The Sports Illustrated Swim-Burkini Issue

Get your boners ready, young lads! Here it... ...comes. Ugh, what is that? A quilted mannequin? Halima Aden Becomes First Swimsuit Model to Wear Hijab and Burkini in ‘SI’ Swimsuit Issue By Warner Todd Huston, 29 Apr 2019 For the first time, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has featured a model in full burkini … Continue reading The Sports Illustrated Swim-Burkini Issue

Where Are Nigel Shelby’s Bullies?

Parents shouldn't raise their boys to be suicides by sexually confusing them. Nigel Shelby was a 15-year-old Huntsville High School student who committed suicide on the afternoon of April 19. Nigel, who had been battling depression and struggled with his sexuality, also endured constant bullying at school. “Nigel was the sweetest child. He was … Continue reading Where Are Nigel Shelby’s Bullies?


I found an interesting chart on the Daily Kos that said 11 state politicians have changed political loyalties since the 2018 elections barely six months ago. I don't mean turncoats in the pejorative sense today; Left vs. Right has become meaningless, now that the real battle is globalist vs. nationalist. Then again, this is an … Continue reading Turncoats

Anti-Militia Collusion At the Mexican Border

A recent arrest of a border militia leader uncovers a nest of Convergence snakes colluding against President Trump and working to discredit the Militia movement yet again. We start with my favorite tabloid, Heavy. 20 April 2019 The FBI has arrested Larry Mitchell Hopkins, the head of a militia group that has been detaining … Continue reading Anti-Militia Collusion At the Mexican Border

MGTOW Life: Cars

The car, the penultimate symbol of personal freedom in America. Or is it? This Baby Boomer provides an amusingly wrong analysis. Pro-tip, any lifestyle claim that's consistent with U.N. Agenda 21 is probably not a voluntary one for most people. US Love Affair With Cars Nearly Finished The Wall Street Journal has an interesting … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Cars