Only Stupid People Leave California

So claimed the Los Angeles Times this holiday weekend. This promises to be a most interesting whitewashing of the latest census figures, aka Hard Reality.

Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly

By Margot Roosevelt, 21 December 2018

Caption: Alexandra Bede, a supply chain manager for an e-commerce firm, and Paul Jordan, who works in venture capital, in their San Francisco neighborhood. They moved from the East Coast in April for tech jobs. Picture: slightly modified.

High taxes. Stifling regulations. Exorbitant housing costs. Freeway gridlock. Fires and floods.

Hand-wringing over an exodus of disillusioned Californians may be a Golden State pastime, the subject of political punditry and strung-out social media threads.

But the latest data are far from dire. The U.S. Census Bureau, in its newly released surveys for 2017, shows that California’s net migration remained fairly stable. Since 2010, as the economic recovery took hold and housing prices skyrocketed, departures accelerated — but the number of newcomers rose steadily as well.

That is consistence with housing prices going up. A strongly negative net migration would lower housing prices.

The state attracts a steady stream of college graduates, especially from the East Coast, even as many less-educated residents move to neighboring states — and to Texas — in search of a lower cost of living.

Interesting that the States consistently feeding into California are places with horrible weather. In 2010, the people moving out were headed for California-like climates with conservative politics. In 2017, it seems that people simply wanted to Get Out by the minimum distance necessary.

Then, it was about politics. Now, it’s about survival.

Consider that in 2017:

-More people left California (661,026) than arrived (523,131) from other U.S. states. But for the nation’s most populous state, with 39 million residents, that amounted to a tiny fraction in net departures: just 0.35%.

More like, 1.7% of the population was willing to risk everything to leave. In one year. Watching “net” departures obscures the reality of Sacramento’s population replacement agenda.

Among the 25-years-and-older set, the state lost a net 86,890 residents without bachelor’s degrees, and just 4,443 with a four-year degree. It gained 11,653 people with graduate degrees.

In 2017, the group without four-year degrees is called “men”. Of course the female parasites want to stay. Also, the people who allowed themselves to become dependent on credentialing and other fake, gov’t-backed certifications of competence… collectively known as “PhD candidates”.

No state boasts more loudly of its attractions than Texas. Indeed, 63,174 people relocated from California to the nation’s second-most populous state, more than to anywhere else in the U.S. But it’s also true that no state sent more people here than the Lone Star State — 40,999.

From all accounts, Texas is still a poor place to be a social parasite.

“The cost of living, especially housing, is what stops the whole world from moving to California,” said USC demographer Dowell Myers, a longtime census expert. “Otherwise, who wouldn’t prefer California? We have superior weather. We have mountains and oceans. And we have better jobs — better paying and more specialized, whether in tech, entertainment, the arts or medicine.”

Better to say, the superior climate is why people tolerate massive gov’t shitstorms. There are many jobs here but as many newcomers have found out, they’re overwhelmingly terrible jobs… working for Big Tech hoping to enslave the world, entertainment/arts micromanaged by shamelessly Christ-hating homosexuals or medicine destined to fail like every socialized State medical system in human history.

The parasites never learn. They only consume.

In the 1980s, Myers said, “millions of people came to California — too many — and that created an anti-growth backlash. But California has been losing people to other states since 2004. We lost people in the bubble because housing prices were so high. We lost them in the recession because our job market was worse than the rest of the country.”

In the housing bubble, housing costs were artificially too high. The recession should have corrected that but the gov’t didn’t allow it to. Skip to the conclusion for the meaning of this.

Ask people why they came or left, and the reasons are often multifaceted. A few of them shared their stories:

Six years ago, Keith Johnson and Sandra Martinez-Johnson felt the lure, moving to Whittier from New Braunfels, Texas, outside San Antonio.

“On paper, the decision looked great,” said Johnson, 50, who got a job renting out construction equipment for a Downey firm. “You’ll make more money, live the West Coast dream, go to the beach, whatever. Then you get here and reality sets in.”

Two weeks ago, the couple packed their possessions to move back to Texas with their 6-year-old son, Javier.

