How to Reach Homosexuals: Intolerance

There’s been discussion lately in the Christian Manosphere about how to address homosexuality in the wake of Russell Moore and cronies dropping the Church’s defenses to welcome sexually depraved, unrepentant child molesters into the pews and families of their dupes.

My answer, informed by a life spent in urban Commiefornia during its queering, is absolute zero tolerance for homosexuality. Normal masculinity only. There is no such thing as a “Christian with same-sex attraction”. Nobody gets to identify as “gay” or any permutation of that debased term. You choose to be either “Christian” or “homo whatever” not both. The reason for this dogmatic intolerance is not just the safety of current Christians. It’s that not allowing any chance for sexual confusion or perversion is the medicine that homo-oriented people need.

They need to see what normal, healthy, God-approved human sexuality looks like. Nothing more. Nothing less. If they want it then they will come to us, not the other way around.

The following is testimony from an ex-gay in the charismatic community. I won’t source it because he’s put this past behind him.

I experienced every kind of abuse growing up, including sexual abuse. I started experiencing same-sex attraction and grew up being called gay, ridiculed by people close to me because of it. I was actually attracted to girls as well, but no one affirmed that in me. I decided to identify myself as a gay male when I was 17.

No one affirmed his being attracted to girls. That would include happily(?) married church elders as well as the schoolyard kids. “It’s okay for a guy to like girls” is an honestly counter-cultural idea. Especially in the Church, men aren’t supposed to want a girl until she first wants him… probably to fertilize her last egg at age 39.8 while her hair falls out from rage at missing her Bridezilla moment.

      Many masculine guys were interested in me and flirted with me, although I didn’t have sexual relationships with them. Some of them wanted to keep their relationships with me a secret, which I hated. One day, I was going with a guy to the beach. He touched my back, and I felt my body lock up, and I started having tremors. I realized, “I don’t actually want this.”

This is standard behavior for homosexuals. They will groom, rape and confuse young men into joining their perversions until the damage becomes permanent. White knights assist them by shaming the victims for what could be healthy sexual attraction. Barbie doesn’t want you, normal healthy guy!

      I was also in anger management, had a restraining order against me, and had threatened to kill three of my roommates. I was consumed by anger. At age 18, I had been addicted to pornography for 11 years and was watching it six times a day. It wasn’t even fun for me, but it was something I felt I needed to get me through each day.

Starting porn at age 7? A standard indicator of abuse. Had he started “porn addiction” at 15 or so, it would probably not have been an actual addiction. Not that a Churchian would ever make that distinction because unsexy men aren’t supposed to be interested in his daughters at any age.

      At my lowest point, I felt that I needed God to change my life because I was helpless on my own. I said, “God, everyone who ever told me about you was a hypocrite. But I want to know you for who you truly are.” This began my journey of healing.

Many can relate to this sentiment.

      I began listening to Christian teachers every time I wanted to watch porn or do something destructive. I had six different counselors for trauma and PTSD. And I attended a ministry school, where I learned how to have healthy relationships with men.

In truth, he’s fortunate he came out okay, going to the formal Church for help. But this helps explain his recovery:

      All the men I had known were abusive, so I was terrified of men. When I started going to ministry school, I had to live with guys. For the first time, the guys in my life were affirming me and my masculinity in a healthy, genuine way. They didn’t treat me differently even though they knew about my past. I also learned in the ministry school that my feelings don’t define me, and I don’t have to live by them. These experiences were extremely healing for me.

The devil wouldn’t target healthy masculinity if its existence wasn’t a threat. It must be emphasized, young men & women often don’t know what healthy human sexuality is these days. We can best correct that by modeling healthy sexuality, not by “reaching out” to a community of child molesters because headcount is down.

There is no such thing as a homosexual community. Gangs, yes, one could use the term syndicate or voting bloc, but nobody builds a community on sexual perversion. Active homos are moral cancer and rot, and the only reason they work together is to escape justice.

Notice conservative homosexuals are becoming a thing these days. That’s because conservatives have lost the spine to condemn sodomy at all and as a result, Sodomites don’t need the protection of the group anymore. The Churchians that abandoned undesirable young men to them now see new conservatives to be “brought into the fold”. Results will be predictable.

      The same-sex attractions I used to have weren’t just physical, but also emotional. I don’t experience emotional attraction to men anymore, and I don’t really have a physical attraction to men anymore, either. At my lowest, I saw myself as a woman. Now I see myself as a man and enjoy being a man. The night terrors that used to plague me nightly are completely gone. I no longer wear lipstick or nail polish. I had an eating disorder. Now, I love to eat. My anxiety that used to be through the roof is entirely gone. Whereas I used to feel filthy and full of shame, I now live feeling clean and entirely shame-free.


Here’s anecdotal evidence that homosexual tendencies are curable, particularly if addressed at an early age. The California queers fear our success in this direction enough that they’ve banned all attempts at curing gayness.

Do you want to help homosexuals escape their sexual confusion? If you’re a Red Pill Christian and outspoken then you’re already helping.

If you’re Christian with a drug habit then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with opioid attraction”.

If you’re Christian with a porn problem then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with digi-sexual attraction”.

If you’re Christian with a homosexual past then you’re a Christian who faces temptations. Not a “Christian with same-sex attraction”.

We all face temptations. None of us define our identity by those temptations.

For similar reasons, an ex-homosexual should not be allowed in Church leadership. It’s not a punishment, it’s that one should not expose oneself to his particular temptations. Also, there’s a coming purge of malicious homosexuals from Church leadership. The repentant ones won’t want to end up as false positives.

Fear God, hate what is evil and cling to what is good. This is the correct path for all Christians. But the Church has forgotten all three.


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