MGTOW Life: The Wages of Sex Dolls

There’s a dustup happening on YouTube that’s on the level of Vox Day and Dalrock parting ways. I’ve mentioned Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) on this blog several times and a longstanding ally of his is DDJ… Doomsday Jesus, not a promising handle but he’s proven himself solid gold. He’s the author of “The Feminist Lie”, required reading for the Manosphere, and his paralegal work on behalf on men wronged by the frivorce-industrial complex has prevented more suicides and broken families than all the world’s hotlines combined. His YouTube channel is Misandry Today.

Among his concerns is TFM falling from a MGTOW to an Incel mental state. He credits TFM’s sex doll Celestina with that deterioration. It happened so gradually that I myself didn’t notice despite personally disapproving of the Sex Doll Path but the case DDJ makes is convincing and well worth analyzing.

A brief background: TFM was one of the Manosphere’s first adopters of sex dolls. Also the first to run (extensive) advertising for a sex doll manufacturer. He eventually:

1. Named it Celestina.

2. Realized his “times spent” with Celestina were creating an emotional bond. He shrugged and let it happen.

3. Made a separate YouTube channel for Celestina. At the time, TFM was getting many strikes on his main channel so making a backup channel was sensible.

4. Made an Instagram account for Celestina. I remember rolling my eyes at his pimping a robot. Hello, Blade Runner!

5. Regulars at his TFM shows could pay a small fee to have Celestina interrupt the show with a brief message, on topic or not. TFM always stopped the show to listen and respond. It was annoying as hell, I hate skewball interruptions, but it didn’t click with me that TFM might have been doing it to give Celestina a personality by proxy. I thought it was just a fundraising gimmick.

6. Discovered an AI program that could provide a casual conversation. TFM got into the habit of calling the AI program on his smartphone and having “conversations” with Celestina. Red flag time but I apparently didn’t know the half of it.

Below is the video of DDJ staging an intervention for TFM followed by a transcription of the relevant portion.

Hey, everybody, I just wanted to say right away this video is in no way meant to disparage anyone in either the MGTOW community or the Incel community with one exception, which will be described later on in the video because frankly, unethical people in general don’t deserve respect.

That’s how DDJ rolls, arrow straight and brass tacks. Mister Exception won’t concern us today.

Now, let’s start with the differences between red pill and blue pill. The red pill and its opposite the blue pill are a popular cultural meme metaphor representing the choice between the red pill knowledge freedom, uncertainty and the brutal truths of reality. Now, the blue pill is security, happiness, beauty and the blissful ignorance of illusion. So really, the red pill is the brutal, often bitter truth whereas the blue pill is the comfortable lie.

Okay. The Red Pill is unpopular for the same reason Christianity is unpopular: people need the truth but they don’t want it, for reasons both sensible and absurd.

Now, let’s talk about the differences between Incels and MGTOW or men going their own way. Incel is a person who is not sexually active despite desiring to be and sometimes, the Incel is a member of a mostly online subculture typically of misogynistic straight men who define themselves by being unable to find a sexual relationship despite desiring one. On the other hand, MGTOW, men going their own way is a way of life which refuses to defer to women in defining the worth of men. Instead it focuses on positive male aspects inviting men to go their own way in life… the concise definition of men going their own way.

So, the main difference is that Incels desperately want sexual intercourse with a woman and are frustrated they can’t whereas a MGTOW man never defines his worth by a female’s measure. That said, another important point to make is that Incels often become so frustrated by their inability to be sexually active with a woman that they become so hateful that they no longer want a woman’s companionship and want women to be their slaves.

It’s MGTOWs who reach the point of no longer wanting a woman’s companionship. Incel’s very definition is “involuntary celibate”. If you don’t want it anymore then your celibacy is now voluntary, a healthy improvement. What happens, then, when Incels use sex dolls in the place of women? Is that MGTOW or white knight? No easy answer.

Now, why is this important? It’s because when I first joined TFM on the TFM show and for at least six months thereafter, TFM’s position was pretty much the same as what I just read. In fact, he used to call out Incels for focusing their life around women rather than living for themselves. Unfortunately, at some point TFM changed. Instead of being the voice of MGTOW wisdom and male mentorship, he morphed into the Incel Whisperer.

What do I mean by that? I mean that he changed gears and started saying that Incels were MGTOW even though, to use TFM’s own words, the verifiable facts and the observable reality clearly demonstrate that Incels were not MGTOW. Now, I understand his point. He wants to help  men, even Incel men, and this is commendable. However, Incels will stay blue pilled until they start living for themselves, free from female validation rather than continuing to desperately whine about not being able to get laid.

