Proctor & Gamble’s Judas: Robert McDonald

You heard about the Gillette Company going full retard with its recent anti-masculinity advertisement. But you didn’t hear why they would do such a stupid derp. I can put a face on the reason… a pedoface! Meet the CEO of Gillette’s parent company:

CEO in Action: Robert McDonald- The Procter & Gamble Company

Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Procter & Gamble Company

Dated 1 March 2012

Obama Taps Former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald to Lead Veteran Affairs

P&G Launches New D&I Strategy

Critical to our growth strategy is diversity and inclusion. As a company, our continued success and growth is dependent upon a deep understanding of the diversity of our consumers. To do this, our employee population must reflect the diversity of our markets and consumers. This helps us have empathy for them. Empathy leads to life-improving innovations.

Innovation is connecting two seemingly unconnected ideas. Diversity provides the disparate nodes to connect. We purposely try to put diverse groups of people together to create more opportunities for innovation. There is a correlation between the diversity of our organization, our innovative capability, and our ability to realize our purpose of improving lives. This is how we develop the brands and communications that resonate with the people we serve and want to serve.

I am a firm believer that diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage for our organization and I am personally committed to continuing to foster a culture of inclusion at P&G. We have no hope of touching and improving the lives of the world’s consumers if we don’t first begin with touching and improving the lives of P&G employees.
About a year ago, we launched P&G’s global diversity and inclusion strategy. With the new strategy, we took three new steps:

1) Appointed a Chief Diversity Officer to oversee the Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (Linda Clement- Holmes).

P&G CIO Linda Clement-Holmes

A sexually damaged and feral woman–shaved head and hyphenated last name, respectively. But Lesbo Negress is high on the Diversity Totem and that’s what counts. Let’s segue into this Board Room Annie Oakley with two excerpts from this interview:

When I was the diversity officer, we spent a lot of time talking about unconscious bias. We spent a lot of time with a professor out of Harvard, and her whole premise is around dealing with unconscious bias. …

When you think about it, particularly from a gender standpoint, culturally and socially women tend to carry more of the burden socially when it comes to the household. Whether that is right or wrong, that is not the point, but socially that tends to be the case. If you translate that then to the workforce, and you think about it as women and men on the same starting line of the race, a male employee may have a spouse at home taking care of everything and they may have the same skills of the woman on the starting line. The woman may begin the race wearing a backpack, which contains arms and legs of kids and husbands and other kinds of things, even if there is somebody at home helping out. It is a social dynamic that we live in culturally as well. If you think about taking that backpack off that woman, think about how fast they would be. By nature, gender-wise, women have a lot of capacity to be able to carry things. Getting people to think differently about it is what I do a lot of times.

Women are heavily burdened by their family, think of how fast they’d be if they took off that “weight”? What a horrible image of family life she has. But wait, she’s all about her kids:

Most of my [boardroom] experience prior to Cincinnati Financial had been on non-profit boards. A lot of that had to do with personal passion more than anything else. Because I believe in making choices, for years because I had two sons, I would only work on boards that I could do with them or for them. If it had to do with children, that is what I would do. It just so happens, I was also usually the IT person on the board as well. What it gave me was the opportunity to learn what it was like to be the IT person, or see what the IT operations were like, at a company other than P&G that does not have the resources that we do. The way I normally would do things was totally different. I had to learn that they could not do it that way because they did not have the same resources. You learn that from a non-profit. At the same time, you also learn the things that are not IT related, which is important when moving to the for-profit world.

She worked at nonprofits because she cared about her deadweight children holding her back from greatness? And she learned to do IT the goodfeelz way rather than the technical competence way. Proctor & Gamble, meet Equifax.

Returning to previous article:

2) Added key focus on inclusion, with aim to maintain a diverse workforce, a diverse leadership pipeline, inspiring employees to perform at their peak, knowing that they are included, respected and valued.

None of which is related to making good products.

3) Created global Inclusion and Diversity Council, with the aim to renew our overall Diversity & Inclusion efforts, measure results against our goals, and drive accountability throughout the organization.

Externally, we want to be and be recognized as a global leader in diversity and inclusion. Internally, we want to ensure we are fostering a culture of inclusion so that diversity is culturally embedded in all we do.

I am inspired each day by the ways P&G employees are putting their passion behind our diversity and inclusion strategy and bringing it to life. As we continue to embrace diversity and truly make it a part of all we do, the results of the company will be inseparable from the characteristics of diversity that make up our global operations. This is how we will continue touching and improving lives, now and for generations to come.

