised that taxpayers today, who were not voters back then, would be held liable for expenses they didn’t, and could not have, authorized.

Shut down CalPERS. Completely. Overnight. That’s not fair to a lot of people but continuing it isn’t fair to a lot of other people. The sooner a financial scam ends, the less damage it will do. Ain’t nothing else to be done at this point.

Vision and Leadership Will Save California’s Republicans

Not donors and voters?

The establishment GOP fought off an insurgency on February 24.

You fought off Travis Allen because he was bad for the status quo. Not because he was a treacherous infiltrator.

Their new chairman, Jessica Patterson, called for all the factions to join together and work as a team.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold visionary leadership! My brain hurts from all this derp.

But until California’s GOP is willing to embrace bold policies that will offer California’s struggling middle and low income communities opportunities for upwards mobility, they will remain irrelevant.

Seriously, STFU about the stupid economy!

It isn’t enough to secure some reliable flow of donor support. To thrive, a political party needs to have a distinct vision of the future, a policy agenda that will achieve that future, and leaders that understand and can express that vision.

There it is. “It isn’t enough to secure some reliable flow of donor support.” Cali Republicans aren’t even interested in attracting back the donors who’ve ragequit or the voters who’ve been betrayed one time too many. They don’t want to win. They’re just a club of out-of-touch Elites who pride themselves on their “Vision and Leadership” while watching their business investments and whining about being perceived as losers.

And when faced with an obvious entryist reaching ascendancy, Ring decides to offer Jessica Patterson advice instead of denouncing her as an existential threat.



2 thoughts on “Adieu, California GOP!

  1. Ron nehring and Tom del Beccaro killed it.

    Remember when carli fiorina ran, and said we no longer need white male candidates? Look at her activities over the last few years. She bought herself into the RNC circles of power.

    Everyone inside the rnc is a loser- literally. It’s staffed with people who lost their races. They have a loser mentality. That’s partly why they suck at governing in the off chance they win

    The nationwide gop has been dead for some time.


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