Gunner Q Wants Out of Commiefornia

Everything has aligned and it’s time for me to GTFO of California. I had plans that are no longer feasible and don’t want to be on the Left side when the Shitocalypse happens.

But where to go?

I do civil engineering so I need a urban area, either large town or small city, and of course I prefer to live among white people resistant to Convergence. Having rivers or other water bodies nearby would be a plus. Can my readers recommend a region to look at? Most of my family is on the Left Coast so I don’t have contacts in flyover country. But it needs to be a place you know for yourself. Statistics are like rugs, they lie everywhere.

I once lived in Colorado and would go back but it sounds Californicated.


23 thoughts on “Gunner Q Wants Out of Commiefornia

  1. Central Virginia (Richmond, Tri-Cities, and surrounding counties). Lots of water/swamp/rivers. Demographics is pretty clean if not in the projects, and there are even white urban renewal and commercial revitalization areas in each of the inner cities. And as you go down toward Tidewater (Williamsburg / Newport News / Norfolk / Va. Beach) there’s even more water, and of course military and all the engineering $ that goes with that.


  2. Statistics are like rugs, they lie everywhere.

    lol! that’s awesome – haven’t heard that before, but it’s sooo true! my first Husband often said that statistics prove whatever you want them to prove b/c it’s all in how you ask the question.

    Texas really diversified economically after the 80’s so is quite economically stable. the different regions have different landscapes. Hill Country in central Texas is beautiful – Austin and San Antonio areas, but you do have a lot of hispanics especially in San Antonio. the whole Austin area is huge and growing – those who love austin LOVE it. East Texas is beautiful but very different culturally – very much small town mentality and not openly friendly to outsiders. South Texas – including Houston with is very culturally diverse, also has a lot of hispanics … but bigger than that has tons of allergies! lol! i would need serious allergy drugs to live in south texas! West Texas is the desert and beautiful if you like that. those who love it LOVE it, but i don’t know how much it’s growing. North Texas, which includes the DFW metroplex – Dallas/Ft Worth – is still growing – like austin and houston. North Texas has different landscape than Hill Country. i know there are pockets of each city metroplex that are more white than others.


  3. if you find anything in texas and have questions, feel free to ask. i’ve lived here for 36 years now and know people who live in all the regions that i could personally ask if i don’t know.


  4. Awesome, guys. I wouldn’t have thought of Virginia… thought it would be all pozzed from the Beltway by now.

    Did you mean the North Carolina research triangle? I know a guy living in NC and he likes it, but his work never takes him outside. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t ending up like California’s tech sector.

    Dallas & Austin look excellent, although I fear Dallas would be almost as expensive as California to live. How buggy does East Texas get? California bugs love the taste of me… my record is 30 ticks in one day and this one time, the fire department responded to me getting fleas.


  5. Colorado was a really nice place, but now, my one friend calls it Nuevo California.

    Ex’s mother used to live in Minneapolis, and it was a nice city, sure, cold in the winter, but amazing the other nine months of the year. However, I’ve heard rumblings of issues with the Somali immigrants.

    I’ve not lived for an extended time in Dallas/Fort Worth, but I have friends in the area, and the company I do work for is based there. It might be a nice place to live, but it is certainly not the place for me. Down around the SMU campus was really nice, but if I could afford to live down there, I could afford to live elsewhere.

    I lived in SW Michigan for a couple years. Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek isn’t the worst place in the country to live. The kids and I went back 2 years ago, and I can’t recommend it. Perhaps I’m too much of an elitist. But, it’s like there are two nations living side by side. The tattooed, overweight, rednecks, and the insular midwest conservatives with a little bit of money. Also, the Michigan state government tends toward Democratic interventionist.

    Before Michigan, I lived outside of Philadelphia. The joke is that Philadelphia is the city of brotherly shove. But, the weather is reasonable. The racial tensions are reasonable. The ocean is a couple hours away. Hunting and skiing, a couple hours in the other direction. NYC and D.C. 100 miles in either direction. Still clings to a vestigal freedom unlike Maryland which has more of an “That which is not expressly allowed is forbidden.”