“I’m making a good living,” Johnson explained. “But it doesn’t translate into a good quality of life. Everything costs more, from a gallon of gas to a gallon of milk. And it is impossible for an average person to buy a house.”

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of newcomers to California. “They offered me $100k per year… rent in San Jose was $60k per year. Screw that.”

For Paul Urcioli and his wife, Sasha Smith, who were living in Pelham, a New York City suburb, the tipping point came in the winter of 2015.

“I had a 90-foot gravel driveway to shovel by hand,” said Urcioli, 54, who taught drama at New York University and acted in television shows and commercials. “We’d had five snowfalls of at least 8 inches deep.”

Their twin sons were in preschool at the time, and “it was hard to find something interesting to do every weekend,” he recalled. “You’d bundle up the kids to go outside, but it was so cold they wanted to come back in after 10 minutes.”

One day Smith went to Los Angeles on business. “Within 12 hours, I got an all-caps text saying, ‘WHY DON’T WE LIVE OUT HERE?’ ” Urcioli said.

Another predictable story, this time from the happy couple’s last names. Bitch Barbie wanted a better life without giving up her feminist ways. Hello, Los Angeles! It’s not the snow keeping your kids inside here, it’s the homeless camping in the local park. Wait, this couple has a NINETY-FOOT DRIVEWAY near NYC?

After Texas, New York was the largest source of migrants to California in 2017, with 34,278 arrivals — a 63% jump from 2010. Unlike Texas, more people moved to California from New York than vice versa: a net increase of 9,296. Departures from the Golden State to the Empire State remained flat over the eight years.

Consistent with the term “flyover country”.

Today the Urcioli and Smith family is ensconced in Rancho Park, a leafy Los Angeles neighborhood. Urcioli takes the bus to USC, where he teaches, and Smith, a digital specialist at a talent agency, can walk to work.

Rancho Park is between Beverley Hills (fancy) and Culver City (not fancy). *Checks* house prices between $1.5m and $3m. How does a “talent agency digital specialist” make that kind of money?

By being female?

“For so long, I identified as a New Yorker — with a certain chauvinism,” Urcioli said. “But here, we can still go to museums and try new restaurants. And the weekend after Thanksgiving we can go to the beach, or, if we want snow, we can drive to Big Bear.”

It’s neither here nor there, but Big Bear is only for snowboarding. I tried skiing there a couple years ago and even the bunny slopes had snowboard rails on them.

While New Yorkers made a continental leap, slightly boosting California’s population, the three states accounting for the Golden State’s highest net losses in 2017 are along the border: Arizona (which gained 32,326 Californians), Oregon (29,561) and Nevada (23,745).

When people are making minimum-distance relocations, they’re going From rather than To. Example:

Paul McDermott, a Philadelphia native, first visited California in 1995. “I rented a convertible Mustang,” he recalled. “A friend took me to Newport Beach and we did something called rollerblading. Then and there I decided I wanted to move to California.”

But in October, McDermott, 59, a manager for a security guard company, and his fiancee moved to Henderson, Nev. “After 22 years in California, the politics, restrictive gun laws and the ridiculously high cost of living drove me out,” he said.

He was paying $1,900 a month to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach. Now he pays $1,500 a month at a newer complex in Henderson. And Nevada has no state income tax.

The census report doesn’t reveal why people leave, but economics, lifestyle and culture may all play a part.

McDermott chose Nevada in part because of the warm weather. But also, he said, he was irked at the red tape involved in obtaining a concealed weapon in California, one required for his job. And then, he said, “there was the whole California mind-set: The final ‘straw,’ if you will pardon the pun, was when they restricted straws in restaurants…. I mean, seriously?”

I’ve begun straw-smuggling myself… packing plastic straws whenI’m going out to dinner. La Vida Commiefornia.

On the other hand, Aimee Imlay, a 38-year-old San Diego social worker who recently moved to Lexington, Ky., for graduate school to study economic inequality, says emphatically, “I did not choose Kentucky based on weather and politics, to be sure.”

Rather, she said, the University of Kentucky’s stipend ”is similar to what the UCs offer and my money goes so much farther here.”

