Monkey Muzzie

This is probably the last time I’ll discuss Turd Flinging Monkey. Completing his moral degeneration is his acceptance of Islam as I predicted in my previous post on him. A case study of what happens when victory becomes more important than truth. [Heavily formatted by me from transcript.]

The next group I’m going to be addressing is religious traditionalists. … Ideally, I want a society where there is a secular kind of philosophy because one of the problems I see with religion is the supernatural. Because it relies on the existence of the supernatural, once there’s doubt of the supernatural people tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater. 

I offer the standard objection to any materialist replacement for religion. If I can profitably violate your philosophy, and escape punishment for doing so, why shouldn’t I?

It really is that simple. If evil is a human-defined concept then it is human-RE-definable. The choice is God or humanism.

For example, in the New Testament Jesus cast out demons from people like the guy who thought he had demons in his body and he cast them into some swine and all that stuff, right? There’s all these stories of these people who are possessed by demons and Jesus cast them out and you know, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of miracles and stuff in the New Testament. In fact, the New Testament relies on the supernatural, the resurrection of Jesus and so forth, this is probably the most important thing to Christianity.

This is true. If God In Heaven isn’t real then we’re screwed. If Jesus didn’t return from the dead then neither will we.

In the current year, we know about things like mental illness, schizophrenia, stuff like that, so if you’re like, “wait a minute, this is just people with mental illness which has probably existed for thousands of years but people didn’t know what mental illness was and it’s not that they were possessed by demons, they were just insane, they had these these problems with their brain.” If you can cure demonic possession with a pill then clearly it’s not demonic possession. Christianity is so reliant on the supernatural that once you lose faith in one supernatural aspect, like Jesus casting out demons, then it’s really easy to throw out your belief in all the supernatural aspects of the Bible like healing the sick and being raised from the dead.

TFM should apply this logic in the reverse. If demon worship keeps turning up even in the Information Age then that’s good evidence of extradimensional Evil that should not be dismissed just because it can’t be viewed in a laboratory. In point of fact, we’ve achieved the astonishing status of a society that builds moon rockets while sacrificing babies to Baal. Literally!

As if some things never change… as if some unseen entity is putting the same whispers in peoples’ skulls in Current Year that it did in 30 AD.

My point is, the downfall of the West is because Christianity is what built Western civilization after the the Dark Ages. If you have a religion that is very reliant on supernatural and then the supernatural gets questioned people have a habit of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. “Well, if this child had epilepsy and wasn’t demonically possessed then that means men and women are equal and communism is a good idea”. It doesn’t sound like it should make sense but when your morals are tied to the supernatural and you question the supernatural, people throw out the morals and they throw out the good with the bad.

How strange that a religion of fairy tales and ignorance was so good at producing truth that it debunked itself while creating the best societies in human history alongside modern technology.

This is why I advocate a secular philosophy rather than a religion, something that instills in people the desire to become their their best self and to aspire to virtue and excellence in beauty. That would be the best solution. I also feel the same way about anarcho-capitalism. It’s a great idea, it’s morally correct, it’ll never work in reality because of human nature.

I’ve come to the same conclusion when it comes to religion. As much as I would love such a secular philosophy, aspiring to beauty and excellence without belief in the supernatural just like anarcho-capitalism is impossible because of human nature. People are far too stupid to accept a secular philosophy… too self-interested and short-sighted.

People are too stupid to be good; therefore, we who understand good should command them what to think? Hardly an original thought.

In fact, I’ve seen this myself. I’ve talked to people who they watch my videos such as “Into the Wasteland” where you have to find your own meaning and purpose and they literally don’t even know where to begin. They knew exactly what I was talking about and they have no problem finding their own meaning their own purpose and, you know, going on that journey and they find great fulfillment and Worth.

I always assumed these guys were talking about breaking the blue pill conditioning. There’s a reason the Manosphere uses Matrix references: reality is not what we have been told it is, for the length of our lives. I hope none of these guys were instead looking for a substitute Goddess to worship.

But, there’s also a lot of people who don’t have the faintest idea of what that looks like or how to do it and they just want someone to tell them what to do. I don’t think they’re stupid, I just think that they have a mentality which doesn’t lend itself to that level of individualism. Like I said, people are sheep. [GQ: Jesus said it first.] They want to follow. Only the man at the top can truly think critically.

Put down the Nietzsche. Step away from the Nietzsche.

Here’s where the paradigm shift comes in. I follow a lot of Nietzsche…


…and philosophy like the ubermensch he mentioned, the herd and the higher man and everything like that. and I originally believed that the problem was herd morality so that if people could reorient their morals, see the herd morality for what it was, a system of control, and aspire to a higher personal morality then they could build their meaning and purpose off of that.

Then, they could find that meaning and purpose which would give their life meaning. They could aspire to be their best selves and and then they wouldn’t need a religion or a political organization or anyone telling them what to do.

He’s not wrong about the herd mentality. Not everybody is a leader; not everybody is a follower. Trying to correct that was possibly his first doomed experiment in Utopianism.

His next doomed experiment will be forcing people to think good thoughts. That can’t be done so the next best thing is forcing people to act good actions. Which is the main difference between Christianity and Islam. Christians are saved by grace because we accept the truth despite persistent evil in our behavior. Muslims are saved by going through the motions of the Five Pillars while secretly believing whatever they want.

