Peak Hamsterbation

A minor incident at a high school gives a postcard-perfect image of all that is wrong in the modern American public education.

High school students caught circulating list on social media that ranked female classmates by looks

By Hope Schreiber, 19 March 2019

That’s right, a couple boys ranking the attractiveness of female classmates made national news.

Some male students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Maryland have been disciplined after it was discovered they created and shared a list on social media on which they ranked their female classmates based on their looks.

According to school officials, the students targeted 18 senior girls by creating a list with their first names and a rating beside each.

In a letter sent to parents and students on March 9, according to Washington, D.C., news station NBC4, Principal Donna Jones said, “This incident has been very upsetting for students, staff and families. B-CC High School has no tolerance for bullying. Our school strives to create a sense of belonging and respect for all students. This incident does not reflect those values.” Jones did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment. …

According to Corcoran, a group of 50 boys circulated the list for a year before a female student saw it open on a laptop in class two weeks ago.

Bullying? It took the female sex a year to even notice the “incident”. What Poindexter let Barbie “borrow” his laptop to find out what he was laughing about?

Astroturf Ocasio-Cortes wants her buckteeth back.

“I think, honestly, the consensus was that it wasn’t an OK thing at all, and all the girls, they kind of banded together and took it on as a team because it was really hurtful to a lot of people,” a female student told NBC4.

Hurtful to 17 of the 18 girls. News flash, boys routinely act without “consensus”.

“I don’t think [the administration] handled it well at all,” senior Jane Corcoran, whose name was on the list, told Bethesda Magazine. “Basically, what admin did, in my honest opinion, by dismissing it and not giving the boys a strong punishment, is saying, ‘Boys will be boys and that’s OK. We can’t get them in trouble for something immature guys do.’ ”

I bet her name wasn’t at the top of the list. The yearbook was not available for a mugshot; I only know that she’s on the track team. Those girls tend to be stick figures.

Pro-tip to Jane: instead of attending college, spend the tuition money on a boob job and massage certificate. It’s much cheaper and a happy husband in your youth will be more rewarding than castrating men with your law degree because none of them will marry your student debt.

Female students told the news outlet that one male student was the “ringleader,” and he received a brief in-school suspension, whereas the rest of the boys were not punished.

The Alpha refused to commit.

Corcoran said that a meeting was organized for the girls involved to share their feelings while the boys “sat and listened.” To the student, it “wasn’t good enough.”

A meeting for sharing feelings? Was there toenail-painting involved?

“It was like seeing everything you are insecure about brought to you by someone else. Putting a number on a girl like this is the same as any other slur — a homophobic or racial slur. It’s a way to degrade women,” she said.

Although Jones said that the students were disciplined based on the school system’s code of conduct, some students believe more should have been done.

Bethesda Magazine has more about that “meeting”.

B-CC Students Say Rankings List Discipline Wasn’t Enough

Students planning to do more to address ‘cultural toxicity’

By Caitlynn Perez, 19 March 2019

Several Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (B-CC) students who say they were named in a list that ranked females based on their appearance say more needs to be done to resolve the issue. …

About 18 girls in the International Baccalaureate program were listed in a spreadsheet, ranked in order of physical attractiveness, Corcoran said, and a group of about 50 boys had maintained the list for a year before a female saw it open on a laptop during class two weeks ago. The list had been shared in a group chat, according to B-CC Principal Donna Redmond Jones.

While some students have said the list is a form of “freedom of speech” or common teenage boy behavior, Corcoran said it’s ignorant to devalue women.

Forget about dissenting from tyranny, we men need freedom of speech just to express our opinion about a woman’s hair.

A school system spokesman said he is unaware of similar incidents in other Montgomery schools, but said it’s possible other rankings lists haven’t been turned in to school administration.

“We understand people were offended and have concerns, but we have a student code of conduct to distribute punishments fairly based on what has happened, rather than based on the community reaction,” said Derek Turner, the spokesperson.

Thank God that the one man involved was not a mangina.

The school system’s student code of conduct outlines possible disciplinary actions for bullying that range from community service to expulsion. Bullying is defined as intentional verbal physical, written or electronic communication that creates a hostile educational environment by interfering with a student’s physical or psychological well-being.

I remember when bullying was black eyes and spilled blood.

Corcoran said a meeting was convened after the list was brought to the attention of B-CC administration with the roughly 150 students involved in the IB program, designed for students who wish to pursue college-level courses in high school.

College-level courses in Womens’ Studies. Gotta hook ’em young.

The meeting allowed the girls involved to share their feelings. The boys “sat and listened,” Corcoran said, but “it wasn’t good enough.”

They forced the boys to attend a bitching party because the Code of Conduct and involving the media wasn’t enough punishment? And then didn’t even let them talk? No better way to teach boys to hate all girls.

Not than Jane Corcoran cares about anything but being popular.


5 thoughts on “Peak Hamsterbation

  1. ‘While some students have said the list is a form of “freedom of speech” or common teenage boy behavior, Corcoran said it’s ignorant to devalue women.’

    But women will devalue men any chance they get.

    It’s nothing more than female theatrics when something close to the truth gets revealed to them.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. But women will devalue men any chance they get.

    Yes .. because sperm is cheap (amd eggs are precious 😉 ).

    We did this sorta tging in College. We’d be up on a balcony amd we would hold-up cards rating th wimminz as they walked bye.

    They could’ve chosen a different path .. but we never had a shortage of sexy walkers .. ahhhhh .. everything I did as a kid is now outlawed.

    We need men safe spaces .. oh wait .. th wimmimz have invaded via force (of law) all of those spaces.

    With that in mind (i.e. safe spaces) .. make the wimminz truly compete with the boys in ALL things .. e.g. sports .. we will see how kick-ass they think they are afterwards .. they will get rated even lower on the young mens scales afterwards .. and get to rough’em up at the same time.


  3. I never took production of sperm/eggs as the reason for all value…devalue. Sure in the arena of reproduction that’s where it lies…however men have to produce it (through the biological process) and women get it all when they are born and slowly lose them over time until that wall happens. It’s certainly not cheap to produce.

    No it’s more devaluing men in all that makes us men so the inferior male elites can control everything.


  4. If I recall correctly ranking women’s appearances was the initial function of “the Face Book”, and people thought Zuckerberg was an angry sociopathic incel lashing out against women. Well now he has them all addicted to getting ‘likes’, and he’s a married billionaire sociopath.

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  5. I only know that she’s on the track team. Those girls tend to be stick figures.

    Or fugly bulldykes. Wonder which category she belongs to?


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