This useless Commie-bitch is why Californian expats have a bad reputation. No American would mind having Mr. McDermott for a neighbor… but a social worker studying economic inequality is a different study.

Memo to Sacramento, not all educations are equal.

At the same time, immigrants from China, India and other Asian nations are moving to California in greater numbers. Between 2012 and 2016, 58% of new California immigrants came from Asia, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, while just 28% came from Latin America.

“Many Asians come for technology jobs,” Myers said. “Also, they can handle the housing prices better than Mexican immigrants.”

Chinese money laundering. Not to mention colonization.

Neena Moorjani, 45, moved from her native Hong Kong to California to attend college at Biola University in La Mirada. After gaining her bachelor’s degree, she worked in public relations, moving to Washington, D.C., then to Singapore and, two years ago, back to the Golden State.

In Sacramento, Moorjani took a UC Davis course to become a certified financial planner, but now, she said, high taxes and rising housing costs are driving her out. She is moving to Virginia to be closer to family. “I need to buy a home soon and homes there are half the price,” she said.

How does a Hong Kong native have family in Virginia of all places? California isn’t the only gov’t encouraging population replacement.

For college graduates, California’s high-tech economy is a powerful draw.

Paul Jordan, 28, and Alexandra Bede, 27, moved from the East Coast to San Francisco in April. The couple rent a one-bedroom apartment in the hip Potrero Hill neighborhood for $3,740 a month.

“The rents are ridiculous,” said Jordan, a Duke University graduate who works for a venture capital firm specializing in sustainable energy and industrial innovation. But he and Bede, a supply chain manager for an e-commerce firm, can afford it with their six-figure salaries.

A report from the state legislative analyst’s office in February found that “although California has had net out-migration among most demographic groups, it has gained among those with higher incomes ($110,000 per year or more) and higher levels of education (graduate degrees).”

“Families with kids and those with only a high school education predominate among those moving from California to its top destination states,” it said.

Or vocational education. Four-year degrees from Commie U are not a good metric of smartness.

From 2012 through 2017, Myers said, newcomers with bachelor’s and graduate degrees poured into California from other states, showing a net increase of about 76,000 over those leaving. At the same time, those with less than a four-year degree left in droves — a net loss of more than 400,000.

The only reason I can afford to live here, as a career professional and supervisor, is because I don’t have family to feed… or protect from the State.

Education sterilizes women. Social Justice Warriors don’t want to live with normals. All the feminists come in to take advantage of the hard-Leftoid State and… why am I still here?

Because there’s nowhere to go. Nowhere that isn’t growing feminists and pretending that a Master’s degree in social inequality isn’t money well spent. Kentucky, remember?

The imbalance may not be entirely positive. “We need low-skill workers too — hospital orderlies, school bus drivers, nannies and gardeners,” Myers said.

Did somebody say illegal immigrants?

It’s pretty obvious that Sacramento’s Brave New World is the world’s Elites being serviced by a slave class of mongrel savages. That might not be what they say they want, but it’s what is happening as a direct result of their policies. If only a pro-America state in the Union would be as careful & deliberate in its own immigration policies!

Elites want expensive land and cheap labor. Normals want cheap land and expensive labor. When the costs of living start getting jacked sky high, it’s either because of economic disaster or the Elites seizing full control. Remember how housing prices didn’t go down when the 2010 bubble burst? Remember how the Feds bailed out the banks instead of letting them go out of business on account of all those terrible loans?

Remember California declaring itself a “sanctuary state” in direct, open violation of Federal border control efforts?

Not hard to guess what the truth is for California and its Progress towards being a land of wealthy superintelligents and an impoverished underclass. Although let us note once again, that neither education nor wisdom count as intelligence.



16 thoughts on “Only Stupid People Leave California

  1. The article is proof that California losing its middle class in favor of Elites and migrants is intentional. Demographic replacement is alive & well & formal State policy. The article can be summarized with “California’s mass emigration is nothing to worry about because we’re getting as many wealthy Elites and foreigners as we’re losing unsexy men who didn’t attend our politically activist colleges.”

    It’s one thing to not notice the consequences of your actions. It’s another to notice the consequences and approve of them. The latter does not allow the “I didn’t plan this” defense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Yeah, that sounds like a lot of newcomers to California. “They offered me $100k per year… rent in San Jose was $60k per year. Screw that.”

