Burning Coal In Morocco

Just because the men in your home country have been fully emasculated, don’t expect the men in the countries you visit to act the same, ladies. Two Scandinavian women were raped and murdered while backpacking through Morocco, leaving behind memories and teachable moments:

Maren Ueland & Louisa Jespersen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maren Ueland and Louisa Jespersen, two Scandinavian tourists who were backpacking in Morocco, were accosted and murdered in their tent in what authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack. A horrific video has circulated online that appears to show the gruesome murder of one of the two women, and a second video shows the suspects pledging allegiance to ISIS, authorities say.

I’m guessing an opportunistic rape & murder rather than organized Islamic terrorism. Those chuckleheads probably pledge allegiance to ISIS with every visit to the post office.

Louisa left, Maren right. The effects of Feminism has been catalogued almost to a timetable. These women are young, cute and long-haired, meaning they’re probably college students being taught women can do it all while selecting from an endless sex buffet of Scandinavian Fabios.

The next phase is graduating and getting tramp stamps to show they’re tough and can handle life as an officer of a major company… having skipped to the front of the line for management because they’re visibly too weak to do any actual work yet the company is required to hire them. But they wanted to “travel” first and “experience new cultures”.

Cue the beheadings.

Both women – ages 24 and 28 – were discovered with knife wounds to the neck (although that doesn’t begin to describe the attack shown in the video), and the Danish prime minister has declared the slayings “bestial,” according to BBC. Moroccan government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, described the killings to the Guardian as a “criminal and terrorist act.” The women were remembered by loved ones for their adventurous and caring spirits. Jespersen’s full name is Louisa Vesterager Jespersen.

Criminal, yes, but what political point would the attackers have been making about Syria? “Our organization’s goal will be best met by killing unescorted Scandinavian tourists in the middle of nowhere with deniable assets! Aloha snackbar!”

It’s a VERY safe bet that ISIS wasn’t involved because these chicks were tourists. You don’t hurt tourists. They’re the primary source of income for a lot of these impoverished countries. An entire village of local Christians could disappear overnight and the police would only investigate when the world runs out of donuts, but whack one fat, obnoxious Westerner with a fat, happy wallet and you won’t live to see the dawn. Local lowbrows will be that dangerously stupid if the tourist does dangerously stupid first but not an actual organization that wants to be tolerated by the gov’t.

A French hiker found the bodies, telling the Australian news site, “It was horrible. They were broken. We warned everyone we saw in Imlil not to go up there. I did not want more to see what we had seen…It was a big shock, we’re thinking about it all day. It makes you think about what’s important in life.”

Strong&Independent! I’m sure those college coeds fought like the US Marines at Tripoli.

The women were “knifed and beheaded on camera while camping in the Atlas Mountains,” News.com.au reports, adding that one woman’s body was decapitated and the other had severe wounds to the neck.

Or not.

The New York Post reports that, in addition to the ISIS ties, the attack might be sexually-motivated, and the men were camping in a tent nearby the women.

The women met their fate in Imlil, “a popular tourist destination at the foot of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa,” according to Daily Star.

Two nubile, defenseless young women chose to camp in an isolated mountain range next to young men whose life ambition was being noticed by an ISIS recruiter so they can at least get laid after they’re dead. Could there have been a different outcome?

maren ueland

Maren and her… boyfriend? As a general rule in life, you don’t want a pet that’s bigger and stronger than you. Get a real husband, girls.

“The footage shows a blonde woman screaming while a man cuts her neck with what appears to be a sharp kitchen knife,” according to News.com.au, which also reported that this woman was Jespersen. The awful video, which is still circulating on sites like 4Chan… Horrifically, someone posted that video in the comment thread of one of the backpackers’ mother’s tribute post to her daughter on Facebook. It’s easily one of the most disturbing things a person could ever watch. If you’re considering trying to watch it – don’t. You’ll have nightmares for days.

Ah, 4Chan. Keepin’ it stylish as always.

In 2017, an Australian woman posted a photo of Jespersen on Facebook and wrote, “A couple of days ago Cody and I were travelling down the coast when we saw this girl hitch hiking on the side of the road ! We picked her up and have travelled together the last couple of days ! Such a breath of fresh air having her around . We talked about our countries we lived in and the sites that have been visited.

“We picked her up.” Unbelievable. Even in tame America, that’s a great way for a young woman to disappear forever. “Hey, pretty girl, I’ll give you a lift to wherever you’re going.” “Okay!” Stupid stupid stupid!

This is how young women today expect to be treated. The world is so nice to them! By the time they learn that not all men are pussy beggars, she’s literally lost her head.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Hey, it’s Scandinavian Fabio with Louisa! At a frat party with alcohol. Don’t be sad for her, be happy that dumb luck carried her almost all the way to 2019 and a college degree.

Speaking to Denmark’s BT, Jespersen’s mother described her as “always happy and positive. She got the best in everyone.”

No mention was ever made about Jespersen’s father.

According to VG, police arrested multiple men in connection with the slayings. The suspects’ names are Abdessamad Ejjoud, Younes Ouaziad, Rachid El Afati, and Khayali Abderrahmane, ABC News reports, with Abderrahmane alleged to be the main suspect with ties to the Islamic State.

Swift police work. I doubt they actually cared about those overly entitled wimminz but hey, tourism.

Women these days are like train wrecks: spectacles gone off the rails, flying from puberty to reality with beautiful, curvy arcs. And noise. So much noise.

And a final note, why where these women spending the holidays far from home? Do they not celebrate Christmas in Scandinavia?

3 thoughts on “Burning Coal In Morocco

  1. When we had patriarchy there was a father in the picture who would warn their sons and daughters to not follow every whim or desire because it could be destructive. Hence the protective aspect of a father. In fact most likely the daughters would have stayed close to the homestead until she was wifed up.

    Now women are told they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want because of useless words like strong and empowered…and all negative consequences are the fault of some man somewhere.

    And make no mistake…Muslim men are emasculated too. They just take it out by stabbing & raping infidels rather than draining their testosterone and worshiping the vagina.

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  2. I lived among and have many Norwegian friends (all guys). I met many Scandinavians during Consulate events (I lived abroad 6 years straight and met many people from other countries through my father’s work).

    The Scandinavian guys are THE most Beta men on Earth, they are more beta than German guys or even the Beta-est American men. They are too nice and wimpy. There is not an once of Viking blood left running through the men’s veins. The women are radical FemiNazis and ever since last been in Scandinavia back in mid-1990s, from everything I have heard, it has become worse to a point you cannot even comprehend.

    RooshV describes the Danish women like this:

    I say Roosh’s claims are likely not exaggerated at all, as I met only a few Danish women and they were repulsive and had a “standard angry” demeanor. They were very masculine. And that was back in the 1990s… I imagine it must be 50x worse today.

    The Scandinavian men were cucked and indoctrinated by feminism at from birth to school to everywhere in society. Then these masculine broads get mad their men are Betas, so these same women (who are so disgusting and feminist), go into these “sexscapades” (sex tourism) in 3rd world countries for thrills.

    If they end up dead… well, so be it. I cannot and will not shed any tears for them.

    I mean… am I a “bad Christians” if I do not feel a bit bad for them? *shrug*

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  3. Western Europe’s culture is so devoid of God and Christ, they are so devoid of any limits for women, they are so radicalized into Feminism, girls from all across Western Europe joined ISIS. Parents and society never say “no” to these princesses. Just a sampler:



    Most experts in demographics and immigration say it is too late to save Western Europe. As Mark Steyn said, it will be “America Alone” soon…. if we can still save the country here.


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