Los Angeles City Hall Overrun By Vermin!

Not just the politicians! Actual vermin, from rats the size of possums scurrying around on desks to flea-infested carpets that have already caused at least one case of typhus in a government official. Just when you think God doesn’t care, you discover that your worst enemies have been voluntarily living in Third-World squalor because the alternative is speciesist immigration control and the usage of not-green pesticides.

L.A. City Hall, overrun with rats, might remove all carpets amid typhus fears


By Dakota Smith, 7 February 2019

At a Halloween celebration at City Hall last year, a rat gnawed through a pumpkin put out for decoration.

That wasn’t a Halloween stunt I saw? Eeew!

In another incident, city workers found a dead rodent decomposing in an office ceiling. And then there were the rat droppings spotted on at least two different floors of the downtown building.

L.A. City Hall has a problem with rats — and leaders, fed up with the problem, are calling for an investigation.

City Council President Herb Wesson on Wednesday submitted a motion asking the city to report back on the “scope of vermin and pest control issues” at City Hall and adjoining city buildings.

“Employees shouldn’t have to come to work worried about rodents,” Wesson said in interview. “I intend to do whatever it is we need” to solve the problem.

Starting with a press release announcing the submission of a motion to form an investigative committee to issue a report on the scope of the issues, when your employees can smell the pawprints on their desks. Burn in your self-made bureaucratic Hell, Herb Wesson! Bwahahaha!

The council president said he’s had a series of problems with vermin in his fourth-floor office, as well as fleas in the carpet. Things got so bad that he moved his entire staff out of City Hall to a district office for a few days over the holidays, he said.

HE IS! He’s burning in his own self-made Hell! There is a God in Heaven after all!

2015 Los Angeles County Elections Candidate Guide | scpr.org

Herb Wesson, melted pedoface.

Wesson also wants the city to come up with a policy to require employees to secure their food after hours and for custodial services to throw out food that’s left out.

If “custodial services” hasn’t been throwing out uneaten food then I found the problem. City Hall hired vibrant migrants instead of their own countrymen for sanitation services and now wonders why its sanitation standards are fixed at “Nicaragua”.

Vanessa Rodriguez, a onetime Wesson spokeswoman, said late last year that she discovered tiny paw prints on papers on her desk. Rodriguez … no longer works for the city.

One smart government employee. All the others are keeping their eyes on the pension while the tide of fleas climbs ever higher on their legs. Only twenty-two more years to go!

That there’s a few pensions we won’t have to fund.

When Elizabeth Greenwood, a deputy city attorney, came down with typhus, she said she suffered a 102-degree fever, spells of vertigo and “the worst headache I have ever had in my life.” She works in City Hall East, a building connected to City Hall.

Greenwood, whose illness was first reported by KNBC-TV, believes she contracted the disease while working in the downtown office. She has not returned to work since November, she said.

“I am actually terrified of entering the building again until they do something.”

While I don’t blame her for not going back, after three months of goldbricking Greenwood should have been fired.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s spokesman, Alex Comisar, said the mayor “is concerned about recent reports on this issue, and supports the council president’s effort to get to the bottom of it.”

Uh-oh. I bet Garcetti would be the Leftoid candidate against Trump next year. If he gets typhus before the debates begin then I’m gonna lose my shirt.


11 thoughts on “Los Angeles City Hall Overrun By Vermin!

  1. Any bets that eventually anyone who comes down with what should be an “extinct” disease now the sole province of Third World countries will be “quarantined” (i.e., “conveniently disappeared”) to avoid embarrassing the PTB?


  2. Typhoid is back in force all over California…. a Medieval disease back in a “first world country”.

    Did you guys see the whole thing about Mendota, CA? Tucker, the defender of the Middle Class exposing the insanity of bringing in millions more of illegals to work “fields where grapes and tomatoes are rotting”, type talking points. 🙄 The more awareness we can put out there about this fraud, the better. Thank God for Tucker, almost the only voice of sanity against mass immigration!

    Just amazing to hear that central valley of CA already has entire communities run by violent 3rd world gangs like MS-13. Another reason I am saying that CA already is a 3rd world separate country like Mexico, full of cities like Managua, or San Pedro Sula! 😮

    Bail out while you can still sell and make a profit, Gunny!