    I’ve heard that Pittsburgh isn’t so bad, but they recently have decided to try banning “assault” weapons, so take that for an indicator of politics.

    I would say that Salt Lake City is your best bet if you like the intermountain West, and don’t mind the Mormons. I’ve heard tell it’s about the whitest place in the country. Shrug.

    I don’t know how easily you’d find work as an ex-pat, but Santiago Chile is the same latitude south as Los Angeles is north. It seemed like a nice place to live if you are a professional, but I was only there for ten days.

    Also, Panama City, Panama has been growing like crazy the last ten years.

    Berlin and Minsk were both nice and I think that I could be happy in either place.


  6. hummm … i think the austin area is more expensive than dallas. the last few years they’ve pushed up the cost of housing quite a bit, but i think it’s still lower than california.

    East Texas would be quite buggy, but i would not recommend east texas to someone who’s never lived in texas – they are quite … well … you’d have to have a great personality to begin to be accepted. they’re very ‘peyton place’ in that if you’re not from there, you won’t be accepted there. i would probably not be accepted there.

    i would think you’d have a greater chance of adapting to either the dallas/ft worth metroplex area or the greater austin metro area, or even the greater houston metro area (though i personally am not a fan of houston πŸ˜‰ ). all three are more multi-cultural due to the expansion of economic diversity that began in the 80’s.

    west texas would probably be a lot like east texas in that, if you’re not from there, you’d have a hard time finding a place.


  7. Yay! I am glad you finally want out. πŸ™‚ I hope I bugged you enough to help to get you thinking about moving (and now you are!!). πŸ™‚

    Colorado is STILL livable, but getting worse by the time. Long term, NO way I would stay in Colorado. I attend law school in Rocky Mountain region, and depending on WHAT TYPE OF LIFESTYLE you like (small town, medium size, suburban, etc), I can recommend areas in CO for you.

    RECOMMENDED: In CO, my fav area is the suburbs far SOUTH of Denver. You can drive to city of just over 1 million whenever you want to see a stand-up comedy bit in 15-20 minutes at night and still enjoy a small-town feel with every single convenience imaginable.

    *If you like big-time suburb, check out Highlands Ranch.
    *If you like small-town feel (though growing fast), check out Castle Rock. If you like fancy, high-tech type areas with beautiful new modern buildings (and growing still, but not much), DTC (Denver Tech Center area or Lone Tree) .
    *If you like small town feel suburb at foot of Rockies, check Littleton (they do get much more snow as they are literarry at the foothills).

    *If you want rural… check out Elizabeth (kind of out in the plains, but still in reach of Denver and its airport, 1h by car). If you want to live up in mountains, it is beautiful, small, and super expensive! Jobs are few too. But looks amazing and beautiful. πŸ™‚

    NOT recommended:
    *anywhere NORTH of Denver (except maybe for Fort Collins or Loveland, for example).
    *Boulder is also NOT recommended, as it is the California of The Rockies (they have a statue of Lenin in CU Boulder University campus!).

    *Also NOT recommended is Greeley. Mexican drug cartels literally run city of Greeley now, it has become a drug-infested hellhole, nightly street shootings, meth labs, and trailers have replaced the “white flight” middle class about 10 years ago.

    Let me know if I can help if you want to move to CO…. WY is nice too and super-affordable if you like wide open spaces, blue skies, and wind.

    Glad to have a Conservative join us in the USA. πŸ™‚ Get out before the whole thing collapses in CA and you get trapped unable to sell your home.


  8. Ps. Gunny, even if you live in “small town” areas in CO, the highways are good enough (75MPH speed limit, can go 80MPH the cops won’t even blink at you) and get to work reasonably fast. I know guys who in 2017 would go from Douglas County (best county in CO) to Denver tech center area (where a lot of jobs are)

    I am glad you are bailing out now. The State is gonna collapse. Newsom is gonna make it into a paradise for illegals at the expense of middle class. If about 40 people flee CA, the State becomes insolvent overnight, since about 40 billionaires pay like 70% of all CA state income taxes. If they leave, it is game over, they cannot borrow their way out of the mess anymore. CA bonds are at Chicago level of insolvency.