    A guy I work with is getting transferred to a beach town south of San Jose…the main thing most of us asked him is…can you afford it?

    I wouldn’t mind taking a vacation in California (not anywhere near the Sodom and Gomorrah parts…I’d like to see the national parks and mountains)…but I certainly like the cheaper living and less socialist parasites in the red state cornfields.


  3. “A guy I work with is getting transferred to a beach town south of San Jose…the main thing most of us asked him is…can you afford it?”

    If that’s Santa Cruz then he should expect to commute from Watsonville. Only a 30 minute drive plus rush-hour traffic. And still not cheap.

    But if he likes the water and has no family then it’s doable.

    Is he somebody I could profitably meet? Since I also live south of San Jose…


  4. I am sorry, but I disagree wholeheartedly. California is a raging s#ithole. It is a 3rd world country by every measurable aspect of quality of life to crime to its population to the filth and graffiti everywhere and to its massive criminal population of illegal aliens. The infrastructure of California is similar to its next door neighbor, Mexico, especially its hospitals. You enter the ER in any hospital in a city in CA, you feel like you are in a 3rd world hellhole and almost everyone there smelled really bad and were all speaking some other language (I took my Mom to an ER in Fresno as she was bitten by an animal she was examining when she lived there 2 years, a good part of that in Bakersfield). Mom could not wait to leave, but she had a 2-year work contract… anyway. I left after 3 days, almost depressed and shocked to think that was part of America.

    The roads are littered with potholes, there is no forest management (causing massive fires), there is no suitable local water supply, the roads are a mess, and the streets are covered in trash, feces, urine, and human beings who are homeless. It is so bad, you cannot even escape a fire in the hillside because the roads are so bad (Paradise, CA tragedy, anyone)?

    The cost of living is artificially high because of the “tech industry” and because of foreign speculators from China and other countries, pushing the middle class to live in trailers and “mobile cities” off the interstates. I know a cop who lives in Los Gatos, he lives in a trailer (RV, basically) along with teachers, firefighters, and other college-educated types.

    Basically 40 rich individuals pay almost 50% of the State’s income taxes (think: Mark Zuckerberg types). If a few of these billionaires leave, that whole welfare State will collapse so fast and so hard, it will be like the Great Depression, but happening only inside a single State. It would become Detroit overnight.

    You guys watch any news? Just this week, a legal immigrant cop was executed by some fat-a$$ Mexican illegal alien gangmember. The cops and everyone knew who this murderer was and did NOTHING, since CA is a sanctuary State. Now a good man and a father of a 5-month old kid is dead… Thanks Democrats (who control 85% of State Legislature and every single statewide office)!

    The whole State is filled with ugly women, except for the “InstaGram Models” (hookers seeking big payouts or trying to marry some rich dumb guy and divorce rape him to death, since they have most leftist feminist judges probably anywhere in the entire feminized Western world). The whole place feels like a 3rd world foreign country.

    Oh that is right. Let’s not forget other “beauties”…. highest taxes. “Yes Means Yes” rape law, making all sex “Assumed to be rape” if woman decides to report it. Taxpayer-paid “free Tuition” for foreign illegal alien students. Almost total ban on several types of guns; almost impossible to get a Concealed Carry permit unless you are rich and donate to corrupt local Democrat officials. Self-defense laws are non-existant, you have “duty to retreat” if attacked by one of the tens of thousands illegal alien criminal gangs that are armed to the teeth.

    Gutfeld summarized it best: worst quality of life in all of America.

    Bottom line: living in California is for the insane. It is a 3rd world country and we either march in the National Guard and have America take control of the place by force OR CalExit is the next best thing.


  5. CC, you nailed it.

    The bureaucrats need the housing prices to continue to go up to shore-up the failing pension system which was designed to pay them 2-3x what we’d get from our own private-sector retirements. All of the financial dials in this state (taxes, bond measures) are turned to ’11’ to keep the pension system from failing. Hence, it’s legal for people from Shanghai to buy a house on my street and rent it to drug dealers.

