Ted Bundy’s White Privilege

How was infamous serial killer Ted Bundy able to rape & murder three dozen women in the ’70s? White privilege! And by white privilege, we mean Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The main article is just some colored victicrat’s tragicomic hysteria that got picked up by Yahoo! News. But it’s entertaining enough and an excuse to recap Ted Bundy, whose history is surprisingly relevant to Christian Manosphere interests. As a bonus, I will also discuss his tricking Dr. James Dobson on the evils of pornography.

Ted Bundy Wasn’t Special Or Smart. He Was Just White.


By Ashley Alese Edwards of Refinery29, 28 January 2019

Refinery29 'Money Diaries' Post Leads to Fight About Who ...

Ashley is a Negress whore, since we’re being so “anti-racist” as to blame white privilege for serial murder. Notice the wine glass at the bottom of the pic, indicating that Social Justice is perhaps bringing Ashley less fulfillment than the family she’ll never have.

Ted Bundy, though dead for 30 years, is again having his moment in the spotlight. In 2019, the serial killer — who brutally raped and murdered at least 36 women — is the subject of a new four-part docuseries on Netflix, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and will be portrayed by a chiseled Zac Efron in the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which will be released in theaters on January 26.

Who is the target audience for this documentary on an infamous criminal? I learned from vampire subculture that what women find interesting about violent crime is not remotely what men find interesting about violent crime.

In both the docuseries and the film, Bundy is painted as an artful, handsome, and exceptionally intelligent man; one whom you would never, ever think was capable of bludgeoning women to death and then having sex with their corpses. In the movie’s trailer, Efron’s Bundy smirks, winks, seductively takes off his shirt, and passionately rips off a woman’s blouse.

Female target audience. They repackaged a necrophiliac Dark Triad into a bodice ripper. See, a man would have been interested in the thrill of the manhunt, in the building of suspense as Evil Personified does his evil deeds even as they help Justice close in. But Ashley is unhappy with Bundy being sold as a sex symbol? Honestly, after Fifty Shades of Gray there’s no point in dissembling on this kind of kink.

Bundy’s image in 2019 is not much different than what it has been since he was first arrested in in 1975. News media at the time depicted Bundy as charming and charismatic. (Here’s Dan Rather calling Bundy “intelligent” and “articulate” the day before his execution in 1989.) In Conversations with a Killer, PBS correspondent Ed Hula says “the lurid nature of the case, the depravity of the violence, and the personality of Ted Bundy combined to make this something that the media could not ignore.” Marlin Lee Vortman, a friend of Bundy who met him when they both worked on the campaign for a Utah Republican gubernatorial candidate said Bundy was “the kind of guy you want your sister to marry.” This perception of Bundy as a bewitching Lothario, who was able to hide his evil double-life so well because he was almost supernatural, has been the inspiration for dozens of TV specials, documentaries, and movies; Buffalo Bill, the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs, was based loosely on Bundy’s supposed ability to outsmart law enforcement. Positive descriptors like “good-looking,” “clean-cut,” and, of course, “charming,” are used countless times in reference to Bundy throughout Conversations with a Killer.

Bundy being desirable fits the facts, Barbie. It’s hard to get away with crime when you look & act like a drug addict and hard to get female trust when you look & act like a creep.

But the Ted Bundy of America’s consciousness is a myth. Bundy was not special, he was not smarter than the average person; he did not have a personality so alluring that his female victims could not help but simply go off with him. He did not have a superhuman skill to be one step ahead of the police. What Bundy did have was the power of of being a white man in a society that reveres them and has implicit faith in their abilities. This privilege gave Bundy the ability to make even the most heinous of crimes take second place to his personality. Bundy isn’t even exceptional when compared to other American serial killers. So why is his legacy treated with fascination and twisted admiration rather than condemnation?

You asked, I’ll answer. Because Bundy was sexy.

A monochrome photograph of a expressionless man with piercing eyes

Ted Bundy

Gary Ridgway Mugshot 11302001.jpg

For comparison, Gary Ridgway aka Green River Killer, a contemporary of Bundy. He didn’t have groupies at his trial despite being the more accomplished murderer.