A secular philosophy without religion, without the supernatural is simply not going to work. The average person needs their morals and their ideals to be externalized. They are utterly incapable of internalizing a moral system they need. You know how if you try to explain to a child the concept of going to prison and how it’s gonna ruin your life because you gonna be in prison for twenty years and by the time you get out your life’s gonna be effectively over and you’ll never be able to recover, that’s the end of your life, they won’t understand that. They can’t even conceptualize of what that means. But everyone understands an ass-whooping.

The end is people making good decisions. The means is overriding people’s ability to make their own decisions. The problem is obvious. Or not?

I’ve accepted that basically religion is kind of inevitable and it’s the best solution. Again I base everything on what will work not necessarily what I think is ideal we have to do what works first and then apply our ideals in principle second.

TFM proudly fornicates with sexbots but this is the first time I’ve been disgusted by him, watching him choose from a buffet of lies, asking himself which lie will bring him the best result for the least effort. We’re done, TFM. You really should have listened to Misandry Today sounding the alarm over your mental health. Nietzsche is going to get a roommate.

So, how do we create or rather, how do we reform a religion which will work the best? I came up with three ideas and this actually proves why Islam is winning and why Christianity is getting its ass kicked and Judaism is treading water.

Christianity is doing fine, thank you. We remain the only correct religion on the planet. Granted, our popularity is waning, but nothing about Christianity is falsified by a lack of worldly power or prestige.

It’s because of three things. Number one, Islam is the most patriarchal. Patriarchy is what creates successful societies.

BULLSHIT! Look at the Mideast, it’d be a squalid hovel of mud huts if it wasn’t for oil. Muslims haven’t been a net contributor in any other society that’s taken them in, either. Polygamy and despotism are not masculine; that’s what women want. Men want to get the job done, keep what they earn and deal with each other as equals. Excepting, typically, the ones who want to impress women or are straight-up evil.

Christianity is the least patriarchal. Christianity’s absolutely tied itself to feminism and gynocentrism in order to keep their nonprofit status, in order to attract women. If you’re a Christian, you may remember this movement a few years ago, seeker sensitive.

It’s where churches act like the culture, adopting customs and practices and stuff, to try to get people to be comfortable going to church but basically defeating the purpose of church because if you’re just going to be the culture then what’s the point? So anyway, Christianity is losing hard.

Seeker Sensitive is what churches do after they no longer believe Christ has anything to offer humanity. Does TFM not realize that he holds their same position? “Christianity is losing to modern culture, therefore Christianity must be useless.”

Judaism is kind of treading water and then Islam is is just fucking destroying everything.

No, Islam isn’t. The globalists opened the border gates for them and bought them bus tickets in and gave them massive welfare payments and ordered law enforcement to stand down and let them run feral. It’s the globalists who are destroying everything, including their own childrens’ future, that’s how “patriarchal” they are.

Even Judaism is doing better than Islam from the perspective of winning. They leveraged Holocaust guilt into the genocide of all Christian civilization. And look, Israel’s back on the map!

Jesus and Christianity is the most dependent on the supernatural not only because of the resurrection but also because of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Yeah, you have the story of Moses and the Passover and all the miracles in Egypt but there’s no modern equivalent in Judaism to the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jews don’t believe in like modern miracles the way Christians do.

This is curious, an unbeliever objecting to the Holy Spirit’s existence. If a dead guy coming back to life is a deal-breaker then why bother about the other, harder teachings? The answer:

Muhammad himself really didn’t perform any miracles. There’s no supernatural underpinnings there. … The reason why religion is vulnerable is because if you rely on the supernatural and then science comes behind you and disproves a supernatural aspect of your religion for example the boy had epilepsy but in the Bible he had a demon, well, if demonic possession is just mental illness and epilepsy then what else is the Bible lying about?

TFM wants a religion that cannot be disproven because he believes going in that all religion is a lie, Marx’s opiate of the masses. He doesn’t want a religion that might reveal him to be a liar and manipulator by making crazy claims about the supernatural.

Yep, Christianity is a suck choice for THAT.

One benefit of living in this fallen world is you can see the effects of evil upon others without risking your own soul. TFM was fascinating to watch. He started out optimistic and helpful to many people. Then, he chose to believe that human sexuality was a mere appetite and it didn’t matter how the appetite got fed. Now, he believes that the human desire for God is a mere appetite, one that stubbornly won’t go away, and it doesn’t matter how we feed the appetite. Islam is today’s winning religion so why not. We’ll just trade up religions as needed to continue humanity’s self-actualization.

TFM is now a child of the devil, spreading whatever lies he thinks will accomplish his mission. He has proven, by negative example, that humans are not mere animals. It does matter how we feed our appetites.

Man does not live by bread alone.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Muzzie

  1. TFM is just now a child of the devil?

    He is the guy who is so selfish, that he practices breeding with plastic.

    I get that many on the “right” joke about islam taking over- quite frankly, I think it is inevitable, as its the only force of Order in a sea of chaos. Will there be some benefits in such a society? Absolutely- modesty being one of them. But to welcome it with open arms is suicide, especially when you meet the criteria of being in the first round of executions.


  2. Why expect non-Christians to act like Christians? Men need sex and we aren’t getting it from women anymore. There are crimes of weakness and crimes of malice. Using a sex alternative to a wife is the former, using a lie to create the society you want is the latter.

    We have God’s warning upfront not to do this sort of thing but it’s fascinating to watch Him be proven correct.


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