    California is the result of its voters. Sure, we passed prop 187 back in 1996, but too many whites became wealthy and decadent by giving real work to Mexicans. They also failed to have children.

    If there’s any consolation in all this, it’s that California appears to be the Levant of North America: it will be perpetually invaded by the next race which will promptly decay and decline. California is where civilizations go to die.

    The fact that a cop-killer is still walking free is truly alarming and suggests the final stage of California’s collapse is beginning. Criminals, especially the cartels, are discovering that our law-enforcement is a paper tiger and no one in law-enforcement is willing to take extra-judicial measures to keep law and order in spite of the failing judicial system that lets felons back onto the street.

    The hilarious thing is that these elites think they’re going to keep a lid on the cauldron of Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, and Muslims who have absolutely nothing in common except parasitism. I’m moving somewhere inhospitable with my family.


  6. ‘Is he somebody I could profitably meet? Since I also live south of San Jose…’

    Nah he’s near retirement. I think this will be his last job.


  7. “California is the result of its voters.”

    No, it’s the result of its gov’t. Sacramento is a case study in how to pretend one’s constituency supports one’s radical agenda. Also, in how public tolerance of sodomy gives Sodomites swift access to the halls of power. The gatekeepers stand down one single time and it’s over.

    I’m very open to the idea of leaving Commiefornia but where to go? No place is immune. I have contacts in Idaho and North Carolina, and used to live in Colorado, but it would be terrible to change states every five years or whatever. Texas would probably send me back.

    Give me options and I’ll consider them this year. It would probably be a good year to make the move. I’m a civil engineer so a growing small city would be the ideal.


  8. “No, it’s the result of its gov’t. ”

    California is the Land of the Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes. We elect politicians drawn from us. Yes, the politicians lie but what do we expect in a post-truth society? Californians are not a moral or religious people. All of this is a result of our decadence.

    As to what to do, I can’t recommend Colorado since Californians have ruined it. California is clearly a lost cause unless you live in one of the Red Counties. It would be great if there were local solutions to these problems. I have yet to see a mayor or county official push-back on any of the state laws passed. I think this is the future: local officials actually governing for local people and defying state laws. The state system has been captured by large, liberal city-states surrounded by red rural counties. This archipelago of liberal cities needs to be checked somehow. But in my lifetime, I have seen few local officials willing to defy state or federal officials for the good of local people. Joe Arapaio is the only person I can think of.

    Just think of how much better our country would be if governors had told the Supreme Court they weren’t going to allow abortion in their states after the Roe V. Wade decision? Or that they were going to round up all the illegals and punish business owners for hiring them? Or that they would respect the will of state voters who almost unanimously rejected homosexual marriage on state ballots rather than the will of SCOTUS after Obergefell.


  9. “But in my lifetime, I have seen few local officials willing to defy state or federal officials for the good of local people.”

    There are few such local officials in the length of history. But on my blog, you can look up Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman of California

    State Senator John Moorlack of California

    State Senator Dan Foreman of Idaho

    Massachusetts State Trooper Ryan Sceviour

    Federal Director of U.S. Citizenship Francis Cissna

    pundit John Hawkins

    and the various governments of California that supported Trump’s lawsuit over Sacramento’s treason of sanctuary statehood.

    Real Americans ain’t finished yet. Not by a long shot.


  10. Texas would probably send me back.

    lol! why would texas send you back?

    all kinds of folks live here in texas. got a pick up truck? got a gun? you’re good 🙂


  11. Texas will only “send you back” if you go there and vote Democrat or support open borders and Marxism.

    No place is immune to the “Californization” of parts of America… Colorado is case in point. Too manyu Californians moved here after legalization of marijuna and now CO has basically become a “blue State”, permanently, I am afraid. The idiots in CO just elected Jared Polis, a leftwing extremist corrupt politician and borderline child pedo. While CO is probably gone for good, Idaho is still solidly Conservative and North Carolina is still fairly conservative, despite waves of invaders from New England coming down and ruiningit for the people there.