When an entryist reaches the top these days, it’s like a volcanic explosion of Convergence. The SJWs are entirely done with pretenses.

Dated 6 June 2012

During his acceptance speech, McDonald remarked, “I am very honored to take on the role of chair of the US-China Business Council. The Council is fortunate to have a strong and diverse Board of Directors and the engagement of a large number of American companies involved with China. We all share a common vision to build and strengthen the bonds between China and the United States – two great nations with the two largest economies on earth that are mutually and positively interdependent.”

He’s an enemy of the United States. More on McDonald from Wikipedia:

On July 7, 2014, U.S. President Obama nominated McDonald to the Cabinet position of United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Obama cited McDonald’s business background with P&G and experience revitalizing organizations in his decision. … McDonald was approved by the United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and the full Senate by unanimous vote.

That looks like a major conflict of interest, the CEO of a pharmaceuticals giant transitioning to head of the VA system.

One of McDonald’s first decisions in September 2014 was to increase salaries for physicians and dentists to close the pay gap with the private sector and to make VA an employer of choice. McDonald personally visited several medical schools to recruit new medical personnel in the early months of his tenure at VA. As of June 2015, VA had increased onboard staff by more 12,000 including over 1,000 physicians, 2,700 nurses, and 4,600 other select critical occupations.

He threw money at the problem. Typical bureaucrat.

On February 23, 2015, McDonald admitted he misspoke trying to engage a homeless veteran on January 30, 2015, about his serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces, a conversation that was recorded by a CBS television news crew accompanying him during a nationwide count of homeless veterans. “I have no excuse, I was not in the special forces” he told The Huffington Post, which first broke the story.

This seems to be the only Stolen Valor incident in his past but he still likes to mention his West Point education and Army Ranger qualification.

On May 23, 2016, Secretary McDonald stated that Disney does not measure wait times at its amusement parks, arguing that VA wait times are not an important measure. This statement was viewed as both insensitive to patients and incorrect, as Disney does measure wait times. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan criticized McDonald’s comments on Twitter and in a blog post, saying, “This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines.” He apologized the next day.

At the time, wait lines for veterans were 7 days for primary care and 10 days for specialists. But McDonald repeatedly went on record opposing the privatization of the VA.

To see what sprouted from McDonald’s Diversity seeds, we go now to P&G’s 2018 Citizenship Report. Boldfaces are mine. (Dear God, did You put George Orwell among the Prophets?)

Click to access pg_citizenship_report_2018.pdf

CEO’s Introduction

We made significant progress in each area of P&G’s Citizenship work in fiscal year 2018, and we continue to actively build Citizenship into how we deliver our business results. …

We continue to make positive impact in each area of Citizenship: Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Community Impact, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability. Importantly, our efforts in these areas support nearly every objective outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

-Along with our NGO relief partners, we helped those impacted by disasters around the world. For example, we provided more than 2,000 personal care kits and washed more than 2,300 loads of laundry to help those impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. We also activated our emergency response efforts to aid victims of the earthquake in Mexico and assisted with Syrian refugees in France, Germany and Turkey. And while this report is on a fiscal year basis, it’s important to note that we’re actively involved in relief efforts for those affected by recent natural disasters in the U.S. and Indonesia.

-We increased representation for women, now at 46% of all P&G managers globally, and we increased our U.S. representation and workplace satisfaction of African Ancestry, Hispanic and Asian Pacific American employees.

We used our voice in advertising to promote important conversations about a full range of equality, diversity and inclusion topics with the “The Talk,” “Love Over Bias” and “The Words Matter.” We sparked important conversations to motivate positive change along racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and gender lines.

And now an infamous Gillette commercial. Nobody noticed when P&G was sucking up to women & non-Whites, telling them how special they were, but openly hating White Men has thankfully had a different effect. Now for various excerpts:

Message from Shailesh Jejurikar

“This year, we took a major step in renewing our commitment to environmental sustainability. In April, we launched new, ambitious goals for 2030 that focus on where we know we can make the most meaningful difference—our brands, supply chain, society and employees. We’ve already achieved many of our 2020 goals, and we’re committed to stay on track so we can deliver the remaining goals. However, achieving these goals is not enough. We know our stakeholders want and expect more. With our global reach, our understanding of the five billion people we serve and our innovation and supply chain capabilities, we have a unique ability to drive positive impact in the world. We can be a force for good and a force for growth, but we know we cannot do this alone. We will partner with consumers, industry, governments, civil society groups and academics so that, together, we can make an even greater impact.”