  3. “Any bets that eventually anyone who comes down with what should be an “extinct” disease now the sole province of Third World countries will be “quarantined” (i.e., “conveniently disappeared”) to avoid embarrassing the PTB?”

    If this article is any indication, journalists won’t be able to stop themselves from violating the Narrative for a juicy scoop. They’re having an ever-harder time justifying their continued employment in an age when computers make better NPCs.

    Learn to code!


  4. You weren’t kidding, CC. Bubonic plague is also spread by fleas.

    I don’t think they’re going to do anything until we have a major disease outbreak. Morons are blaming the piles of trash, the rats, and the dogs, but never the homeless who make the piles of trash and own the dogs. Portland is starting to be overrun with homeless too, according to commenters on James Lafond’s website.

    Physical squalor seems to start as a spiritual condition.


  5. A little known fact, bubonic plague has been active in California since forever. There’s a small handful of cases every year, mostly from people who live waaay out in the boonies. Thus far, it’s proven easily treatable by antibiotics.

    But if large colonies of fleas get established, there is the potential for a second Black Death in Central California.


  6. Bryce, California is already a 3rd world country IMHO. I have been there 4 years ago driving with my Mom across the country so she could work for USDA in Central Valley. I was SHOCKED by what I saw, the number of 3rd worlders and the filthy, graffiti, and ghettofication all around me. I thought we were in Mexico or Managua or something when we started to drive through San Bernadino county and others.

    CA and Portland Oregon are two of the few places in the USA that you have sporadic Medieval-era disease outbreaks, as if we were in Afghanistan or sub-Saharan Africa. Search the news, in last few years, Polio, Measles, Whooping Cough, TB, meningitis, typhoid, Plague, malaria, and numerous parasitic illnesses all present in CA! 😮 Not even in Brazil, a country I affectionately refer to as a “raging s#ithole of a country” did I see this type of disease outbreaks like this (everyone is required to be vaccinated in Brazil or the country would have national chaos with its poor infrastructure and bad health system).

    Now the business news is saying the California “housing bubble” is gonna pop soon. How could it not? The Middle class is fleeing in droves, the poor 3rd worlders are pouring in by the tens of thousands in “caravans” demanding limitless welfare (happily provided by Gavin Newsome), and foreign investors (speculators) are starting to pull back.

    Matter of time the housing bubble there bursts. They are saying it will be 2008 all over again, but focused on California coastal cities. Just like it is about to burst in Toronto, Canada. Localized housing burst like Tokyo. Sounds like fun! 🙄 More problems out of CA to drag America down.

    Ps. CO and its pedophilic child-molesting Governor and the Dem majorities in State Legislature have began their “Californization push” in Colorado. Their goal is to ruin the State forever… they are even pushing to legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms, since weed legalization has not ruined CO’s youth enough.
    Avoid, Colorado, Gunny, go to Texas, since they still have hope there.


  7. “Avoid, Colorado, Gunny, go to Texas, since they still have hope there.”

    I had an offer from Virginia but turned it down. It was a poor fit. Then the recent abortion/blackface scandals broke against the Virginia gov. & his lieutenant. Very glad I said no but I’m pretty bummed about the job hunt. Everywhere is going down. Even Texas isn’t doing well. West Texas is 80% Latino in some places. I can get that here in Cali.

    There’s nowhere to go until somebody, somewhere pushes back against the tide of sewage. It won’t be Trump. He ended the gov’t shutdown to demonstrate his willingness to negotiate with Nancy Pelosi and Occasional Cortex. Making America Lose Again!

    So depressing. Maybe I’ll just stay here with family until the witch burnings start. Got my eye on Idaho/Montana but those are tiny markets for my skillset.


  8. Yeah, Gunner, I am sorry man. CO has gone so far left, I do not think it will ever be a “purple state” ever again. 😦 The Dem governoe Polis is a pedophilic criminal and the State legislature has hard-left majority in both houses for first time in 20 years. They are pushing forcing even home-schooled kids to accept gay marriage, abortion, and to experience transgederism themselves! 😮 It is Marxism at State level. They are calling “making CO to have California standards”. -_-

    Check these Conservative CO news sites for info on situation in State now:



    Virginia has gone left, too many immigrants and govt workers. It will be very very hard to elect a moderate Conservative Statewide in VA these day anymore. 😦 The State legislature is still Conservative and stops a lot of the insanity, but it is a matter of time. 😦

    The thing about Texas is that unless we have an illegal alien mass amnesty, TX will stay Conservative. An amnesty would turn that instantly. Until there is an amnesty, TX will stay sane and Conservative.

