Hybristophilia: Amy Murray

Death Row Fan Club is real. A murder in backwoods Missouri illustrates the danger of allowing women to guard dangerous felons.

Wife allegedly used antifreeze to poison husband: Woman planned to marry inmate


By Deborah Kendrick, 8 February 2019

IBERIA, Mo. – Miller County authorities are investigating after a woman is accused of poisoning her husband, then setting their home on fire.

Authorities initially received a call on Dec. 11, 2018, about a house fire on Janice Drive in Iberia, where Joshua Murray’s body was found inside the residence.

The Missouri State Fire Marshal and the Miller County Sheriff’s Office said the fire was determined to be started by Murray’s wife, Amy, after she allegedly poisoned Joshua with antifreeze.

An autopsy showed Murray died of poisoning, and Amy was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Amy allegedly started the fire, then left the home and went to a McDonald’s in Osage Beach [GQ: 22 miles away] with her 11-year-old son and dogs. When she returned to the home, she said the house was on fire, and the smoke was too heavy for her to go inside, according to a probable cause statement.

I can’t say she’s a cold-hearted bitch because she brought the dogs to McDonalds. She didn’t want to leave them in the fire. Which is both humane, heh, and evidence of premeditation on the arson. But I can say her lover was not her husband.

The wife. She has a prostitute’s eyes.

joshua murray

Husband Joshua Murray, taken from his obituary.

eugene claypool

Lover Eugene A. Claypool, convicted murderer. Hmm, their faces are similar enough that Amy could have squinted and pretended that Eugene was Joshua’s bad boy twin.

The population of Iberia is 750 so Amy was probably bored, too.

Court documents revealed Amy had worked as a nurse at the Jefferson City Correctional Center and had a romantic relationship with an inmate.

In recorded phone conversations Amy told the inmate, Eugene Claypool, she didn’t want to be married to her husband anymore and she could marry Claypool because Joshua was deceased and “out of the picture,” the documents said. Claypool previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

The Missouri inmate database provides this information about Claypool:

Sentence Summary Life (Life, 10, 15, 7 CC)
Active Offenses MURDER 2ND DEGREE

I tracked down how this burglar turned to murder.

Man Pleads Guilty to Lottery Winner Murder


17 May 2002

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri — As reported by the Associated Press: “A young man who had been expected to withdraw his earlier guilty plea in the Christmas Day killing of a lottery winner decided instead to accept the state’s plea bargain.

“Jeffrey Williamson, 18, pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder and Greene County Circuit Judge Henry Westbrooke sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

“Williamson also got concurrent sentences of 10 years for armed criminal action, 15 years for first-degree burglary and seven years for first-degree tampering.

“…Co-defendant Eugene Claypool Jr., 21, was sentenced last October to life in prison for second-degree murder and he’ll have to do 25 years before becoming eligible for parole.

“…The two men are convicted of killing Donald Hardwick, a 72-year-old invalid who had won a $1.7 million Missouri Lottery jackpot in 1998. He was slain at his home on Christmas Day 2000.

“Authorities said Williamson and Claypool broke into Hardwick’s Springfield home searching for $10,000 they believed he had there.

“…Prosecutors say Williamson and Claypool searched the house for several hours before going into the room where Hardwick was sleeping.

“The feeble Hardwick, who couldn’t walk without using a walker, awoke and authorities say Claypool tried to restrain him. Williamson reportedly held a couch cushion over the man’s face while Claypool stabbed him multiple times in the chest and throat.

“A Bible was left on the victim’s chest. When his wife, Edna, got up on Christmas morning she noticed a broken kitchen window. She went to tell her husband, who slept in a separate room, but found him dead…”

Home invasion robbery on Christmas Eve, when any loose cash would have already been spent if I’m familiar with that holiday, and when they couldn’t find the dough they took their frustrations out on a cripple. Then tossed a Bible on the victim’s chest which was either mocking God on God’s birthday or Jeffey in a fit of remorse. Either way, bring back the death penalty!

I wonder if Eugene told Amy that he’d found the money? Joshua died at 37 so not much time to make bank from construction, although he was a supervisor. Amy torching the marital home and not being able to collect life insurance isn’t going to help her future financial problems, either. Dreams of an Alpha with Beta Bucks could easily have triggered hypergamy.

State-mandated beliefs that men are the same as women cannot override reality. Amy gained access to sexy-because-dangerous men through prison work, found “twu wuv” with a convicted murderer who resembled her husband and murdered hubby in order to replace hubby with lover.

What did Claypool get out of it? Assuming he claimed to have that $1.7M lottery money hidden away… but couldn’t access it in his current situation…

Amy talked about getting an attorney to get Claypool released from prison early.


5 thoughts on “Hybristophilia: Amy Murray

  1. The wife has what we “affectionately” call the “1000 cock stare”. 😮 Any dude marrying THAT is headed for disaster.

    To those those who are not mechanically-inclined as I am, anti-freeze is a deadly poison because it tastes sweet, has a pretty color, and is easy to mix. It even smells good. Mechanics know to keep the stuff away from pets and kids. Some mechanics use antifreeze in tasty foods (cheese, baloney, etc) to kill pests in their yards, like mice and pests that eat from their horticulture yards. Certain kill, they do not even realize the antifreeze is there!

    China was mixing antifreeze (propylene glycol, among other substances to expand their milk supply” cheaply) in baby milk powder to save money. This is one of many many many scandals over the year in China food industry.

    Notice the husband, wife, and boyfriend? Beta husband, 1,000 cock stare wife, dark-triad-looking boyfriend. Makes total sense.

    Reminds me of them! LOL


  2. Is that picture real? It can’t be real. No way!

    I’m the designated vermin killer at work. Soda bottle caps full of antifreeze work as well as mousetraps but with the traps, you don’t have to track down the corpse before it rots.


  3. I work with a woman who married a man doing time in prison for strangling his previous wife, and setting the house on fire. In spite of the overwhelming evidence, she believes he is innocent and was set up by a mysterious transient gang of illegal aliens.


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