How To Get Around Female Voting

I had an idea while preparing a comment on Bryce’s blog. We know how modern society is falling apart because the consumers (women) can vote themselves money more effectively than the producers (men) can oppose them. Leftoid vote fraud makes this worse in ways that are increasingly and intentionally difficult to detect.

Women aren’t going to vote themselves away from the taxpayer money pie so we’re doomed to the Collapse. Or are we?

What if we revived “no taxation without representation” by linking one’s tax return to one’s vote? We already did it with driver’s licenses. Specifically, what if you could choose which government departments/programs would be permitted to use any of your personal tax money, or possibly, which one department would be prohibited? Leftoids could refuse to fund the military while conservatives could refuse to fund the welfare state or Dept. of Education, while the Baby Boomers would fund Social Security in their ever-dwindling numbers.

The best part of this is it locks the “undocumented” voter out of the system entirely. If Leftoids falsified tax returns as well then it’d be much more work and if every government on Earth has one area of competence, it’s catching tax frauds.

The ultimate freedom: deciding who gets to use your tax money!

Not likely to pass, of course, but this could be an interesting way to black-knight some of the Leftoids’ talking points such as overturning the Electoral College and the aforementioned “motor voter” treachery.


3 thoughts on “How To Get Around Female Voting

  1. That’s a good idea. You have to have skin in the game to vote or your vote is just theft. A tax return in which you actually pay taxes demonstrates that you’re a net tax payer rather than a thief. The founding fathers intended for only property-owning men to be able to vote because property ownership demonstrates responsibility, “skin in the game,” and civic virtue.


  2. The law – what is it? Something the rich use against the poor or the government uses against the people. In short, it’s a racket. We’re just talking here. This has no chance.


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