They don’t call it Convergence for nothing. Blur all the lines until no possible resistance is left!

Our Commitment to Respect Human Rights

In 2014, P&G published its Human Rights Policy Statement that communicates our
support for the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which are
drawn from and reinforce the principles of internationally recognized human rights
consisting of: those rights expressed in the International Bill of Human Rights (i.e., Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and Civil and Political Rights) and the principles
concerning fundamental rights as set out in the International Labor Organization (ILO)
Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

We recognize that it is the sovereign state’s duty to protect against human rights abuses by establishing and upholding appropriate laws and policies. We also recognize that some states do not have adequate legal and regulatory frameworks, enforcement mechanisms or have laws that conflict with these internationally recognized human rights. Wherever this is the case, we will always try to do the right thing by respecting human rights consistently across our global operations. We expect these same commitments to be shared by our business partners, and we strongly encourage our business partners to share these same expectations with their business partners.

These Non-Government Organizations are sure handy for helping governments rule like Good Citizens.

Using Our Voice: Generation of Firsts

Our Always brand continues to tackle societal barriers for women around the world. Saudi Arabia is at the cusp of transformation as Saudi women are coming into their own, challenging expectations in careers and at home. In April 2018, Always launched the “Generation of Firsts” campaign, which celebrates Saudi women achievers. Through this campaign, Always is supporting women to embrace being the first to achieve a career ideal that had been traditionally challenged. The film was made with not only an all-Saudi cast and crew, but with an all-female Saudi cast and crew—an unprecedented undertaking. The film was viewed more than 1.5 million times and generated a social media flurry with more than 1000 stories, pictures and videos of Saudi girls proudly posting what they were the first in their families to accomplish.

I never thought to feel sorry for those Christian-murdering jihadists but feminism found a way. Hmm, it looks like Gillette isn’t the only brand weaponized against masculinity:

Ariel France

By highlighting the important role parents play in role modelling, this Ariel ad challenges the idea that laundry is a woman’s job. French authorities have called it “the first time that an ad explicitly points to sharing responsibilities in the home. It is an evolution of our society.”

Revolution, people. The correct term is revolution. These are the French. They don’t “evolve” anything. Ask the Yellow Vests.

Joy Japan

In Japan, while 60% of married couples today have careers, 90% of household work is performed by women. “Sharing the housework – job to JOY” encourages family members to talk about sharing chores and uses male and female perspectives to tell a compelling story.

Do you know what most women do when they get jobs? Housekeeping, child care, nursing, cooking… the same things they’d do at home for nothing.

Olay North America

From being told they are “too emotional” to “too ambitious,” women constantly face conflicting expectations for how they should look, feel or behave. An Olay campaign is ready to put an end to that by encouraging women to “Face Anything”

Another case of P&G putting itself out of business. What will happen if P&G convinces women to not care about their appearance? Women will stop buying cosmetics such as Olay. It’s no different from the Gillette ads implying that Real Men don’t have enough testosterone to be able to shave.

Olay China

Olay is encouraging all women to be fearless about their age, using meaningful numbers instead of years to tell their story: “59”, for instance, because she has won 59 championships, or “8”, because she has been a singer for 8 years.

China wimminz would be better advised to do the Baby Boomer style:

Using Our Voice: Sesame Street Muppets Fuel Girls’ Aspirations

Chamki is a vibrant, five-year-old girl Muppet on Galli Galli Sim Sim, the Indian version of Sesame Street. Chamki loves school and dreams of becoming a scientist one day. The Growing Up Chamki series airing on TV in India explores issues of gender equity in child-relevant ways, with girls and boys role-playing different careers and family roles. This teaches girls and boys alike that they can aspire to be anything they want to be.

P&G partnered with Sesame Workshop to produce the episodes and make them available to Sesame Street co-productions around the world, aiming to set a new expectation that values girls’ education, so that both boys and girls can reach their full potential. Empowering girls is critically important because they face barriers boys do not. Early marriage, gender discrimination, lack of adequate sanitation and differences in how parents value education for girls versus boys often keeps girls from enrolling and staying in school.

