The American Psychological Association Whores Itself to Every Victim Group in North America

How can a psychologist treat your mental problems if they start out believing there are no problems, only differences? And why should you trust a psychologist whose ethical standards include a “subject to change without notice” clause? Presenting the “APA GUIDELINES for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men”

Click to access boys-men-practice-guidelines.pdf


Boys and men are diverse with respect to their race, ethnicity, culture, migration status,
age, socioeconomic status, ability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious affiliation. Each of these social identities contributes uniquely and in intersecting ways to shape how men experience and perform their masculinities, which in turn contribute to relational, psychological, and behavioral health outcomes in both positive and negative ways.

Translation, there is no “normal” male psychology. This is a scary opening assumption for a purportedly medical organization. How can they fix your mental problems if they start out believing there are no problems, only “differences”?

Although boys and men, as a group, tend to hold privilege and power based on gender, they also demonstrate disproportionate rates of receiving harsh discipline, academic [failings], mental health issues, physical health problems, public health concerns, and
a wide variety of other quality-of-life issues.

WHICH IS IT, MOTHERFUCKERS? Do men have special privileges or do we slit our wrists after getting kicked out of school after our grades fell when the constant male-bashing  depressed us?

As much as I despite The Last Jedi, it’s informative for being the feminist manifesto performed for the silver screen. Recall that the all-male villains were simultaneously a deadly evil with every advantage and clownish buffoons easily manipulated by every bitter twat smaller than a Trigglypuff.

Same behavior here. Feminists hate men, they WANT to hate men. Even in the middle of discussing modern male problems of addiction, school failings, mental illnesses and fricking suicide, wimminz and their manginas won’t give up their accusation of male privilege. They need us to have male privilege even as they reduce us to empty, lifeless shells because if we didn’t have privilege then we’d be victims… of wimminz, no less.

Additionally, many men do not seek help when they need it, and many report distinctive barriers to receiving gender-sensitive psychological treatment.

They also report distinctive barriers to refusing gender-sensitive psychological treatment. Strike that, preteen children aren’t old enough to legally speak for themselves.

The development of guidelines for psychological practice with boys and men may help
to attend to the barriers that lead to the aforementioned disparities. Indeed, the American Psychological Association has developed guidelines for psychologists working with specific populations such as gay/lesbian/bisexual clients, racial and ethnic minority clients, older adults, transgender and gender-non-conforming persons, and girls and women.

Is anybody missing from that list? White… male… men… not including Baby Boomers.

The APA also has developed guidelines for psychological practice in health care delivery systems, forensic psychology, and psychological evaluation in child protection matters. These guidelines serve to improve service delivery among populations,  stimulate public policy initiatives, and provide professional guidance based on advances in the field. Accordingly, the present document offers guidelines for psychological practice with boys and men.

Revisiting my opening question, the purpose of the APA has shifted from treating mental illnesses, malfunctions and other abnormal issues to implementing the feminist and globalist agendas. The Convergence of the APA is complete. It is nothing but a skin suit for the enemies of Christ.

Purpose and Scope

Professional Practice Guidelines are statements that suggest or recommend specific professional behavior, endeavor, or conduct for psychologists. Guidelines differ from standards in that standards are mandatory and may be accompanied by an
enforcement mechanism. … Guidelines may be superseded by federal or state laws…

Why is that? If a law requires malpractice, should the psychologist act according to his personal expertise or the whims of legislators? Why doesn’t a professional organization even pretend that its members are more likely to be knowledgeable about its own field than elected officials?

Answer, because the purpose of the Converged APA is now to implement gov’t policy, not to promote mental health.

In addition, consistent with the recommendations and procedures outlined by APA (2015b), these guidelines will need to be periodically reviewed and updated at least every 8 to 10 years, from the year of acceptance by the APA Council of Representatives, to take into account advances in research, changes in practice, and the effects of changing contemporary social forces and context. Hence, readers are advised to check the current status of these guidelines to ensure that they are still in effect and have not been superseded by subsequent revisions.

As I said in this post’s beginning, these guidelines on ethical conduct are subject to constant review and updating, and Good Citizens must check them regularly to ensure Narrative compliance.

The beneficiaries of these guidelines include all consumers of psychological practice including clients, students, supervisees, research participants, consultees, and other
health professionals.

Goodbye mental illness, hello mental health consumers!

