Yoga Pants Always Double Down

Sexual competition in universities is accelerating as ever fewer men are tolerated. "Sorry, boys, it's Woman's turn to rule the world! Now then, ladies, what do you to study in college?" "Boys!" ‘Think of the mothers of sons’: Notre Dame mom begs female students to stop wearing leggings, sparking protests By Antonia Noori Farzan … Continue reading Yoga Pants Always Double Down

I am Pleased That Charges Were Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

Because True Evil is about to be revealed! When a Marxist corruptocrat like Rahm Emanuel joins with both law enforcement and Trump supporters, you know it's time to make popcorn. I would be glad to see Smollett get away in return for bracelets on... Michelle Obama. Mayor Emanuel blasts prosecutors' decision to drop charges against … Continue reading I am Pleased That Charges Were Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

Peak Hamsterbation

A minor incident at a high school gives a postcard-perfect image of all that is wrong in the modern American public education. High school students caught circulating list on social media that ranked female classmates by looks By Hope Schreiber, 19 March 2019 That's right, a couple boys ranking the attractiveness of female classmates … Continue reading Peak Hamsterbation

Physiognomy: 2019 Align Relationship Conference

In a recent post, I mentioned that Pastor John Gray, the Platonic form of Mangina clergy, would be hosting a relationship conference in September 2019. Let's meet the speakers about to teach the Christian Church on healthy relationships! The crow's-feet indicate marital/sexual stress. Tribalist nose. The middle third of the face is dominant, indicating … Continue reading Physiognomy: 2019 Align Relationship Conference