TFM’s advice was always “just get a doll”. Is a man still Incel if he’s no longer celibate thanks to regular use of a sex toy that he treats as a person?

Today, TFM has a single prescription for every problem in the world. Do you have diarrhea? Are you an Incel who can’t get laid? Do you refuse to stay in shape at a healthy weight because you liked processed high-calorie food? Well, there’s a solution for all of that and more! According to TFM, just take women’s rights away and your diarrhea will stop, all your male insecurities will magically go away!

I’ve noticed this about TFM also. It would have been hard not to. He regularly calls for “Take womens’ rights away”, “repeal the 19th Amendment” and similar demands for women to no longer control society, to prevent society’s collapse. While I agree with the mechanic of ending female suffrage, I have an entirely different motivation. I believe God created woman to be the servant of man. Forcing woman back into that service is a kindness. It’s an end to a powerful temptation and I honestly wish women well when I seek to take their vote away.

Simultaneous with that, men need to not grow bitter against women even though I sympathize. TFM using a sex doll appears to fit that bitterness against women. He isn’t letting go of female validation, he’s using a substitute path to female validation.

Let me explain why this at best is a blue pill Incel’s dream. Cucked men put women into power. What does this mean? it means that men will not vote to take women’s voting rights away or any other rights for that matter because most men cuck to women. TFM understands this. Now, he’s been asked many times how to take women’s rights away and he always responds with something about how do the jihadis do it? Well, let me answer that they do it by physical force, kidnapping, violence and intimate assault.

Which is why Islam is peak feminism, not peak patriarchy. Women enjoy the violence, the cruel exploitation by brutal men, being harem slaves and especially the polygamy. But rewarding brutality and winner-take-all has proven to be a horrible way to make a civilization worth living in. The patriarchal ideal is a principled, self-controlled, one-wife man who is concerned for those who depend upon him, from livestock to family.

TFM predicting Islam is our future if we don’t control our women as they do is consistent with DDJ’s words.

What TFM is saying is very passive-aggressive. I might add, whether he realizes it or not is that to take women’s rights away men need to physically force women into slavery… which by the way, is exactly what Incels have advocated for for years now. To TFM’s credit he admits that this is not a MGTOW concept or philosophy and he’s absolutely correct but here’s the rub: not only is this not a MGTOW concept it’s not even red pilled. It’s an insult; in fact, he’s calling for a gender war whether he realizes it or not and consequently the Incels love it.

The TFM I once knew, the man who I will always deeply admire and consider my friend would tell men to walk away from any blue pill idiot who told anyone to sacrifice their lives for sexual access to women, whether through marriage or attempts to enslave women by taking their rights away.

Taking women’s rights away is, in reality, seeking female validation through force.

Well said, in the absence of Christianity. But then there’s nowhere to go. Allow women to rule? Do not allow? Part of what I omitted is DDJ advocating for equating social authority with social responsibility but that fails on several levels, primarily that men and women are different. Even when you find a woman who is able to perform tasks as well as a man, she is still female and not male. Her brain is different, her body is different. This is why all those career wimminz end up as alcoholic herpes harpies. Give a man money and opportunities from an early age, along with all the mentoring he could possibly want, and he’ll enjoy his career immensely. But do the same for a woman and more likely than not, she’ll be too bitter over the family she never had to appreciate being a titan of industry.

Christianity is the only way out of the devil’s lies. Women belong in this sphere, men in that sphere, with these obligations towards each other. It’s not enough to fix one aspect of the problem such as revoking female citizenship. The shape of society generally must conform to the Creator’s ideal and that’s the point at which TFM, DDJ and all other atheists fail. Life isn’t about selecting outcomes. It’s about becoming a certain kind of person.

I find myself agreeing with DDJ that TFM has developed an Incel’s attitude towards women. Merely revoking womens’ suffrage does no good if manginas still get to vote. Places in authority must be given, gratis, to unsexy and independent men. That will be a paradigm shift, not a legislative correction.

TFM needs help but honestly, I’m not sure if he’s strong enough to accept it. Let’s talk about cars, trucks, boats and guns, in other words, material possessions. When you buy a car that you like, you take care of it. When you buy a boat, you name it. When you buy a gun, you customize it, you clean it. No matter what you own, you use it and if you care about it then you spend time and money maintaining it and upgrading it. If you keep the particular possession long enough then you develop memories and nostalgia that is associated with it.

Yep. I cried when I traded in my first car. It had been my only constant companion during the formative years of young adulthood. But it was only a car.

