Keep Portland Unstable!

Portland is ready to rumble in the next earthquake but White Privilege has reared its ugly head!

NAACP blames ‘white supremacy’ for Portland earthquake signs

By – Associated Press, 6 January 2019

PORTLAND, Ore. — A new city policy requiring public signs on brick buildings warning they might collapse in an earthquake is part of a long history of white supremacy aimed at forcing black people to move out of neighborhoods, the NAACP of Portland, Oregon, says.

The group on Thursday decried the policy affecting some 1,600 unreinforced masonry buildings that are on average 90 years old, many in areas with a predominantly black population, The Oregonian/OregonLive reports.

They already do this in Commiefornia. I’ve never understood the point. Do they expect people to not go inside because the Big One Earthquake might happen in the next five minutes? “I’d love to buy your coffee but your building is an unreinforced masonry structure! Maybe you can take my order from the parking lot? My car is underneath the big oak tree.”

The policy “exacerbates a long history of systemic and structural betrayals of trust and policies of displacement, demolition, and dispossession predicated on classism, racism, and white supremacy,” the group said.

It’s comments like this that make me cheer the Mexicans firebombing the blacks out of Los Angeles. The browns don’t blame us for everything and the weather.

The NAACP said the policy will make it tougher for owners of brick buildings to get loans and will discourage investment. It says that means buildings will have to be sold, and that developers will demolish and redevelop, increasing the cost to live there and forcing current residents out.

“It speaks to our houses of worship and everything about the black presence in the North-Northeast area,” said the Rev. E.D. Mondaine, a pastor at Celebration Tabernacle Church in north Portland and president of the Portland NAACP chapter.

He’s a clear-cut violation of Church and State. If only my clergy would notice that it’s okay to be political in the pulpit… what isn’t okay is being conservative anywhere.

City officials say the ordinance approved in October is part of an effort ultimately aimed at upgrading old buildings to withstand an earthquake, though seismic upgrades likely wouldn’t be required for at least 20 years. Such upgrades could cost brick-building owners millions of dollars.

If it bothers them then they can do what Californians do and have those unsafe structures declared Historic Sites. Then the gov’t won’t be allowed to demolish them even when they become unlivable because real history is piles of rubble! Like Stonehenge and Detroit.

Experts say Portland is at risk because there’s close to a 50 percent chance of a giant earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the Oregon coast in the next 50 years.

I don’t recall that one… *checks* ah, it’s offshore. More of a tidal wave concern but okay, Portland has a front row seat to the Pacific Ring of Fire and its gov’t wants to become quakeproof. That’s a legitimate purpose of gov’t, enforcing a building code suitable for likely natural disasters.

If that means your ghetto get foreclosed on as a safety hazard then too bad.

The warning signs and a requirement that building owners must file a record of compliance is “really just a disclosure,” said Alex Cousins, a spokesman for the city Bureau of Development Services. “That’s the purpose behind it.”

The warning signs are to go up on public buildings this month, and on most other buildings by March 1. The warning on them says: “This is an unreinforced masonry building. Unreinforced masonry buildings may be unsafe in the event of a major earthquake.”

Yep, that’s verbatim the California sign. Must be the same manufacturer.

In related action, a nonprofit coalition of Portland brick building owners recently filed a lawsuit seeking to block the ordinance, arguing it’s unconstitutional under free-speech and due-process rights.

“The government is forcing private property owners to basically broadcast the government’s message instead of their own,” said John DiLorenzo, an attorney for the group.

Also, a coalition of music venues called MusicPortland has sided with the NAACP, saying the ordinance threatens some 30 of its music venues.

I can see them winning about the signs… but I can’t see them winning about the building code. Yo, MusicPortland, the city isn’t required to give you years of notice. Give them trouble, maybe they’ll give you no warning.

One sad truth about parasitism is that parasites can’t see the future, indeed, anything past the needs of the moment. Portland blacks have 20 years to figure out how to accommodate earthquake safety standards but instead, they’d rather live in squalor and blame whitey for trying to replace unsafe structures with safe ones… and later on, blame whitey for the collapse of their unsafe structure that they didn’t allow to be replaced.

This is also why they love debt spending. The bills never come due! Where did these bills come from?

That parasitical attitude isn’t unique to the NAACP. If our enemies were honest enemies, they’d realize that genociding American whites… an incredibly gullible and wealthy demographic, on the whole… would be horrible. Much better to close the border and allow enough consideration to whites for the free welfare carousel to spin for decades. Alas. From women burning Betas to Hondurans riding free buses to the Promised Land of Freebies, all the parasites want is whatever they want, when they want it, until the Collapse.

Which could easily be triggered by the Big One.



3 thoughts on “Keep Portland Unstable!

  1. Let the NAACP and white liberals fight man. The rainbow coalition of losers that are the Democratic party are: liberal whites, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians and gays. Muslims hate gays. Blacks hate Jews and whites. Jews and Asians hate whites. Hispanics hate Jews and blacks and aspire to be liberal whites (AOC comes to mind). Meanwhile, there aren’t enough whites in their coalition to apologize forever and keep handing out money to blacks and hispanics. Asians aren’t handing out money to anyone.. Look at the kooks in the coalition attacking Pelosi the DNC leadership for being so ’90s. The crackup is going to be epic to watch and will start here.


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