Fuck off and die, Proctor & Gamble, for mutilating my childhood memories of Sesame Street.

P&G will continue to support Sesame Workshop, local educators and producers in developing engaging, inspiring female Muppet characters around the world. These characters appeal to both children and adults, and they encourage audiences to respect girls, appreciate their diverse likes and dislikes, advocate for their education and support their dreams—planting the seeds for societal change. …From Chamki in India to Zari in Afghanistan and Lola in Latin America, these, and other girl Muppets, have become the most popular characters among girls and boys alike.

FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! Nothing is sacred to you! No race, no culture, not even the innocence of children!

Men Advocating Real Change

At P&G, we believe that the requisite skills to succeed as leaders in 2018 and beyond include the ability to be empathetic and inclusive. Given the critical role men play in advancing women and in achieving gender equality, we have partnered with Catalyst on their MARC™ (Men Advocating Real Change) initiative. Through this effort men better understand the impact that stereotypes, unconscious bias and male-dominant culture have on women’s career progression. In less than two years, MARC workshops have reached almost 800 P&G managers across more than 15 countries, with plans to expand further in 2019. Several other Fortune 500 companies, invited to join the P&G-hosted workshops, have been inspired to launch their own MARC initiatives.

And so it goes. Proctor & Gamble is a fully converged monstrosity of national government subversion to U.N. principles. As for their actual products, this report documents how sustainable their product lines are being made rather than how popular or competitive they might be. Honestly, what kind of pathetic mangina cares if the recycled plastic of his shampoo bottle is 10% ocean trash-sourced?

Ever-higher prices with neither Whites nor Men welcome. I do not see a bright future for P&G.



11 thoughts on “Proctor & Gamble’s Judas: Robert McDonald

  1. Your analysis and descrption of the facts are great. I would love to see your story be the headline news for the neyworks. That is so unlikely because of where we are at, it makes me less confident than you that this will be unsuccessful. What man is going to tell their wives to drop P&G because of the ad? Only the statistically insignifant red pillers. You know the wife’s response “What, are you afraid of a strong women.” Or the more vacuous reply, “they are just trying to stem abuse. ” The good intentions premise is likely to win the day with the ad. No one cares about the moral perversity that you so thoroughly laid out.
    There is so much to examine in your post that I hope you go back to it on a day you don’t have anything else. For example, that press release about the new D&I strategy of his is so well written that I am wondering if I should memorize it for when the PC police come for me.
    He claims his stakeholders want less returns and more diversity. Maybe, does he have a survey to back that up.
    Our local school district, one of the best 10 in my State, has the same statement of purpose as P&G.
    There seem to be true believers that creativity is like a science equation, and automatic good responses will occur with the right amounts, in his case, 46% of all managers being female. So he thinks his company will be at peak if his employee numbers are exactly like America’s. There is no basis for that, which is really just a virtue signal. I wonder if he is as miserable in person as his beliefs are cowardly and twisted?


  2. Anyone who hires a feminist “female” employee of any kind, especially one that has a shaved her head and acts like a dude, is like someone who adopts a street dog that is foaming at the mouth. 🙄

    Both of them are just waiting to bite you. LITERALLY.

    How many times do men shack-up with some feminist looneybin and then “get bitten” by her and ruins his own life (prison, being physically attacked, divorce-raped, etc)?

    Or hires a FemiNazi at work and gets falsely accused of “sexual harassment” (or worse), evene without evidence and then SHE steals your job after you get “fired for cause” (no unemployment benefits, no good reference, etc)?

    Men, beware. ❗ A rabid dog will bite you eventually, it is a matter of when, not if.
    Feminists are rapid dogs, they are your enemy. Do not invite an enemy into your house or workplace. SHE WILL take you out, just a matter of time.


  3. Here are P&G brands to avoid/boycott due to their misandry and anti-male ads:

    Men need to start doing what women do when it comes to this crap. I am done with IHOP and Red Lobster until further notice (due to their Tucker Carlson boycott just because Tucker dared to speak up FOR men and against Femno-Marxism). Do not usually go to IHOP, now I have reason to ask others not to go too.


  4. The woman’s statement about her career is violent yet posed in smooth and passive words. You just know she’s a regular church-goer somewhere, don’t you. Even though she went to Harvard, I bet she is.
    She talks about her decision as a choice, but by doing so, she leaves no room in the country for patriarchal men to live and marry because, a submissive wife in her mind is a servile sin and not “a choice.” Unless she just sees herself as superior to SAHMs and judges them as inferior humans, that’s also probable.