    The issue is that ifyou talk to a NC or ID native, they will say “this place is gone to hell thanks to all the “new people” coming in. While it was much more Conservative and religious before and not as much now, it is still AEONS much much much BETTER than California. Mexico is gonna start looking pretty good to people in California soon… especially if we have an amnesty and the State voting public swells to 60%+ Democrat, if not 70% or more…

    OMG, I cannot even imagine America post amnesty. It will become a de facto 3rd world country overnight with 20-30 million new socialist voters and chain-migrate at least another 100 million leftwing welfare recipients here. It will be over the instant we have an amnesty and the illegals vote in their first election. Utah, Texas, and Arizona become battleground States and Florida becomes a deep blue state that very instant. In sum, it becomes impossible for anyone except Bernie Sanders to be elected President at that point.

    But YES, the voters of California are responsible for allowing Marxist Democrats to control 85% of State Legislature and all of its Statewide offices (every single one of them!!). Washington DC is at fault for allowing open borders for 30+ years… but current voters in California are at least at fault for the mess that State is in, at least 51% of them are at fault!


  12. Bryce, what part of Colorado (CO) are you in? I went to CO for law school purposes, but lived there back in 1996 briefly. The Californization of Colorado is complete, I am afraid. I do not think it will ever be a purple State again, but who knows?

    I agree with your point about CO, but not about California. Even if you live in Red counties, you still live under the oppression of your Marxist-Totalitarians in Sacramento. The anti-gun laws, “Yes Means Yes” type laws, the high taxes, the insane illegal alien magnet policies, the massive State debt, the filth on the streets, the high crime, and sky-high cost of living. Living in a red county does NOT mean you can get a carry permit or not be falsely accused of a crime just for fun, thanks to the dominance of the Marxists in State Legislature. You cannot escape Sacramento and the left uses and abuses its power to crush anyone who objects or defies their dictates.

    California is hopeless. CO still looks wonderful if you compare to California, but so does most of America. I knew a dude from Detroit, he lived in Lost Angeles a few months and he went back to Detroit (Grosse Point area of city, but still). That should say a lot about CA today.

    It is a matter of time until there is a “red exodus” from Colorado as well… where to? Not sure… but the way CO has been transformed, Conservatives will soon get tired and get the hell out at some point in near future. Let’s see how much damage Jared Polis does starting Jan 2019 and how much the few Conservatives in State Legislature resist him (or not).


  13. Texas will only “send you back” if you go there and vote Democrat or support open borders and Marxism.

    idk … there were a LOT of Beto signs in my neighborhood last election; i was a bit shocked at how many. VERY thankful he lost.


  14. “The anti-gun laws, “Yes Means Yes” type laws, the high taxes, the insane illegal alien magnet policies, the massive State debt, the filth on the streets, the high crime, and sky-high cost of living. Living in a red county does NOT mean you can get a carry permit or not be falsely accused of a crime just for fun”

    I don’t live in CO. I talk to ministers who do. Jared Polis is a homosexual Jew (but I repeat myself). I expect more “Masterpiece Cakeshop” persecution under his tenure. In fact, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop is being sued AGAIN for refusing to bake a cake for a tranny. CO’s finances are not far behind CA’s if you believe Neither are TX’s.

    My friend lives in Mendocino County and has a CCW as the sheriff is pro-2A. Carrying without a permit is only a misdemeanor. There’s actually not much government in some of these rural counties: they just get ignored. What is needed is a rural allance against the cities. CO’s problem is Denver and Boulder. CA’s problem is the coastal cities. County officials could do as is being tried in IL: creating sanctuary cities for gun-owners and so forth. I’ll post on that later.

    IDK much about Detroit. I’ve always wanted to visit to see for myself since my grandfather was born there. It could be that the city is so bankrupt people are just left alone. This could suggest a path forward: move where crime may be high but no government meddlers come to take your guns or your business.


  15. Bryce Sharper @ 6:38 AM:
    “What is needed is a rural alliance against the cities.”

    I second this. Predators go wherever the food is. Human predators are therefore attracted to dense urban populations where they can blend in and enjoy plentiful prospects. Add to that the normal human tendency to become complacent on infrastructure versus rural self-dependence-by-necessity.

    But yes, it’s getting very hard to tolerate California. True Evil is entrenched and nobody who can clean them out, wants to.


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