Rather than offering a comprehensive review of content relevant to all areas of practice, this document provides examples of empirical and conceptual literature that support the need for practice guidelines with boys and men.

Yes, give us examples. Continuing:

Gender refers to psychological, social, and cultural experiences
and characteristics associated with the social statuses of girls and
women or boys and men, whereas sex refers to biological aspects
of being male or female


Cisgender is used to refer to people whose sex assigned at birth is aligned with their gender identity. These guidelines address conflict that cisgender, transgender, and
gender-nonconforming individuals may experience due to societal expectations regarding gender roles.


Truth refers to statements intended to convey a socially acceptable perception of reality.


Cistruth is used to refer to truths whose social acceptance is aligned with objective reality. These guidelines address conflict that cistruths, transtruths, and truth-nonconforming statements may experience due to societal expectations regarding morality.

Okay, I slipped in the second two.


The term gender bias refers to beliefs and attitudes that involve stereotypes or preconceived ideas about the roles, abilities, and characteristics of males and females that may contain significant distortions and inaccuracies. Psychologists have an ethical obligation to recognize and confront these biases.

An ethical obligation to defy Christianity.


Masculinity ideology is a set of descriptive, prescriptive, and proscriptive of cognitions about boys and men. Although there are differences in masculinity ideologies, there is a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence. These have been collectively referred to as traditional masculinity ideology.

A cistruth!

Additionally, acknowledging the plurality of and social constructionist perspective of masculinity, the term masculinities is being used with increasing frequency.

Not that I’ve heard. The Left gives out new words like candy.


Oppression includes discrimination against and/or systematic denial of resources to members of groups who are identified as inferior or less deserving than others. Oppression is most frequently experienced by individuals with marginalized social identities; is manifested in both blatant and subtle discrimination in areas such as racism, ageism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism; and results in limited access to social power.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law. -Aleister Crowley. Anything else is oppression!


Privilege refers to unearned sources of social status, power, and institutionalized advantage experienced by individuals by virtue of their culturally valued and dominant social identities (e.g., White, Christian, male, and middle/upper class; McIntosh, 2008).

I left in this professional reference. Following are the ten guidelines followed by an excerpted paragraph of my choosing.


Psychologists strive to recognize that masculinities are constructed based on social, cultural, and contextual norms.

This is a religious statement, not a scientific statement. “‘There is no Creator God to define how humans should behave.” Also, “sex hormones are a social construct”.

Many men are socialized by friends (e.g., mimicking behaviors and interests), family (e.g., imitating parent and sibling behaviors), peers (e.g., conforming to group social norms to avoid ostracism), and society (e.g., adhering to media portrayals of gender conformity) to adopt traditional masculine ideals, behaviors, and attitudes. Yet for some men, this dominant ideology of masculinity has inherent conflicts. For instance, dominant masculinity was historically predicated on the exclusion of men who were not White, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, and privileged. Moreover, the ideal, dominant masculinity is generally unattainable for most men. Men who depart from this narrow masculine conception by any dimension of diversity (e.g., race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression) may find themselves negotiating between adopting dominant ideals that exclude them or being stereotyped or marginalized.

If “stereotyped or marginalized” means “cast into Hell by an Angry Christ” then I agree.


Psychologists strive to recognize that boys and men integrate multiple aspects to their social identities across the lifespan.

Refugee and immigrant boys and men often have different experiences from boys
and men born in the United States as their development is shaped by traumatic experiences. Moreover, the painful experiences associated with becoming the target of racism and inequality can lead some minority males to avoid identifying with their cultural heritages.

Skin suit, I tell you. They’re working illegal immigration into their model of masculinity.

Boys and men who are members of more than one minority group may have an especially difficult time resolving identity-related conflicts. For example, gay boys
and men of color may experience racism in the LGBT community…

…While the Left continues eating their own.


Psychologists understand the impact of power, privilege, and sexism on the development of boys and men and on their relationships with others.

Several controlled experiments have found that adult men who endorse sexist male role norms are likely to aggress against male and female participants who violate those norms.

Anybody with moral standards are more prone to “aggress” the violators of said moral standards than people with no moral standards. In fact, you can’t have group standards of any kind if you don’t insist that others follow them, which ironically is the APA’s motivation for this very handbook.