In “Handsome Devil,” the first episode of Conversations with a Killer, which is based on taped deathrow interviews of Bundy by journalists Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, a rosy Bundy paints a rosy picture of his own childhood growing up in Tacoma, WA. “First grade I was a somewhat champion frog-catcher,” Bundy said. “I mean, I was a frog man.” By Bundy’s own words he was a normal kid. But, slipped between the macabre praise of Bundy’s personality is his childhood friend Sandi Holt’s take on who Ted really was: He didn’t fit in, he couldn’t do anything right, and at one point he was teased for a speech impediment. “In high school, he wanted to be something he wasn’t. He was gonna be president,” Holt said. “He was going to show the world that he was the one to be dealt with and it was a lot of blowhard talk. He tried to fool you and lie to you. He wasn’t athletic. He wanted to be number-one in class but he wasn’t.” He was listed as “illegitimate” on his birth certificate and there is reason to believe he was abused as a child. From the beginning, he was creating his own mythology.

This is an excellent example of the difference between hating someone and wanting to hate someone. Is it not enough that Bundy was an infamously evil murderer? Must he also be a lifelong misfit loser since childhood?

Per Wikipedia, “Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946, to Eleanor Louise Cowell (1924–2012; known as “Louise”) at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. His father’s identity was never determined with any degree of certainty. His birth certificate assigned paternity to a salesman and Air Force veteran named Lloyd Marshall, but Louise later claimed that she had been seduced by “a sailor” whose name may have been Jack Worthington.”

Sounds like a very close call for likely-cuck Lloyd Marshall. Bundy’s mother was a shameless, unwed harlot. Does Ashley have any condemnation for the misconduct of Bundy’s mother? *crickets*

The docuseries and coverage of Bundy in general selectively frames his credentials and his crimes. That Bundy went to law school is popular knowledge; that he got mediocre scores on his LSATs and eventually stopped going to class altogether is not. Casting heartthrob Zac Efron to play Bundy would make one believe he was a ladies’ man, when in reality he had few girlfriends and was dumped by his affluent and successful college sweetheart because he was directionless and insecure. While the docuseries makes note of these facts, they are overshadowed by non-stop dialogue about Bundy’s appearance and his alleged hypnotizing effect on those around him. While on trial in Utah for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch (who escaped), Bundy wore nice suits, had his hair coiffed, and playfully bantered with reporters about finishing law school. The media ate it up, but the brave eyewitness testimony of DaRonch canceled out Bundy’s lies and he was convicted and sentenced to prison.

I wouldn’t expect a for-entertainment documentary to be the most accurate account of… anything. Is there any reason a defendant wouldn’t be allowed to make himself presentable at court? Ashley has some personal issues to be this unreasonably spiteful.

Even the journalists who somewhat enabled Bundy’s false narrative had to admit the truth: “The man’s a wimp. I mean, people that sneak up on women and kill them — what else can you say?” Hugh Aynesworth, one of the journalists who interviewed Bundy while he was on death row, said on the day of his execution in 1989.

Wimps don’t hunt and kill prey. Those are the actions of a predator, not a Whole Foods shopper. Enough with the disqualification!

But because Bundy, with the help of the media, was seen as just a young man who may have lost his way, he was allowed shocking levels of leeway that were unlikely to be afforded to men of color, particularly those who are Black. The same year Bundy was executed, Donald Trump took out full-page ads in four New York City newspapers calling for the execution of the Central Park Five, a group of Black and Latinx young men ranging in age from 14 to 16 years old, who were accused and convicted of raping a white woman in New York City. The teens, who were called “savages” and compared to animals in the press, were later exonerated by DNA evidence.

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME! Every single time. Trump didn’t call for Bundy’s execution because Bundy was already dead. Execution was 24 January 1989 and the rape/near-murder of Trisha Meili was 19 April 1989.