    It is a disaster waiting to happen. Last thing you need is to be stuck there unable to sell your home and trapped. Get out now and cash in your house’s profits (no Cap Gains tax depending on profit and how long you lived in house) and buy elsewhere. CO properties south of Denver are increasing in price FAST… a lot of demand, most of it from CA refugees, actually. Time top go to CO is now or never, unless you have real cash to buy in south Denver counties.

    No mater where you live: welcome to America! πŸ™‚


  9. Texas is wonderful too…. but CA leftist going to Austin have literally ruined the place. Problem with Texas (east and Central TX) is that it is humid and hot. CO is cool and dry, 300 days of sunshine per year, semi-arid as you know….

    Other option is my home State of Florida. Getting very crowded in FL, crazy traffic, home prices moderately high (compared to nationally), crime not nearly as bad as CA, buts till bad. Good news is self-defense laws are best in country and carry permits are easy to get. :).

    We have a lot of illegal aliens here in Central FL, but the quality of the illegals is generally better since they are mostly from South America, not Central America like in Cali.


  10. Texas is wonderful too…. but CA leftist going to Austin have literally ruined the place.

    i’ve heard that about austin … haven’t been there in many, many years although i do know a few who live there and love it.

    Problem with Texas (east and Central TX) is that it is humid and hot. CO is cool and dry, 300 days of sunshine per year, semi-arid as you know….

    ahhh … yes. it is humid and hot. i moved there from a florida beach, so the humidity wasn’t anything like what i was used to in comparison. but compared to Colorado, it is very humid. those not used to the dry-ness of colorado need humidifiers πŸ˜‰

    Other option is my home State of Florida. Getting very crowded in FL, crazy traffic, home prices moderately high (compared to nationally), crime not nearly as bad as CA, buts till bad. Good news is self-defense laws are best in country and carry permits are easy to get. :).

    haven’t lived in florida since high school though i know people there still. how much of the state is dependent on tourism? also, i have a friend who is trying to sell his house, and the housing prices are crazy (imo). actually, i think most housing prices are over-inflated, but, alas, no one’s asked my opinion πŸ˜‰


  11. Good luck GQ ..

    I’ve lived everywhere (it seems) .. inside and outside the USofA ..

    Now that I’m older I just visit the COLD weather climate area’s. No more living there full-time for me.

    Yes, we just had Hurry-Cane Me-gail (aka Michael) level our area(s) .. so Civil Engineer’s are probably in demand. Though I don’t know that .. just guessing. We hire a few Civ Eng’s at the Nuclear Plants from time to time. I don’t think we pay’em to good though. I’ll second the Utilities in general .. not just Hydro or Nuke.

    I like your idea of picking a good location of like minded folks .. that seems like it is a good plan brother.

    Good luck!


  12. ‘However, I’ve heard rumblings of issues with the Somali immigrants.’

    MSP is pretty much as pozzed as Cali…IMO between the refugees, feminists, and gheys. Although the Scandinavians are nice and the cold does give some disincentive to the homeless turning the streets into their own personal bathroom.


  13. If you don’t want to live in a culturally dead place, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish country) is a good way to go. Cost of living is relatively low and they still value marriage and family there (below average marriage age and divorce rates). It’s traditional without being in the middle of nowhere.

    For church you can join a Mennonite congregation. The large Lancaster Mennonite Conference split off from the Mennonite Church USA a few years ago over the latter’s liberalized sexuality. You may have to give up cussing.

    For work, you can go to Harrisburg (the state capitol), Lancaster, York, West Chester, or commute to Philadelphia if you can’t find work in the the lower density areas and don’t mind the drive.

    It’s not too far of a drive from NJ, DE, and MD beaches.

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