Additionally, traditional masculinity ideology encourages men to adopt an approach to sexuality that emphasizes promiscuity and other aspects of risky sexual behavior, such as not learning a partner’s sexual history or engaging in sex without protection from pregnancy or disease transmission. Indeed, heterosexual men’s adherence to traditional, sexist aspects of masculinity has been connected to sexual assault perpetration, as well as decreased condom use and increased casual “hook-up” sex.

They blame heteros for the behavior of homos. Sodomy is beyond disgusting, diseased and N>1,000 but I must admit, monogamists don’t use many condoms. Just one more, #2 is so good to fisk:

In addition to increasing the possibility of engaging in violence, men who accept sexist constructions of masculinity are often restricted by codes of conduct that inhibit their ability to be emotionally vulnerable and form deep connections in adult relationships. For instance, although the isolating effects of these beliefs likely depend on a variety of social and ecological contexts, numerous studies have provided evidence that endorsement of sexist male roles is related to men’s fear of intimacy and discomfort with physical affection with other men.

Sexist constructions of masculinity are badthink because they discourage sodomy. Speaking of, societies that are notorious for punishing sodomy tend to have lots of physical affection between men. They know it isn’t about feeling out the other guy’s arse.


Psychologists strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence the interpersonal relationships of boys and men.

Did NAMBLA write this handbook? Boys are not men. They should not be grouped with men for a psychologist promoting “masculine behavior”. But nearly the entire handbook talks as if “boy” is a synonym for “man”.

Psychologists strive to use a variety of methods to promote the development
of male-to-male relationships. Toward addressing this goal, psychologists recognize and challenge socialization pressures on boys and men to be hypercompetitive and hyper aggressive with one another to help boys and men develop healthy same-sex friendships.

Friendships based on emotional intimacy and freedom from traditionally normative sexual behavior instead of mutual respect and shared experiences. We can read between those lines. If NAMBLA didn’t ghost-write this then they must have been underbid.


Psychologists strive to encourage positive father involvement and healthy family relationships.

Yes, let’s talk about the involvement of fathers in their families.

Provided that positive paternal engagement and inclusive communication tend to
have long-term emotional and psychological benefits for both children and fathers, psychologists strive to promote healthy father involvement and father engagement in treatment with their children and families.

Instead of promoting fatherhood, the APA promotes “healthy father involvement, provided it brings long-term benefits”. Aside from this, the article only mentions “nonresident fathers” and “changing demographic trends” without anything about how the new nonresident, nonbreadwinner father might not have been a voluntary choice on Daddy’s part.

Incredibly, the word “divorce” does not show up once in the entire handbook.


Psychologists strive to support educational efforts that are responsive to the needs of boys and men.

They mean institutional educational efforts specifically. Since when is gov’t-controlled K-12 schooling an imperative of mental health?

The provision of a high-quality education characterized by a safe and supportive learning environment, a challenging curriculum, and systematic career education
and counseling enhances the intellectual, emotional, and social development of individuals and helps them to prepare for their future roles in the community and

In the bad old days of patriarchy, we built schools so that people would be able to understand God and the natural world He made. Today, the gov’t builds schools to produce well-behaved, profitable worker bees. This is now a priority for the American Psychology Association.

Dept. of Education delenda est.


Psychologists strive to reduce the high rates of problems boys and men face and act out in their lives such as aggression, violence, substance abuse, and suicide.

Aggression and violence are morally neutral… not “problems” except to tyrants and passive-aggressive anklebiters. (Feminists are both.) Substance abuse and suicide are what’s happening to White America as their options for resisting this mindfuckery are closed off.

Although the vast majority of males are not violent, boys and men commit nearly
90% of violent crimes in the United States (United States Department of Justice,

Because women aren’t strong enough to be violent, not even against each other. Female cat fights are harmless entertainment whereas when men lay into each other, bones break and blood spills. It is recorded that female police use their firearms much more often then men do; given the chance, women will be MORE violent than men because they haven’t had the incrementally aggressive experience of male adolescence to understand the morality of great power.

In fact, one criminal justice theory of street gangs is that they’re prone to violence because the boys haven’t been allowed the chance to learn second-order masculine behaviors such as respect and patience. That comes partly from learning the healthy limitations of what violence can accomplish. Being male isn’t just that I can make serious threats against you; it’s that you can, too, so maybe we should cooperate instead of finding out who would win in a dark alley.

Childhood physical and/or sexual abuse victimization has been found to be a significant precursor to aggressive behavior in boys and men.