  5. @Swanny River, why do you think she is a church-goer? I do not get that impression, actually.

    No doubt that Feminism teaches that making a man a ham and cheese sandwich after he just worked a 16h double-shift and she spent her day watching TV and at the gym is “slavery” and pure proof of the existence of a repressive patriarchy. 🙄

    It is so funny how even on the left, many women who have been corporate slaves for a few years end up getting tired of it in time. Only the most radical leftists continue in their endless path of unhappiness and corporate slavery forever. But deep inside, even THEY regret it.


  6. Ps. I need find new fabric softener to use. I use Downy “free”, (no perfumes, hypoallergenic) and the rest is all other brands (Sun brand – all USA made and available at Walmart). Anyone have a good alternative found locally (like Walmart or local grocers)?

    As for Olay… yeah gonna have to find alternative face cream too. Yes, I am a man and a masculine one too, but I am very much focused on my personal body and facial appearance and I do use Olay Regenerist. It is amazing. I am coming up on 37 and I get asked all the time if I am 31. That stuff works, I hate to say. Smooths out skin very well. Their dark circle cream (comes in brown little jar) works great too.

    Damn leftists SJW at Procter & Gamble screwing up my face moisturizer!!! -_-

    Oh well… LOL…. 😀 I just outed myself as using Olay face cream! Oh man…. LOL


  7. The pedos, cads, and feminists who produce toxic masculinity either through their own sexual immoralities or promoting of sexual perversions or supporting laws that remove the husband and father’s authority are now complaining toxic masculinity exists.

    What’s that saying Gunner Q? You get what you subsidize.


  8. The reason I think she is a churchgoer is because so many black women are, especially successful ones because it helps them maintain their tribal solidarity.
    I had a bad thought today when I realized my church is all in on the diversity train, P&G might very well say there is no evidence supporting an organization is maximized when its workforce matches current societal figures, but that there basis is biblical. That is, since we all worship in heaven together, that is what we should focus our company on. I don’t see the wishy washy church having any fight against this add because it matches their own vision too much. So once again, our educated church leaders are driving us to be saltless and darkened because they worship the calm even tempered approach taught in colleges.


  9. Well between the photos I’ve seen on twitter showing women in skin tight suits with Gillette over their rear ends and a pro-life site saying P&G donated over $300,000 to planned parenthood…it seems they supported toxic masculinity before they condemned it.


  10. @Swanny

    10 year ago, I would agree, many black women are church-goers. I knew that was the case when I attended high school in Florida too (used to be a very conservative, church-going State).

    But not so much today…. Black women embraced the Church of FemiNazism (or the Church of Her Lady Orcah Winfrey).

    Lenin and Stalin were outcasts in Russian society until they rose to power to the shockj and pain of millions worldwide. The same is going on today.

    The insane college-campus mindset which used to be a joke to everyone else outside the dark corners of radical colleges are now “mainstream” ideas, discussed as if they are serious or sane.


    All companies today have to “pay tribute” (in cash) to leftist organizations or they get boycotted, attacked, and demonized. That is what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did for decades; they would threaten to accuse companies of racism (when none exists) and demand cash donation to enrich themselves.

    P&G was basically paying “protection money” to Planned Parenthood to avoid being accused of being “anti-woman” or “anti-reproductive health care choices”.

    Now P&G is openly and actively ❗ supporting feminism, misandry, and Marxism. Totally different story now. Passive donations to prevent attacks (protection money) vs actively promoting. <– Huge diff.

    In legal field, we have clients that pay cash demands to local organizations to keep them quiet. That is what we saw with the shakedowns Trump had to incur during the campaign. They were timed right, so he would be forced to pay or lose election he worked so hard for.

    What do you think these PI (personal Injury) lawyers do? You get into a 5MPH fender bump/scratch at a parking lot, next thing you know, the lady says she now has cancer and brain injury and they demand millions. The insurances company pays $5,000 "nuisance value settlement" and closes the file. The scum takes it and move on. Too costly to litigate. -_-

    We have a saying in PI law firms: "someone always pays, just figure out who".

    This is a reality of America today. You get shaken down all the time. We need torn reform to curb the legal abuses and legislation criminalizing these "demands for donations" shakedowns. And this is coming from a future lawyer here.


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