Does Ashley hate all white men because Donald Trump is President? There’s probably some truth in that. Scary.

Judge Edward Cowart, who was presiding over the trial, toured Bundy’s cell and ordered he be moved to a different one after a petulant Bundy complained of not having enough light to read. The judge would often refer to Bundy, who was then 33 years old, as “young man” and “partner.” To watch footage of the trial is to see in action the infantilization of Bundy in front of America despite his monstrous acts, simply because he was white and conventionally attractive to the dominant culture at the time, while Black men and women accused of crimes are sexualized and made into violent caricatures as a default.

There’s her reason. Ashley hates white men so much that watching Ted Bundy be treated politely is a racial injustice. Because the blacks who invented “my race right or wrong” never give their own any slack!

This kind of race-baiting is stupid. I even despise my own doing it but instead of taking the high road, I need practice this stupid game that stupid blacks like Ashley want to play. Doesn’t matter what the game is, I just want to win.

“It’s a tragedy to see such a total waste, I think, of humanity that I have experienced in this court. You’re a bright young man. You’d have made a good lawyer,” Judge Cowart said as he sentenced Bundy to death by electric chair. “I’d have loved to have you practice in front of me, but you went another way, partner. Take care of yourself. I don’t have any animosity to you, I want you to know that.”

I boldfaced Ted Bundy’s white male privilege.

And therein lies the crux of the Bundy myth: Even when convicted of the most depraved crimes, a white man’s supposed potential will supersede reality. From the time he was first arrested, to when he was strapped to the electric chair, to present day when he is being romanticized into some machiavellian Romeo , Ted Bundy was given the benefit of the doubt.

No, Race-Bait Ashley, the benefit of the doubt does not include being executed for murder. The judge sentenced Bundy to die, as was right and lawful, and Bundy was put to death. You’re projecting your “my race right or wrong” attitude onto the Bundy case, where it obviously does not fit.

We don’t need Ted Bundy to be reminded of the white male privilege so embedded in American society. We see it when white men are given lenient sentences for rape and manslaughter because they have promising futures or because they were raised with such affluence, people think they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions.


We see [white male privilege] when dozens of people are shot dead in churches, schools, and newsrooms and lawmakers take no meaningful action because the perpetrator isn’t Brown or from the Middle East.

Many links omitted. When white shooters kill white victims, it’s white privilege because all white people weren’t disarmed in the aftermath.

How stupid do these #BlacksLoveMisery think we are? We know the disarmament they demand is only the prelude to the Zimbabwe treatment. Let me make a prediction: America ain’t gonna go quietly like South Africa.

We see it when women are targeted because they left an abusive relationship or turned down a man’s advances and it barely makes a blip in the 24/7 news cycle. We see it when Ted Bundy’s name is cemented in pop culture but his victims remain supporting acts in his story.

Victimhood mentality, anybody?

Ted Bundy should not only be left in the past, the story of who he really was needs to be accurately rewritten.

Social Justice Warrior confirmed. The future is certain, the past is subject to change!

Washington Post writer Joel Achenbach wrote in 1991, “The imaginary serial killer is a powerful creature, brilliant at his craft, an implacable death machine. He’s like a shark, driven not by mindless hunger but by an elaborate malevolence — evil, if you will.”

That’s actually a good description of non-imaginary serial killers.

He continued: “Real life is not so gothic. When police bag a serial killer, he is usually a weak man, cowardly, not terribly savvy, and a failure at most everything he’s ever done in life. He’s a loser.” In 2019, it’s time to undo Bundy’s delusions of grandeur and remember him as he should be: as a gutless creep who could only feel power by preying on the vulnerable.

That’s provably wrong. Okay, whose bitch is this?

Joel Achenbach. Maybe pedo, definite male feminist. A brief detour:

Post reporter Joel Achenbach suspended for 90 days for ‘inappropriate workplace conduct’


By Paul Farhi, 10 January 2018

The Washington Post suspended reporter Joel Achenbach on Wednesday for what it called “inappropriate workplace conduct” involving current and former female colleagues.