They are shameful hypocrites for saying this immediately after their Guideline on the promotion of “intimacy” between boys and men.

Other risk factors for aggressive behavior include poor parental and teacher supervision, low academic achievement, frequent viewing of violent media, and living in high crime neighborhoods.

This is a correlation implying causation argument. If unsupervised boys act violent then is that because they end up feral or because they would be violent if not restrained? Do violent games cause violent kids, or do violent kids enjoy violent games? And OF COURSE a person is more likely to be violent if they live in a violent neighborhood. One guess where all the violent people are concentrated!

I learned about correlation implying causation in high school. These frauds have PhDs and decades of clinical practice.


Psychologists strive to help boys and men engage in health-related behaviors.

Do they mean mental health? No, they mean socio-sexual-politico-racial-economic-health-related behaviors. Everything BUT mental health:

In addition to social norms that impact most men’s health behaviors, the health challenges for men from historically marginalized groups (e.g., men of color, men with disabilities, gay and bisexual men, transgender men) are long rooted in sociopolitical, sociohistorical, and sociostructural forces that oppress and stigmatize individuals. Men and boys of color suffer from higher rates of HIV, cancers, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and other health conditions compared to their White counterparts. Insensitivity to racial stereotypes, the interaction of race and gender, cultural values and mores, immigration status, and social and economic conditions have a significant impact on the health of men of color as well as those who live in poverty.

The NAMBLA study group has had its turn to talk, now it’s the NAACP study group’s turn.


Psychologists strive to build and promote gender-sensitive psychological services.

Simultaneously, psychologists worry about increases in child sex abuse.


Psychologists understand and strive to change institutional, cultural, and systemic problems that affect boys and men through advocacy, prevention, and education.

Please, you busybody neckbearded Ivory Tower lunatics, just leave us alone. Don’t advocate for us, don’t control our behavior and to Eternal Hell with your worthless education.

Some men encounter institutional, cultural, or systemic barriers to their well-being, as evidenced by societal problems wherein men are disproportionately overrepresented. For instance, one of the major areas affecting boys and men is the high incarceration rate in the United States.

Move over, law enforcement! The psychologists have arrived to show you how your job is done. This must be talk time for the Crime Is Society’s Fault study group.

For example, men account for 93% of all adults in federal prison to date, and although African American and Latino males constitute approximately 7% and 8% of the general population, respectively, they make up 37% and 34% of the federal prison population. Native American men are imprisoned at more than 4 times the rate of White men. These racial, ethnic, and gender disparities may be the result of racial, ethnic, and gender stereotypes.

Or, they may be the result of an impartial criminal justice system applied to different races with different ideas about what is acceptable behavior.

Although most violence is perpetrated by men, most men are not violent. Consequently, men are often stereotyped as aggressive and violent.

One final act of shameless hypocrisy to tie off this fisking. The APA releases an entire handbook dedicated to combating the violence of hegemonic traditional masculinity and then admits, down at the bottom, that most men aren’t violent.

Stick a fork in the APA, God. They’re done. Then throw one of them lightning bolts at the fork. Such hypermasculine aggression will serve to impose Your hegemonic notions of don’t rape boys upon the emotionally sensitive hindquarters of Your enemies.


12 thoughts on “The American Psychological Association Whores Itself to Every Victim Group in North America

  1. LOL… Hannibal’s pic made my day! 😀 I need to laugh when I think about something as insan e as this.

    My worry is that the public schools are going to use the APA’s anti-masculinity, misandrist guidelines to abuse boys legally in school. Further medicate them with Ritalin, suspend and punish them for even minor infractions. :-/

    Gunny, you do not hold back, man. I am enjoying these articles a lot. 🙂


  2. Not to change topics…. but I am not gonna be posting on Dalrock anymore. They offer NO solutions and they cannot even explain basic Christians principles to convince anyone. I enjoy Dalrock’s exposure of fake Christian Feminists… but then what?

    I posted this (now removed/blocked, of course):

    @ Dalrock

    Just want to make this one point I would like to make: this is your blog, want to block me, fine. Whatever. My life goes on fine.

    But if this is the type of attitude you guys have with a Christian brother who happens to have a different point of view on some issues than some of you have, then you are ZERO CHANCE to actually convince someone who is a non-Believer. Zero.