Why is this important? It’s because of Celestina, TFM’s doll. Now, I completely and unabashedly support [sex doll makers] but they sell dolls. Inanimate objects, not relationships. These dolls are tools of adult gratification. They aren’t people even though they look like them yet with TFM’s doll Celestina, he attempts to have an emotional relationship with it like humans do with each other. He’s even gone so far as to get an AI app for it so he could pretend he’s talking to his girlfriend who is an inanimate object. This is not a joke, this is a real thing.

TFM has admitted this and talked about it in great detail over many videos and livestreams. Not only has he created a YouTube channel for his doll where he gets her to pretend she’s talking, she has an Instagram. It’s so bad that when I had to move on from co-hosting the TFM show and the 4/20 show due to scheduling issues, TFM still considered his doll as his other co-host. He even publicly says he feels protective of his doll in the same way mainstream men are protective of women and if that wasn’t enough, TFM has become socially isolated.

In his response, TFM said he isn’t socially isolated so much as not being able to be himself in public. I sympathize with that isolation as a Commiefornian but don’t see how infatuation with a sex doll could cause it. Improvising ways to have conversations with a sex doll indicates that social isolation is preexisting.

A related issue DDJ raised is TFM’s support for a kiddie-porn-anime convention. TFM sees it as freedom of speech whereas DDJ is concerned it meets the legal definitions of child porn despite the characters being fictitious. Acceptance of one form of sexual immorality inevitably leads other forms, eventually resulting in the very sexual destruction of society that MGTOWs rail against. (Trust a Californian on this.) This is an example of how dangerously blind TFM’s sex doll habit has made him to the concept of healthy human sexuality.

I don’t believe TFM’s sex doll habit made him contemptuous of women. However, I do believe that TFM embracing this alternative sexuality has ruined his moral compass and possibly damaged his ability to see reality correctly. His mind acknowledges Celestina isn’t real but his heart appears desperate to believe she is, hence his efforts to give her a personality and social life by proxy.

TFM is pedestalizing his sex doll. This would categorize him as a Mens’ Rights Activist not an Incel, because he’s trying to make a better world for his love.

Sex dolls are not the answer to male sexual needs. But it was a very interesting experiment to watch. The wages of sex dolls are emotional investment in the gynocracy.

Vlog comments aren’t promising:

Turd Flinging Monkey

Turd Flinging Monkey:

I’m going to give you a chance to delete this video and apologize before I embarrass you.

You have 1 hour

Misandry Today

Misandry Today:

I guess I was wrong about our friendship. I’m not gonna self censor to appease you. Well I guess I was right… the relationship ends when the investment stops… not when the people part ways. What you fail to understand is I don’t care about whatever you do to lash out MGTOW are immune to shaming… you should know this. I said my piece… and your response tells me its time to stop trying to get you to see sense.


I held off a day on posting to hear TFM’s response vlog, which he made. They’ve parted ways. TFM’s key comment was at the 10:30 mark for those caring to look it up, when he comments that it does no good to go MGTOW if society still collapses, and so he’s reaching for enduring solutions. That is a fool’s errand. MGTOW is only a reaction; society has already abandoned us men. The only enduring solution is for society’s leaders to accept us back. There is nothing we can do to force that acceptance other than, well, force. Which is the Incel path outlined above by DDJ. “I want sex, I won’t be given sex, how can I take sex for myself?”

Men don’t need society. Men built every one and if the current one dies then we’ll build the next. We didn’t choose to destroy this current society, we chose to call this society’s bluff.

TFM has backed down from calling that bluff… for love of his sex doll? If it’s love hormones that drive men to feminize society then acquiring those love hormones by artificial means would be as damaging. Love isn’t just a feeling, after all; there’s behavioral changes that go along with it. Apparently, even when “she” isn’t real.

2 thoughts on “MGTOW Life: The Wages of Sex Dolls

  1. TFM has been in free-fall for a long time ..

    I haven’t watched him in over 2 years .. or DDJ for that matter.

    I’ll avoid passing judgement on men who will use sex dolls .. but the slippery slope of degeneracy / sexual perversion seems very real .. and .. a clear and present danger.

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  2. DDJ is still worth following but TFM, while occasionally thought-provoking, not so much. He produces a lot of fresh content but advertisements now take up a quarter of most of his posts. I’ve been going over to Vox Day’s Darkstreams lately; he’s less offensive on video than in print. He advertises, too, but I get the feeling it’s to justify using a medium that he doesn’t much like. I don’t do video, either, it’s inefficient for transmitting ideas, but it gives me something to listen to during my more tedious work tasks.

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