    Well, in all fairness, an amnesty where 22-31 million illegals become US voters would ensure the whole country becomes a Socialist country overnight. The Dems will run the country in a way that Alexandria Dumbass-Cortez will be seen as a moderate, because they will have a massive voting block like never seen before.

    We are talking welfare for illegals and taxation on middle-class at levels similar to Sweden, where middle class funds millions of illegals, who will live better than Americans will.

    Do NOT stay in California too long. The real estate market there could implode easily… like Toronto (Canada). The foreign speculators are pulling out of Cali market… matter of time until it pops like a bad, pissed off pimple.

    Many real estate experts are warning about CA housing market pop…. localized, not national. Same about to happen in Toronto.


    It is gonna be rough everywhere if we have an illegal alien amnesty for sure. But if you are in Conservative State, you are gonna see Statewide civil disobedience, like you have in CA right now, except in different scale and different politics.

    I sometimes wonder if this country will end up breaking apart. It is way more polarized and unstable than pre-Civil war in 1860s. Getting my Shield like you posted. Great info, useful product I did not know ab out. 🙂 Thanks!


  9. Gunner, I agree with you on one thing: Trump is failing. As one of his original supporters from Day 1 when he spoke the truth about the foreign invasion, I am VERY concerned.

    Trump, because of his lack of political experience, allowed cuck ‘Speaker for the Globe’ Paul Ryan and the Senate Globo-Bolsheviks (McConnell, McCain, Lindsay, etc) trick him and play him. They set up a fraud to paralyze and freeze his actions under “Russian collusion” and harassing and intimidating any conservatives around him. This is Saul Alinsky 101.

    Trump is pissed, that is clear. You can tell, he is getting really pissed. I saw his presser the other day…. wow… he is mad.

    Also, think about who surrounds him. They are all there JUST to sabotage him! Too many leftist Jooish lawyers who pushed him into a corner when he should ahve went head-on vs Mueller and pushed hard and Vetoed that Omibus last year.

    Then we have Jared and Ivanka, of course, the Globo-Duo-of-Leftism. Ivanka is focused on paid family leave… for single women to have kids out of wedlock and she is also pushing for “female business ownership and empowerment” overseas. -_- At least she is going overseas. The farther, the better.

    The problem is that we need military on the border. Now, not later. Emergency Declarations will do nothing to stop this invasion because it will take time to build Border Wall (fence or whatever). The illegals are continuing to pour in and are signing up for welfare in numbers that are unsutainable. They egt an NTA (Notice To Appea) in Immugration court and they immediately qualify for Work Authorization, SS number, and welafre because they now have the right to “due process” in court and it is “inhumane” according to 9th Circuit to deny them work and welfare while they wait.

    Now there is word that a 50,000+ Cravan is forming in Colombia, with Venezuelans, Africans, Surina, Guiana, and others. 😮 It appears this will get much, much worse before it gets better. That is, unless his Base demand Trump do his job and forget the lawyers/courts. Or until we have literally thousands smashing gates and storming the country in a truly-violent fashion, on TV. Quickest way to get priviledged upper-middle class white females to vote GOP and demand border be closed is fear they will be attacked.

    If the 9th Circuit orders Trump to do something un-Constitutional or insane, Trump should ask “how many army divisions does Judge ___ commands?” and move forward with what he is doing. The 9th Circuit is not a Constitutionally-created court, like the Supreme Court. The 9th Circuit is an Obummer court, it s not legitimate. Trump should plow ahead. What are these judges gonna do?

    Trump can deploy 50,000 armed troops to turn around all illegals around at Border. Mexico will freak out and will close their border. Totally Constitutional under Article II based off the “stop invasion” provision.


  10. Pingback: Rodents To Humans: We Miss You! | Gunner Q

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