Achenbach, a veteran reporter, is the first Post journalist to be disciplined for misconduct of this kind since a wave of sexual-harassment allegations began roiling through news outlets and other organizations in the wake of revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in early October.

The Post said Achenbach would be suspended for 90 days without pay, the most severe newsroom punishment the paper has handed out in recent years for violations of its workplace or journalistic standards. His suspension began immediately.

The paper’s top news managers declined to describe Achenbach’s misconduct in detail and said the investigation into his behavior took two months.

Achenbach also would not elaborate in an interview on Wednesday. He instead referred to a statement: “I’m very sorry to say that I’ve behaved badly and have been suspended by The Post for three months for inappropriate workplace conduct. I’ve said and done things that were unprofessional, and I apologize to the women affected by this and acknowledge their courage in speaking out.”

If he’s right and serial killers are weak, cowardly losers, then WaPo better double down on that investigation. In the meantime, Ashley continues the proud female tradition of not being able to identify potentially abusive men. I bet every man reading this had a quick “uh-oh” reflex at his pic… Ashley quoted him as a credible source.

As for Bundy, his white privilege got him righteously executed in a courteous and lawful fashion. One could wish all violent criminals to be so privileged. “If thou art comfortable, milord, we shalt begin thine righteous punishment, that Almighty God might see fit to forgive thine soul its mortal transgressions.” *BZZZT*

Homeless men on the sidewalk? White privilege! False accusations destroying a scientist’s life? White privilege! Ted Bundy meeting Old Sparky? White freaking privilege! But we know what this is really about: white privilege got Trump elected! White privilege and Russia!


Ted Bundy gave a famous Death Row interview to Dr. James Dobson on the evils of pornography and how it led him to death-spiral into rape, murder and necrophilia. I was told about it repeatedly in my 80s childhood and lots of other church guys were, too.

But it didn’t turn out to be true.

Let’s be honest, every healthy male reading this who isn’t VERY lucky in love either has or had a significant porn habit. It’s the Internet Age, real women are trash and testosterone doesn’t have an off switch so go figure. And yet, the number of us who have turned into Bundy-style monsters is nil; in fact, the most violent among us tend to be the ones who insist on (unattainable) real women.

Ted Bundy lied to Dobson about the dangers of porn use and Dobson bought into it completely. The first rule of deceit is saying what the chump wants to hear. A quote from Wikipedia: “I wish I could believe that his motives were altruistic,” wrote [biographer Ann] Rule. “But all I can see in that Dobson tape is another Ted Bundy manipulation of our minds. The effect of the tape is to place, once again, the onus of his crimes, not on himself, but on us.”

You want to prevent Ted Bundys from happening? Then advocate intact, patriarchal families. Don’t blame porn, that was just Bundy getting a last laugh in God’s face.

By the way, guess how Theodore Robert Cowell got renamed Ted Bundy? Again to Wikipedia, “In 1950, Louise changed her surname from Cowell to Nelson, and at the urging of multiple family members, she left Philadelphia with her son to live with cousins Alan and Jane Scott in Tacoma, Washington. In 1951 Louise met Johnny Culpepper Bundy, a hospital cook, at an adult singles night at Tacoma’s First Methodist Church. They married later that year and Johnny Bundy formally adopted Ted. Johnny and Louise conceived four children of their own, and although Johnny tried to include his adoptive son in camping trips and other family activities, Ted remained distant. He later complained to his girlfriend that Johnny wasn’t his real father, “wasn’t very bright,” and “didn’t make much money.””

Do. Not. Play. Captain Save-A-Ho.


3 thoughts on “Ted Bundy’s White Privilege

  1. Which is what made her screed so entertaining. Teddy had so much white privilege that the judge was nice to him while sentencing him to Old Sparky.

    Do YOU want some of that white privilege?

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  2. Teddy was the fruit of a promiscuous single mother and a cad…imagine me shock. And here I thought heroic single mothers raise the cream of the crop when it came to men.

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