    Your goal should be to discuss and reason with others, just as The Apostle Paul did throughout the ancient world. Banning or blocking someone with even a slightly different option will not (repeat NOT) going to win anyone over.

    If you cannot overcome even the most basic disagreements with a Christian with a slightly different opinion on Marriage 2.0… good luck convincing any non-Believer(s) who will likely ask real, difficult, and challenging questions about Christianity, The Bible, etc.

    Saying “The Bible says so” will not win most non-Believers over. Just wait until a non-Believer ask you about the “problem of evil” question and see how that goes for you. Kaput. -_-

    Oh yes…. and to the couple of guys who disagreed with me who complained to have me banned…. very Alpha of you all. 🙄 lol Take a good look in the mirror when blaming others for your problems/failures. As it says in Proverbs 27:19 ” As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”. Your weakness shows when you have to run to someone else to stop someone who disagrees with you. Man up… That is one of the essences of the proverbial Red Pill.

    And if you wonder why some of you guys got divorced senselessly by your women, fail to convince others of your point of view, fail to meet any new quality women, or actually convince any non-believer of your personal views of Christianity…. there is a reason why. Instead of standing up to the challenge, you run and complain to have someone moderated/banned.

    As I said, no hard feelings. 🙂 Honestly none. But I think this should be said.

    Not even sure if this will ever be posted, but whatever. It needed to be said nonetheless. If not posted… then well, thanks for confirming what I already knew.


  3. Dalrock’s blog is mostly the married group. They don’t have the freedom to speak and act that we do. Don’t hate them for it, just be glad that you won’t wake up married in the middle of the night.


  4. CC,

    You should get your own blog. Then you can say what you want for as long as you want. How to set it up is one of my first posts.

    Division is a curse from God. Western Christianity is so atomized to the degree that will require persecution to remedy. We don’t even know what Christianity is. How many Western Christians can, for example, recite the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments? How many ministers can? During the Reformation, Cranmer’s complaint was that even priests didn’t know these articles. The same is true today. I’ve found that arguing with a Westerner about Christianity is pointless.

    I resolved to spend less time online this year with real people. So far, I’m not doing well.


  5. @Bryce Sharper

    Hi Bryce.

    I am thinking about starting my own blog… my issue is I am enjoying posting here on GunnerQ and sometimes on FabiusMaximus.

    Honestly, unless your resolution to spend more time with people and less time online is admirable… BUT you need to make it quantitative, not generic.


    I commit/resolve to lose ___ pounds (not “to lose weight).

    I commit to cutting my TV watching time form 2h per night to 1hour (not “reduce TV watching).

    In your case: I commit this year to spend at least 1 day totally offline and hanging out with people from my church/work/neighborhood/buddies/etc.

    Make it quantitative. Keep track of progress. That is what I do for weight-lifting…, everything is measured and tracked, for follow-ups and progress development (keeps me motivated).


  6. Ps. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

    You are right on target, Bryce. Division is from God.


  7. @GunnerQ

    100% agreed! I do NOT hate them at all. I feel bad for them, actually. “Folly brings joy to one who has no sense, but whoever has understanding keeps a straight course.” proverbs 15:21.

    They complain about marriage being a terrible scam, they have been “Divorce raped” before, and yet want to marry again, demand single men marry some random broad, and ignore the real perils of Marriage 2.0 and plunge into it head first.

    What we have today is not Christian, Biblical marriage. Women divorce unilaterally because you wear blue shirts too often (a legitimate reason for divorce in America today). Think God wanted it that way? 🙄

    That is like jumping off a tree and hurting themselves, only to do the same thing a year later. 🙄

    Reason defies this thinking. Wasn’t it Einstein who said “the definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? *sigh*

    LOL…. yes, waking up middle of night only happens if I drink a large protein power cup right before bed. Or if the cat lays on my legs and I feel too warm! Haha. I got a “marriage moat” around my house, the only way to survive these dark days. No way I will marry again… as one of my friends said to me “your wife died and you suffered like hell, but you suffered less if she had divorced your a$$”! 😀 Sad, but true.

    Ps. If I ever start a blog, it will be no censorship and no moderation, unless someone makes a death threat or terrorism. I am an almost absolutist believer in free speech. I appreciate the frak discussions and posts here… no BS. 🙂


  8. No doubt they do feed on it. There is a huge difference between moderating, say…. Titania McGrath and someone making a valid point.

    My issue is that I am not and never was a troll. I had a legitimate disagreement on a specific point, NOT Christianity as a whole. I never criticized Christianity, of course. heck, I even often limit my criticism of pastors/priests/ministers/etc that I do not personally know a lot about, unless there is clear evidence they are thieves or liars (ie.. Creflo Dollar types or Commies like the current Pope, who is a pedo-defender and openly a Marxist/SJW).

    The thing is:

    But moderating someone because of a simple DISAGREEMENT has become my pet peeve. That shows that: 1) person has no valid argument; 2) cannot make a coherent point; 3) has no frame of reference.

    Big difference.

    Ps. Moderation can go from stopping abuse/threats/violence to blatant censorship. That is how (mostly young) people create semi-delusional virtual worlds for themselves on Social Media. They mute/block/delete anything or anyone they disagree with. No one ever opposes them, challenges what they do/say, or have a dialog. That is why we have “hypersensitivity”, microaggression panics, and outrage tantrums now everywhere.

    That is simply insanity, you cannot live in the real world like that, at least not for long with all their teeth or without making a plethora of enemies or without being fired from a job.

    Then people wonder “how come Millennials are not prepared for the real world?” WELL, DUH?!?! -_-


  9. You guys familiar with Titania McGrath?

    She is a sweetie pie. 🙄 LOL…. maybe Proctor and Gamble can make her CEO! 😀 That will fix them… they will go out of business! LOL


  10. One of my friends (the guy who told me about Dalrock’s website) asked me why I wa snot posting there anymore. I told him about have complaints made against me for opposing marriage 2.0 and I got blocked. As I said, whatever… no hard feelings. So my buddy went back through some of my comments and reaction that followed and send me some links and we laughed about it over text.

    Do you know what is so funny about the whole thing with Dalrock banning me?

    It is that many people cannot accept that you CAN be a Christian and be a “hardball player”. Not in the “playa”/macdaddy sense, but in the sense that I take life as a game and I play to win (hardball). If you look at many responses when I put together some legal survival info, the response from the guys is overwhelmingly positive. One link my buddy sent me was one post about how divorced men have work a 2nd job and not be caught and forced to give up most, if all that secondary “survival income”. I explained some strategies… overwhelmingly positive response.

    But YES, some of the tactics involve some sort of deceit. For example, after guys have been divorce-raped and abused by the rigged courts, many men have to work side jobs and conceal that income from the courts. The Christian guys argue not saying anything (omission of the truth) is OK… but not overt lying. 🙄 Talk about splitting hairs with the truth…. they are focused on the WRONG thing. They are focused on semantics, on word games, on minutia.

    I am focused on helping a man that has already had everything or almost everything taken from him, now under the yoke (burden) of an imperial decree by some Black Robed Emperor/Empress t give the cheating and lying ex-wife (who stole his kids) 40%, 50%, even 80% of his pre-tax income. You CANNOT survive under such a burden, even if you live with 4 roommates in a hellhole of a ghetto and have no car.

    The burdern placed on divorced fathers is such that it reminds me of the Soviet Kolkhoz farming system, where if you produce more, they expect more, even if you had a “one off” year where you had extra rain and produced more crops. They will take as much and if next year you have a regular year, pack your bags, farmer Smolenski. You are going to died in a gulag in Siberia. That is modern family law system operates.

    To survive, these divorced guys get side jobs and do not tell the court. That IS lying by omission. But that is part of surviving.

    The alternative is being a sheepish Beta, Blue-Pilled “Christian” and die at the slaughterhouse called the Family Law courtroom. Tell them about the side job and join other divorced middle-aged fathers living on the streets. This is totally common in Italy, since they had a radical feminist govt there before that implemented a system like we have here in USA:

    (Mind you that article is by the socio-feminist NY Times, that support the divorce-rape system!)

    Maybe today we do not have to join future king David’s band of warriors and fight to survive against the Philistines, but we still have to fight to survive, period. We are not fighting armed enemies (yet), but we are fighting against a system that was designed, created, and engineered to punish, imprison, steal from, and destroy from married men and fathers.

    Once Christians accept that reality (talking the Red Pill), then they can start to fight back and win.

    Until then, Christian men need to be accustomed to being lied to, to being divorce raped, to be disrespected and threatened by their wives, and to be grossly abused by the legal system. Or they can go full MGTOW before they are trapped and ruin by lies they were taught by our society since childhood.


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